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    L. major ortholog

    Associated Function

LINF_010005000 (old tag= LinJ.01.0010) LmjF.01.0010 Protein of unknown function (DUF2946)
LINF_010005100 (old tag= LinJ.01.0020) LmjF.01.0020 Endonuclease/Exonuclease/phosphatase family
LINF_010005200 (old tag= LinJ.01.0030) LmjF.01.0030 Kinesin-13
LINF_010005300 (old tag= LinJ.01.0040) LmjF.01.0040 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010005400 (old tag= LinJ.01.0050) LmjF.01.0050 carboxylase - putative
LINF_010005500 (old tag= LinJ.01.0060) LmjF.01.0060 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010005600 (old tag= LinJ.01.0070) LmjF.01.0070 BSD domain containing protein - putative
LINF_010005700 (old tag= LinJ.01.0080) LmjF.01.0080 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010005800 (old tag= LinJ.01.0090) LmjF.01.0090 UMP-CMP kinase - mitochondrial - putative
LINF_010005900 (old tag= LinJ.01.0100) LmjF.01.0100 Glycosyl transferase family 11 - putative
LINF_010006000 (old tag= LinJ.01.0110) LmjF.01.0110 monothiol glutaredoxin - putative
LINF_010006100 (old tag= LinJ.01.0120) LmjF.01.0120 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010006200 (old tag= LinJ.01.0130) LmjF.01.0130 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010006300 (old tag= LinJ.01.0140) LmjF.01.0140 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010006400 (old tag= LinJ.01.0150) LmjF.01.0150 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010006500 (old tag= LinJ.01.0160) LmjF.01.0160 LSM domain containing protein - putative
LINF_010006600 (old tag= LinJ.01.0170) LmjF.01.0170 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010006700 (old tag= LinJ.01.0180) LmjF.01.0180 CLC-type chloride channel - putativeGeneDB:LmjF.01.0180
LINF_010006800 (old tag= LinJ.01.0190) LmjF.01.0190 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010006900 (old tag= LinJ.01.0200) LmjF.01.0200 Low molecular weight phosphotyrosine protein phosphatase - putative
LINF_010007000 (old tag= LinJ.01.0210) LmjF.01.0210 UBA/TS-N domain/CUE domain/Domain of unknown function (DUF1771)/Smr domain containing protein - putative
LINF_010007100 (old tag= LinJ.01.0220) LmjF.01.0220 cyclophilin 12 - putative
LINF_010007200 (old tag= LinJ.01.0230) LmjF.01.0230 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010007300 (old tag= LinJ.01.0240) LmjF.01.0240 DNA excision/repair protein SNF2 - putative
LINF_010007400 (old tag= LinJ.01.0250) LmjF.01.0250 Right handed beta helix region/Periplasmic copper-binding protein (NosD) - putative
LINF_010007500 (old tag= LinJ.01.0260) LmjF.01.0260 Calmodulin-binding - putative
LINF_010007600 (old tag= LinJ.01.0270) LmjF.01.0270 thioredoxin - putative
LINF_010007700 (old tag= LinJ.01.0280) LmjF.01.0280 pseudouridylate synthase-like protein
LINF_010007800 (old tag= LinJ.01.0290) LmjF.01.0290 Cytochrome c oxidase biogenesis protein Cmc1 like - putative
LINF_010007900 (old tag= LinJ.01.0300) LmjF.01.0300 4F5 protein family - putative
LINF_010008000 (old tag= LinJ.01.0310) LmjF.01.0310 acidocalcisomal exopolyphosphatase - putative
LINF_010008100 (old tag= LinJ.01.0320) LmjF.01.0315 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010008200 (old tag= LinJ.01.0330) LmjF.01.0320 poly(A) export protein - putative
LINF_010008300 (old tag= LinJ.01.0340) LmjF.01.0330 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010008400 (old tag= LinJ.01.0350) LmjF.01.0335 Uncharacterised protein family (UPF0041) - putative
LINF_010008500 (old tag= LinJ.01.0360) LmjF.01.0340 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010008600 (old tag= LinJ.01.0370) LmjF.01.0350 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010008700 (old tag= LinJ.01.0380) LmjF.01.0360 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010008800 (old tag= LinJ.01.0390) LmjF.01.0370 Protein of unknown function (DUF788) - putative
LINF_010008900 (old tag= LinJ.01.0400) LmjF.01.0380 Dyggve-Melchior-Clausen syndrome protein - putative
LINF_010009000 (old tag= LinJ.01.0410) LmjF.01.0390 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010009100 (old tag= LinJ.01.0420) LmjF.01.0400 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010009200 (old tag= LinJ.01.0430) LmjF.01.0410 ribosomal protein S7 - putative
LINF_010009300 (old tag= LinJ.01.0440) LmjF.01.0420 ribosomal protein S7 - putative
LINF_010009400 (old tag= LinJ.01.0450) LmjF.01.0430 Ring finger domain/Zn-finger in ubiquitin-hydrolases and other protein - putative
LINF_010009500 (old tag= LinJ.01.0460) LmjF.01.0440 Protein of unknown function (DUF791) - putative
LINF_010009600 (old tag= LinJ.01.0470) LmjF.01.0450 nicotinamidase - putative
LINF_010009700 (old tag= LinJ.01.0480) LmjF.01.0460 conserved protein
LINF_010009800 (old tag= LinJ.01.0490) LmjF.01.0470 long-chain-fatty-acid-CoA ligase - putative
LINF_010009900 (old tag= LinJ.01.0500) LmjF.01.0480 beta eliminating lyase -putative
LINF_010010000 (old tag= LinJ.01.0510) LmjF.01.0490 long-chain-fatty-acid-CoA ligase - putative
LINF_010010100 (old tag= LinJ.01.0520) LmjF.01.0500 long-chain-fatty-acid-CoA ligase - putative
LINF_010010200 (old tag= LinJ.01.0530) LmjF.01.0510 fatty acyl CoA synthetase 2 - putative
LINF_010010300 (old tag= LinJ.01.0540) LmjF.01.0520 long-chain-fatty-acid-CoA ligase - putative
LINF_010010400 (old tag= LinJ.01.0550) LmjF.01.0530 long-chain-fatty-acid-CoA ligase - putative
LINF_010010500 (old tag= LinJ.01.0560) LmjF.01.0540 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010010600 (old tag= LinJ.01.0570) LmjF.01.0550 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010010700 (old tag= LinJ.01.0580) LmjF.01.0560 pre-mRNA processing factor 3 (PRP3)/Protein of unknown function (DUF1115) - putative
LINF_010010800 (old tag= LinJ.01.0590) LmjF.01.0570 tricarboxylate carrier - putative
LINF_010010900 (old tag= LinJ.01.0600) LmjF.01.0580 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010011000 (old tag= LinJ.01.0610) LmjF.01.0590 KREL1
LINF_010011100 (old tag= LinJ.01.0620) LmjF.01.0600 Rab-GTPase-TBC domain containing protein - putative
LINF_010011200 (old tag= LinJ.01.0630) LmjF.01.0610 DNA-damage inducible protein DDI1-like protein
LINF_010011300 (old tag= LinJ.01.0640) LmjF.01.0620 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010011400 (old tag= LinJ.01.0650) LmjF.01.0630 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010011500 (old tag= LinJ.01.0660) LmjF.01.0640 HSP70-like protein
LINF_010011600 (old tag= LinJ.01.0670) LmjF.01.0650 metallo-peptidase - Clan ME - Family M16
LINF_010011700 (old tag= LinJ.01.0680) LmjF.01.0660 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010011800 (old tag= LinJ.01.0690) LmjF.01.0670 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010011900 (old tag= LinJ.01.0700) LmjF.01.0680 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010012000 (old tag= LinJ.01.0710) LmjF.01.0690 PLAC8 family - putative
LINF_010012100 (old tag= LinJ.01.0720) LmjF.01.0700 PLAC8 family - putative
LINF_010012200 (old tag= LinJ.01.0730) LmjF.01.0710 ubiquitin activating enzyme - putative
LINF_010012300 (old tag= LinJ.01.0740) LmjF.01.0720 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010012400 (old tag= LinJ.01.0750) LmjF.01.0730 Meckel syndrome type 6 protein - putative
LINF_010012500 (old tag= LinJ.01.0760) LmjF.01.0740 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010012600 (old tag= LinJ.01.0770) LmjF.01.0750 protein kinase - putative
LINF_010012700 (old tag= LinJ.01.0780) LmjF.01.0760 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010012800 (old tag= LinJ.01.0790) LmjF.01.0770 eukaryotic initiation factor 4a - putative
LINF_010012900 (old tag= LinJ.01.0800) LmjF.01.0780 eukaryotic initiation factor 4a - putative
LINF_010013000 (old tag= LinJ.01.0810) LmjF.01.0790 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010013100 (old tag= LinJ.01.0820) LmjF.01.0800 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_010013200 (old tag= LinJ.01.0830) LmjF.01.0810 calcium/potassium channel (CAKC) - putative
LINF_010013300 (old tag= LinJ.01.0840) LmjF.01.0820 potassium channel subunit-like protein
LINF_010013400 (old tag= LinJ.01.0850) LmjF.01.0830 peptidyl dipeptidase, putative
LINF_020005000 (old tag= LinJ.02.0003) LmjF.02.0010 phosphoglycan beta 1,3 galactosyltransferase 6
LINF_020005100 (old tag= LinJ.02.0005) LmjF.02.0020 histone H4
LINF_020005200 (old tag= LinJ.02.0008) LmjF.02.0030 tagatose-6-phosphate kinase-like protein
LINF_020005300 (old tag= LinJ.02.0010) LmjF.02.0040 aminopeptidase P1 - putative
LINF_020005400 (old tag= LinJ.02.0020) LmjF.02.0050 cytochrome b-domain protein - putative
LINF_020005500 (old tag= LinJ.02.0030) LmjF.02.0060 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020005600 (old tag= LinJ.02.0040) LmjF.02.0070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020005700 (old tag= LinJ.02.0050) LmjF.02.0080 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020005800 (old tag= LinJ.02.0060) LmjF.02.0085 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020005900 (old tag= LinJ.02.0070) LmjF.02.0090 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020006000 (old tag= LinJ.02.0080) LmjF.02.0100:pseudogenic_transcript hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020006100 (old tag= LinJ.02.0090) LmjF.02.0110 tRNA exportin - putative
LINF_020006200 (old tag= LinJ.02.0100) LmjF.02.0120 phosphatidylinositol kinase related protein - putative
LINF_020006300 (old tag= LinJ.02.0110) LmjF.02.0130 Zinc-finger of C2H2 type - putative
LINF_020006400 (old tag= LinJ.02.0120) LmjF.02.0140 Ankyrin repeats (many copies)/Ankyrin repeats (3 copies)/Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger) containing protein - putativ
LINF_020006500 (old tag= LinJ.02.0130) LmjF.02.0150 Vps51/Vps67 - putative
LINF_020006700 (old tag= LinJ.02.0140) LmjF.02.0160 phosphoglycan beta 1 -3 galactosyltransferase
LINF_020006800 (old tag= LinJ.02.0150) LmjF.02.0170 phosphoglycan beta 1 -3 galactosyltransferase
LINF_020006900 (old tag= LinJ.02.0160) LmjF.02.0180 phosphoglycan beta 1 -3 galactosyltransferase
LINF_020007000 (old tag= LinJ.02.0170) LmjF.02.0200 phosphoglycan beta 1 -3 galactosyltransferase
LINF_020007100 (old tag= LinJ.02.0180) LmjF.02.0210 phosphoglycan beta 1 -3 galactosyltransferase
LINF_020007200 (old tag= LinJ.02.0190) LmjF.02.0220 phosphoglycan beta 1 -2 arabinosyltransferase
LINF_020007300 (old tag= LinJ.02.0200) LmjF.02.0230 phosphoglycan beta 1 -3 galactosyltransferase
LINF_020007400 (old tag= LinJ.02.0210) LmjF.02.0240 Glycosyltransferase (GlcNAc) - putative
LINF_020007500 (old tag= LinJ.02.0220) LmjF.02.0250 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020007600 (old tag= LinJ.02.0230) LmjF.02.0260 small GTP binding protein rab6-like protein
LINF_020007700 (old tag= LinJ.02.0240) LmjF.02.0270 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020007800 (old tag= LinJ.02.0250) LmjF.02.0280 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020007900 (old tag= LinJ.02.0260) LmjF.02.0290 NIMA/Nek Serine/threonine-protein kinase family - putative
LINF_020008000 (old tag= LinJ.02.0270) LmjF.02.0300 ATP-binding cassette subfamily A - member 1 - putative
LINF_020008100 (old tag= LinJ.02.0280) LmjF.02.0310 Soluble NSF attachment protein - SNAP - putative
LINF_020008200 (old tag= LinJ.02.0290) LmjF.02.0320 RNase PH-like protein - putative
LINF_020008300 (old tag= LinJ.02.0300) LmjF.02.0330 glycosyl transferase - putative
LINF_020008400 (old tag= LinJ.02.0310) LmjF.02.0340 EamA-like transporter family/Triose-phosphate Transporter family/UAA transporter family - putative
LINF_020008500 (old tag= LinJ.02.0320) LmjF.02.0350 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020008600 (old tag= LinJ.02.0330) LmjF.02.0360 casein kinase II - alpha chain - putative
LINF_020008700 (old tag= LinJ.02.0340) LmjF.02.0370 proteasome regulatory non-ATPase subunit 6 - putative
LINF_020008800 (old tag= LinJ.02.0350) LmjF.02.0380 FtsJ-like methyltransferase - putative
LINF_020008900 (old tag= LinJ.02.0360) LmjF.02.0390 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 - putative
LINF_020009100 (old tag= LinJ.02.0380) LmjF.02.0410 Mitochondrial protein 81
LINF_020009200 (old tag= LinJ.02.0390) LmjF.02.0420 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020009300 (old tag= LinJ.02.0400) LmjF.02.0430 serine peptidase - Clan S- - family S54 - putative
LINF_020009400 (old tag= LinJ.02.0405) LmjF.02.0440_Pseudogene Transmembrane amino acid transporter protein - putative
LINF_020009700 (old tag= LinJ.02.0420) LmjF.02.0450 voltage-dependent anion-selective channel - putative
LINF_020009800 (old tag= LinJ.02.0430) LmjF.02.0460 voltage-dependent anion-selective channel - putative
LINF_020009900 (old tag= LinJ.02.0440) LmjF.02.0470 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020010000 (old tag= LinJ.02.0450) LmjF.02.0480 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020010100 (old tag= LinJ.02.0460) LmjF.02.0490 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020010200 (old tag= LinJ.02.0470) LmjF.02.0500 glycerate kinase - putative
LINF_020010300 (old tag= LinJ.02.0480) LmjF.02.0510 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020010400 (old tag= LinJ.02.0490) LmjF.02.0520 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020010500 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA Anticodon gac
LINF_020010600 (old tag= LinJ.02.0500) LmjF.02.0530 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020010700 (old tag= LinJ.02.0510) LmjF.02.0540 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020010800 (old tag= LinJ.02.0520) LmjF.02.0550 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020010900 (old tag= LinJ.02.0530) LmjF.02.0560 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020011000 (old tag= LinJ.02.0540) LmjF.02.0570 protein kinase - putative
LINF_020011100 (old tag= LinJ.02.0550) LmjF.02.0580 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020011200 (old tag= LinJ.02.0560) LmjF.02.0590 TPR repeat/Tetratricopeptide repeat - putative
LINF_020011300 (old tag= LinJ.02.0570) LmjF.02.0600 ARP2/3 complex subunit - putative
LINF_020011400 (old tag= LinJ.02.0580) LmjF.02.0610 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020011500 (old tag= LinJ.02.0590) LmjF.02.0620 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020011600 (old tag= LinJ.02.0600) LmjF.02.0630 gamma-glutamyl phosphate reductase-like protein
LINF_020011700 (old tag= LinJ.02.0610) LmjF.02.0640 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020011800 (old tag= LinJ.02.0620) LmjF.02.0650 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020011900 (old tag= LinJ.02.0630) LmjF.02.0660 Nop14-like family - putative
LINF_020012000 (old tag= LinJ.02.0640) LmjF.02.0670 mitochondrial carrier protein - putative
LINF_020012100 (old tag= LinJ.02.0650) LmjF.02.0680 hypothetical protein
LINF_020012200 (old tag= LinJ.02.0660) LmjF.02.0690 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020012300 (old tag= LinJ.02.0670) LmjF.02.0700 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_020012400 (old tag= LinJ.02.0680) LmjF.02.0710 Heat shock protein 100 kDa
LINF_020012430 (old tag= LinJ.02.0690) LmjF.02.0720 hypothetical protein, unknown function
LINF_020012460 (old tag= LinJ.02.0700) LmjF.02.0730 dehydrogenase/oxidoreductase-like protein
LINF_020012500 (old tag= LinJ.02.0705) - hypothetical protein, unknown function
LINF_030005000 (old tag= LinJ.03.0010) LmjF.03.0010 Leucine rich repeat/Leucine Rich Repeat - putative
LINF_030005100 (old tag= LinJ.03.0020) LmjF.03.0020 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030005200 (old tag= LinJ.03.0030) LmjF.03.0030 D-3-phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase-like protein
LINF_030005300 (old tag= LinJ.03.0040) LmjF.03.0040 2-aminoethylphosphonate:pyruvateaminotransferase-like protein
LINF_030005400 (old tag= LinJ.03.0050) LmjF.03.0060 Met-10+ like-protein/Methyltransferase small domain/Methyltransferase domain containing protein - putative
LINF_030005500 (old tag= LinJ.03.0060) LmjF.03.0070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030005600 (old tag= LinJ.03.0070) LmjF.03.0080 glycerol-3-phosphate acyl transferase
LINF_030005700 (old tag= LinJ.03.0080) LmjF.03.0090 DNA primase large subunit - putative
LINF_030005800 (old tag= LinJ.03.0090) LmjF.03.0100 cytochrome c oxidase assembly protein - putative
LINF_030005900 (old tag= LinJ.03.0100) LmjF.03.0110 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030006000 (old tag= LinJ.03.0110) LmjF.03.0120 Leucine Rich Repeat - putative
LINF_030006100 (old tag= LinJ.03.0120) LmjF.03.0130 acetyltransferase - putative
LINF_030006200 (old tag= LinJ.03.0130) LmjF.03.0140 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030006300 (old tag= LinJ.03.0140) LmjF.03.0150 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030006400 (old tag= LinJ.03.0150) LmjF.03.0160 ATP-binding cassette protein subfamily F - member 1 - putative
LINF_030006500 (old tag= LinJ.03.0160) LmjF.03.0170 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030006600 (old tag= LinJ.03.0170) LmjF.03.0180 zinc-finger of acetyl-transferase ESCO - putative
LINF_030006700 (old tag= LinJ.03.0180) LmjF.03.0190 U2 splicing auxiliary factor - putative
LINF_030006800 (old tag= LinJ.03.0190) LmjF.03.0200 delta-1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate dehydrogenase - putative
LINF_030006900 (old tag= LinJ.03.0200) LmjF.03.0210 protein kinase - putative
LINF_030007000 (old tag= LinJ.03.0210) LmjF.03.0220 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030007100 (old tag= LinJ.03.0220) LmjF.03.0230 long-chain-fatty-acid-CoA ligase - putative
LINF_030007200 (old tag= LinJ.03.0230) LmjF.03.0240 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030007300 (old tag= LinJ.03.0240) LmjF.03.0250 ribosomal protein L38 - putative
LINF_030007400 (old tag= LinJ.03.0250) LmjF.03.0260 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030007500 (old tag= LinJ.03.0260) LmjF.03.0270 Apolipoprotein A1/A4/E domain containing protein - putative
LINF_030007600 (old tag= LinJ.03.0270) LmjF.03.0280 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030007700 (old tag= LinJ.03.0280) LmjF.03.0290:pseudogenic_transcript hypothetical protein
LINF_030007900 (old tag= LinJ.03.0290) LmjF.03.0310 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030008000 (old tag= LinJ.03.0300) LmjF.03.0320 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030008100 (old tag= LinJ.03.0310) LmjF.03.0330 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030008200 (old tag= LinJ.03.0320) LmjF.03.0340 DDRGK domain containing protein - putative
LINF_030008300 (old tag= LinJ.03.0330) LmjF.03.0350 protein kinase - putative
LINF_030008400 (old tag= LinJ.03.0340) LmjF.03.0360 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030008500 (old tag= LinJ.03.0350) LmjF.03.0370 GPR1/FUN34/yaaH family - putative
LINF_030008600 (old tag= LinJ.03.0360) LmjF.03.0380 GPR1/FUN34/yaaH family - putative
LINF_030008650 (old tag= LinJ.03.0370) LmjF.03.0390 hypothetical protein, conserved
LINF_030008700 (old tag= LinJ.03.0380) LmjF.03.0400 GPR1/FUN34/yaaH family - putative
LINF_030008800 (old tag= LinJ.03.0390) LmjF.03.0410 MFS transporter - putative
LINF_030008900 (old tag= LinJ.03.0400) LmjF.03.0420 PTP1-interacting protein - 39 kDa - putative
LINF_030009000 (old tag= LinJ.03.0410) LmjF.03.0430 60s Acidic ribosomal protein - putative
LINF_030009100 (old tag= LinJ.03.0420) LmjF.03.0440 60S acidic ribosomal protein P2 - putative
LINF_030009200 (old tag= LinJ.03.0430) LmjF.03.0450 TLD domain protein - conserved
LINF_030009300 (old tag= LinJ.03.0440) LmjF.03.0460 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030009400 (old tag= LinJ.03.0445) - hypothetical protein
LINF_030009500 (old tag= LinJ.03.0450) LmjF.03.0470 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030009600 (old tag= LinJ.03.0460) LmjF.03.0480 Ankyrin repeats (3 copies)/Ankyrin repeats (many copies)/Ankyrin repeat/DHHC palmitoyltransferase - putative
LINF_030009700 (old tag= LinJ.03.0470) LmjF.03.0490 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030009800 (old tag= LinJ.03.0480) LmjF.03.0500 phosphate-Repressible Phosphate Permease-like protein
LINF_030009900 (old tag= LinJ.03.0490) LmjF.03.0510 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030010000 (old tag= LinJ.03.0500) LmjF.03.0520 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain) - putative
LINF_030010100 (old tag= LinJ.03.0510) LmjF.03.0530 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030010200 (old tag= LinJ.03.0520) LmjF.03.0540 26S protease regulatory subunit - putative
LINF_030010300 (old tag= LinJ.03.0530) LmjF.03.0550 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030010400 (old tag= LinJ.03.0540) LmjF.03.0560 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030010500 (old tag= LinJ.03.0550) LmjF.03.0570 quinone oxidoreductase - putative
LINF_030010600 (old tag= LinJ.03.0560) LmjF.03.0580 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030010700 (old tag= LinJ.03.0570) LmjF.03.0590 DNA repair helicase - putative
LINF_030010800 (old tag= LinJ.03.0580) LmjF.03.0600 arginine N-methyltransferase - putative
LINF_030010900 (old tag= LinJ.03.0590) LmjF.03.0610 kinase-like protein
LINF_030011000 (old tag= LinJ.03.0600) LmjF.03.0620 mitochondrial protein 99 - putative
LINF_030011200 (old tag= LinJ.03.0610) LmjF.03.0630 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030011300 (old tag= LinJ.03.0620) LmjF.03.0640 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030011400 (old tag= LinJ.03.0630) LmjF.03.0650 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030011500 (old tag= LinJ.03.0640) LmjF.03.0660 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030011600 (old tag= LinJ.03.0650) LmjF.03.0670 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030011700 (old tag= LinJ.03.0660) LmjF.03.0680 Uroporphyrinogen-III synthase HemD - putative
LINF_030011800 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon ctt
LINF_030011900 (old tag= LinJ.03.0670) LmjF.03.0690 DEAD/DEAH box helicase/Type III restriction enzyme - res subunit - putative
LINF_030012000 (old tag= LinJ.03.0680) LmjF.03.0700 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030012100 (old tag= LinJ.03.0690) LmjF.03.0710 Aminoacyl-tRNA editing domain containing protein - putative
LINF_030012200 (old tag= LinJ.03.0700) LmjF.03.0720 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030012300 (old tag= LinJ.03.0710) LmjF.03.0730 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030012400 (old tag= LinJ.03.0720) LmjF.03.0740 cytochrome c oxidase copper chaperone - putative
LINF_030012500 (old tag= LinJ.03.0730) LmjF.03.0750 TatD related DNase - putative
LINF_030012600 (old tag= LinJ.03.0740) LmjF.03.0760 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030012700 (old tag= LinJ.03.0750) LmjF.03.0770 Ubiquitin-like domain containing protein - putative
LINF_030012800 (old tag= LinJ.03.0760 LinJ.03.0770) -
LINF_030012900 (old tag= LinJ.03.0780) LmjF.03.0790 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030013000 (old tag= LinJ.03.0790) LmjF.03.0800 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase/fructose-2 -6-biphosphatase - putative
LINF_030013100 (old tag= LinJ.03.0800) LmjF.03.0810 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030013200 (old tag= LinJ.03.0810) LmjF.03.0820 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030013300 (old tag= LinJ.03.0970) - choline/ethanolamine phosphotransferase - putative
LINF_030013400 (old tag= LinJ.31.3370) LmjF.03.0830 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030013500 (old tag= LinJ.31.3360) LmjF.03.0840 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030013600 (old tag= LinJ.03.0830) LmjF.03.0850 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030013700 (old tag= LinJ.03.0840) LmjF.03.0860 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030013800 (old tag= LinJ.03.0850) LmjF.03.0870 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030013900 (old tag= LinJ.03.0860) LmjF.03.0880 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030014000 (old tag= LinJ.03.0870) LmjF.03.0890 NLI interacting factor-like phosphatase - putative
LINF_030014100 (old tag= LinJ.03.0880) LmjF.03.0900 peter pan protein - putative
LINF_030014200 (old tag= LinJ.03.0890) LmjF.03.0910 inorganic pyrophosphatase - putative
LINF_030014300 (old tag= LinJ.03.0900) LmjF.03.0920 Got1/Sft2-like family - putative
LINF_030014400 (old tag= LinJ.03.0910) LmjF.03.0930 Amidohydrolase/Amidohydrolase family - putative
LINF_030014500 (old tag= LinJ.03.0920) LmjF.03.0940 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030014600 (old tag= LinJ.03.0930) LmjF.03.0950 Multicopper oxidase - putative
LINF_030014700 (old tag= LinJ.03.0940) LmjF.03.0960 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_030014800 (old tag= LinJ.03.0950) LmjF.03.0970 MORN repeat - putative
LINF_030014900 (old tag= LinJ.03.0960) LmjF.03.0980 eukaryotic initiation factor 2a - putative
LINF_040005000 (old tag= LinJ.04.0010) LmjF.04.0010 calcium-translocating P-type ATPase
LINF_040005100 (old tag= LinJ.04.0020) LmjF.04.0020 pteridine transporter (truncated) - putative
LINF_040005200 (old tag= LinJ.04.0030) LmjF.04.0030 cAMP-specific phosphodiesterase - putative
LINF_040005300 (old tag= LinJ.04.0031) LmjF.04.0035 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040005400 (old tag= LinJ.04.0040) LmjF.04.0040 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040005500 (old tag= LinJ.04.0050) LmjF.04.0045 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040005600 (old tag= LinJ.04.0060) LmjF.04.0050 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040005700 (old tag= LinJ.04.0070) LmjF.04.0060 DNA topoisomerase type IB small subunit - putative
LINF_040005800 (old tag= LinJ.04.0080) LmjF.04.0070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040005900 (old tag= LinJ.04.0090) LmjF.04.0080 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040006000 (old tag= LinJ.04.0100) LmjF.04.0090 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040006100 (old tag= LinJ.04.0110) LmjF.04.0100 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040006200 (old tag= LinJ.04.0120) LmjF.04.0110 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040006300 (old tag= LinJ.04.0130) LmjF.04.0120 exosome complex exonuclease RRP40 - putative
LINF_040006400 (old tag= LinJ.04.0140) LmjF.04.0123 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040006500 (old tag= LinJ.04.0150) LmjF.04.0127 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040006600 (old tag= LinJ.04.0160) LmjF.04.0130 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040006700 (old tag= LinJ.04.0163) LmjF.04.0140 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040006800 (old tag= LinJ.04.0166) LmjF.04.0150 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040006900 (old tag= LinJ.04.0170) LmjF.04.0180 surface antigen-like protein
LINF_040007000 (old tag= LinJ.04.0180) LmjF.04.0190 surface antigen-like protein
LINF_040007100 (old tag= LinJ.04.0190) LmjF.04.0200 surface antigen-like protein
LINF_040007200 (old tag= LinJ.04.0200) LmjF.04.0210 surface antigen-like protein
LINF_040007300 (old tag= LinJ.04.0210) LmjF.04.0220 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040007400 (old tag= LinJ.04.0220) LmjF.04.0230 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040007500 (old tag= LinJ.04.0230) LmjF.04.0240 GRAM domain containing protein - putative
LINF_040007600 (old tag= LinJ.04.0240) LmjF.04.0250 RNA pseudouridylate synthase-like protein
LINF_040007700 (old tag= LinJ.04.0250) LmjF.04.0260 Tetratricopeptide repeat - putative
LINF_040007800 (old tag= LinJ.04.0260) LmjF.04.0270 Mitochondrial 39-S ribosomal protein L47 (MRP-L47) - putative
LINF_040007900 (old tag= LinJ.04.0270) LmjF.04.0280 adenosine monophosphate deaminase - putative
LINF_040008000 (old tag= LinJ.04.0280) LmjF.04.0290 Alcohol dehydrogenase GroES-like domain containing protein - putative
LINF_040008100 (old tag= LinJ.04.0290) LmjF.04.0300 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040008200 (old tag= LinJ.04.0300) LmjF.04.0310 beta-fructofuranosidase - putative
LINF_040008300 (old tag= LinJ.04.0310) LmjF.04.0320 beta-fructofuranosidase - putative
LINF_040008400 (old tag= LinJ.04.0320) LmjF.04.0330 mitochondrial exoribonuclease DSS-1 - putative
LINF_040008500 (old tag= LinJ.04.0330) LmjF.04.0340 ADP-ribosylation factor - putative
LINF_040008600 (old tag= LinJ.04.0340) LmjF.04.0350 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040008700 (old tag= LinJ.04.0350) LmjF.04.0370 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040008800 (old tag= LinJ.04.0360) LmjF.04.0380 Phytanoyl-CoA dioxygenase (PhyH) - putative
LINF_040008900 (old tag= LinJ.04.0370) LmjF.04.0390 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040009000 (old tag= LinJ.04.0380) LmjF.04.0400 anaphase promoting complex - subunit 10-like protein
LINF_040009100 (old tag= LinJ.04.0390) LmjF.04.0410 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040009200 (old tag= LinJ.04.0400) LmjF.04.0420 Tetratricopeptide repeat - putative
LINF_040009300 (old tag= LinJ.04.0410) LmjF.04.0430 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040009400 (old tag= LinJ.04.0420) LmjF.04.0440 serine/threonine protein kinase-like protein
LINF_040009500 (old tag= LinJ.04.0430) LmjF.04.0450 cysteine peptidase - Clan CA - family C2 - putative
LINF_040009600 (old tag= LinJ.04.0440) LmjF.04.0460 adenylosuccinate lyase - putative
LINF_040009650 (old tag= LinJ.04.0450)  LmjF.04.0465:pseudogenic_transcript hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040009700 (old tag= LinJ.04.0460) LmjF.04.0470 60S ribosomal protein L11 (L5 - L16)
LINF_040009800 (old tag= LinJ.04.0470) LmjF.04.0480 ADP-ribosylation factor - putative
LINF_040009900 (old tag= LinJ.04.0480) LmjF.04.0490 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040010000 (old tag= LinJ.04.0490) LmjF.04.0500 Nucleotidyltransferase domain containing protein - putative
LINF_040010100 (old tag= LinJ.04.0500) LmjF.04.0510 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040010200 (old tag= LinJ.04.0510) LmjF.04.0520 palmitoyl acyltransferase 1 - putative
LINF_040010300 (old tag= LinJ.04.0520) LmjF.04.0530 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040010400 (old tag= LinJ.04.0530) LmjF.04.0540 Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger) containing protein - putative
LINF_040010500 (old tag= LinJ.04.0540) LmjF.04.0550 Tetratricopeptide repeat/TPR repeat - putative
LINF_040010600 (old tag= LinJ.04.0550) LmjF.04.0560 tyrosine phosphatase - putative
LINF_040010700 (old tag= LinJ.04.0560) LmjF.04.0570 DENN (AEX-3) domain containing protein - putative
LINF_040010800 (old tag= LinJ.04.0570) LmjF.04.0580 spermidine synthase
LINF_040010900 (old tag= LinJ.04.0580) LmjF.04.0590 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040011000 (old tag= LinJ.04.0590) LmjF.04.0600 Ankyrin repeat - putative
LINF_040011100 (old tag= LinJ.04.0600) LmjF.04.0610 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040011200 (old tag= LinJ.04.0610) LmjF.04.0620 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040011300 (old tag= LinJ.04.0620) LmjF.04.0625 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040011400 (old tag= LinJ.04.0630) LmjF.04.0630 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040011500 (old tag= LinJ.04.0640) LmjF.04.0640 Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger) containing protein - putative
LINF_040011600 (old tag= LinJ.04.0650) LmjF.04.0650 serine-threonine protein kinase-like protein
LINF_040011700 (old tag= LinJ.04.0660) LmjF.04.0660 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040011800 (old tag= LinJ.04.0670) LmjF.04.0670 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040011900 (old tag= LinJ.04.0680) LmjF.04.0680 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 - putative
LINF_040012000 (old tag= LinJ.04.0690) LmjF.04.0690 Axonemal dynein light chain - putative
LINF_040012100 (old tag= LinJ.04.0700) LmjF.04.0700 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040012200 (old tag= LinJ.04.0710) LmjF.04.0710 Tir chaperone protein (CesT) family/PDZ domain containing protein - putative
LINF_040012300 (old tag= LinJ.04.0720) LmjF.04.0720 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040012400 (old tag= LinJ.04.0730) LmjF.04.0730 Protein of unknown function (DUF974) - putative
LINF_040012500 (old tag= LinJ.04.0740) LmjF.04.0740 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040012600 (old tag= LinJ.04.0750) LmjF.04.0750 60S ribosomal protein L10 - putative
LINF_040012700 (old tag= LinJ.04.0760) LmjF.04.0760 nascent polypeptide associated complex subunit- like protein - copy
LINF_040012800 (old tag= LinJ.04.0770) LmjF.04.0770 nascent polypeptide associated complex subunit- like protein - copy 2
LINF_040012900 (old tag= LinJ.04.0780) LmjF.04.0780 heat shock protein - putative
LINF_040013000 (old tag= LinJ.04.0790) LmjF.04.0790 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040013050 (old tag= LinJ.04.0800) LmjF.04.0800 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040013100 (old tag= LinJ.04.0810) LmjF.04.0810 Pescadillo N-terminus/BRCA1 C Terminus (BRCT) domain containing protein - putative
LINF_040013200 (old tag= LinJ.04.0820) LmjF.04.0820 Peptide deformylase 2 - putative
LINF_040013300 (old tag= LinJ.04.0830) LmjF.04.0830 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040013400 (old tag= LinJ.04.0840) LmjF.04.0840 tyrosine phospatase-like protein
LINF_040013500 (old tag= LinJ.04.0850) LmjF.04.0850 serine peptidase - Clan S- - family S54 - putative
LINF_040013600 (old tag= LinJ.04.0860) LmjF.04.0860 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040013700 (old tag= LinJ.04.0870) LmjF.04.0870 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040013800 (old tag= LinJ.04.0880) LmjF.04.0880 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040013900 (old tag= LinJ.04.0890) LmjF.04.0890 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040014000 (old tag= LinJ.04.0900) LmjF.04.0900 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040014100 (old tag= LinJ.04.0910) LmjF.04.0910 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040014200 (old tag= LinJ.04.0920) LmjF.04.0920 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040014300 (old tag= LinJ.04.0930) LmjF.04.0930 Cytochrome c oxidase biogenesis protein Cmc1 like - putative
LINF_040014400 (old tag= LinJ.04.0940) LmjF.04.0940 chaperone protein DNAj - putative
LINF_040014500 (old tag= LinJ.04.0950) LmjF.04.0950 60S ribosomal protein L10 - putative
LINF_040014600 (old tag= LinJ.04.0960) LmjF.04.0960 adenylate kinase - putative
LINF_040014700 (old tag= LinJ.04.0970) LmjF.04.0970 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040014800 (old tag= LinJ.04.0980) LmjF.04.0975 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040014900 (old tag= LinJ.04.0990) LmjF.04.0980 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040015000 (old tag= LinJ.04.1000) LmjF.04.0990 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040015100 (old tag= LinJ.04.1010) LmjF.04.1000 chloride channel protein - putative
LINF_040015200 (old tag= LinJ.04.1020) LmjF.04.1010 Domain of unknown function (DUF947) - putative
LINF_040015400 (old tag= LinJ.04.1030) LmjF.04.1030 COPI associated protein - putative
LINF_040015500 (old tag= LinJ.04.1040) LmjF.04.1040 acyltransferase-like protein - copy 1
LINF_040015600 (old tag= LinJ.04.1050) LmjF.04.1050 acyltransferase-like protein - copy 2
LINF_040015700 (old tag= LinJ.04.1060) LmjF.04.1060 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040015800 (old tag= LinJ.04.1070) LmjF.04.1070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040015900 (old tag= LinJ.04.1080) LmjF.04.1080 Transcriptional repressor TCF25 - putative
LINF_040016000 (old tag= LinJ.04.1100) LmjF.04.1090 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040016100 (old tag= LinJ.04.1110) LmjF.04.1100 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040016200 (old tag= LinJ.04.1120) LmjF.04.1110 proton motive ATPase - putative
LINF_040016300 (old tag= LinJ.04.1130) LmjF.04.1120 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040016400 (old tag= LinJ.04.1140) LmjF.04.1130 cytochrome c oxidase assembly factor - putative
LINF_040016500 (old tag= LinJ.04.1150) LmjF.04.1140 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040016600 (old tag= LinJ.04.1160) LmjF.04.1150 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040016700 (old tag= LinJ.04.1170) LmjF.04.1160 fructose-1 -6-bisphosphatase
LINF_040016800 (old tag= LinJ.04.1180) LmjF.04.1165:pseudogenic_transcript hypothetical protein
LINF_040016900 (old tag= LinJ.04.1190) LmjF.04.1170 RNA-binding protein - putative
LINF_040017000 (old tag= LinJ.04.1200) LmjF.04.1180 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040017100 (old tag= LinJ.04.1210) LmjF.04.1190 tRNA nucleotidyltransferase - putative
LINF_040017200 (old tag= LinJ.04.1220) LmjF.04.1200 Leucine Rich repeat - putative
LINF_040017300 (old tag= LinJ.04.1230) LmjF.04.1210 casein kinase I - putative
LINF_040017400 (old tag= LinJ.04.1240) LmjF.04.1220 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_040017600 (old tag= LinJ.04.1250) LmjF.04.1230 actin
LINF_050005000 (old tag= LinJ.05.0010) LmjF.05.0010 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050005100 (old tag= LinJ.05.0020) LmjF.05.0020 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050005200 (old tag= LinJ.05.0030) LmjF.05.0030 ras-like small GTPases - putative
LINF_050005300 (old tag= LinJ.05.0040) LmjF.05.0040 paraflagellar rod component par4 - putative
LINF_050005400 (old tag= LinJ.05.0050) LmjF.05.0050 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050005500 (old tag= LinJ.05.0060) LmjF.05.0060 major vault protein - putative
LINF_050005600 (old tag= LinJ.05.0070) LmjF.05.0070 dynein light chain - putative
LINF_050005700 (old tag= LinJ.05.0080) LmjF.05.0080 Rrp15p - putative
LINF_050005800 (old tag= LinJ.05.0090) LmjF.05.0090 Nudix hydrolase 2 - putative
LINF_050005900 (old tag= LinJ.05.0100) LmjF.05.0100 phosphoprotein phosphatase - putative
LINF_050006000 (old tag= LinJ.05.0110) LmjF.05.0110 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050006100 (old tag= LinJ.05.0120) LmjF.05.0120 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050006200 (old tag= LinJ.05.0130) LmjF.05.0130 protein kinase - putative
LINF_050006300 (old tag= LinJ.05.0140) LmjF.05.0140 nucleolar RNA helicase II - putative
LINF_050006400 (old tag= LinJ.05.0150) LmjF.05.0150 Leucine Rich repeat/Leucine rich repeat/Leucine Rich Repeat - putative
LINF_050006500 (old tag= LinJ.05.0160) LmjF.05.0160 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050006600 (old tag= LinJ.05.0170) LmjF.05.0170 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050006700 (old tag= LinJ.05.0180) LmjF.05.0180 dihydrolipoamide branched chain transacylase - putative
LINF_050006800 (old tag= LinJ.05.0190) LmjF.05.0190 Fip1 motif/Zinc finger C-x8-C-x5-C-x3-H type (and similar) - putative
LINF_050006900 (old tag= LinJ.05.0200) LmjF.05.0200 Ferrous iron transport protein B/50S ribosome-binding GTPase - putative
LINF_050007000 (old tag= LinJ.05.0210) LmjF.05.0210 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050007100 (old tag= LinJ.05.0220) LmjF.05.0220 dual specificity phosphatase-like protein
LINF_050007200 (old tag= LinJ.05.0230) LmjF.05.0230 hydrogenase - putative
LINF_050007300 (old tag= LinJ.05.0240) LmjF.05.0240 viscerotropic leishmaniasis antigen - putative
LINF_050007400 (old tag= LinJ.05.0250) LmjF.05.0250 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050007500 (old tag= LinJ.05.0260) LmjF.05.0260 Ankyrin repeat - putative
LINF_050007600 (old tag= LinJ.05.0270) LmjF.05.0270 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050007700 (old tag= LinJ.05.0280) LmjF.05.0280 protein tyrosine phosphatase - putative
LINF_050007800 (old tag= LinJ.05.0290) LmjF.05.0285 ARP2/3 complex 16kDa subunit - putative
LINF_050007900 (old tag= LinJ.05.0300) LmjF.05.0290 phosphate carrier protein - mitochondrial precursor-like protein
LINF_050008000 (old tag= LinJ.05.0310) LmjF.05.0300 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050008100 (old tag= LinJ.05.0320) LmjF.05.0310 monothiol glutaredoxin - putative
LINF_050008300 (old tag= LinJ.05.0330) LmjF.05.0330 DNA replication licensing factor MCM8 - putative
LINF_050008400 (old tag= LinJ.05.0340) LmjF.05.0340 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050008500 (old tag= LinJ.05.0350) LmjF.05.0350 trypanothione reductase
LINF_050008600 (old tag= LinJ.05.0360) LmjF.05.0360 ATP-dependent RNA helicase - putative
LINF_050008700 (old tag= LinJ.05.0370) LmjF.05.0370 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050008800 (old tag= LinJ.05.0380) LmjF.05.0380 microtubule-associated protein - putative
LINF_050008900 (old tag= LinJ.05.0390) LmjF.05.0390 protein kinase - putative
LINF_050009000 (old tag= LinJ.05.0400) LmjF.05.0400 structural maintenance of chromosome (SMC) - putative
LINF_050009100 (old tag= LinJ.05.0410) LmjF.05.0410 Tetratricopeptide repeat/TPR repeat - putative
LINF_050009200 (old tag= LinJ.05.0420) LmjF.05.0420 dynein-light chain-protein - putative
LINF_050009300 (old tag= LinJ.05.0430) LmjF.05.0430 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050009400 (old tag= LinJ.05.0440) LmjF.05.0440 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050009500 (old tag= LinJ.05.0450) LmjF.05.0450 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050009600 (old tag= LinJ.05.0460) LmjF.05.0460 GTPase - putative
LINF_050009700 (old tag= LinJ.05.0470) LmjF.05.0470 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050009800 (old tag= LinJ.05.0480) LmjF.05.0480 monocarboxylate transporter-like protein
LINF_050009900 (old tag= LinJ.05.0490) LmjF.05.0490 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050010000 (old tag= LinJ.05.0500) LmjF.05.0500 ATP synthase F1 - alpha subunit - putative
LINF_050010100 (old tag= LinJ.05.0510) LmjF.05.0510 ATP synthase F1 - alpha subunit - putative
LINF_050010200 (old tag= LinJ.05.0515) LmjF.05.0510 ATP synthase F1 - alpha subunit - putative
LINF_050010300 (old tag= LinJ.05.0520) LmjF.05.0520 nuclear receptor binding factor-like protein
LINF_050010400 (old tag= LinJ.05.0530) LmjF.05.0530 kinetoplast-associated protein-like protein
LINF_050010500 (old tag= LinJ.05.0540) LmjF.05.0540 LSM domain containing protein - putative
LINF_050010600 (old tag= LinJ.05.0550) LmjF.05.0550 cdc2-related kinase - putative
LINF_050010700 (old tag= LinJ.05.0560) LmjF.05.0560 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050010800 (old tag= LinJ.05.0570) LmjF.05.0570 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050010900 (old tag= LinJ.05.0580) LmjF.05.0580 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050011000 (old tag= LinJ.05.0590) LmjF.05.0590 ATP-dependent RNA helicase - putative
LINF_050011100 (old tag= LinJ.05.0600) LmjF.05.0600 COG4 transport protein - putative
LINF_050011200 (old tag= LinJ.05.0610) LmjF.05.0610 Surp module - putative
LINF_050011300 (old tag= LinJ.05.0620) LmjF.05.0620 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050011400 (old tag= LinJ.05.0630) LmjF.05.0630 kinesin - putative
LINF_050011500 (old tag= LinJ.05.0640) LmjF.05.0640 Ankyrin repeats (many copies)/Ankyrin repeats (3 copies)/Ankyrin repeat - putative
LINF_050011600 (old tag= LinJ.05.0650) LmjF.05.0650 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050011700 (old tag= LinJ.05.0660) LmjF.05.0660 nitroreductase-like protein
LINF_050011800 (old tag= LinJ.05.0670) LmjF.05.0670 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050011900 (old tag= LinJ.05.0680) LmjF.05.0680 sre-2/carboxylate carrier-like protein
LINF_050012000 (old tag= LinJ.05.0690) LmjF.05.0690 Sperm-tail PG-rich repeat - putative
LINF_050012100 (old tag= LinJ.05.0695) - Sperm-tail PG-rich repeat - putative
LINF_050012200 (old tag= LinJ.05.0700) LmjF.05.0700 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050012300 (old tag= LinJ.05.0710) LmjF.05.0710 CYC2-like cyclin - putative
LINF_050012400 (old tag= LinJ.05.0720) LmjF.05.0720 phophatase-like protein
LINF_050012500 (old tag= LinJ.05.0730) LmjF.05.0730 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050012600 (old tag= LinJ.05.0740) LmjF.05.0740 Vta1 like - putative
LINF_050012700 (old tag= LinJ.05.0750) LmjF.05.0750 Flavodoxin/Radical SAM superfamily/Wyosine base formation - putative
LINF_050012800 (old tag= LinJ.05.0760) LmjF.05.0760 kinesin-like protein
LINF_050012900 (old tag= LinJ.05.0770) LmjF.05.0770 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050013000 (old tag= LinJ.05.0780) LmjF.05.0780 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050013100 (old tag= LinJ.05.0790) LmjF.05.0790 Mitochondrial glycoprotein - putative
LINF_050013200 (old tag= LinJ.05.0800) LmjF.05.0800 MYND zinc finger (ZnF) domain-like protein
LINF_050013300 (old tag= LinJ.05.0810) LmjF.05.0810 Got1/Sft2-like family - putative
LINF_050013400 (old tag= LinJ.05.0820) LmjF.05.0820 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050013500 (old tag= LinJ.05.0830) LmjF.05.0830 methylthioadenosine phosphorylase - putative
LINF_050013600 (old tag= LinJ.05.0840) LmjF.05.0840 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050013700 (old tag= LinJ.05.0850) LmjF.05.0850 zinc-finger of a C2HC-type - putative
LINF_050013800 (old tag= LinJ.05.0860) LmjF.05.0860 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050013900 (old tag= LinJ.05.0870) LmjF.05.0870 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050014000 (old tag= LinJ.05.0880) LmjF.05.0880 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050014100 (old tag= LinJ.05.0890) LmjF.05.0890 CPSF A subunit region containing protein - putative
LINF_050014200 (old tag= LinJ.05.0900) LmjF.05.0900 surface antigen-like protein
LINF_050014300 (old tag= LinJ.05.0910) LmjF.05.0910 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050014400 (old tag= LinJ.05.0920) LmjF.05.0920 paraflagellar rod protein - putative
LINF_050014500 (old tag= LinJ.05.0930) LmjF.05.0930 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 - putative
LINF_050014600 (old tag= LinJ.05.0940) LmjF.05.0940 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050014700 (old tag= LinJ.05.0950) LmjF.05.0950 glutaminyl cyclase - putative
LINF_050014800 (old tag= LinJ.05.0960) LmjF.05.0960 metallo-peptidase - Clan M- - Family M49
LINF_050014900 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon acg
LINF_050015000 (old tag= 5S_rRNA) - rRNA
LINF_050015100 (old tag= LinJ.05.0970) LmjF.05.0970 3-mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferase
LINF_050015200 (old tag= LinJ.05.0980) LmjF.05.0980 NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase - mitochondrial - putative
LINF_050015300 (old tag= LinJ.05.0990) LmjF.05.0990 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050015400 (old tag= LinJ.05.1000) LmjF.05.1000 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050015500 (old tag= LinJ.05.1010) LmjF.05.1010 methyltransferase-like protein
LINF_050015600 (old tag= LinJ.05.1020) LmjF.05.1020 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050015700 (old tag= LinJ.05.1030) LmjF.05.1030 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050015800 (old tag= LinJ.05.1040) LmjF.05.1040 stomatin-like protein
LINF_050015850 (old tag= LinJ.05.1050) LmjF.05.1050 hypothetical protein
LINF_050015900 (old tag= LinJ.05.1060) LmjF.05.1060 ATPase - putative
LINF_050016000 (old tag= LinJ.05.1070) LmjF.05.1070 Legume-like lectin family - putative
LINF_050016100 (old tag= LinJ.05.1080) LmjF.05.1080 Phosphatidylinositol 4-phosphate 5-kinase - putative
LINF_050016200 (old tag= LinJ.05.1090) LmjF.05.1090 double-strand-break repair protein rad21 homolog - putative
LINF_050016300 (old tag= LinJ.05.1100) LmjF.05.1100 Nodulation protein S (NodS)/Methyltransferase domain containing protein - putative
LINF_050016400 (old tag= LinJ.05.1110) LmjF.05.1110 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050016500 (old tag= LinJ.05.1120) LmjF.05.1120 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050016600 (old tag= LinJ.05.1130) LmjF.05.1130 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050016700 (old tag= LinJ.05.1140) LmjF.05.1140 V-type proton ATPase subunit D - putative
LINF_050016800 (old tag= LinJ.05.1150) LmjF.05.1160 hypothetical protein - unknown function
LINF_050016900 (old tag= LinJ.05.1155) - hypothetical protein
LINF_050017000 (old tag= LinJ.05.1160) LmjF.05.1170 fatty acid elongase - putative
LINF_050017100 (old tag= LinJ.05.1170) LmjF.05.1180 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050017200 (old tag= LinJ.05.1180) LmjF.05.1190 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_050017300 (old tag= LinJ.05.1190) LmjF.05.1200 prefoldin subunit - putative
LINF_050017400 (old tag= LinJ.05.1200) LmjF.05.1210 protein phosphatase type 1 regulator-like protein
LINF_050017500 (old tag= LinJ.05.1210) LmjF.05.1215 surface antigen-like protein
LINF_050017600 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_050017700 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_050017800 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_050017900 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_050018000 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_050018100 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_050018200 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_050018300 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_050018400 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_050018500 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_050018600 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_050018700 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_050018800 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_050018900 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_050019000 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_050019100 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_050019200 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_050019300 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_050019400 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_050019500 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_050019600 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_050019700 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_050019800 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_050019900 (old tag= LinJ.19.1670) LmjF.05.1220 adenylate cyclase regulatory protein-like protein
LINF_060005000 (old tag= LinJ.06.0010) LmjF.06.0010 histone H4
LINF_060005100 (old tag= LinJ.06.0020) LmjF.06.0020 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060005200 (old tag= LinJ.06.0030) LmjF.06.0030 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_060005300 (old tag= LinJ.06.0040) LmjF.06.0040 39S mitochondrial ribosomal protein L46 - putative
LINF_060005400 (old tag= LinJ.06.0050) LmjF.06.0050 pumilio/PUF RNA binding protein 5 - putative
LINF_060005500 (old tag= LinJ.06.0060) LmjF.06.0060 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060005600 (old tag= LinJ.06.0065) - hypothetical protein
LINF_060005800 (old tag= LinJ.06.0080) LmjF.06.0080 ATP-binding cassette protein subfamily G - member 1 - putative
LINF_060005900 (old tag= LinJ.06.0090) LmjF.06.0090 ATP-binding cassette protein subfamily G - member 1 - putative
LINF_060006000 (old tag= LinJ.06.0095) - ATP-binding cassette protein subfamily G - member 1 - putative
LINF_060006100 (old tag= LinJ.06.0100) LmjF.06.0100 ATP-binding cassette protein subfamily G - member 1 – putative
LINF_060006200 (old tag= LinJ.06.0110) LmjF.06.0110 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060006300 (old tag= LinJ.06.0120) LmjF.06.0120 cyclophilin
LINF_060006400 (old tag= LinJ.06.0130) LmjF.06.0130 Domain of unknown function (DUF1768) - putative
LINF_060006500 (old tag= LinJ.06.0140) LmjF.06.0140 20S proteasome beta 6 subunit - putative
LINF_060006600 (old tag= LinJ.06.0150) LmjF.06.0150 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060006700 (old tag= LinJ.06.0160) LmjF.06.0160 HD domain containing protein - putative
LINF_060006800 (old tag= LinJ.06.0170) LmjF.06.0170 Trm112p-like protein - putative
LINF_060006900 (old tag= LinJ.06.0180) LmjF.06.0180 kinesin-like protein
LINF_060007000 (old tag= LinJ.06.0190) LmjF.06.0190 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060007100 (old tag= LinJ.06.0200) LmjF.06.0200 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060007200 (old tag= LinJ.06.0205) - hypothetical protein
LINF_060007300 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon tca
LINF_060007400 (old tag= LinJ.06.0210) LmjF.06.0210 FHA domain containing protein - putative
LINF_060007500 (old tag= LinJ.06.0220) LmjF.06.0220 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060007600 (old tag= LinJ.06.0230) LmjF.06.0230 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060007700 (old tag= LinJ.06.0240) LmjF.06.0240 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060007800 (old tag= LinJ.06.0250) LmjF.06.0250 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060007900 (old tag= LinJ.06.0260) LmjF.06.0260 5'-3' exoribonuclease A - putative
LINF_060008000 (old tag= LinJ.06.0270) LmjF.06.0270 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060008100 (old tag= LinJ.06.0280) LmjF.06.0280 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060008200 (old tag= LinJ.06.0290) LmjF.06.0290 ribonuclease H1 - putative
LINF_060008300 (old tag= LinJ.06.0300) LmjF.06.0300 MYND finger domain-like protein
LINF_060008400 (old tag= LinJ.06.0310) LmjF.06.0310 pteridine transporter (truncated) - putative
LINF_060008500 (old tag= LinJ.06.0320) LmjF.06.0320 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060008600 (old tag= LinJ.06.0330) LmjF.06.0330 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060008700 (old tag= LinJ.06.0340) LmjF.06.0340 serine peptidase - clan SC - family S9A-like protein
LINF_060008800 (old tag= LinJ.06.0350) LmjF.06.0350 NAD(P)-dependent steroid dehydrogenase protein - putative
LINF_060008900 (old tag= LinJ.06.0360) LmjF.06.0360 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060009000 (old tag= LinJ.06.0370) LmjF.06.0370 glutamine synthetase - putative
LINF_060009100 (old tag= LinJ.06.0380) LmjF.06.0380 Zinc finger C-x8-C-x5-C-x3-H type (and similar) - putative
LINF_060009200 (old tag= LinJ.06.0390) LmjF.06.0390 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060009300 (old tag= LinJ.06.0400) LmjF.06.0400:pseudogenic_transcript Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase class-I - putative
LINF_060009400 (old tag= LinJ.06.0410) LmjF.06.0410 Ribosomal protein L19e - putative
LINF_060009500 (old tag= LinJ.06.0420) LmjF.06.0412 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060009600 (old tag= LinJ.06.0430) LmjF.06.0415 60S ribosomal protein L19 - putative
LINF_060009700 (old tag= LinJ.06.0440) LmjF.06.0420 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060009800 (old tag= LinJ.06.0450) LmjF.06.0430 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060009900 (old tag= LinJ.06.0460) LmjF.06.0440 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060010000 (old tag= LinJ.06.0470) LmjF.06.0450 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060010100 (old tag= LinJ.06.0480) LmjF.06.0460 ATP-NAD kinase-like protein
LINF_060010200 (old tag= LinJ.06.0485) - hypothetical protein
LINF_060010400 (old tag= LinJ.06.0500) LmjF.06.0480 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060010500 (old tag= LinJ.06.0510) LmjF.06.0490 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060010600 (old tag= LinJ.06.0520) LmjF.06.0500 SpoU rRNA Methylase family - putative
LINF_060010700 (old tag= LinJ.06.0530) LmjF.06.0510 U-box domain containing protein - putative
LINF_060010800 (old tag= LinJ.06.0540) LmjF.06.0520 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060010900 (old tag= LinJ.06.0550) LmjF.06.0530 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060011000 (old tag= LinJ.06.0560) LmjF.06.0540 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060011100 (old tag= LinJ.06.0570) LmjF.06.0550 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060011200 (old tag= LinJ.06.0580) LmjF.06.0560 deoxyuridine triphosphatase - putative
LINF_060011300 (old tag= LinJ.06.0590) LmjF.06.0570 60S ribosomal protein L23a - putative
LINF_060011400 (old tag= LinJ.06.0600) LmjF.06.0580 60S ribosomal protein L23a - putative
LINF_060011500 (old tag= LinJ.06.0610) LmjF.06.0590 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060011600 (old tag= LinJ.06.0620) LmjF.06.0600 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060011700 (old tag= LinJ.06.0630) LmjF.06.0610 carbonic anhydrase family protein - putative
LINF_060011800 (old tag= LinJ.06.0640) LmjF.06.0620 Putative Phosphatase/Protein of unknown function DUF89 - putative
LINF_060011900 (old tag= LinJ.06.0650) LmjF.06.0630 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060012000 (old tag= LinJ.06.0660) LmjF.06.0640 protein kinase - putative
LINF_060012100 (old tag= LinJ.06.0670) LmjF.06.0650 lanosterol synthase - putative
LINF_060012200 (old tag= LinJ.06.0680) LmjF.06.0660 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060012300 (old tag= LinJ.06.0690) LmjF.06.0670 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060012400 (old tag= LinJ.06.0700) LmjF.06.0680 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060012500 (old tag= LinJ.06.0710) LmjF.06.0685 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060012600 (old tag= LinJ.06.0720) LmjF.06.0690 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060012700 (old tag= LinJ.06.0730) LmjF.06.0700 C2 domain/Ankyrin repeats (3 copies)/Ankyrin repeat - putative
LINF_060012800 (old tag= LinJ.06.0740) LmjF.06.0710 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060012900 (old tag= LinJ.06.0750) LmjF.06.0720 YEATS family - putative
LINF_060013000 (old tag= LinJ.06.0760) LmjF.06.0730 serine-threonine dehydratase - putative
LINF_060013100 (old tag= LinJ.06.0770) LmjF.06.0740 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060013200 (old tag= LinJ.06.0780) LmjF.06.0750 Haemolysin-III related - putative
LINF_060013300 (old tag= LinJ.06.0790) LmjF.06.0760 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060013400 (old tag= LinJ.06.0800) LmjF.06.0770 RNA-binding protein-like protein
LINF_060013500 (old tag= LinJ.06.0810) LmjF.06.0780 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060013600 (old tag= LinJ.06.0820) LmjF.06.0790 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060013700 (old tag= LinJ.06.0830) LmjF.06.0800 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060013800 (old tag= LinJ.06.0840) LmjF.06.0810 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060013900 (old tag= LinJ.06.0850) LmjF.06.0820 Qb-SNARE protein - putative
LINF_060014000 (old tag= LinJ.06.0860) LmjF.06.0830 lipin - putative
LINF_060014100 (old tag= LinJ.06.0870) LmjF.06.0840 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060014200 (old tag= LinJ.06.0880) LmjF.06.0850 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060014300 (old tag= LinJ.06.0890) LmjF.06.0860 dihydrofolate reductase-thymidylate synthase
LINF_060014400 (old tag= LinJ.06.0900) LmjF.06.0870 arginine N-methyltransferase - type III - putative
LINF_060014500 (old tag= LinJ.06.0910) LmjF.06.0880 acyl-coenzyme a dehydrogenase - putative
LINF_060014600 (old tag= LinJ.06.0920) LmjF.06.0890 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060014700 (old tag= LinJ.06.0930) LmjF.06.0900 Protein phosphatase 2C - putative
LINF_060014800 (old tag= LinJ.06.0940) LmjF.06.0910 Peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase PTH2 - putative
LINF_060014900 (old tag= LinJ.06.0950) LmjF.06.0920 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060015000 (old tag= LinJ.06.0960) LmjF.06.0930 2 -4-dienoyl-coa reductase-like protein
LINF_060015100 (old tag= LinJ.06.0970) LmjF.06.0940 TLD - putative
LINF_060015200 (old tag= LinJ.06.0980) LmjF.06.0950 glucosamine-fructose-6-phosphate aminotransferase - putative
LINF_060015300 (old tag= LinJ.06.0990) LmjF.06.0960 cell cycle associated protein MOB1 - putative
LINF_060015400 (old tag= LinJ.06.1000) LmjF.06.0970 Domain of unknown function (DUF3883) - putative
LINF_060015500 (old tag= LinJ.06.1010) LmjF.06.0980 Leucine rich repeat/Leucine Rich Repeat - putative
LINF_060015600 (old tag= LinJ.06.1020) LmjF.06.0990 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_060015700 (old tag= LinJ.06.1030) LmjF.06.0995 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060015800 (old tag= LinJ.06.1040) LmjF.06.1000 MYND finger/SET domain containing protein - putative
LINF_060015900 (old tag= LinJ.06.1050) LmjF.06.1010 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060016000 (old tag= LinJ.06.1060) LmjF.06.1020 G-patch domain/DExH-box splicing factor binding site - putative
LINF_060016100 (old tag= LinJ.06.1070) LmjF.06.1030 kinesin - putative
LINF_060016200 (old tag= LinJ.06.1080) LmjF.06.1040 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060016300 (old tag= LinJ.06.1090) LmjF.06.1050 protein disulfide isomerase
LINF_060016400 (old tag= LinJ.06.1100) LmjF.06.1060 2OG-Fe(II) oxygenase superfamily - putative
LINF_060016500 (old tag= LinJ.06.1110) LmjF.06.1070 deoxyribose-phosphate aldolase - putative
LINF_060016600 (old tag= LinJ.06.1120) LmjF.06.1080 Staphylococcal nuclease homologue - putative
LINF_060016700 (old tag= LinJ.06.1130) LmjF.06.1090 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060016800 (old tag= LinJ.06.1140) LmjF.06.1100 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060016900 (old tag= LinJ.06.1150) LmjF.06.1110 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060017000 (old tag= LinJ.06.1160) LmjF.06.1120 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060017100 (old tag= LinJ.06.1170) LmjF.06.1130 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_060017200 (old tag= LinJ.06.1180) LmjF.06.1140 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060017300 (old tag= LinJ.06.1190) LmjF.06.1150 Domain of unknown function (DUF4379) - putative
LINF_060017400 (old tag= LinJ.06.1200) LmjF.06.1160 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060017500 (old tag= LinJ.06.1210) LmjF.06.1170 nuclear transport factor 2 protein - putative
LINF_060017600 (old tag= LinJ.06.1220) LmjF.06.1180 protein kinase - putative
LINF_060017700 (old tag= LinJ.06.1240) LmjF.06.1190 Thioredoxin - putative
LINF_060017800 (old tag= LinJ.06.1243) - hypothetical protein
LINF_060017900 (old tag= LinJ.06.1246) - hypothetical protein
LINF_060018000 (old tag= LinJ.06.1250) LmjF.06.1200 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060018100 (old tag= LinJ.06.1260) LmjF.06.1210 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060018200 (old tag= LinJ.06.1270) LmjF.06.1220 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060018300 (old tag= LinJ.06.1280) LmjF.06.1230 Protein of unknown function (DUF1637) - putative
LINF_060018400 (old tag= LinJ.06.1290) LmjF.06.1240 FAD binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_060018500 (old tag= LinJ.06.1300) LmjF.06.1245 Transcription factor e(y)2 - putative
LINF_060018600 (old tag= LinJ.06.1310) LmjF.06.1250 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_060018700 (old tag= LinJ.06.1315) - hypothetical protein
LINF_060018800 (old tag= LinJ.06.1320) LmjF.06.1260 pteridine transporter (truncated) - putative
LINF_060018900 (old tag= LinJ.06.1330) LmjF.06.1270 coproporphyrinogen III oxidase
LINF_060019000 (old tag= LinJ.06.1340) LmjF.06.1280 protoporphyrinogen oxidase-like protein
LINF_060019100 (old tag= LinJ.06.1350) LmjF.06.1290 Cytochrome b5-like Heme/Steroid binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_060019200 (old tag= LinJ.06.1360) LmjF.06.1300 CLN3 protein - putative
LINF_070005000 (old tag= LinJ.07.0010) LmjF.07.0010 Ubiquitin-like modifier-activating enzyme ATG7 - putative
LINF_070005100 (old tag= LinJ.07.0020) LmjF.07.0020 Isy1-like splicing family - putative
LINF_070005200 (old tag= LinJ.07.0030) LmjF.07.0025 histone-lysine N-methyltransferase - putative
LINF_070005300 (old tag= LinJ.07.0040) LmjF.07.0030 Peptidase dimerisation domain containing protein - putative
LINF_070005400 (old tag= LinJ.07.0050) LmjF.07.0040 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070005500 (old tag= LinJ.07.0060) LmjF.07.0050 alpha-adaptin-like protein
LINF_070005600 (old tag= LinJ.07.0210) LmjF.07.0060 cytochrome c1 - heme protein - mitochondrial - putative
LINF_070005700 (old tag= LinJ.07.0220) LmjF.07.0070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070005800 (old tag= LinJ.07.0230) LmjF.07.0080 Golgi/lysosome glycoprotein 1 - putative
LINF_070005900 (old tag= LinJ.07.0240) LmjF.07.0090 methionine synthase - putative
LINF_070006000 (old tag= LinJ.07.0250) LmjF.07.0100 metallo-peptidase - Clan ME - Family M16C
LINF_070006100 (old tag= LinJ.07.0260) LmjF.07.0110 mitochondrial calcium uptake 1 - putative
LINF_070006200 (old tag= LinJ.07.0270) LmjF.07.0120 Sec7 domain containing protein - putative
LINF_070006300 (old tag= LinJ.07.0280) LmjF.07.0130 tRNA-methyl transferase - putative
LINF_070006400 (old tag= LinJ.07.0300) LmjF.07.0140 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070006500 (old tag= LinJ.07.0310) LmjF.07.0150 Eukaryotic membrane protein family - putative
LINF_070006600 (old tag= LinJ.07.0315) - hypothetical protein
LINF_070006700 (old tag= LinJ.07.0320) LmjF.07.0160 protein kinase - putative
LINF_070006800 (old tag= LinJ.07.0325) - hypothetical protein
LINF_070006900 (old tag= LinJ.07.0330) LmjF.07.0170 protein kinase - putative
LINF_070007000 (old tag= LinJ.07.0340) LmjF.07.0180 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070007100 (old tag= LinJ.07.0350) LmjF.07.0190 protein phosphatase 2A - regulatory subunit B - putative
LINF_070007200 (old tag= LinJ.07.0360) LmjF.07.0200 phosphatidylglycerolphosphate synthase - mitochondrial - putative
LINF_070007300 (old tag= LinJ.07.0370) LmjF.07.0210 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070007400 (old tag= LinJ.07.0380) LmjF.07.0220 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070007500 (old tag= LinJ.07.0390) LmjF.07.0230 Cytokine-induced anti-apoptosis inhibitor 1 - Fe-S biogenesis - putative
LINF_070007600 (old tag= LinJ.07.0400) LmjF.07.0240 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070007700 (old tag= LinJ.07.0410) LmjF.07.0250 protein kinase - putative
LINF_070007800 (old tag= LinJ.07.0420) LmjF.07.0260 homoserine dehydrogenase-like protein
LINF_070007900 (old tag= LinJ.07.0430) LmjF.07.0270 acetylornithine deacetylase-like protein
LINF_070008000 (old tag= LinJ.07.0440) LmjF.07.0280 ubiquitin-protein ligase-like - putative
LINF_070008100 (old tag= LinJ.07.0450) LmjF.07.0290 Uncharacterised protein family (UPF0172) - putative
LINF_070008200 (old tag= LinJ.07.0460) LmjF.07.0300 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070008300 (old tag= LinJ.07.0470) LmjF.07.0310 Paraflagellar rod protein - putative
LINF_070008400 (old tag= LinJ.07.0480) LmjF.07.0320 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070008500 (old tag= LinJ.07.0490) LmjF.07.0330 Protein of unknown function (DUF3735)/Abscisic acid G-protein coupled receptor - putative
LINF_070008600 (old tag= LinJ.07.0500) LmjF.07.0335 NUDIX family hydrolase - putative
LINF_070008700 (old tag= LinJ.07.0505) - hypothetical protein
LINF_070008800 (old tag= LinJ.07.0130) LmjF.07.0340 ATP-dependent DEAD/H RNA helicase - putative
LINF_070008900 (old tag= LinJ.07.0120) LmjF.07.0350 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070009000 (old tag= LinJ.07.0110) LmjF.07.0360 Protein of unknown function (DUF1674) - putative
LINF_070009100 (old tag= LinJ.07.0100) LmjF.07.0370 Ring finger domain/Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger) containing protein - putative
LINF_070009200 (old tag= LinJ.07.0090) LmjF.07.0380 RAVE protein 1 C terminal - putative
LINF_070009300 (old tag= LinJ.07.0080) LmjF.07.0390 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070009400 (old tag= LinJ.07.0070) LmjF.07.0400 EamA-like transporter family - putative
LINF_070009500 (old tag= LinJ.07.0200) LmjF.07.0410 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070009600 (old tag= LinJ.07.0190) LmjF.07.0420 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070009700 (old tag= LinJ.07.0180) LmjF.07.0430 3-hydroxyacyl-ACP dehydratase - putative
LINF_070009800 (old tag= LinJ.07.0170) LmjF.07.0440 3-hydroxyacyl-ACP dehydratase - putative
LINF_070009900 (old tag= LinJ.07.0160) LmjF.07.0450 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070010000 (old tag= LinJ.07.0150) LmjF.07.0460 acyl-CoA dehydrogenase - mitochondrial precursor - putative
LINF_070010100 (old tag= LinJ.07.0140) LmjF.07.0470 pre-rrna-processing protein tsr1 homolog
LINF_070010200 (old tag= LinJ.07.0520) LmjF.07.0475 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070010300 (old tag= LinJ.07.0530) LmjF.07.0480 Dynein heavy chain - N-terminal region 2 - putative
LINF_070010400 (old tag= LinJ.07.0540) LmjF.07.0490 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070010500 (old tag= LinJ.07.0550) LmjF.07.0500 60S ribosomal protein L7a - putative
LINF_070010600 (old tag= LinJ.07.0560) LmjF.07.0510 60S ribosomal protein L7a - putative
LINF_070010700 (old tag= LinJ.07.0570) LmjF.07.0520 QA-SNARE protein putative
LINF_070010800 (old tag= LinJ.07.0580) LmjF.07.0530 adp/ATP carrier-like protein
LINF_070010900 (old tag= LinJ.07.0590) LmjF.07.0540 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070011000 (old tag= LinJ.07.0600) LmjF.07.0550 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070011100 (old tag= LinJ.07.0610) LmjF.07.0560 ras-related protein rab-14 - putative
LINF_070011200 (old tag= LinJ.07.0620) LmjF.07.0570 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070011300 (old tag= LinJ.07.0630) LmjF.07.0580 Molybdopterin guanine dinucleotide synthesis protein B - putative
LINF_070011400 (old tag= LinJ.07.0640) LmjF.07.0590 Sel1 repeat - putative
LINF_070011500 (old tag= LinJ.07.0660) LmjF.07.0600 electron transfer flavoprotein-ubiquinone oxidoreductase - putative
LINF_070011600 (old tag= LinJ.07.0670) LmjF.07.0610 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070011700 (old tag= LinJ.07.0680) LmjF.07.0615 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070011800 (old tag= LinJ.07.0690) LmjF.07.0620 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070011900 (old tag= LinJ.07.0700) LmjF.07.0630 vacuolar-type Ca2+-ATPase - putative
LINF_070012000 (old tag= LinJ.07.0710) LmjF.07.0640 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070012100 (old tag= LinJ.07.0720) LmjF.07.0650 vacuolar-type Ca2+-ATPase - putative
LINF_070012150 (old tag= LinJ.07.0730) - vacuolar-type Ca2+-ATPase - putative
LINF_070012200 (old tag= LinJ.07.0740) LmjF.07.0660 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070012300 (old tag= LinJ.07.0750) LmjF.07.0670 Qa-SNARE protein - putative
LINF_070012400 (old tag= LinJ.07.0760) LmjF.07.0680 40S ribosomal protein S9 - putative
LINF_070012500 (old tag= LinJ.07.0770) LmjF.07.0690 protein kinase - putative
LINF_070012600 (old tag= LinJ.07.0780) LmjF.07.0700 topoisomerase-related function protein-like protein
LINF_070012700 (old tag= LinJ.07.0790) LmjF.07.0710 centrin - putative
LINF_070012800 (old tag= LinJ.07.0800) LmjF.07.0715 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070012900 (old tag= LinJ.07.0810) LmjF.07.0720 HEAT-like repeat - putative
LINF_070013000 (old tag= LinJ.07.0820) LmjF.07.0730 malonyl-coa decarboxylase-like protein
LINF_070013100 (old tag= LinJ.07.0830) LmjF.07.0740 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070013200 (old tag= LinJ.07.0840) LmjF.07.0743 Protein phosphatase inhibitor - putative
LINF_070013300 (old tag= LinJ.07.0850) LmjF.07.0745:pseudogenic_transcript hypothetical protein
LINF_070013400 (old tag= LinJ.07.0860) LmjF.07.0750 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070013500 (old tag= LinJ.07.0870) LmjF.07.0760 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase/fructose-2 -6-biphosphatase - putative
LINF_070013600 (old tag= LinJ.07.0880) LmjF.07.0770 DNAJ-domain transmembrane-like protein
LINF_070013700 (old tag= LinJ.07.0890) LmjF.07.0780 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070013800 (old tag= LinJ.07.0900) LmjF.07.0790 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070013900 (old tag= LinJ.07.0910) LmjF.07.0800 flavoprotein subunit-like protein
LINF_070014000 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon acg
LINF_070014100 (old tag= LinJ.07.0920) LmjF.07.0802 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070014200 (old tag= LinJ.07.0930) LmjF.07.0805 N-acetylglucosamine-phosphate mutase - putative
LINF_070014300 (old tag= LinJ.07.0940) LmjF.07.0810 cytochrome b5-like protein
LINF_070014400 (old tag= LinJ.07.0950) LmjF.07.0820 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070014500 (old tag= LinJ.07.0970) LmjF.07.0830 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070014600 (old tag= LinJ.07.0990) LmjF.07.0840 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070014700 (old tag= LinJ.07.1000) LmjF.07.0850 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 - putative
LINF_070014800 (old tag= LinJ.07.1010) LmjF.07.0860 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070014900 (old tag= LinJ.07.1020) LmjF.07.0870 splicing factor ptsr1-like protein
LINF_070015000 (old tag= LinJ.07.1050) LmjF.07.0880 protein kinase - putative
LINF_070015100 (old tag= LinJ.07.1060) LmjF.07.0890 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070015200 (old tag= LinJ.07.1030) LmjF.07.0900 serine/threonine kinase - putative
LINF_070015300 (old tag= LinJ.07.1040) LmjF.07.0910 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070015400 (old tag= LinJ.07.1045) - hypothetical protein
LINF_070015500 (old tag= LinJ.07.1070) LmjF.07.0920 Protein of unknown function (DUF3608) - putative
LINF_070015600 (old tag= LinJ.07.1080) LmjF.07.0930 Radial spokehead-like protein - putative
LINF_070015700 (old tag= LinJ.07.1090) LmjF.07.0940 Domain of unknown function (DUF3437) - putative
LINF_070015800 (old tag= LinJ.07.1100) LmjF.07.0950 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070015900 (old tag= LinJ.07.1110) LmjF.07.0960 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070016000 (old tag= LinJ.07.1120) LmjF.07.0970 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070016100 (old tag= LinJ.07.1130) LmjF.07.0980 RNA binding protein - putative
LINF_070016200 (old tag= LinJ.07.1140) LmjF.07.0990 nucleolar RNA-binding protein - putative
LINF_070016300 (old tag= LinJ.07.1150) LmjF.07.1000 RNA binding protein-like protein
LINF_070016400 (old tag= LinJ.07.1160) LmjF.07.1010 Domain of unknown function DUF59 - putative
LINF_070016500 (old tag= LinJ.07.1170) LmjF.07.1020 DNA repair and recombination helicase protein PIF7 - putative
LINF_070016600 (old tag= LinJ.07.1180) LmjF.07.1030 peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase/rotamase - putative
LINF_070016700 (old tag= LinJ.07.1185) - hypothetical protein
LINF_070016800 (old tag= LinJ.07.1190) LmjF.07.1035 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070016900 (old tag= LinJ.07.1200) LmjF.07.1040 Sel1 repeat - putative
LINF_070017000 (old tag= LinJ.07.1210) LmjF.07.1050 cation-transporting ATPase - putative
LINF_070017100 (old tag= LinJ.07.1220) LmjF.07.1055 Dpy-30 motif containing protein - putative
LINF_070017200 (old tag= LinJ.07.1230) LmjF.07.1060 lipoate-protein ligase-like
LINF_070017300 (old tag= LinJ.07.1240) LmjF.07.1070 RNA-editing complex protein - putative
LINF_070017400 (old tag= LinJ.07.1250) LmjF.07.1080 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070017500 (old tag= LinJ.07.1260) LmjF.07.1090 delta-5 fatty acid desaturase
LINF_070017600 (old tag= LinJ.07.1270) LmjF.07.1100 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070017700 (old tag= LinJ.07.1275) - hypothetical protein
LINF_070017800 (old tag= LinJ.07.1280) LmjF.07.1105:pseudogenic_transcript ATP synthase subunit C - putative
LINF_070017900 (old tag= LinJ.07.1290) LmjF.07.1110 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070018000 (old tag= LinJ.07.1300) LmjF.07.1120 proteasome regulatory non-ATP-ase subunit - putative
LINF_070018100 (old tag= LinJ.07.1310) LmjF.07.1130 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_070018200 (old tag= LinJ.07.1320) LmjF.07.1140 peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase-like
LINF_070018300 (old tag= LinJ.07.1330) LmjF.07.1150 N-terminal region of Chorein - a TM vesicle-mediated sorter - putative
LINF_070018400 (old tag= LinJ.07.1340) LmjF.07.1160 amino acid transporter 19 - putative
LINF_080005000 (old tag= LinJ.08.0010) LmjF.08.0010 adaptor complex protein (AP) 3 delta subunit 1 - putative
LINF_080005100 (old tag= LinJ.08.0020) LmjF.08.0020 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080005200 (old tag= LinJ.08.0030) LmjF.08.0030 Qc-SNARE protein - putative
LINF_080005300 (old tag= LinJ.08.0040) LmjF.08.0040 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080005400 (old tag= LinJ.08.0050) LmjF.08.0050 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080005500 (old tag= LinJ.08.0060) LmjF.08.0060 phosphoglycerate mutase protein - putative
LINF_080005600 (old tag= LinJ.08.0070) LmjF.08.0070 Putative zinc finger motif - C2HC5-type/ASCH domain containing protein - putative
LINF_080005700 (old tag= LinJ.08.0080) LmjF.08.0080 ATP-dependent DEAD/H RNA helicase - putative
LINF_080005800 (old tag= LinJ.08.0090) LmjF.08.0090 adaptor complex protein (AP) 3 delta subunit 1 - putative
LINF_080005900 (old tag= LinJ.08.0100) LmjF.08.0100 dual-specificity protein phosphatase - putative
LINF_080006000 (old tag= LinJ.08.0110) LmjF.08.0110 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080006100 (old tag= LinJ.08.0120) LmjF.08.0120 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080006200 (old tag= LinJ.08.0130) LmjF.08.0130 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080006300 (old tag= LinJ.08.0140) LmjF.08.0135:pseudogenic_transcript hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080006400 (old tag= LinJ.08.0150) LmjF.08.0140 DNA repair protein - putative
LINF_080006500 (old tag= LinJ.08.0160) LmjF.08.0150 GPI-GlcNAc transferase complex - PIG-H component - putative
LINF_080006600 (old tag= LinJ.08.0170) LmjF.08.0160 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080006700 (old tag= LinJ.08.0180) LmjF.08.0170 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080006800 (old tag= LinJ.08.0190) LmjF.08.0180 Bacterial transferase hexapeptide (six repeats) - putative
LINF_080006900 (old tag= LinJ.08.0200) LmjF.08.0190 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080007000 (old tag= LinJ.08.0210) LmjF.08.0200 inositol phosphosphingolipid phospholipase C-Like
LINF_080007100 (old tag= LinJ.08.0220) LmjF.08.0210 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080007200 (old tag= LinJ.08.0230) LmjF.08.0220 ubiquitin-activating enzyme-like protein
LINF_080007300 (old tag= LinJ.08.0240) LmjF.08.0230 ABC1 family - putative
LINF_080007400 (old tag= LinJ.08.0250) LmjF.08.0240 Ribosomal protein L9 - N-terminal domain containing protein - putative
LINF_080007500 (old tag= LinJ.08.0260) LmjF.08.0250 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080007600 (old tag= LinJ.08.0270) LmjF.08.0260 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080007700 (old tag= LinJ.08.0280) LmjF.08.0270 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080007800 (old tag= LinJ.08.0290) LmjF.08.0280 ribosomal protein L2 - putative
LINF_080007900 (old tag= LinJ.08.0300) LmjF.08.0290 iron superoxide dismutase
LINF_080008000 (old tag= LinJ.08.0310) LmjF.08.0300 Isochorismatase family - putative
LINF_080008100 (old tag= LinJ.08.0320) LmjF.08.0310 Isochorismatase family - putative
LINF_080008200 (old tag= LinJ.08.0330) LmjF.08.0320 mitochondrial associated ribonuclease - putative
LINF_080008300 (old tag= LinJ.08.0340) LmjF.08.0330 Tim10/DDP family zinc finger containing protein - putative
LINF_080008400 (old tag= LinJ.08.0350) LmjF.08.0340 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080008500 (old tag= LinJ.08.0360) LmjF.08.0350 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080008600 (old tag= LinJ.08.0365) - hypothetical protein
LINF_080008700 (old tag= LinJ.08.0370) LmjF.08.0360 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080008800 (old tag= LinJ.08.0380) LmjF.08.0370 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080008900 (old tag= LinJ.08.0390) LmjF.08.0380 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080009000 (old tag= LinJ.08.0400) LmjF.08.0390 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080009100 (old tag= LinJ.08.0410) LmjF.08.0400 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080009200 (old tag= LinJ.08.0420) LmjF.08.0410 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_080009300 (old tag= LinJ.08.0430) LmjF.08.0420 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080009400 (old tag= LinJ.08.0440) LmjF.08.0430 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080009500 (old tag= LinJ.08.0450) LmjF.08.0440 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080009600 (old tag= LinJ.08.0460) LmjF.08.0450 signal peptidase type I - putative
LINF_080009700 (old tag= LinJ.08.0470) LmjF.08.0460 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080009800 (old tag= LinJ.08.0480) LmjF.08.0470 small ubiquitin protein - putative
LINF_080009900 (old tag= LinJ.08.0490) LmjF.08.0480 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080010000 (old tag= LinJ.08.0500) LmjF.08.0490 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080010100 (old tag= LinJ.08.0510) LmjF.08.0500 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080010200 (old tag= LinJ.08.0520) LmjF.08.0510 ribose-phosphate pyrophosphokinase - putative
LINF_080010300 (old tag= LinJ.08.0530) LmjF.08.0520 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080010400 (old tag= LinJ.08.0540) LmjF.08.0530 protein kinase - putative
LINF_080010500 (old tag= LinJ.08.0550) LmjF.08.0540 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080010600 (old tag= LinJ.08.0560) - cyclopropane-fatty-acyl-phospholipid synthase
LINF_080010700 (old tag= LinJ.08.0570) LmjF.08.0550 eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2 beta subunit - putative
LINF_080010800 (old tag= LinJ.08.0580) LmjF.08.0560 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080010900 (old tag= LinJ.08.0590) LmjF.08.0570 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080011000 (old tag= LinJ.08.0600) LmjF.08.0580 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080011100 (old tag= LinJ.08.0610) LmjF.08.0590 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080011200 (old tag= LinJ.08.0615) - hypothetical protein
LINF_080011300 (old tag= LinJ.08.0620) LmjF.08.0600 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080011400 (old tag= LinJ.08.0630) LmjF.08.0620 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080011500 (old tag= LinJ.08.0640) LmjF.08.0630 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080011600 (old tag= LinJ.08.0650) LmjF.08.0640 Amastin surface glycoprotein - putative
LINF_080011700 (old tag= LinJ.08.0660) LmjF.08.0650 DnaJ domain containing protein - putative
LINF_080011800 (old tag= LinJ.08.0670) LmjF.08.0660 protein kinase - putative
LINF_080011900 (old tag= LinJ.08.0690) LmjF.08.0670 amastin-like protein
LINF_080012000 (old tag= LinJ.08.1320) LmjF.08.0680 amastin-like protein
LINF_080012100 (old tag= LinJ.08.1330) - Amastin surface glycoprotein - putative
LINF_080012200 (old tag= LinJ.08.0700) - Amastin surface glycoprotein - putative
LINF_080012300 (old tag= LinJ.08.0710) - Amastin surface glycoprotein - putative
LINF_080012400 (old tag= LinJ.08.0720) LmjF.08.0690 amastin-like protein
LINF_080012500 (old tag= LinJ.08.0730) LmjF.08.0780 tuzin - putative
LINF_080012600 (old tag= LinJ.08.0740) LmjF.08.0790 tuzin - putative
LINF_080012700 (old tag= LinJ.08.0750) LmjF.08.0795:pseudogenic_transcript tuzin - putative
LINF_080012800 (old tag= LinJ.08.0760) LmjF.08.0820 amastin-like protein
LINF_080012900 (old tag= LinJ.08.0780) - Amastin-like protein
LINF_080012950 (old tag= LinJ.08.0790) LmjF.08.0810 amastin-like protein
LINF_080013000 (old tag= LinJ.08.0800) LmjF.08.0860 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080013100 (old tag= LinJ.08.0810) LmjF.08.0870 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080013200 (old tag= LinJ.08.0820) LmjF.08.0880 SET domain containing protein - putative
LINF_080013300 (old tag= LinJ.08.0830) LmjF.08.0890 mitochondrial DNA polymerase beta
LINF_080013400 (old tag= LinJ.08.0840) LmjF.08.0900 mitochondrial DNA polymerase beta-PAK - putative
LINF_080013500 (old tag= LinJ.08.0850) LmjF.08.0910 Beta-lactamase superfamily domain containing protein - putative
LINF_080013600 (old tag= LinJ.08.0860) LmjF.08.0920 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080013700 (old tag= LinJ.08.0865) - hypothetical protein
LINF_080013800 (old tag= LinJ.08.0870) LmjF.08.0930 protein kinase - putative
LINF_080013900 (old tag= LinJ.08.0880) LmjF.08.0940 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080014000 (old tag= LinJ.08.0890) LmjF.08.0950 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080014100 (old tag= LinJ.08.0900) LmjF.08.0960 Dpy-30 motif containing protein - putative
LINF_080014200 (old tag= LinJ.08.0910) LmjF.08.0970 Protein of unknown function (DUF2453) - putative
LINF_080014300 (old tag= LinJ.08.0915) - hypothetical protein
LINF_080014400 (old tag= LinJ.08.0920) LmjF.08.0980 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080014500 (old tag= LinJ.08.0930) LmjF.08.0990 DnaJ domain containing protein - putative
LINF_080014600 (old tag= LinJ.08.0940) LmjF.08.1000 von Willebrand factor type A domain containing protein - putative
LINF_080014700 (old tag= LinJ.08.0950) LmjF.08.1010 cysteine peptidase B (CPB)
LINF_080014800 (old tag= LinJ.08.0960) LmjF.08.1020 cysteine peptidase B (CPB)
LINF_080014900 (old tag= LinJ.08.0961) LmjF.08.1030 cysteine peptidase B (CPB)
LINF_080015000 (old tag= LinJ.08.0962) - cysteine peptidase B (CPB)
LINF_080015100 (old tag= LinJ.08.0963) LmjF.08.1040 cysteine peptidase B (CPB)
LINF_080015200 (old tag= LinJ.08.0964) LmjF.08.1050 cysteine peptidase B (CPB)
LINF_080015300 (old tag= LinJ.08.0966) LmjF.08.1060 cysteine peptidase B (CPB)
LINF_080015400 (old tag= LinJ.08.0967) LmjF.08.1070 cysteine peptidase B (CPB)
LINF_080015500 (old tag= LinJ.08.0968) LmjF.08.1080 cysteine peptidase B (CPB)
LINF_080015600 (old tag= LinJ.08.1000) LmjF.08.1090 histone deacetylase - putative
LINF_080015700 (old tag= LinJ.08.1001) LmjF.08.1101.1 Ring finger domain/Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger) containing protein - putative
LINF_080015800 (old tag= LinJ.08.1005) - hypothetical protein
LINF_080015900 (old tag= LinJ.08.1010) LmjF.08.1100 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080016000 (old tag= LinJ.08.1020) LmjF.08.1110 stress-induced protein sti1
LINF_080016100 (old tag= LinJ.08.1030) LmjF.08.1120 Repeat of unknown function (DUF1126) - putative
LINF_080016200 (old tag= LinJ.08.1040) LmjF.08.1130 phosphoribosylpyrophosphate synthetase
LINF_080016300 (old tag= LinJ.08.1050) LmjF.08.1140 suppressive immunomodulating factor - putative
LINF_080016400 (old tag= LinJ.08.1060) LmjF.08.1150 Exocyst complex component Sec3 - putative
LINF_080016500 (old tag= LinJ.08.1070) LmjF.08.1160 Thiopurine S-methyltransferase (TPMT) - putative
LINF_080016600 (old tag= LinJ.08.1080) LmjF.08.1170 guide RNA binding protein - putative
LINF_080016700 (old tag= LinJ.08.1090) LmjF.08.1180 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080016800 (old tag= LinJ.08.1100) LmjF.08.1190 Putative intraflagellar transport protein D4
LINF_080016900 (old tag= LinJ.08.1110) LmjF.08.1200 MIX protein
LINF_080017000 (old tag= LinJ.08.1120) LmjF.08.1210 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080017100 (old tag= LinJ.08.1130) LmjF.08.1215,LmjF.08.1240 Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger)/Ring finger domain/zinc-RING finger domain/zinc finger of C3HC4-type - RING - putative
LINF_080017200 (old tag= LinJ.08.1160) LmjF.08.1218,LmjF.08.1250 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080017300 (old tag= LinJ.08.1190) LmjF.08.1222,LmjF.08.1260 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080017400 (old tag= LinJ.08.1191) LmjF.08.1265 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_080017500 (old tag= LinJ.08.1220) LmjF.08.1225,LmjF.08.1270 Amidinotransferase - putative
LINF_080017600 (old tag= LinJ.08.1250) LmjF.08.1228,LmjF.08.1280 protein kinase - putative
LINF_080017700 (old tag= LinJ.08.1280) LmjF.08.1230 beta tubulin
LINF_080017800 (old tag= LinJ.08.1400) - hypothetical protein
LINF_090005000 (old tag= LinJ.09.0010) LmjF.09.0003 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090005100 (old tag= LinJ.09.0020) LmjF.09.0005 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090005200 (old tag= LinJ.09.0030) LmjF.09.0010 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090005300 (old tag= LinJ.09.0040) LmjF.09.0020 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090005400 (old tag= LinJ.09.0050) LmjF.09.0030 Peroxisomal biogenesis factor 11 (PEX11)- putative
LINF_090005500 (old tag= LinJ.09.0060) LmjF.09.0040 N-acetyl-D-acetylglucosaminylphosphatidylinositol deacetylase
LINF_090005600 (old tag= LinJ.09.0070) LmjF.09.0050 endonuclease III- putative
LINF_090005700 (old tag= LinJ.09.0080) LmjF.09.0060 RNA-binding protein 5 - putative
LINF_090005800 (old tag= LinJ.09.0090) LmjF.09.0070 RNA helicase - putative
LINF_090005900 (old tag= LinJ.09.0100) LmjF.09.0080 RNA-binding protein 5-like protein
LINF_090006000 (old tag= LinJ.09.0110) LmjF.09.0090 RNA-binding protein 5-like protein
LINF_090006100 (old tag= LinJ.09.0120) LmjF.09.0100 calmodulin-like protein containing EF hand domain
LINF_090006200 (old tag= LinJ.09.0130) LmjF.09.0105 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090006300 (old tag= LinJ.09.0140) LmjF.09.0110 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090006400 (old tag= LinJ.09.0150) LmjF.09.0120 kinesin - putative
LINF_090006500 (old tag= LinJ.09.0160) LmjF.09.0140 FHA domain/Ring finger domain/Zinc finger- C3HC4 type (RING finger) containing protein - putative
LINF_090006600 (old tag= LinJ.09.0170) LmjF.09.0150 Autophagy protein Atg8 ubiquitin like - putative
LINF_090006700 (old tag= LinJ.09.0173) LmjF.09.0152 ATG8/AUT7/APG8/PAZ2 - putative
LINF_090006800 (old tag= LinJ.09.0176) LmjF.09.0154 Autophagy protein Atg8 ubiquitin like - putative
LINF_090006900 (old tag= LinJ.09.0180) LmjF.09.0156 ATG8/AUT7/APG8/PAZ2 - putative
LINF_090007000 (old tag= LinJ.09.0185) LmjF.09.0158 Autophagy protein Atg8 ubiquitin like - putative
LINF_090007100 (old tag= LinJ.09.0190) LmjF.09.0160 Autophagy protein Atg8 ubiquitin like - putative
LINF_090007200 (old tag= LinJ.09.0193) LmjF.09.0162 ATG8/AUT7/APG8/PAZ2 - putative
LINF_090007300 (old tag= LinJ.09.0196) LmjF.09.0164 Autophagy protein Atg8 ubiquitin like - putative
LINF_090007400 (old tag= LinJ.09.0200) LmjF.09.0166 Autophagy protein Atg8 ubiquitin like - putative
LINF_090007500 (old tag= LinJ.09.0210) LmjF.09.0190 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090007600 (old tag= LinJ.09.0220) LmjF.09.0200 NRDE protein - putative
LINF_090007700 (old tag= LinJ.09.0230) LmjF.09.0210 Domain of unknown function (DUF4586) - putative
LINF_090007800 (old tag= LinJ.09.0430) LmjF.09.0220 catalytic subunit of the vacuolar transporter chaperone 4 - putative
LINF_090007900 (old tag= LinJ.09.0380) LmjF.09.0230 ATP-dependent protease ATPase subunit HslU
LINF_090008000 (old tag= LinJ.09.0390) LmjF.09.0240 cysteine peptidase- Clan CA- family C19 - putative
LINF_090008100 (old tag= LinJ.09.0400) LmjF.09.0250 DNA replication licensing factor MCM4 - putative
LINF_090008200 (old tag= LinJ.09.0410) LmjF.09.0260 G10 protein - putative
LINF_090008300 (old tag= LinJ.09.0420) LmjF.09.0270 integral membrane transport protein - putative
LINF_090008400 (old tag= LinJ.09.0240) LmjF.09.0280 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090008500 (old tag= LinJ.09.0250) LmjF.09.0290 kinesin - putative
LINF_090008600 (old tag= LinJ.09.0260) LmjF.09.0300 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090008700 (old tag= LinJ.09.0270) LmjF.09.0310 cdc2-related kinase 12
LINF_090008800 (old tag= LinJ.09.0280) LmjF.09.0320 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090008900 (old tag= LinJ.09.0290) LmjF.09.0330 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090009000 (old tag= LinJ.09.0300) LmjF.09.0340 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090009100 (old tag= LinJ.09.0310) LmjF.09.0345 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090009200 (old tag= LinJ.09.0320) LmjF.09.0350 Ring finger domain/RING-H2 zinc finger containing protein - putative
LINF_090009300 (old tag= LinJ.09.0330) LmjF.09.0360 DNA photolyase - putative
LINF_090009400 (old tag= LinJ.09.0340) LmjF.09.0365 Ankyrin repeats (3 copies)/Ankyrin repeat/Ankyrin repeats (many copies) - putative
LINF_090009500 (old tag= LinJ.09.0350) LmjF.09.0367 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090009600 (old tag= LinJ.09.0360) LmjF.09.0370 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090009700 (old tag= LinJ.09.0370) LmjF.09.0380 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090009800 (old tag= LinJ.09.0440) LmjF.09.0390 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090009900 (old tag= LinJ.09.0450) LmjF.09.0400 kinetoplastid kinetochore protein 10 - putative
LINF_090010000 (old tag= LinJ.09.0460) LmjF.09.0410 kinetoplastid kinetochore protein 10 - putative
LINF_090010100 (old tag= LinJ.09.0470) LmjF.09.0420 tyrosine phosphatase - putative
LINF_090010200 (old tag= LinJ.09.0480) LmjF.09.0430 Plus-3 domain/Zinc finger- C3HC4 type (RING finger) containing protein - putative
LINF_090010300 (old tag= LinJ.09.0490) LmjF.09.0440 Tetratricopeptide repeat - putative
LINF_090010400 (old tag= LinJ.09.0500) LmjF.09.0450 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090010500 (old tag= LinJ.09.0501) LmjF.09.0460 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090010600 (old tag= LinJ.09.0520) LmjF.09.0470 serine/threonine protein phosphatase - putative
LINF_090010700 (old tag= LinJ.09.0530) LmjF.09.0480 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090010800 (old tag= LinJ.09.0540) LmjF.09.0490 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090010900 (old tag= LinJ.09.0550) LmjF.09.0500 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090011000 (old tag= LinJ.09.0560) LmjF.09.0510 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090011100 (old tag= LinJ.09.0570) LmjF.09.0520 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090011200 (old tag= LinJ.09.0580) LmjF.09.0530 leucine-rich repeat protein - putative
LINF_090011300 (old tag= LinJ.09.0590) LmjF.09.0540 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090011400 (old tag= LinJ.09.0600) LmjF.09.0550 Dual specificity phosphatase- catalytic domain containing protein - putative
LINF_090011500 (old tag= LinJ.09.0610) LmjF.09.0560 Histidine phosphatase superfamily (branch 1) - putative
LINF_090011600 (old tag= LinJ.09.0620) LmjF.09.0570 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090011700 (old tag= LinJ.09.0630) LmjF.09.0580 surface antigen-like protein
LINF_090011800 (old tag= LinJ.09.0640) LmjF.09.0590 ATP-dependent DNA helicase - putative
LINF_090011900 (old tag= LinJ.09.0650) LmjF.09.0600 cyclin 1
LINF_090012000 (old tag= LinJ.09.0660) LmjF.09.0610 Glucosidase II beta subunit-like - putative
LINF_090012100 (old tag= LinJ.09.0670) LmjF.09.0620 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090012200 (old tag= LinJ.09.0675) LmjF.09.0630 PH domain containing protein - putative
LINF_090012300 (old tag= LinJ.09.0690) LmjF.09.0640 palmitoyl acyltransferase 5 - putative
LINF_090012400 (old tag= LinJ.09.0700) LmjF.09.0650 Zeta toxin - putative
LINF_090012500 (old tag= LinJ.09.0710) LmjF.09.0660 Methyltransferase TYW3 - putative
LINF_090012600 (old tag= LinJ.09.0720) LmjF.09.0670 prefoldin subunit 2 - putative
LINF_090012700 (old tag= LinJ.09.0730) LmjF.09.0680 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090012800 (old tag= LinJ.09.0740) LmjF.09.0690 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090012900 (old tag= 5S_rRNA) gc rRNA
LINF_090013000 (old tag= tRNA) aa anticodon cat
LINF_090013100 (old tag= tRNA) aa anticodon cag Leu
LINF_090013200 (old tag= LinJ.09.0750) LmjF.09.0700 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090013300 (old tag= LinJ.09.0760) LmjF.09.0710 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090013400 (old tag= LinJ.09.0770) LmjF.09.0720 cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor 30 kDa subunit - putative
LINF_090013500 (old tag= LinJ.09.0780) LmjF.09.0730 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090013600 (old tag= LinJ.09.0790) LmjF.09.0740 ubiquitin ligase - putative
LINF_090013700 (old tag= LinJ.09.0800) LmjF.09.0750 acyl-CoA binding protein - putative
LINF_090013800 (old tag= LinJ.09.0810) LmjF.09.0760 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090013900 (old tag= LinJ.09.0820) LmjF.09.0770 oligopeptidase b
LINF_090014000 (old tag= LinJ.09.0830) LmjF.09.0780 Domain of unknown function (DUF4464) - putative
LINF_090014100 (old tag= LinJ.09.0840) LmjF.09.0790 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090014200 (old tag= LinJ.09.0850) LmjF.09.0800 kinetoplast-associated protein-like protein
LINF_090014300 (old tag= LinJ.09.0860) LmjF.09.0810 Prefoldin subunit - putative
LINF_090014400 (old tag= LinJ.09.0870) LmjF.09.0820 ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA) - putative
LINF_090014500 (old tag= LinJ.09.0880) LmjF.09.0830 DEAD/DEAH box helicase-like protein
LINF_090014600 (old tag= LinJ.09.0890) LmjF.09.0840 Uncharacterised protein family (UPF0160) - putative
LINF_090014700 (old tag= LinJ.09.0900) LmjF.09.0850 ras family protein-like protein
LINF_090014800 (old tag= LinJ.09.0910) LmjF.09.0860 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090014900 (old tag= LinJ.09.0920) LmjF.09.0870 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090015000 (old tag= LinJ.09.0930) LmjF.09.0880 histone h1-like protein
LINF_090015100 (old tag= LinJ.09.0940) LmjF.09.0890 phospholipid transporting ATPase-like protein - putative
LINF_090015200 (old tag= LinJ.09.0950) - Ubiquitin-2 like Rad60 SUMO-like/Ubiquitin family/Ubiquitin-like domain/Ribosomal L40e family - putative
LINF_090015300 (old tag= LinJ.09.0960) LmjF.09.0900 ef-hand protein 5 - putative
LINF_090015400 (old tag= LinJ.09.0970) LmjF.09.0910 calmodulin - putative
LINF_090015500 (old tag= LinJ.09.0975) LmjF.09.0920 calmodulin - putative
LINF_090015600 (old tag= LinJ.09.0980) LmjF.09.0930 calmodulin - putative
LINF_090015700 (old tag= LinJ.09.0990) LmjF.09.0940 translation-associated element 2 - putative
LINF_090015800 (old tag= LinJ.09.1000) LmjF.09.0950 SLA/LP autoantigen-like protein
LINF_090015900 (old tag= LinJ.09.1010) LmjF.09.0960 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090016000 (old tag= LinJ.09.1020) LmjF.09.0970 elongation factor-1 gamma
LINF_090016050 (old tag= LinJ.09.1030) - elongation factor-1 gamma
LINF_090016100 (old tag= LinJ.09.1040) LmjF.09.0980 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090016200 (old tag= LinJ.09.1050) LmjF.09.0990 N-terminal region of Chorein- a TM vesicle-mediated sorter - putative
LINF_090016300 (old tag= LinJ.09.1060) LmjF.09.1000 PUB domain containing protein - putative
LINF_090016400 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon cac
LINF_090016500 (old tag= 5S_rRNA) 5S_rRNA rRNA
LINF_090016600 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon gtg
LINF_090016700 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon gaa
LINF_090016800 (old tag= LinJ.09.1065) - hypothetical protein
LINF_090016900 (old tag= LinJ.09.1070) LmjF.09.1010 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090017000 (old tag= LinJ.09.1075) - hypothetical protein
LINF_090017100 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon ttc
LINF_090017200 (old tag= 5S_rRNA) 5S_rRNA rRNA
LINF_090017300 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon cac
LINF_090017400 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon ccg
LINF_090017500 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon gtg
LINF_090017600 (old tag= LinJ.09.1080) LmjF.09.1020 LEM3 (ligand-effect modulator 3) family / CDC50 family - putative
LINF_090017700 (old tag= LinJ.09.1090) LmjF.09.1030 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090017800 (old tag= LinJ.09.1100) LmjF.09.1040 phospholipid:diacylglycerol acyltransferase - putative
LINF_090017900 (old tag= LinJ.09.1110) LmjF.09.1050 MSP (Major sperm protein) domain containing protein - putative
LINF_090018000 (old tag= LinJ.09.1120) LmjF.09.1060 DNA-directed RNA polymerase III subunit - putative
LINF_090018100 (old tag= LinJ.09.1130) LmjF.09.1070 translation initiation factor EIF-2B gamma subunit - putative
LINF_090018200 (old tag= LinJ.09.1140) LmjF.09.1090 translation initiation factor EIF-2B gamma subunit - putative
LINF_090018300 (old tag= LinJ.09.1160) LmjF.09.1100 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090018400 (old tag= LinJ.09.1170) LmjF.09.1110 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090018500 (old tag= LinJ.09.1180) LmjF.09.1120 mitochondrial RNA binding protein 2
LINF_090018600 (old tag= LinJ.09.1190) LmjF.09.1130 mitochondrial import inner membrane translocase subunit TIM17 - putative
LINF_090018700 (old tag= LinJ.09.1200) LmjF.09.1140 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090018800 (old tag= LinJ.09.1210) LmjF.09.1150 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090018900 (old tag= LinJ.09.1220) LmjF.09.1160 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090019000 (old tag= LinJ.09.1230) LmjF.09.1170 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090019100 (old tag= LinJ.09.1240) LmjF.09.1180 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090019200 (old tag= LinJ.09.1250) LmjF.09.1190 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090019300 (old tag= LinJ.09.1260) LmjF.09.1200 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090019400 (old tag= LinJ.09.1270) LmjF.09.1210 Zinc finger- C3HC4 type (RING finger) containing protein - putative
LINF_090019500 (old tag= LinJ.09.1280) LmjF.09.1220 AAA family ATPase - putative
LINF_090019600 (old tag= LinJ.09.1290) LmjF.09.1230 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090019700 (old tag= LinJ.09.1300) LmjF.09.1240 ATP-dependent helicase - putative
LINF_090019800 (old tag= LinJ.09.1305) LmjF.09.1240 ATP-dependent helicase - putative
LINF_090019900 (old tag= LinJ.09.1310) LmjF.09.1250 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090020000 (old tag= LinJ.09.1320) LmjF.09.1260 Bromodomain - putative
LINF_090020100 (old tag= LinJ.09.1330) LmjF.09.1270 mitochondrial carrier protein - putative
LINF_090020200 (old tag= LinJ.09.1340) LmjF.09.1280 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090020300 (old tag= LinJ.09.1350) LmjF.09.1290 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090020400 (old tag= LinJ.09.1360) LmjF.09.1300 PPPDE putative peptidase domain containing protein - putative
LINF_090020500 (old tag= LinJ.09.1370) LmjF.09.1310 PPPDE putative peptidase domain containing protein - putative
LINF_090020600 (old tag= LinJ.09.1371) LmjF.09.1315 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090020700 (old tag= LinJ.09.1390) LmjF.09.1320 paraflagellar rod component - putative
LINF_090020800 (old tag= LinJ.09.1400) LmjF.09.1330 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090020900 (old tag= LinJ.09.1410) LmjF.09.1340 histone H2B
LINF_090021000 (old tag= LinJ.09.1420) LmjF.09.1350 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090021100 (old tag= LinJ.09.1430) LmjF.09.1360 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090021200 (old tag= LinJ.09.1440) LmjF.09.1370 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090021300 (old tag= LinJ.09.1450) LmjF.09.1380 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090021400 (old tag= LinJ.09.1460) LmjF.09.1390 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090021500 (old tag= LinJ.09.1470) LmjF.09.1400 Glycosyl hydrolase family 47 - putative
LINF_090021600 (old tag= LinJ.09.1480) LmjF.09.1410 SET domain containing protein - putative
LINF_090021700 (old tag= LinJ.09.1490) LmjF.09.1420 Bacterial trigger factor protein (TF) C-terminus - putative
LINF_090021800 (old tag= LinJ.09.1500) LmjF.09.1430 ubiquinone biosynthesis protein-like protein - putative
LINF_090021900 (old tag= LinJ.09.1510) - ABC transporter - putative
LINF_090022000 (old tag= LinJ.09.1520) LmjF.09.1440 DnaJ domain containing protein - putative
LINF_090022100 (old tag= LinJ.09.1530) LmjF.09.1450 Rhodanese-like domain containing protein - putative
LINF_090022200 (old tag= LinJ.09.1540) LmjF.09.1460 Rhodanese-like domain containing protein - putative
LINF_090022300 (old tag= LinJ.09.1550) LmjF.09.1470 Rhodanese-like domain containing protein - putative
LINF_090022400 (old tag= LinJ.09.1560) LmjF.09.1480 DNA J-binding protein - putative
LINF_090022500 (old tag= LinJ.09.1570) LmjF.09.1490 cytochrome b5-like protein - putative
LINF_090022600 (old tag= LinJ.09.1580) LmjF.09.1500:pseudogenic_transcript Cytochrome b5-like Heme/Steroid binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_090022700 (old tag= LinJ.09.1590) LmjF.09.1505 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090022800 (old tag= LinJ.09.1600) LmjF.09.1510 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090022900 (old tag= LinJ.09.1610) LmjF.09.1520 Leucine Rich repeat - putative
LINF_090023000 (old tag= LinJ.09.1620) LmjF.09.1530 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090023100 (old tag= LinJ.09.1630) LmjF.09.1540 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_090023200 (old tag= LinJ.09.1640) LmjF.09.1550 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100005000 (old tag= LinJ.10.1460) LmjF.10.0010 delta-12 fatty acid desaturase
LINF_100005100 (old tag= LinJ.10.1450) LmjF.10.0020 pteridine transporter (truncated) - putative
LINF_100005200 (old tag= LinJ.10.0010) LmjF.10.0030 phosphate-Repressible Phosphate Permease-like protein
LINF_100005300 (old tag= LinJ.10.0020) LmjF.10.0040 Gryzun - putative trafficking through Golgi - putative
LINF_100005400 (old tag= LinJ.10.0030) LmjF.10.0050 Dos2-interacting transcription regulator of RNA-Pol-II - putative
LINF_100005500 (old tag= LinJ.10.0040) LmjF.10.0060 thymidylate kinase-like protein
LINF_100005600 (old tag= LinJ.10.0050) LmjF.10.0070 ribosomal protein l35a - putative
LINF_100005700 (old tag= LinJ.10.0060) LmjF.10.0080 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100005800 (old tag= LinJ.10.0070) LmjF.10.0090 dehydrogenase-like protein
LINF_100005900 (old tag= LinJ.10.0080) LmjF.10.0100 SRP40 - C-terminal domain containing protein - putative
LINF_100006000 (old tag= LinJ.10.0090) LmjF.10.0110 WD-repeat containing protein
LINF_100006100 (old tag= LinJ.10.0100) LmjF.10.0120 PSP1 C-terminal conserved region containing protein - putative
LINF_100006200 (old tag= LinJ.10.0110) LmjF.10.0130 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100006300 (old tag= LinJ.10.0120) LmjF.10.0140 DEAD/DEAH box helicase - putative
LINF_100006400 (old tag= LinJ.10.0130) LmjF.10.0150 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100006500 (old tag= LinJ.10.0140) LmjF.10.0160 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100006600 (old tag= LinJ.10.0150) LmjF.10.0170 guanosine diphosphatase - putative
LINF_100006700 (old tag= LinJ.10.0160) LmjF.10.0180 leucine-rich repeat protein - putative
LINF_100006800 (old tag= LinJ.10.0170) LmjF.10.0185 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100006900 (old tag= LinJ.10.0180) LmjF.10.0190 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100007000 (old tag= LinJ.10.0190) LmjF.10.0195 MORN repeat - putative
LINF_100007100 (old tag= LinJ.10.0200) LmjF.10.0200 Mitogen-activated protein kinase 10 - putative
LINF_100007200 (old tag= LinJ.10.0205) - hypothetical protein
LINF_100007300 (old tag= LinJ.10.0210) LmjF.10.0210 Nucleolar protein 56 - putative
LINF_100007400 (old tag= LinJ.10.0220) LmjF.10.0218 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100007500 (old tag= LinJ.10.0230) LmjF.10.0219 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100007600 (old tag= LinJ.10.0240) LmjF.10.0220 Amastin surface glycoprotein - putative
LINF_100007700 (old tag= LinJ.10.0250) LmjF.10.0230 Amastin surface glycoprotein - putative
LINF_100007800 (old tag= LinJ.10.0260) LmjF.10.0240 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100007900 (old tag= LinJ.10.0270) LmjF.10.0250 Pterin 4 alpha carbinolamine dehydratase - putative
LINF_100008000 (old tag= LinJ.10.0280) LmjF.10.0260 COPI associated protein - putative
LINF_100008100 (old tag= LinJ.10.0290) LmjF.10.0270 Exonuclease - putative
LINF_100008200 (old tag= LinJ.10.0300) LmjF.10.0280 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100008300 (old tag= LinJ.10.0310) LmjF.10.0290 isocitrate dehydrogenase [NADP] - mitochondrial precursor - putative
LINF_100008400 (old tag= LinJ.10.0320) LmjF.10.0300 kinetoplastid kinetochore protein 4 - putative
LINF_100008500 (old tag= LinJ.10.0330) LmjF.10.0310 protein transport protein SEC23 - putative
LINF_100008600 (old tag= LinJ.10.0340) LmjF.10.0320 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100008700 (old tag= LinJ.10.0350) LmjF.10.0330 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100008800 (old tag= LinJ.10.0360) LmjF.10.0350:pseudogenic_transcript pteridine transporter (truncated) - putative
LINF_100008900 (old tag= LinJ.10.0370) LmjF.10.0360 pteridine transporter (truncated) - putative
LINF_100009000 (old tag= LinJ.10.0380) LmjF.10.0370 pteridine transporter (truncated) - putative
LINF_100009100 (old tag= LinJ.10.0390) LmjF.10.0380 pteridine transporter (truncated) - putative
LINF_100009200 (old tag= LinJ.10.0395) - hypothetical protein
LINF_100009300 (old tag= LinJ.10.0400) LmjF.10.0385 pteridine transporter (truncated) - putative
LINF_100009400 (old tag= LinJ.10.0410) LmjF.10.0390 pteridine transporter (truncated) - putative
LINF_100009500 (old tag= LinJ.10.0420) LmjF.10.0400 pteridine transporter (truncated) - putative
LINF_100009600 (old tag= LinJ.10.0430) LmjF.10.0420 dihydroxyacetone kinase 1-like protein
LINF_100009700 (old tag= LinJ.10.0440) LmjF.10.0425:pseudogenic_transcript hypothetical protein
LINF_100009800 (old tag= LinJ.10.0450) LmjF.10.0430 Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger) containing protein - putative
LINF_100009900 (old tag= LinJ.10.0460) LmjF.10.0440 Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger) containing protein - putative
LINF_100010000 (old tag= LinJ.10.0480) LmjF.10.0450 4F5 protein family/Zinc-binding - putative
LINF_100010100 (old tag= LinJ.10.0490) LmjF.10.0460 GP63 - leishmanolysin
LINF_100010150 (old tag= LinJ.10.0495) - hypothetical protein
LINF_100010200 (old tag= LinJ.10.0500) LmjF.10.0465 GP63 - leishmanolysin
LINF_100010300 (old tag= LinJ.10.0501) LmjF.10.0470 GP63 - leishmanolysin
LINF_100010400 (old tag= LinJ.10.0502) LmjF.10.0480 GP63 - leishmanolysin
LINF_100010500 (old tag= LinJ.10.0503) - hypothetical protein
LINF_100010600 (old tag= LinJ.10.0504) LmjF.10.0460 GP63 - leishmanolysin
LINF_100010700 (old tag= LinJ.10.0505) LmjF.10.0460 GP63 - leishmanolysin
LINF_100010800 (old tag= LinJ.10.0506) LmjF.10.0460 GP63 - leishmanolysin
LINF_100010900 (old tag= LinJ.10.0507) LmjF.10.0460 GP63 - leishmanolysin
LINF_100011000 (old tag= LinJ.10.0508) LmjF.10.0460 GP63 - leishmanolysin
LINF_100011100 (old tag= LinJ.10.0510) LmjF.10.0460 GP63 - leishmanolysin
LINF_100011200 (old tag= LinJ.10.0520) LmjF.10.0460 GP63 - leishmanolysin
LINF_100011300 (old tag= LinJ.10.0530) LmjF.10.0460 GP63 - leishmanolysin
LINF_100011350 (old tag= LinJ.10.0532) - hypothetical protein
LINF_100011400 (old tag= LinJ.10.0523) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100011500 (old tag= LinJ.10.0526) - hypothetical protein
LINF_100011600 (old tag= LinJ.10.0540) LmjF.10.0490 mitogen-activated protein kinase 3 - putative
LINF_100011700 (old tag= LinJ.10.0550) LmjF.10.0500 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100011800 (old tag= LinJ.10.0560) LmjF.10.0510 glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase [NAD+] - glycosomal
LINF_100011900 (old tag= LinJ.10.0565) - hypothetical protein
LINF_100012000 (old tag= LinJ.10.0570) LmjF.10.0520 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100012100 (old tag= LinJ.10.0580) LmjF.10.0530 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100012200 (old tag= LinJ.10.0590) LmjF.10.0540 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100012300 (old tag= LinJ.10.0600) LmjF.10.0550 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100012400 (old tag= LinJ.10.0610) LmjF.10.0560 zinc binding dehydrogenase-like protein
LINF_100012500 (old tag= LinJ.10.0620) LmjF.10.0570 zinc-binding dehydrogenase-like protein
LINF_100012600 (old tag= LinJ.10.0630) LmjF.10.0580 Chromatin assembly factor 1 subunit A - putative
LINF_100012700 (old tag= LinJ.10.0640) LmjF.10.0590 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100012800 (old tag= LinJ.10.0650) LmjF.10.0600 ABC1 family - putative
LINF_100012900 (old tag= LinJ.10.0660) LmjF.10.0610 endonuclease G - putative
LINF_100013000 (old tag= LinJ.10.0670) LmjF.10.0620 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100013100 (old tag= LinJ.10.0680) LmjF.10.0630 flagellar glycoprotein-like protein
LINF_100013200 (old tag= LinJ.10.0690) LmjF.10.0640 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100013300 (old tag= LinJ.10.0700) LmjF.10.0650 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100013400 (old tag= LinJ.10.0710) LmjF.10.0660 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100013500 (old tag= LinJ.10.0720) LmjF.10.0670 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100013600 (old tag= LinJ.10.0730) LmjF.10.0680 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100013700 (old tag= LinJ.10.0740) LmjF.10.0690 HEAT repeat - putative
LINF_100013800 (old tag= LinJ.10.0750) LmjF.10.0700 RNA recognition motif (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain)/RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain) - putative
LINF_100013850 (old tag= LinJ.10.0760) LmjF.10.0710,LmjF.10.0715,LmjF.10.0720 amino acid permease 24 - putative
LINF_100013900 (old tag= LinJ.10.0770) LmjF.10.0710,LmjF.10.0715,LmjF.10.0720 amino acid permease 24 - putative
LINF_100014000 (old tag= LinJ.10.0780) LmjF.10.0730 deaminase - putative
LINF_100014100 (old tag= LinJ.10.0790) LmjF.10.0740 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100014200 (old tag= LinJ.10.0800) LmjF.10.0750 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100014300 (old tag= LinJ.10.0810) LmjF.10.0760 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100014400 (old tag= LinJ.10.0820) LmjF.10.0770 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100014500 (old tag= LinJ.10.0830) LmjF.10.0780 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_100014600 (old tag= LinJ.10.0840) LmjF.10.0790 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100014700 (old tag= LinJ.10.0850) LmjF.10.0800 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100014800 (old tag= LinJ.10.0860) LmjF.10.0810 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100014900 (old tag= LinJ.10.0870) LmjF.10.0820 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100015000 (old tag= LinJ.10.0880) LmjF.10.0830 serine/threonine-protein kinase - putative
LINF_100015100 (old tag= LinJ.10.0890) LmjF.10.0840 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100015200 (old tag= LinJ.10.0900) LmjF.10.0850 nuclear transport factor 2 - putative
LINF_100015300 (old tag= LinJ.10.0910) LmjF.10.0860 Ribosome biogenesis protein Nop16 - putative
LINF_100015400 (old tag= LinJ.10.0920) LmjF.10.0870 histone H3 - putative
LINF_100015500 (old tag= LinJ.10.0930) LmjF.10.0880 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100015600 (old tag= LinJ.10.0940) LmjF.10.0890 FKBP-type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase - putative
LINF_100015700 (old tag= LinJ.10.0950) LmjF.10.0900 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100015800 (old tag= LinJ.10.0960) LmjF.10.0910 small GTP-binding protein Rab11 - putative
LINF_100015900 (old tag= LinJ.10.0980) LmjF.10.0920 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100016000 (old tag= LinJ.10.0990) LmjF.10.0930:pseudogenic_transcript hypothetical protein, conserved
LINF_100016100 (old tag= LinJ.10.1000) LmjF.10.0935:pseudogenic_transcript hypothetical protein
LINF_100016200 (old tag= LinJ.10.1001) LmjF.10.0935:pseudogenic_transcript hypothetical protein
LINF_100016300 (old tag= LinJ.10.1002) LmjF.10.0935:pseudogenic_transcript hypothetical protein
LINF_100016400 (old tag= LinJ.10.1010) LmjF.10.0940 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100016500 (old tag= LinJ.10.1020) LmjF.10.0945 Archaic translocase of outer membrane 12 kDa subunit - putative
LINF_100016600 (old tag= LinJ.10.1030) LmjF.10.0950 Translation initiation factor eIF-2B subunit beta - putative
LINF_100016700 (old tag= LinJ.10.1040) LmjF.10.0960 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100016800 (old tag= LinJ.10.1050) LmjF.10.0970 histone H3 - putative
LINF_100016900 (old tag= LinJ.10.1060) LmjF.10.0980 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100017000 (old tag= LinJ.10.1070) LmjF.10.0990 histone H3 - putative
LINF_100017100 (old tag= LinJ.10.1080) LmjF.10.1000 ARP2/3 complex subunit - putative
LINF_100017200 (old tag= LinJ.10.1090) LmjF.10.1010 nucleoside phosphorylase-like protein
LINF_100017300 (old tag= LinJ.10.1100) LmjF.10.1020 carrier protein - putative
LINF_100017400 (old tag= LinJ.10.1110) LmjF.10.1030 RNA-binding protein-like protein
LINF_100017500 (old tag= LinJ.10.1120) LmjF.10.1040 Domain of Unknown Function (DUF1042) - putative
LINF_100017600 (old tag= LinJ.10.1130) LmjF.10.1050 DnaJ domain containing protein - putative
LINF_100017700 (old tag= LinJ.10.1140) LmjF.10.1060 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100017800 (old tag= LinJ.10.1150) LmjF.10.1070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100017900 (old tag= LinJ.10.1160) LmjF.10.1080 Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4 gamma type 5 - putative
LINF_100018000 (old tag= LinJ.10.1170) LmjF.10.1081.1_pseudogen hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100018100 (old tag= LinJ.10.1180) LmjF.10.1090 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100018200 (old tag= LinJ.10.1190) LmjF.10.1100 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100018300 (old tag= LinJ.10.1195) - hypothetical protein
LINF_100018400 (old tag= LinJ.10.1200) LmjF.10.1110 PAB1-binding protein - putative
LINF_100018500 (old tag= LinJ.10.1210) LmjF.10.1120 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100018600 (old tag= LinJ.10.1220) LmjF.10.1130 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100018700 (old tag= LinJ.10.1230) LmjF.10.1140 Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger) containing protein - putative
LINF_100018800 (old tag= LinJ.10.1240) LmjF.10.1150 Tumour suppressor - Mitostatin - putative
LINF_100018900 (old tag= LinJ.10.1250) LmjF.10.1160 Ras-related protein RabX1 - putative
LINF_100019000 (old tag= LinJ.10.1260) LmjF.10.1170 small GTP-binding protein Rab7 - putative
LINF_100019100 (old tag= LinJ.10.1270) LmjF.10.1180 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100019200 (old tag= LinJ.10.1280) LmjF.10.1190 flagellar protofilament ribbon protein-like protein
LINF_100019300 (old tag= LinJ.10.1290) LmjF.10.1195 Zn-finger in Ran binding protein and others - putative
LINF_100019400 (old tag= LinJ.10.1300) LmjF.10.1200 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100019500 (old tag= LinJ.10.1310) LmjF.10.1210 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100019600 (old tag= LinJ.10.1330) LmjF.10.1220 Spinocerebellar ataxia type 10 protein domain containing protein - putative
LINF_100019700 (old tag= LinJ.10.1340) LmjF.10.1225 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100019800 (old tag= LinJ.10.1350) LmjF.10.1227 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_100019900 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon ctt
LINF_100020000 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon gcc
LINF_100020100 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon gtt
LINF_100020200 (old tag= LinJ.10.1360) LmjF.10.1228 Methyltransferase domain containing protein - putative
LINF_100020300 (old tag= LinJ.10.1370) LmjF.10.1230 Protein of unknown function (DUF1861) - putative
LINF_100020400 (old tag= LinJ.10.1380) LmjF.10.1240 Protein of unknown function (DUF1861) - putative
LINF_100020500 (old tag= LinJ.10.1390) LmjF.10.1250 Protein of unknown function (DUF1861) - putative
LINF_100020600 (old tag= LinJ.10.1400) LmjF.10.1260 Protein of unknown function (DUF1861) - putative
LINF_100020700 (old tag= LinJ.10.1410) LmjF.10.1270 Protein of unknown function (DUF1861) - putative
LINF_100020800 (old tag= LinJ.10.1420) LmjF.10.1280 Protein of unknown function (DUF1861) - putative
LINF_100020900 (old tag= LinJ.10.1430) LmjF.10.1290 Protein of unknown function (DUF1861) - putative
LINF_100021000 (old tag= LinJ.10.1440) LmjF.10.1300 phosphate-Repressible Phosphate Permease-like protein
LINF_100021100 (old tag= LinJ.10.1450) LmjF.10.1310 pteridine transporter (truncated) - putative
LINF_100021200 (old tag= LinJ.10.1460) LmjF.10.1320 delta-12 fatty acid desaturase
LINF_110005000 (old tag= LinJ.11.0010) LmjF.11.0010 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110005100 (old tag= LinJ.11.0020) LmjF.11.0020 Endoplasmic Reticulum-Golgi Intermediate Compartment (ERGIC)/Endoplasmic reticulum vesicle transporter - putative
LINF_110005200 (old tag= LinJ.11.0030) LmjF.11.0030 Bacterial transferase hexapeptide (six repeats) - putative
LINF_110005300 (old tag= LinJ.11.0040) LmjF.11.0040 ATP-binding cassette protein subfamily H - member 1 - putative
LINF_110005400 (old tag= LinJ.11.0050) LmjF.11.0050 SNF2/RAD54 related DNA helicase - putative
LINF_110005500 (old tag= LinJ.11.0060) LmjF.11.0060 protein kinase - putative
LINF_110005600 (old tag= LinJ.11.0070) LmjF.11.0070 GRIP domain containing protein - putative
LINF_110005700 (old tag= LinJ.11.0080) LmjF.11.0080 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain) - putative
LINF_110005800 (old tag= LinJ.11.0090) LmjF.11.0090 MORN repeat - putative
LINF_110005900 (old tag= LinJ.11.0100) LmjF.11.0100 seryl-tRNA synthetase - putative
LINF_110006000 (old tag= LinJ.11.0110) LmjF.11.0110 cdc2-related kinase 8 - putative
LINF_110006100 (old tag= LinJ.11.0120) LmjF.11.0120 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110006200 (old tag= LinJ.11.0130) LmjF.11.0130 NGG1 interacting factor 3-like protein
LINF_110006300 (old tag= LinJ.11.0140) LmjF.11.0140 cell cycle sequence binding phosphoprotein (RBP45) - putative
LINF_110006400 (old tag= LinJ.11.0150) LmjF.11.0150 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110006500 (old tag= LinJ.11.0160) LmjF.11.0160 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110006600 (old tag= LinJ.11.0170) LmjF.11.0170 Myotubularin-associated protein - putative
LINF_110006700 (old tag= LinJ.11.0180) LmjF.11.0180 cytoplasmic translation machinery associated protein - putative
LINF_110006800 (old tag= LinJ.11.0190) LmjF.11.0190 DEAD-boc ATP-dependent (RNA) helicase - putative
LINF_110006900 (old tag= LinJ.11.0200) LmjF.11.0200 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110007000 (old tag= LinJ.11.0210) LmjF.11.0210 acidocalcisomal pyrophosphatase
LINF_110007100 (old tag= LinJ.11.0220) LmjF.11.0220 pterin-4-alpha-carbinolamine dehydratase - putative
LINF_110007200 (old tag= LinJ.11.0230) LmjF.11.0230 Rad51/AAA domain/KaiC/ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA) - putative
LINF_110007300 (old tag= LinJ.11.0240) LmjF.11.0240 proteasome alpha 7 subunit - putative
LINF_110007400 (old tag= LinJ.11.0250) LmjF.11.0250 serine/threonine protein kinase - putative
LINF_110007500 (old tag= LinJ.11.0260) LmjF.11.0260 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110007600 (old tag= LinJ.11.0270) LmjF.11.0270 NADH-cytochrome b5 reductase-like protein
LINF_110007700 (old tag= LinJ.11.0275) - hypothetical protein
LINF_110007750 (old tag= LinJ.11.0280) LmjF.11.0280 pseudogene
LINF_110007800 (old tag= LinJ.11.0290) LmjF.11.0290 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110007900 (old tag= LinJ.11.0300) LmjF.11.0300 Sec20 - putative
LINF_110008000 (old tag= LinJ.11.0310) LmjF.11.0310 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110008100 (old tag= LinJ.11.0320) LmjF.11.0320 DNA repair and recombination helicase protein PIF2 - putative
LINF_110008200 (old tag= LinJ.11.0330) LmjF.11.0330 PIF1 helicase-like protein - putative
LINF_110008300 (old tag= LinJ.11.0340) LmjF.11.0340 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110008400 (old tag= LinJ.11.0350) LmjF.11.0350 14-3-3 protein 2 - putative
LINF_110008500 (old tag= LinJ.11.0360) LmjF.11.0360 Optic atrophy 3 protein (OPA3) - putative
LINF_110008600 (old tag= LinJ.11.0370) LmjF.11.0370 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110008700 (old tag= LinJ.11.0380) LmjF.11.0380 Domain of unknown function(DUF2779) - putative
LINF_110008800 (old tag= LinJ.11.0390) LmjF.11.0390 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110008900 (old tag= LinJ.11.0400) LmjF.11.0400 tubulin-tyrsoine ligase-like protein
LINF_110009000 (old tag= LinJ.11.0410) LmjF.11.0410 BOP1NT (NUC169) domain/WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_110009100 (old tag= LinJ.11.0420) LmjF.11.0420 chromatin binding protein - putative
LINF_110009200 (old tag= LinJ.11.0430) LmjF.11.0430 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110009300 (old tag= LinJ.11.0440) LmjF.11.0440 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110009400 (old tag= LinJ.11.0450) LmjF.11.0450 DNA ligase - putative
LINF_110009500 (old tag= LinJ.11.0460) LmjF.11.0460 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110009600 (old tag= LinJ.11.0470) LmjF.11.0470 pumillio protein 10 - putative
LINF_110009700 (old tag= LinJ.11.0480) LmjF.11.0475 hypothetical protein
LINF_110009800 (old tag= 5S_rRNA) 5S_rRNA rRNA
LINF_110009900 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon aag
LINF_110010000 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon cgc
LINF_110010100 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon ccc
LINF_110010200 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon cgc
LINF_110010300 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon aag
LINF_110010400 (old tag= 5S_rRNA) 5S_rRNA rRNA
LINF_110010500 (old tag= LinJ.11.0590) LmjF.11.0480 mRNA cap guanine-N7 methyltransferase - putative
LINF_110010600 (old tag= LinJ.11.0580) LmjF.11.0490 tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR) protein
LINF_110010700 (old tag= LinJ.11.0570) LmjF.11.0500 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110010800 (old tag= LinJ.11.0560) LmjF.11.0510 protein kinase - putative
LINF_110010900 (old tag= LinJ.11.0550) LmjF.11.0520 amino acid permease/transporter - putative
LINF_110011000 (old tag= LinJ.11.0540) LmjF.11.0530 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110011100 (old tag= LinJ.11.0530) LmjF.11.0540 Protein of unknown function (DUF563) - putative
LINF_110011200 (old tag= LinJ.11.0520) LmjF.11.0550 nucleobase transporter
LINF_110011300 (old tag= LinJ.11.0510) LmjF.11.0560 transcription modulator/accessory protein - putative
LINF_110011400 (old tag= LinJ.11.0500) - argonaute like protein (pseudogene)
LINF_110011500 (old tag= LinJ.11.0490) LmjF.11.0580 cytochrome b5 - putative
LINF_110011600 (old tag= LinJ.11.0600) LmjF.11.0590 3-methylcrotonoyl-CoA carboxylase beta subunit - putative
LINF_110011700 (old tag= LinJ.11.0610) LmjF.11.0600 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110011800 (old tag= LinJ.11.0620) LmjF.11.0610 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110011900 (old tag= LinJ.11.0630) LmjF.11.0620 aminopeptidase - putative
LINF_110012000 (old tag= LinJ.11.0640) LmjF.11.0630 aminopeptidase - putative
LINF_110012100 (old tag= LinJ.11.0650) LmjF.11.0640 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110012200 (old tag= LinJ.11.0660) LmjF.11.0650 Protein Associated with Differentiation - putative
LINF_110012300 (old tag= LinJ.11.0670) LmjF.11.0660 Protein Associated with Differentiation - putative
LINF_110012400 (old tag= LinJ.11.0680) LmjF.11.0673 Nodulin-like/Major Facilitator Superfamily - putative
LINF_110012500 (old tag= LinJ.11.0690) LmjF.11.0680 Nodulin-like/Major Facilitator Superfamily - putative
LINF_110012600 (old tag= LinJ.11.0700) LmjF.11.0690 Ankyrin repeats (3 copies)/Ankyrin repeat/Ankyrin repeats (many copies) - putative
LINF_110012700 (old tag= LinJ.11.0710) LmjF.11.0700 anion-transporting ATPase-like protein
LINF_110012800 (old tag= LinJ.11.0720) LmjF.11.0710 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110012900 (old tag= LinJ.11.0730) LmjF.11.0720 PUF nine target 1
LINF_110013000 (old tag= LinJ.11.0740) LmjF.11.0730 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110013100 (old tag= LinJ.11.0750) LmjF.11.0740 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110013200 (old tag= LinJ.11.0760) LmjF.11.0750 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110013300 (old tag= LinJ.11.0770) LmjF.11.0760 40S ribosomal protein S21 - putative
LINF_110013400 (old tag= LinJ.11.0780) LmjF.11.0780 40S ribosomal protein S21 - putative
LINF_110013500 (old tag= LinJ.11.0790) LmjF.11.0790 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110013600 (old tag= LinJ.11.0800) LmjF.11.0800 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110013700 (old tag= LinJ.11.0810) LmjF.11.0810 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110013800 (old tag= LinJ.11.0820) LmjF.11.0820 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110013900 (old tag= LinJ.11.0830) LmjF.11.0830 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110014000 (old tag= LinJ.11.0840) LmjF.11.0840 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110014100 (old tag= LinJ.11.0850) LmjF.11.0850 Alpha/beta hydrolase family - putative
LINF_110014200 (old tag= LinJ.11.0860) LmjF.11.0860 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110014300 (old tag= LinJ.11.0870) LmjF.11.0870 kinesin - putative
LINF_110014400 (old tag= LinJ.11.0880) LmjF.11.0880 START domain containing protein - putative
LINF_110014500 (old tag= LinJ.11.0885) - hypothetical protein
LINF_110014600 (old tag= LinJ.11.0890) LmjF.11.0890 Leucine Rich repeat - putative
LINF_110014700 (old tag= LinJ.11.0900) LmjF.11.0900 60S ribosomal protein L24 - putative
LINF_110014800 (old tag= LinJ.11.0910) LmjF.11.0910 ATPase - putative
LINF_110014900 (old tag= LinJ.11.0920) LmjF.11.0920 PUB domain containing protein - putative
LINF_110015000 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon cat
LINF_110015100 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon acg
LINF_110015200 (old tag= 5S_rRNA) 5S_rRNA rRNA
LINF_110015300 (old tag= LinJ.11.0930) LmjF.11.0930 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110015400 (old tag= LinJ.11.0940) LmjF.11.0940 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110015500 (old tag= LinJ.11.0950) LmjF.11.0950 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110015600 (old tag= LinJ.11.0960) LmjF.11.0960 40S ribosomal protein S5
LINF_110015700 (old tag= LinJ.11.0970) LmjF.11.0970 40S ribosomal protein S5
LINF_110015800 (old tag= LinJ.11.0980) LmjF.11.0980 HIT zinc finger containing protein - putative
LINF_110015900 (old tag= LinJ.11.0990) LmjF.11.0990 adaptin-related protein-like protein
LINF_110016000 (old tag= LinJ.11.1000) LmjF.11.1000 pyruvate phosphate dikinase - putative
LINF_110016100 (old tag= LinJ.11.1010) LmjF.11.1010 inositol-1 -4 -5-trisphosphate (IP3) 5-phosphatase - putative
LINF_110016200 (old tag= LinJ.11.1020) LmjF.11.1020 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110016300 (old tag= LinJ.11.1030) LmjF.11.1030 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110016400 (old tag= LinJ.11.1040) LmjF.11.1040 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110016500 (old tag= LinJ.11.1050) LmjF.11.1050 pretranslocation protein - alpha subunit - putative
LINF_110016600 (old tag= LinJ.11.1055) - hypothetical protein
LINF_110016700 (old tag= LinJ.11.1057) - hypothetical protein
LINF_110016750 (old tag= LinJ.11.1060) - hypothetical protein
LINF_110016800 (old tag= LinJ.11.1065) LmjF.11.1060:PSEUDOGENIC.TRANSCRIPT hypothetical protein
LINF_110016900 (old tag= LinJ.11.1070) LmjF.11.1070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110017000 (old tag= LinJ.11.1080) LmjF.11.1080 palmitoyl acyltransferase 7 - putative
LINF_110017100 (old tag= LinJ.11.1090) LmjF.11.1090 palmitoyl acyltransferase 7 - putative
LINF_110017200 (old tag= LinJ.11.1100) LmjF.11.1100 sterol 14-alpha-demethylase - putative
LINF_110017300 (old tag= LinJ.11.1110) LmjF.11.1110 60S ribosomal protein L28 - putative
LINF_110017400 (old tag= LinJ.11.1120) LmjF.11.1120 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110017500 (old tag= LinJ.11.1130) LmjF.11.1130 60S ribosomal protein L28 - putative
LINF_110017600 (old tag= LinJ.11.1140) LmjF.11.1160 protein transport protein SEC31 - putative
LINF_110017700 (old tag= LinJ.11.1160) LmjF.11.1170 eukaryotic release factor 3 - putative
LINF_110017800 (old tag= LinJ.11.1170) LmjF.11.1180 60Kd inner membrane protein - putative
LINF_110017900 (old tag= LinJ.11.1180) LmjF.11.1190 40S ribosomal protein S15A - putative
LINF_110018000 (old tag= LinJ.11.1190) LmjF.11.1200 Organic solute transporter Ostalpha - putative
LINF_110018100 (old tag= LinJ.11.1200) LmjF.11.1210 SKP1-like protein
LINF_110018150 (old tag= LinJ.11.1210) LmjF.11.1220 ATP-binding cassette protein subfamily A, member 2, putative
LINF_110018200 (old tag= LinJ.11.1220) LmjF.11.1220 ATP-binding cassette subfamily A - member 1 - putative
LINF_110018300 (old tag= LinJ.11.1230) LmjF.11.1240 ATP-binding cassette subfamily A - member 1 - putative
LINF_110018350 (old tag= LinJ.11.1240) LmjF.11.1250 ATP-binding cassette protein subfamily A, member 4, putative
LINF_110018400 (old tag= LinJ.11.1250) LmjF.11.1260:pseudogenic_transcript ABC transporter-like protein
LINF_110018500 (old tag= LinJ.11.1260) LmjF.11.1270 ATP-binding cassette subfamily A - member 1 - putative
LINF_110018600 (old tag= LinJ.11.1270) LmjF.11.1280 tatD related deoxyribonuclease - putative
LINF_110018700 (old tag= LinJ.11.1280) LmjF.11.1290 ATP-binding cassette subfamily A - member 1 - putative
LINF_110018800 (old tag= LinJ.11.1290) LmjF.11.1300 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110018900 (old tag= LinJ.11.1300) LmjF.11.1310 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110019000 (old tag= LinJ.11.1310) LmjF.11.1320 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110019100 (old tag= LinJ.11.1320) LmjF.11.1330 Flagellar-associated PapD-like - putative
LINF_110019200 (old tag= LinJ.11.1330) LmjF.11.1340 Nodulin-like - putative
LINF_110019300 (old tag= LinJ.11.1340) LmjF.11.1350 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_110019400 (old tag= LinJ.11.1350) LmjF.11.1360 Ribosomal protein L4/L1 family - putative
LINF_110019500 (old tag= LinJ.11.1360) LmjF.11.1370 tRNA pseudouridine synthase D (TruD) - putative Pfam:PF01142
LINF_110019600 (old tag= LinJ.11.1365) - hypothetical protein
LINF_110019700 (old tag= LinJ.11.1370) LmjF.11.1380 SH3 domain/Variant SH3 domain containing protein - putative
LINF_120005000 (old tag= LinJ.12.0001) LmjF.12.0010 translation initiation factor EIF-2b alpha subunit - putative
LINF_120005100 (old tag= LinJ.12.0002) LmjF.12.0020 PITH domain-containing protein
LINF_120005200 (old tag= LinJ.12.0003) LmjF.12.0030 proteasome beta-1 subunit - putative
LINF_120005300 (old tag= LinJ.12.0004) LmjF.12.0040 Mitochondrial SSU ribosomal protein 29 - putative
LINF_120005400 (old tag= LinJ.12.0005) LmjF.12.0045 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120005500 (old tag= LinJ.12.0006) LmjF.12.0050 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120005600 (old tag= LinJ.12.0007) LmjF.12.0060 ribonuclease mar1
LINF_120005700 (old tag= LinJ.12.0008) LmjF.12.0070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120005800 (old tag= LinJ.12.0009) LmjF.12.0075 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120005900 (old tag= LinJ.12.0011) LmjF.12.0080 kinetoplastid kinetochore protein 6 - putative
LINF_120006000 (old tag= LinJ.12.0012) LmjF.12.0090 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120006100 (old tag= LinJ.12.0013) LmjF.12.0100 Plus-3 domain/Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger) containing protein - putative
LINF_120006200 (old tag= LinJ.12.0014) LmjF.12.0110 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120006300 (old tag= LinJ.12.0015) LmjF.12.0120 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120006400 (old tag= LinJ.12.0016) LmjF.12.0130 Cell division protein kinase - putative
LINF_120006500 (old tag= LinJ.12.0017) LmjF.12.0140 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120006600 (old tag= LinJ.12.0018) LmjF.12.0150 leucine-rich repeat protein - putative
LINF_120006700 (old tag= LinJ.12.0140) LmjF.12.0160 dolichyl-P-Man:GDP-Man5GlcNAc2-PP-dolichyl alpha-1 -2-mannosyltransferase - putative
LINF_120006800 (old tag= LinJ.12.0150) LmjF.12.0170 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120006900 (old tag= LinJ.12.0160) LmjF.12.0180 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120007000 (old tag= LinJ.12.0170) LmjF.12.0190 ubiquitin hydrolase - putative
LINF_120007100 (old tag= LinJ.12.0180) LmjF.12.0200 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120007200 (old tag= LinJ.12.0190) LmjF.12.0210 proteasome regulatory ATPase subunittcc1l8.3 - putative
LINF_120007300 (old tag= LinJ.12.0200) LmjF.12.0220 glyoxalase II - putative
LINF_120007400 (old tag= LinJ.12.0210) LmjF.12.0230 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120007500 (old tag= LinJ.12.0220) LmjF.12.0240 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120007600 (old tag= LinJ.12.0230) LmjF.12.0250 cysteinyl-tRNA synthetase - putative
LINF_120007700 (old tag= LinJ.12.0231) LmjF.12.0260 Helicase conserved C-terminal domain/Helicase associated domain (HA2) - putative
LINF_120007800 (old tag= LinJ.12.0232) LmjF.12.0270 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120007900 (old tag= LinJ.12.0100) LmjF.12.0280 ornithine decarboxylase - putative
LINF_120008000 (old tag= LinJ.12.0240) LmjF.12.0290 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120008100 (old tag= LinJ.12.0250) LmjF.12.0300 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120008200 (old tag= LinJ.12.0260) LmjF.12.0310 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120008300 (old tag= LinJ.12.0270) LmjF.12.0320 Myotubularin-related protein - putative
LINF_120008400 (old tag= LinJ.12.0280) LmjF.12.0330 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120008500 (old tag= LinJ.12.0290) LmjF.12.0340 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120008600 (old tag= LinJ.12.0300) LmjF.12.0350 CCR4-NOT transcription complex subunit 2 - putative
LINF_120008700 (old tag= LinJ.12.0310) LmjF.12.0360 Glutathione S-transferase - N-terminal domain containing protein - putative
LINF_120008800 (old tag= LinJ.12.0320) LmjF.12.0370 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120008900 (old tag= LinJ.12.0330) LmjF.12.0380 pumillio protein 4 - putative
LINF_120009000 (old tag= LinJ.12.0340) LmjF.12.0390 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120009100 (old tag= LinJ.12.0350) LmjF.12.0400 3'-nucleotidase/nuclease - putative
LINF_120009200 (old tag= LinJ.12.0360) LmjF.12.0405 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120009300 (old tag= LinJ.12.0370) LmjF.12.0410 Eukaryotic protein of unknown function (DUF866) - putative
LINF_120009400 (old tag= LinJ.12.0380) LmjF.12.0420 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120009500 (old tag= LinJ.12.0390) LmjF.12.0430 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120009600 (old tag= LinJ.12.0400) LmjF.12.0440 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120009700 (old tag= LinJ.12.0410) LmjF.12.0450 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120009800 (old tag= LinJ.12.0420) LmjF.12.0460 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120009900 (old tag= LinJ.12.0430) LmjF.12.0470 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120010000 (old tag= LinJ.12.0440) LmjF.12.0480 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120010100 (old tag= LinJ.12.0450) LmjF.12.0490 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120010200 (old tag= LinJ.12.0460) LmjF.12.0500 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120010300 (old tag= LinJ.12.0465) - hypothetical protein
LINF_120010400 (old tag= LinJ.12.0470) LmjF.12.0510 WW domain containing protein - putative
LINF_120010500 (old tag= LinJ.12.0480) LmjF.12.0520 vacuolar ATP synthase subunit - putative
LINF_120010600 (old tag= LinJ.12.0490) LmjF.12.0530 glucose-6-phosphate isomerase
LINF_120010700 (old tag= LinJ.12.0500) LmjF.12.0540 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120010800 (old tag= LinJ.12.0510) LmjF.12.0550 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120010900 (old tag= LinJ.12.0520) LmjF.12.0560 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120011000 (old tag= LinJ.12.0530) LmjF.12.0570 Fusaric acid resistance protein-like - putative
LINF_120011100 (old tag= LinJ.12.0540) LmjF.12.0590 Fusaric acid resistance protein-like - putative
LINF_120011200 (old tag= LinJ.12.0550) LmjF.12.0600 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120011300 (old tag= LinJ.12.0560) LmjF.12.0610 Tetratricopeptide repeat/TPR repeat - putative
LINF_120011400 (old tag= LinJ.12.0570) LmjF.12.0620 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120011500 (old tag= LinJ.12.0580) LmjF.12.0630 alanine aminotransferase
LINF_120011600 (old tag= LinJ.12.0590) LmjF.12.0640 primase 2 - putative
LINF_120011700 (old tag= LinJ.12.0600) LmjF.12.0650 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120011800 (old tag= LinJ.12.0610) LmjF.12.0660 protein phosphatase with EF-Hand domains (PPEF)
LINF_120011900 (old tag= LinJ.12.0620) LmjF.12.0670 cytochrome oxidase subunit IV - putative
LINF_120012000 (old tag= LinJ.12.0630) LmjF.12.0680 Protein of unknown function (DUF1448) - putative
LINF_120012100 (old tag= LinJ.12.0640) LmjF.12.0690 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120012200 (old tag= LinJ.12.0650) LmjF.12.0700 Leucine Rich repeat - putative
LINF_120012300 (old tag= LinJ.12.0660) LmjF.12.0710 Protein of unknown function (DUF962) - putative
LINF_120012350 (old tag= LinJ.12.0680) - Protein of unknown function (DUF962), putative
LINF_120012400 (old tag= LinJ.12.0660.2) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120012500 (old tag= LinJ.12.0660.5) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120012600 (old tag= LinJ.12.0660.7) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120012700 (old tag= LinJ.12.0661) LmjF.12.0715 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120012800 (old tag= LinJ.12.0661.1) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120012900 (old tag= LinJ.12.0661.2) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120013000 (old tag= LinJ.12.0661.3) LmjF.12.0770 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120013100 (old tag= LinJ.12.0690) - promastigote surface antigen 38S
LINF_120013200 (old tag= LinJ.12.0661.4) - hypothetical protein
LINF_120013300 (old tag= LinJ.12.0661.5) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120013400 (old tag= LinJ.12.0661.6) LmjF.12.0800 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120013500 (old tag= LinJ.12.0671) LmjF.12.0730 surface antigen protein 2 - putative
LINF_120013600 (old tag= LinJ.12.0661.7) LmjF.12.0820 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120013700 (old tag= LinJ.12.0670) - surface antigen protein 2 - putative
LINF_120013800 (old tag= LinJ.12.0667) LmjF.12.0880 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120013900 (old tag= LinJ.12.0664) LmjF.12.0840 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120014000 (old tag= LinJ.12.0663) LmjF.12.0740 surface antigen protein 2 - putative
LINF_120014100 (old tag= LinJ.12.0667.1) LmjF.12.0885 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120014200 (old tag= LinJ.12.0667.3) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120014300 (old tag= LinJ.12.0661.8) LmjF.12.0867 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120014400 (old tag= LinJ.12.0666) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120014500 (old tag= LinJ.12.0667.4) LmjF.12.0905 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120014600 (old tag= LinJ.12.0667.5) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120014700 (old tag= LinJ.12.0665) - surface antigen protein 2 - putative
LINF_120014800 (old tag= LinJ.12.0667.6) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120014900 (old tag= LinJ.12.0669) LmjF.12.1050 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120015000 (old tag= LinJ.12.0668) - surface antigen protein 2 - putative
LINF_120015100 (old tag= LinJ.12.0700) LmjF.12.1100 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120015200 (old tag= LinJ.12.0710) LmjF.12.1110 DnaJ domain containing protein - putative
LINF_120015300 (old tag= LinJ.12.0720) LmjF.12.1120 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120015400 (old tag= LinJ.12.0725) LmjF.12.1125 N-acyl-L-amino acid amidohydrolase
LINF_120015500 (old tag= LinJ.12.0730) LmjF.12.1130 NADH:flavin oxidoreductase/NADH oxidase - putative
LINF_120015600 (old tag= LinJ.12.0740) LmjF.12.1140 n-ethylmaleimide reductase-like protein
LINF_120015700 (old tag= LinJ.12.0750) LmjF.12.1150 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120015800 (old tag= LinJ.12.0760) LmjF.12.1160 Putative integral membrane protein conserved region (DUF2404) - putative
LINF_120015900 (old tag= LinJ.12.0770) LmjF.12.1170 Putative integral membrane protein conserved region (DUF2404) - putative
LINF_120016000 (old tag= LinJ.12.0780) LmjF.12.1180 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120016100 (old tag= LinJ.12.0790) LmjF.12.1190 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120016200 (old tag= LinJ.12.0800) LmjF.12.1200 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120016300 (old tag= LinJ.12.0070) LmjF.12.1210 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120016400 (old tag= LinJ.12.0060) LmjF.12.1220 WD repeat and HMG-box DNA-binding protein - putative
LINF_120016500 (old tag= LinJ.12.0810) LmjF.12.1230 SNARE associated Golgi protein - putative
LINF_120016600 (old tag= LinJ.12.0820) LmjF.12.1240 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120016700 (old tag= LinJ.12.0830) LmjF.12.1250 puromycin-sensitive aminopeptidase-like protein
LINF_120016800 (old tag= LinJ.12.0840) LmjF.12.1260 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120016900 (old tag= LinJ.12.0850) LmjF.12.1270 arginine N-methyltransferase-like protein
LINF_120017000 (old tag= LinJ.12.0860) LmjF.12.1280 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120017100 (old tag= LinJ.12.0870) LmjF.12.1290 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_120017200 (old tag= LinJ.12.0880) LmjF.12.1300 MYND finger/SET domain containing protein - putative
LINF_120017300 (old tag= LinJ.12.0890) LmjF.12.1305 Ribonuclease H2 non-catalytic subunit (Ylr154p-like) - putative
LINF_120017400 (old tag= LinJ.12.0900) LmjF.12.1310 FAM91 N-terminus/FAM91 C-terminus - putative
LINF_120017500 (old tag= LinJ.12.0910) LmjF.12.1320 Vacuolar sorting protein 39 domain 1/Vacuolar sorting protein 39 domain 2 - putative
LINF_120017600 (old tag= LinJ.12.0920) LmjF.12.1330 serine peptidase - Clan SC - Family S9D
LINF_120017700 (old tag= LinJ.12.0930) LmjF.12.1340 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130005000 (old tag= LinJ.13.0010) LmjF.13.0010 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130005100 (old tag= LinJ.13.0020) LmjF.13.0020 cis-prenyltransferase-like protein
LINF_130005200 (old tag= LinJ.13.0030) LmjF.13.0030 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130005300 (old tag= LinJ.13.0040) LmjF.13.0040 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130005400 (old tag= LinJ.13.0050) LmjF.13.0050 ribonuclease HII - putative
LINF_130005500 (old tag= LinJ.13.0060) LmjF.13.0060 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130005600 (old tag= LinJ.13.0070) LmjF.13.0070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130005700 (old tag= LinJ.13.0080) LmjF.13.0080 mitochondrial DNA polymerase I protein B - putative
LINF_130005800 (old tag= LinJ.13.0090) LmjF.13.0090 carboxypeptidase - putative
LINF_130005900 (old tag= LinJ.13.0100) LmjF.13.0100 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130006000 (old tag= LinJ.13.0110) LmjF.13.0110 SURF1 family - putative
LINF_130006100 (old tag= LinJ.13.0120) LmjF.13.0120 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130006200 (old tag= LinJ.13.0130) LmjF.13.0130 Kinesin-13 2
LINF_130006300 (old tag= LinJ.13.0140) LmjF.13.0140 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130006400 (old tag= LinJ.13.0150) LmjF.13.0150 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130006500 (old tag= LinJ.13.0160) LmjF.13.0160 protein kinase A regulatory subunit
LINF_130006600 (old tag= LinJ.13.0170) LmjF.13.0170 MOZ/SAS family acetyltransferase - putative
LINF_130006700 (old tag= LinJ.13.0180) LmjF.13.0180 Tetratricopeptide repeat - putative
LINF_130006800 (old tag= LinJ.13.0190) LmjF.13.0190 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130006900 (old tag= LinJ.13.0200) LmjF.13.0200 Lipase (class 3) - putative
LINF_130007000 (old tag= LinJ.13.0210) LmjF.13.0210 Triglyceride lipase - putative
LINF_130007100 (old tag= LinJ.13.0220) LmjF.13.0220 ras-related protein RAB5B - putative
LINF_130007200 (old tag= LinJ.13.0230) LmjF.13.0230 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130007300 (old tag= LinJ.13.0240) LmjF.13.0240 Domain of unknown function (DUF4200) - putative
LINF_130007400 (old tag= LinJ.13.0250) LmjF.13.0250 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130007500 (old tag= LinJ.13.0260) LmjF.13.0260 N-acetyltransferase subunit ARD1 - putative
LINF_130007600 (old tag= LinJ.13.0340) LmjF.13.0270 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130007700 (old tag= LinJ.13.0338) LmjF.13.0280 alpha tubulin
LINF_130007800 (old tag= LinJ.13.0337) LmjF.13.0290 alpha tubulin
LINF_130007900 (old tag= LinJ.13.0336) LmjF.13.0300 alpha tubulin
LINF_130008000 (old tag= LinJ.13.0335) LmjF.13.0310 alpha tubulin
LINF_130008100 (old tag= LinJ.13.0334) LmjF.13.0320 alpha tubulin
LINF_130008200 (old tag= LinJ.13.0333) LmjF.13.0330 alpha tubulin
LINF_130008300 (old tag= LinJ.13.0332) LmjF.13.0340 alpha tubulin
LINF_130008400 (old tag= LinJ.13.0330) LmjF.13.0350 alpha tubulin
LINF_130008500 (old tag= LinJ.13.0328) LmjF.13.0360 alpha tubulin
LINF_130008600 (old tag= LinJ.13.0326) LmjF.13.0370 alpha tubulin
LINF_130008700 (old tag= LinJ.13.0324) LmjF.13.0380 alpha tubulin
LINF_130008800 (old tag= LinJ.13.0322) LmjF.13.0390 alpha tubulin
LINF_130008900 (old tag= LinJ.13.0320) LmjF.13.0400 Sister chromatid cohesion C-terminus - putative
LINF_130009000 (old tag= LinJ.13.0310) LmjF.13.0410 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130009100 (old tag= LinJ.13.0300) LmjF.13.0420 long-chain-fatty-acid-CoA ligase - putative
LINF_130009200 (old tag= LinJ.13.0290) LmjF.13.0430 flagellar radial spoke protein - putative
LINF_130009300 (old tag= LinJ.13.0280) LmjF.13.0440 mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 2
LINF_130009400 (old tag= LinJ.13.0270) LmjF.13.0450 Alba - putative
LINF_130009500 (old tag= LinJ.13.0350) LmjF.13.0460 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130009600 (old tag= LinJ.13.0360) LmjF.13.0470 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130009700 (old tag= LinJ.13.0370) LmjF.13.0480 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130009800 (old tag= LinJ.13.0380) LmjF.13.0490 Histidine phosphatase superfamily (branch 1) - putative
LINF_130009900 (old tag= LinJ.13.0390) LmjF.13.0500 ATP-dependent RNA helicase - putative
LINF_130010000 (old tag= LinJ.13.0400) LmjF.13.0510 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130010100 (old tag= LinJ.13.0410) LmjF.13.0520 Protein of unknown function (DUF1014) - putative
LINF_130010200 (old tag= LinJ.13.0420) LmjF.13.0530 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130010300 (old tag= LinJ.13.0430) LmjF.13.0540 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130010400 (old tag= LinJ.13.0440) LmjF.13.0550 Uncharacterized ACR - COG1678 - putative
LINF_130010500 (old tag= LinJ.13.0450) LmjF.13.0560 60S ribosomal protein L18 - putative
LINF_130010600 (old tag= LinJ.13.0460) LmjF.13.0570 40S ribosomal protein S12 - putative
LINF_130010700 (old tag= LinJ.13.0470) LmjF.13.0580 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130010800 (old tag= LinJ.13.0480) LmjF.13.0590 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130010900 (old tag= LinJ.13.0490) LmjF.13.0600 Protein of unknown function - DUF607 - putative
LINF_130011000 (old tag= LinJ.13.0500) LmjF.13.0610 actyltransferase-like protein
LINF_130011100 (old tag= LinJ.13.0510) LmjF.13.0620 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130011200 (old tag= LinJ.13.0520) LmjF.13.0630 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130011300 (old tag= LinJ.13.0530) LmjF.13.0640 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130011400 (old tag= LinJ.13.0540) LmjF.13.0650 palmitoyl acyltransferase 6 - putative
LINF_130011500 (old tag= LinJ.13.0550) LmjF.13.0660 U-box domain containing protein - putative
LINF_130011600 (old tag= LinJ.13.0560) LmjF.13.0670 mannose-specific lectin - putative
LINF_130011700 (old tag= LinJ.13.0570) LmjF.13.0680 Metallopeptidase family M24 - putative
LINF_130011800 (old tag= LinJ.13.0580) LmjF.13.0690 PSP1 C-terminal conserved region containing protein - putative
LINF_130011900 (old tag= LinJ.13.0590) LmjF.13.0700 kinesin - putative
LINF_130012000 (old tag= LinJ.13.0600) LmjF.13.0710 Putative GTPase activating protein for Arf - putative
LINF_130012100 (old tag= LinJ.13.0610) LmjF.13.0720 oxidoreductase-like protein
LINF_130012200 (old tag= LinJ.13.0620) LmjF.13.0730 ubiquitin-like protein
LINF_130012300 (old tag= LinJ.13.0630) LmjF.13.0740 Calcium-activated chloride channel - putative
LINF_130012400 (old tag= LinJ.13.0640) LmjF.13.0750 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130012500 (old tag= LinJ.13.0650) LmjF.13.0760 C2 domain containing protein - putative
LINF_130012600 (old tag= LinJ.13.0660) LmjF.13.0770 Dual specificity phosphatase - catalytic domain containing protein - putative
LINF_130012700 (old tag= LinJ.13.0670) LmjF.13.0780 protein kinase - putative
LINF_130012800 (old tag= LinJ.13.0680) LmjF.13.0790 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130012900 (old tag= LinJ.13.0690) LmjF.13.0800 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130013000 (old tag= LinJ.13.0700) LmjF.13.0810 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130013100 (old tag= LinJ.13.0710) LmjF.13.0820 Complex1_LYR-like - putative
LINF_130013200 (old tag= LinJ.13.0720) LmjF.13.0830 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130013300 (old tag= LinJ.13.0730) LmjF.13.0840 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130013400 (old tag= LinJ.13.0740) LmjF.13.0850 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130013500 (old tag= LinJ.13.0750) LmjF.13.0860 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130013600 (old tag= LinJ.13.0760) LmjF.13.0870 mitochondrial processing peptidase alpha subunit - putative
LINF_130013700 (old tag= LinJ.13.0770) LmjF.13.0880 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130013800 (old tag= LinJ.13.0780) LmjF.13.0890 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130013900 (old tag= LinJ.13.0790) LmjF.13.0900 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130014000 (old tag= LinJ.13.0800) LmjF.13.0910 Leucine Rich repeat - putative
LINF_130014100 (old tag= LinJ.13.0810) LmjF.13.0920 Axonemal dynein light chain - putative
LINF_130014200 (old tag= LinJ.13.0820) LmjF.13.0930 glycosyltransferase family-like protein
LINF_130014300 (old tag= LinJ.13.0830) LmjF.13.0940 N(2) - N(2)-dimethylguanosine tRNA methyltransferase - putative
LINF_130014400 (old tag= LinJ.13.0840) LmjF.13.0950 actin-like protein - putative
LINF_130014500 (old tag= LinJ.13.0850) LmjF.13.0960 katanin-like protein
LINF_130014600 (old tag= LinJ.13.0860) LmjF.13.0970 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130014700 (old tag= LinJ.13.0870) LmjF.13.0980 AMP deaminase - putative
LINF_130014800 (old tag= LinJ.13.0880) LmjF.13.0990 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130014900 (old tag= LinJ.13.0890) LmjF.13.1000 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130015000 (old tag= LinJ.13.0900) LmjF.13.1010 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130015100 (old tag= LinJ.13.0910) LmjF.13.1020 Cryptococcal mannosyltransferase 1 - putative
LINF_130015200 (old tag= LinJ.13.0920) LmjF.13.1030 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130015300 (old tag= LinJ.13.0940) LmjF.13.1040 subtilisin-like serine peptidase
LINF_130015400 (old tag= LinJ.13.0945) - hypothetical protein
LINF_130015500 (old tag= LinJ.13.0950) LmjF.13.1050 Dpy-30 motif containing protein - putative
LINF_130015600 (old tag= LinJ.13.0960) LmjF.13.1060 NADH-cytochrome b5 reductase - putative
LINF_130015700 (old tag= LinJ.13.0970) LmjF.13.1070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130015800 (old tag= LinJ.13.0980) LmjF.13.1080 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130015900 (old tag= LinJ.13.0990) LmjF.13.1090 proteasome regulatory ATPase subunit 2 - putative
LINF_130016000 (old tag= LinJ.13.1000) LmjF.13.1100 leucyl-tRNA synthetase - putative
LINF_130016100 (old tag= LinJ.13.1010) LmjF.13.1110 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130016200 (old tag= LinJ.13.1020) LmjF.13.1120 DNA-directed RNA polymerase I subunit - putative
LINF_130016300 (old tag= LinJ.13.1030) LmjF.13.1130 Uncharacterised ACR - YagE family COG1723 - putative
LINF_130016400 (old tag= LinJ.13.1040) LmjF.13.1140 Alpha/beta hydrolase family - putative
LINF_130016500 (old tag= LinJ.13.1050) LmjF.13.1150 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130016600 (old tag= LinJ.13.1060) LmjF.13.1160 calmodulin - putative
LINF_130016700 (old tag= LinJ.13.1070) LmjF.13.1170 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130016800 (old tag= LinJ.13.1080) LmjF.13.1180 Dynein light chain Tctex-type - putative
LINF_130016900 (old tag= LinJ.13.1090) LmjF.13.1190 adenylosuccinate synthetase - putative
LINF_130017000 (old tag= LinJ.13.1100) LmjF.13.1200 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130017100 (old tag= LinJ.13.1110) LmjF.13.1210 nucleobase transporter
LINF_130017200 (old tag= LinJ.13.1120) LmjF.13.1220 40S ribosomal protein S4 - putative
LINF_130017300 (old tag= LinJ.13.1130) LmjF.13.1230 40S ribosomal protein S4 - putative
LINF_130017400 (old tag= LinJ.13.1140) LmjF.13.1240 Thiamin pyrophosphokinase - vitamin B1 binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_130017500 (old tag= tRNA) - aa ?(Thr
LINF_130017600 (old tag= LinJ.13.1150) LmjF.13.1250 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130017700 (old tag= LinJ.13.1160) LmjF.13.1260 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130017800 (old tag= LinJ.13.1165) - hypothetical protein
LINF_130017900 (old tag= LinJ.13.1170) LmjF.13.1270 DNA/RNA non-specific endonuclease-like protein
LINF_130018000 (old tag= LinJ.13.1180) LmjF.13.1280 XPA-interacting protein - putative
LINF_130018100 (old tag= LinJ.13.1190) LmjF.13.1290 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130018200 (old tag= LinJ.13.1200) LmjF.13.1300 Complex1_LYR-like/Complex 1 protein (LYR family) - putative
LINF_130018300 (old tag= LinJ.13.1210) LmjF.13.1310 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130018400 (old tag= LinJ.13.1220) LmjF.13.1320 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130018500 (old tag= LinJ.13.1230) LmjF.13.1330 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130018600 (old tag= LinJ.13.1240) LmjF.13.1340 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130018700 (old tag= LinJ.13.1250) LmjF.13.1350 AAA domain/Dpy-30 motif containing protein - putative
LINF_130018800 (old tag= LinJ.13.1260) LmjF.13.1360 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130018900 (old tag= LinJ.13.1270) LmjF.13.1370 Sin-like protein conserved region containing protein - putative
LINF_130019000 (old tag= LinJ.13.1280) LmjF.13.1380 endomembrane protein - putative
LINF_130019100 (old tag= LinJ.13.1290) LmjF.13.1390 Beta-lactamase superfamily domain containing protein - putative
LINF_130019200 (old tag= LinJ.13.1300) LmjF.13.1400 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130019300 (old tag= LinJ.13.1305) - hypothetical protein
LINF_130019400 (old tag= LinJ.13.1310) LmjF.13.1410 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130019500 (old tag= LinJ.13.1560) LmjF.13.1420 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130019600 (old tag= LinJ.13.1465) - hypothetical protein
LINF_130019700 (old tag= LinJ.13.1470) LmjF.13.1430 Leucine Rich repeats (2 copies) - putative
LINF_130019800 (old tag= LinJ.13.1480) LmjF.13.1440 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130019900 (old tag= LinJ.13.1490) LmjF.13.1450 EF hand-like protein
LINF_130020000 (old tag= LinJ.13.1500) LmjF.13.1460 programmed cell death 6 protein-like protein
LINF_130020100 (old tag= LinJ.13.1520) LmjF.13.1470 SPRY domain/HECT-domain (ubiquitin-transferase) - putative
LINF_130020200 (old tag= LinJ.13.1530) LmjF.13.1480 Ran-binding protein 1 - putative
LINF_130020300 (old tag= LinJ.13.1540) LmjF.13.1490 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130020400 (old tag= LinJ.13.1550) LmjF.13.1500 PIN domain containing protein - putative
LINF_130020500 (old tag= LinJ.13.1570) LmjF.13.1510 phosphoprotein phosphatase - putative
LINF_130020600 (old tag= LinJ.13.1575) - hypothetical protein
LINF_130020700 (old tag= LinJ.13.1580) LmjF.13.1520 ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA) - putative
LINF_130020800 (old tag= LinJ.13.1590) LmjF.13.1530 phospholipid-transporting ATPase 1-like protein
LINF_130020900 (old tag= LinJ.13.1600) LmjF.13.1540 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130021000 (old tag= LinJ.13.1610) LmjF.13.1550 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130021100 (old tag= LinJ.13.1620) LmjF.13.1560 ras-like small GTPases - putative
LINF_130021200 (old tag= LinJ.13.1630) LmjF.13.1570 phosphoprotein phosphatase - putative
LINF_130021300 (old tag= LinJ.13.1320) LmjF.13.1580 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme - putative
LINF_130021400 (old tag= LinJ.13.1330) LmjF.13.1590 T-complex protein 10 C-terminus - putative
LINF_130021500 (old tag= LinJ.13.1340) LmjF.13.1600 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_130021600 (old tag= LinJ.13.1350) LmjF.13.1610 Kinesin-13 5 - putative
LINF_130021700 (old tag= LinJ.13.1360) LmjF.13.1620 squalene monooxygenase-like protein
LINF_130021800 (old tag= LinJ.13.1370) LmjF.13.1630 mitochondrial DNA polymerase I protein D - putative
LINF_130021900 (old tag= LinJ.13.1380) LmjF.13.1640 mitogen-activated protein kinase - putative
LINF_130022000 (old tag= LinJ.13.1390) LmjF.13.1650 dynein heavy chain - putative
LINF_130022100 (old tag= LinJ.13.1400) LmjF.13.1660 chaperonin TCP20 - putative
LINF_130022200 (old tag= LinJ.13.1410) LmjF.13.1670 60S ribosomal protein L44 - putative
LINF_130022300 (old tag= LinJ.13.1420) LmjF.13.1680 pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase
LINF_130022400 (old tag= LinJ.13.1430) LmjF.13.1690 Protein Associated with Differentiation - putative
LINF_130022500 (old tag= LinJ.13.1440) LmjF.13.1700 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140005000 (old tag= LinJ.14.0010) LmjF.14.0010 exosome complex exonuclease - putative
LINF_140005100 (old tag= LinJ.14.0020) LmjF.14.0020:pseudogenic_transcript:pep  PI3-kinase family - ras-binding domain/Phosphoinositide 3-kinase C2/Phosphoinositide 3-kinase family - accessory domain (PIK domain)/Phosphatidylinositol 3- and 4-kinase - putative
LINF_140005200 (old tag= LinJ.14.0030) LmjF.14.0030 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140005300 (old tag= LinJ.14.0040) LmjF.14.0040 j-binding protein - putative
LINF_140005400 (old tag= LinJ.14.0050) LmjF.14.0050 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140005500 (old tag= LinJ.14.0060) LmjF.14.0060 ADP-ribosylation factor family - putative
LINF_140005600 (old tag= LinJ.14.0070) LmjF.14.0070 DHHC palmitoyltransferase - putative
LINF_140005700 (old tag= LinJ.14.0080) LmjF.14.0080 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140005800 (old tag= LinJ.14.0090) LmjF.14.0090 DnaJ domain containing protein - putative
LINF_140005900 (old tag= LinJ.14.0100) LmjF.14.0100 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140006000 (old tag= LinJ.14.0110) LmjF.14.0110 DnaJ domain containing protein - putative
LINF_140006100 (old tag= LinJ.14.0120) LmjF.14.0120 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140006200 (old tag= LinJ.14.0130) LmjF.14.0130 inosine-guanine nucleoside hydrolase - putative
LINF_140006300 (old tag= LinJ.14.0140) LmjF.14.0140 histone acetyltransferase - putative
LINF_140006400 (old tag= LinJ.14.0150) LmjF.14.0150 60S ribosomal protein - putative
LINF_140006500 (old tag= LinJ.14.0160) LmjF.14.0160 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140006600 (old tag= LinJ.14.0170) LmjF.14.0170 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140006700 (old tag= LinJ.14.0180) LmjF.14.0180 carboxypeptidase - putative
LINF_140006800 (old tag= LinJ.14.0190) LmjF.14.0190 AhpC/TSA family/Thioredoxin-like - putative
LINF_140006900 (old tag= LinJ.14.0200) LmjF.14.0200 Bardet-Biedl syndrome 10 protein homolog (BBS10-like protein 10) - putative
LINF_140007000 (old tag= LinJ.14.0210) LmjF.14.0210 Domain of unknown function (DUF4201) - putative
LINF_140007100 (old tag= LinJ.14.0220) LmjF.14.0220 PX domain containing protein - putative
LINF_140007200 (old tag= LinJ.14.0225) - hypothetical protein
LINF_140007300 (old tag= LinJ.14.0230) LmjF.14.0230 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140007400 (old tag= LinJ.14.0240) LmjF.14.0240 Scavenger mRNA decapping enzyme C-term binding/HIT domain containing protein - putative
LINF_140007500 (old tag= LinJ.14.0250) LmjF.14.0250 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140007600 (old tag= LinJ.14.0260) LmjF.14.0260 von Willebrand factor type A domain containing protein - putative
LINF_140007700 (old tag= LinJ.14.0270) LmjF.14.0270 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140007800 (old tag= LinJ.14.0280) LmjF.14.0280 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140007900 (old tag= LinJ.14.0290) LmjF.14.0290 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140008000 (old tag= LinJ.14.0300) LmjF.14.0300 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140008100 (old tag= LinJ.14.0310) LmjF.14.0310 proteasome alpha 3 subunit - putative
LINF_140008200 (old tag= LinJ.14.0320) LmjF.14.0320 amino acid permease - putative
LINF_140008300 (old tag= LinJ.14.0330) LmjF.14.0330 Transmembrane amino acid transporter protein - putative
LINF_140008400 (old tag= LinJ.14.0340) LmjF.14.0340 inositol polyphosphate kinase-like protein - putative
LINF_140008500 (old tag= LinJ.14.0350) LmjF.14.0350 threonine synthase - putative
LINF_140008600 (old tag= LinJ.14.0360) LmjF.14.0360 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140008700 (old tag= LinJ.14.0370) LmjF.14.0370 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140008800 (old tag= LinJ.14.0380) LmjF.14.0380 Plasma-membrane choline transporter - putative
LINF_140008900 (old tag= LinJ.14.0390) LmjF.14.0390 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140009000 (old tag= LinJ.14.0400) LmjF.14.0400 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140009100 (old tag= LinJ.14.0403) LmjF.14.0400 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140009200 (old tag= LinJ.14.0406) LmjF.14.0400 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140009300 (old tag= LinJ.14.0410) LmjF.14.0405 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140009400 (old tag= LinJ.14.0420) LmjF.14.0410 Protein of unknown function (DUF1253) - putative
LINF_140009500 (old tag= LinJ.14.0430) LmjF.14.0420 Iguana/Dzip1-like DAZ-interacting protein N-terminal - putative
LINF_140009600 (old tag= LinJ.14.0440) LmjF.14.0430 mRNA capping enzyme - beta chain - putative
LINF_140009700 (old tag= LinJ.14.0450) LmjF.14.0440 Pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductase - putative
LINF_140009800 (old tag= LinJ.14.0455) - hypothetical protein
LINF_140009900 (old tag= LinJ.14.0460) LmjF.14.0450 N-terminal conserved domain of Nudc./CS domain containing protein - putative
LINF_140010000 (old tag= LinJ.14.0470) LmjF.14.0460 cystathionine beta-lyase-like protein
LINF_140010100 (old tag= LinJ.14.0480)  LmjF.14.0470:pseudogenic_transcript UDP-glucoronosyl and UDP-glucosyl transferase - putative
LINF_140010200 (old tag= LinJ.14.0490) LmjF.14.0480 Amastin surface glycoprotein - putative
LINF_140010300 (old tag= LinJ.14.0500) LmjF.14.0490 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140010400 (old tag= LinJ.14.0510) LmjF.14.0500 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140010500 (old tag= LinJ.14.0520) LmjF.14.0510 stearic acid desaturase - putative
LINF_140010600 (old tag= LinJ.14.0530) LmjF.14.0520 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140010700 (old tag= LinJ.14.0540) LmjF.14.0530 Ion channel - putative
LINF_140010800 (old tag= LinJ.14.0550) LmjF.14.0540 ion transport protein-like protein
LINF_140010900 (old tag= LinJ.14.0560) LmjF.14.0550 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140011000 (old tag= LinJ.14.0570) LmjF.14.0560 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140011100 (old tag= LinJ.14.0575) - hypothetical protein
LINF_140011200 (old tag= LinJ.14.0580) LmjF.14.0570 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_140011300 (old tag= LinJ.14.0590) LmjF.14.0580 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140011400 (old tag= LinJ.14.0600) LmjF.14.0590 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140011500 (old tag= LinJ.14.0610) LmjF.14.0600 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140011600 (old tag= LinJ.14.0620) LmjF.14.0610 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140011700 (old tag= LinJ.14.0630) LmjF.14.0620 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140011800 (old tag= LinJ.14.0640) LmjF.14.0625 LSD1 zinc finger containing protein - putative
LINF_140011900 (old tag= LinJ.14.0650) LmjF.14.0630 fatty acid elongase - putative
LINF_140012000 (old tag= LinJ.14.0660) LmjF.14.0640 fatty acid elongase - putative
LINF_140012100 (old tag= LinJ.14.0670) LmjF.14.0650 fatty acid elongase - putative
LINF_140012200 (old tag= LinJ.14.0680) LmjF.14.0660 fatty acid elongase - putative
LINF_140012250 (old tag= LinJ.14.0690)  LmjF.14.0665:pseudogenic_transcript fatty acid elongase - putative
LINF_140012300 (old tag= LinJ.14.0700) LmjF.14.0670 fatty acid elongase - putative
LINF_140012400 (old tag= LinJ.14.0730) LmjF.14.0680 fatty acid elongase - putative
LINF_140012500 (old tag= LinJ.14.0720) LmjF.14.0680 fatty acid elongase - putative
LINF_140012600 (old tag= LinJ.14.0740) LmjF.14.0690 fatty acid elongase - putative
LINF_140012700 (old tag= LinJ.14.0750) LmjF.14.0700 fatty acid elongase - putative
LINF_140012800 (old tag= LinJ.14.0760) LmjF.14.0705 fatty acid elongase - putative
LINF_140012900 (old tag= LinJ.14.0770) LmjF.14.0710 fatty acid elongase - putative
LINF_140013000 (old tag= LinJ.14.0780) LmjF.14.0720 fatty acid elongase - putative
LINF_140013100 (old tag= LinJ.14.0790) LmjF.14.0730 fatty acid elongase - putative
LINF_140013200 (old tag= LinJ.14.0800) LmjF.14.0740 fatty acid elongase - putative
LINF_140013300 (old tag= LinJ.14.0810) LmjF.14.0750 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140013400 (old tag= LinJ.14.0820) LmjF.14.0760 guanine nucleotide-binding protein-like protein
LINF_140013500 (old tag= LinJ.14.0830) LmjF.14.0770 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140013600 (old tag= LinJ.14.0840) LmjF.14.0780 Ribosomal prokaryotic L21 protein - putative
LINF_140013700 (old tag= LinJ.14.0850) LmjF.14.0790 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140013800 (old tag= LinJ.14.0860) LmjF.14.0800 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140013900 (old tag= LinJ.14.0870) LmjF.14.0810 kinesin - putative
LINF_140014000 (old tag= LinJ.14.0880) LmjF.14.0820 Domain of unknown function (DUF4201) - putative
LINF_140014100 (old tag= LinJ.14.0890) LmjF.14.0830 protein kinase - putative
LINF_140014200 (old tag= LinJ.14.0895) - hypothetical protein
LINF_140014300 (old tag= LinJ.14.0900) LmjF.14.0840 SNF2 family helicase-like protein - putative
LINF_140014400 (old tag= LinJ.14.0910) LmjF.14.0850 calpain-like cysteine peptidase - putative
LINF_140014500 (old tag= LinJ.14.0920) LmjF.14.0850 calpain-like cysteine peptidase - putative
LINF_140014600 (old tag= LinJ.14.0925) LmjF.14.0870:pseudogenic_transcript hypothetical protein
LINF_140014700 (old tag= LinJ.14.0930) LmjF.14.0870:pseudogenic_transcript hypothetical protein
LINF_140014800 (old tag= LinJ.14.0940) LmjF.14.0880 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140014900 (old tag= LinJ.14.0950) LmjF.14.0890 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140015000 (old tag= LinJ.14.0960) LmjF.14.0900 protein phosphatase 2C-like protein
LINF_140015100 (old tag= LinJ.14.0965) - hypothetical protein
LINF_140015200 (old tag= LinJ.14.0970) LmjF.14.0910 glutathione synthetase - putative
LINF_140015300 (old tag= LinJ.14.0980) LmjF.14.0920 mitochondrial DNA polymerase I protein C - putative
LINF_140015400 (old tag= LinJ.14.0990) LmjF.14.0930 tc40 antigen-like
LINF_140015500 (old tag= LinJ.14.1000) LmjF.14.0940 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140015600 (old tag= LinJ.14.1010) LmjF.14.0950 Ribosomal protein L16p/L10e - putative
LINF_140015700 (old tag= LinJ.14.1020) LmjF.14.0960 RNA editing 3' terminal uridylyl transferase 1
LINF_140015800 (old tag= LinJ.14.1030) LmjF.14.0970 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140015900 (old tag= LinJ.14.1040) LmjF.14.0980 sodium/hydrogen exchanger - putative
LINF_140016000 (old tag= LinJ.14.1050) LmjF.14.0990 ADP/ATP mitochondrial carrier-like protein
LINF_140016100 (old tag= LinJ.14.1060) LmjF.14.1000 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140016200 (old tag= LinJ.14.1070) LmjF.14.1010 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140016300 (old tag= LinJ.14.1080) LmjF.14.1020 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140016400 (old tag= LinJ.14.1090) LmjF.14.1030 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140016500 (old tag= LinJ.14.1100) LmjF.14.1040 Domain of unknown function (DUF202) - putative
LINF_140016600 (old tag= LinJ.14.1110) LmjF.14.1045 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140016700 (old tag= LinJ.14.1120) LmjF.14.1050 COQ9 - putative
LINF_140016800 (old tag= LinJ.14.1130) LmjF.14.1060 dynein heavy chain - putative
LINF_140016900 (old tag= LinJ.14.1140) LmjF.14.1070 protein kinase - putative
LINF_140017000 (old tag= LinJ.14.1150) LmjF.14.1080 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140017100 (old tag= LinJ.14.1160) LmjF.14.1090 PQ loop repeat - putative
LINF_140017150 (old tag= LinJ.14.1170) LmjF.14.1095 hypothetical protein - unknown function
LINF_140017200 (old tag= LinJ.14.1175) - hypothetical protein
LINF_140017300 (old tag= LinJ.14.1180) LmjF.14.1100 kinesin K39 - putative
LINF_140017400 (old tag= LinJ.14.1185) LmjF.14.1110 kinesin K39 - putative
LINF_140017500 (old tag= LinJ.14.1190) LmjF.14.1120 kinesin K39 - putative
LINF_140017600 (old tag= LinJ.14.1200) LmjF.14.1130 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140017700 (old tag= LinJ.14.1210) LmjF.14.1140 Cold-shock' DNA-binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_140017800 (old tag= LinJ.14.1220) LmjF.14.1150 tub family protein-like protein
LINF_140017900 (old tag= LinJ.14.1230) LmjF.14.1155 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140018000 (old tag= LinJ.14.1240) LmjF.14.1160 enolase
LINF_140018100 (old tag= LinJ.14.1250) LmjF.14.1170 ras-like small GTPases - putative
LINF_140018200 (old tag= LinJ.14.1260) LmjF.14.1180 poly(A) polymerase - putative
LINF_140018300 (old tag= LinJ.14.1270) LmjF.14.1190 YjeF-related protein N-terminus/Carbohydrate kinase - putative
LINF_140018400 (old tag= LinJ.14.1280) LmjF.14.1200 phosphatidylserine synthase - putative
LINF_140018500 (old tag= LinJ.14.1290) LmjF.14.1210 NLI interacting factor-like phosphatase - putative
LINF_140018600 (old tag= LinJ.14.1300) LmjF.14.1220 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140018700 (old tag= LinJ.14.1310) LmjF.14.1230 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140018800 (old tag= LinJ.14.1320) LmjF.14.1240 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140018900 (old tag= LinJ.14.1330) LmjF.14.1250 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140019000 (old tag= LinJ.14.1340) LmjF.14.1260 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140019100 (old tag= LinJ.14.1350) LmjF.14.1270 ubiquitin/ribosomal protein S27a - putative
LINF_140019200 (old tag= LinJ.14.1360) LmjF.14.1280 NADP oxidoreductase coenzyme F420-dependent - putative
LINF_140019300 (old tag= LinJ.14.1370) LmjF.14.1290 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140019400 (old tag= LinJ.14.1380) LmjF.14.1300 protein kinase - putative
LINF_140019500 (old tag= LinJ.14.1390) LmjF.14.1310 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140019600 (old tag= LinJ.14.1400) LmjF.14.1320 serine hydroxymethyltransferase (SHMT-L)
LINF_140019700 (old tag= LinJ.14.1410) LmjF.14.1330 DnaJ domain containing protein - putative
LINF_140019800 (old tag= LinJ.14.1420) LmjF.14.1340 delta-4 fatty acid desaturase
LINF_140019900 (old tag= LinJ.14.1430) LmjF.14.1350 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140019950 (old tag= LinJ.14.1440) LmjF.14.1355:pseudogenic_transcript pteridine transporter (pseudogene)
LINF_140020000 (old tag= LinJ.14.1450) LmjF.14.1360 inositol-3-phosphate synthase
LINF_140020100 (old tag= LinJ.14.1460) LmjF.14.1370 tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase - putative
LINF_140020200 (old tag= LinJ.14.1470) LmjF.14.1380 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140020300 (old tag= LinJ.14.1480) LmjF.14.1390 emp24/gp25L/p24 family/GOLD - putative
LINF_140020400 (old tag= LinJ.14.1490) LmjF.14.1395 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140020500 (old tag= LinJ.14.1500) LmjF.14.1400 phosphoglycan beta 1 -3 galactosyltransferase - putative
LINF_140020600 (old tag= LinJ.14.1510) LmjF.14.1410 protein kinase - putative
LINF_140020700 (old tag= LinJ.14.1520) LmjF.14.1420 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140020800 (old tag= LinJ.14.1530) LmjF.14.1430 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140020900 (old tag= LinJ.14.1540) LmjF.14.1440 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140021000 (old tag= LinJ.14.1550) LmjF.14.1450 Vacuolar 14 Fab1-binding region/Vacuolar protein 14 C-terminal Fig4p binding - putative
LINF_140021100 (old tag= LinJ.14.1560) LmjF.14.1460 mitochondrial pyruvate carrier protein 2 - putative
LINF_140021200 (old tag= LinJ.14.1570) LmjF.14.1470 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_140021300 (old tag= LinJ.14.1580) LmjF.14.1480 glutathione-S-transferase/glutaredoxin - putative
LINF_140021400 (old tag= LinJ.14.1590) LmjF.14.1490 synaptojanin (N-terminal domain) - putative
LINF_150005000 (old tag= LinJ.15.0010) LmjF.15.0010 histone H4
LINF_150005100 (old tag= LinJ.15.0020) LmjF.15.0020 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150005200 (old tag= LinJ.15.0030) LmjF.15.0030 ATP diphosphohydrolase
LINF_150005300 (old tag= LinJ.15.0040) LmjF.15.0040 Possible lysine decarboxylase - putative
LINF_150005400 (old tag= LinJ.15.0050) LmjF.15.0050 cytochrome-b5 reductase - putative
LINF_150005500 (old tag= LinJ.15.0060) LmjF.15.0060 Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4 gamma type 1 - putative
LINF_150005600 (old tag= LinJ.15.0070) LmjF.15.0070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150005700 (old tag= LinJ.15.0080) LmjF.15.0080 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150005800 (old tag= LinJ.15.0090) LmjF.15.0090 ATP-dependent protease ATPase subunit HslU1 - putative
LINF_150005900 (old tag= LinJ.15.0100) LmjF.15.0100 Flavin-binding monooxygenase-like/Pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductase/NAD(P)-binding Rossmann-like domain/L-lysine 6-monooxygenase (NADPH-requiring) - putative
LINF_150006000 (old tag= LinJ.15.0110) LmjF.15.0110 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150006100 (old tag= LinJ.15.0120) LmjF.15.0120 mitochondrial carrier protein - putative
LINF_150006200 (old tag= LinJ.15.0130) LmjF.15.0130 ATP-dependent RNA helicase - putative
LINF_150006300 (old tag= LinJ.15.0140) LmjF.15.0140 zinc finger (CCCH type) protein - putative
LINF_150006400 (old tag= LinJ.15.0150) LmjF.15.0150 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150006500 (old tag= LinJ.15.0160) LmjF.15.0160 zinc finger (CCCH type) protein - putative
LINF_150006600 (old tag= LinJ.15.0170) LmjF.15.0170 protein phosphatase 2C - putative
LINF_150006700 (old tag= LinJ.15.0180) LmjF.15.0180 serine/threonine-protein kinase - putative
LINF_150006800 (old tag= LinJ.15.0190) LmjF.15.0185 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150006900 (old tag= LinJ.15.0200) LmjF.15.0190 Cytochrome b5-like Heme/Steroid binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_150007000 (old tag= LinJ.15.0210) LmjF.15.0195 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150007100 (old tag= LinJ.15.0220) LmjF.15.0200 60S ribosomal protein L13a - putative
LINF_150007200 (old tag= LinJ.15.0230) LmjF.15.0210 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150007300 (old tag= LinJ.15.0240) LmjF.15.0220 protein phosphatase 1 catalitic subunit - putative
LINF_150007400 (old tag= LinJ.15.0250) LmjF.15.0223 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150007500 (old tag= LinJ.15.0260) LmjF.15.0225 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_150007600 (old tag= LinJ.15.0270) LmjF.15.0230 lysyl-tRNA synthetase - putative
LINF_150007700 (old tag= LinJ.15.0280) LmjF.15.0240 sterol carrier protein - putative
LINF_150007800 (old tag= LinJ.15.0290) LmjF.15.0250 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150007900 (old tag= LinJ.15.0300) LmjF.15.0260 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150008000 (old tag= LinJ.15.0310) LmjF.15.0270 replication Factor A 28 kDa subunit - putative
LINF_150008100 (old tag= LinJ.15.0320) LmjF.15.0280 ribonucleoprotein p18 - mitochondrial precursor - putative
LINF_150008200 (old tag= LinJ.15.0330) LmjF.15.0280 ribonucleoprotein p18 - mitochondrial precursor - putative
LINF_150008300 (old tag= LinJ.15.0340) LmjF.15.0290 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150008400 (old tag= LinJ.15.0350) LmjF.15.0300 inhibitor of serine peptidase (ISP) - putative
LINF_150008500 (old tag= LinJ.15.0360) LmjF.15.0310 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150008600 (old tag= LinJ.15.0370) LmjF.15.0320 Isoprenylcysteine alpha-carbonyl methylesterase - putative
LINF_150008700 (old tag= LinJ.15.0380) LmjF.15.0330 alpha/beta hydrolase fold/Alpha/beta hydrolase family/Carboxylesterase family - putative
LINF_150008800 (old tag= LinJ.15.0390) LmjF.15.0340 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150008900 (old tag= LinJ.15.0400) LmjF.15.0350 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150009000 (old tag= LinJ.15.0410) LmjF.15.0360 RNA pseudouridylate synthase - putative
LINF_150009100 (old tag= LinJ.15.0420) LmjF.15.0370 60S acidic ribosomal protein - putative
LINF_150009200 (old tag= LinJ.15.0430) LmjF.15.0380 60S acidic ribosomal protein - putative
LINF_150009300 (old tag= LinJ.15.0440) LmjF.15.0390 cytoplasmic l-asparaginase i-like protein
LINF_150009400 (old tag= LinJ.15.0450) LmjF.15.0400 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150009500 (old tag= LinJ.15.0460) LmjF.15.0410 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150009600 (old tag= LinJ.15.0470) LmjF.15.0420 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150009700 (old tag= LinJ.15.0480) LmjF.15.0430 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150009800 (old tag= LinJ.15.0485) - hypothetical protein
LINF_150009900 (old tag= LinJ.15.0490) - hypothetical protein
LINF_150010000 (old tag= LinJ.15.0495) LmjF.15.0440_pseudogene tb-292 membrane associated protein-like protein
LINF_150010100 (old tag= LinJ.15.0496) - hypothetical protein
LINF_150010200 (old tag= LinJ.15.0497) LmjF.15.0440 tb-292 membrane associated protein-like protein
LINF_150010300 (old tag= LinJ.15.0498) LmjF.15.0440 tb-292 membrane associated protein-like protein
LINF_150010400 (old tag= LinJ.15.0499) - hypothetical protein
LINF_150010500 (old tag= LinJ.15.0501) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150010600 (old tag= LinJ.15.0502) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150010700 (old tag= LinJ.15.0503) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150010800 (old tag= LinJ.15.0504) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150010900 (old tag= LinJ.15.0505) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150011000 (old tag= LinJ.15.0506) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150011100 (old tag= LinJ.15.0507.1) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150011200 (old tag= LinJ.15.0507.2) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150011300 (old tag= LinJ.15.0507.3) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150011400 (old tag= LinJ.15.0507.4) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150011500 (old tag= LinJ.15.0507.5) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150011600 (old tag= LinJ.15.0507.6) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150011700 (old tag= LinJ.15.0507.7) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150011800 (old tag= LinJ.15.0507.8) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150011900 (old tag= LinJ.15.0507.9) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150012000 (old tag= LinJ.15.0508.1) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150012100 (old tag= LinJ.15.0508.2) LmjF.15.0440 tb-292 membrane associated protein-like protein
LINF_150012200 (old tag= LinJ.15.0510) LmjF.15.0490 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150012300 (old tag= LinJ.15.0520) LmjF.15.0500 metalloprotease - putative
LINF_150012400 (old tag= LinJ.15.0530) LmjF.15.0510 ecotin - putative
LINF_150012500 (old tag= LinJ.15.0540) LmjF.15.0520 ecotin - putative
LINF_150012600 (old tag= LinJ.15.0550) LmjF.15.0530 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150012700 (old tag= LinJ.15.0560) LmjF.15.0540 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150012800 (old tag= LinJ.15.0570) LmjF.15.0550 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150012900 (old tag= LinJ.15.0580) LmjF.15.0560 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150013000 (old tag= LinJ.15.0590) LmjF.15.0570 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150013100 (old tag= LinJ.15.0600) LmjF.15.0580 Signal peptidase subunit - putative
LINF_150013200 (old tag= LinJ.15.0610) LmjF.15.0590 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150013300 (old tag= LinJ.15.0620)  LmjF.15.0595:pseudogenic_transcript:pep  hypothetical protein
LINF_150013400 (old tag= LinJ.15.0630) LmjF.15.0600 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150013500 (old tag= LinJ.15.0640) LmjF.15.0610 CRAL/TRIO domain containing protein - putative
LINF_150013600 (old tag= LinJ.15.0650) LmjF.15.0620 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150013700 (old tag= LinJ.15.0660) LmjF.15.0630 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150013800 (old tag= LinJ.15.0670) LmjF.15.0640 Kelch motif/Galactose oxidase - central domain containing protein - putative
LINF_150013900 (old tag= LinJ.15.0680) LmjF.15.0650 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150014000 (old tag= LinJ.15.0690) LmjF.15.0660 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150014100 (old tag= LinJ.15.0700) LmjF.15.0670 Rix1 complex component involved in 60S ribosome maturation - putative
LINF_150014200 (old tag= LinJ.15.0710) LmjF.15.0680 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150014300 (old tag= LinJ.15.0720) LmjF.15.0690 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150014400 (old tag= LinJ.15.0740) LmjF.15.0700 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150014500 (old tag= LinJ.15.0750) LmjF.15.0710 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150014600 (old tag= LinJ.15.0760) LmjF.15.0720 flavoprotein monooxygenase - putative
LINF_150014700 (old tag= LinJ.15.0770) LmjF.15.0730 Putative methyltransferase - putative
LINF_150014800 (old tag= LinJ.15.0775) - hypothetical protein
LINF_150014900 (old tag= LinJ.15.0780) LmjF.15.0740 Protein of unknown function (DUF2871) - putative
LINF_150015000 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon gtc
LINF_150015100 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon ctc
LINF_150015200 (old tag= 5S_rRNA) 5S_rRNA rRNA
LINF_150015300 (old tag= LinJ.15.0790) LmjF.15.0750 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150015400 (old tag= LinJ.15.0800) LmjF.15.0760 ATP-binding cassette subfamily A - member 1 - putative
LINF_150015500 (old tag= LinJ.15.0810) LmjF.15.0770 protein kinase - putativeGeneDB:LmjF.15.0770
LINF_150015600 (old tag= LinJ.15.0815) - hypothetical protein
LINF_150015700 (old tag= LinJ.15.0820) LmjF.15.0780 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150015800 (old tag= LinJ.15.0830) LmjF.15.0790 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150015900 (old tag= LinJ.15.0840) LmjF.15.0800 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150016000 (old tag= LinJ.15.0850) LmjF.15.0810 Peroxisomal membrane protein (Pex16) - putative
LINF_150016100 (old tag= LinJ.15.0860) LmjF.15.0815 Dolichol phosphate-mannose biosynthesis regulatory protein (DPM2) - putative
LINF_150016200 (old tag= LinJ.15.0870) LmjF.15.0820 Putative methyltransferase/GDP dissociation inhibitor - putative
LINF_150016300 (old tag= LinJ.15.0880) LmjF.15.0825 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150016400 (old tag= LinJ.15.0890) LmjF.15.0830 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150016500 (old tag= LinJ.15.0900) LmjF.15.0840:pseudogenic_transcript nucleotide sugar transporter - putative
LINF_150016600 (old tag= LinJ.15.0910) LmjF.15.0850 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150016700 (old tag= LinJ.15.0920) LmjF.15.0860 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150016800 (old tag= LinJ.15.0930) LmjF.15.0870 Sugar (and other) transporter - putative
LINF_150016900 (old tag= LinJ.15.0940) LmjF.15.0880 myo-inositol-1 phosphatase - putative
LINF_150017000 (old tag= LinJ.15.0950) LmjF.15.0890 ATP-binding cassette protein subfamily G - member 4 - putative
LINF_150017100 (old tag= LinJ.15.0960) LmjF.15.0900 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150017200 (old tag= LinJ.15.0970) LmjF.15.0910 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150017300 (old tag= LinJ.15.0980) LmjF.15.0920 protein phosphatase 2A regulatory subunit - putative
LINF_150017400 (old tag= LinJ.15.0990) LmjF.15.0930 calmodulin-like protein
LINF_150017500 (old tag= LinJ.15.1000) LmjF.15.0940 Microtubule associated protein (MAP65/ASE1 family) - putative
LINF_150017600 (old tag= LinJ.15.1010) LmjF.15.0950 40S ribosomal protein S3 - putative
LINF_150017700 (old tag= LinJ.15.1020) LmjF.15.0960 FAD-linked sulfhydryl oxidase - putative
LINF_150017800 (old tag= LinJ.15.1030) LmjF.15.0970 E1-like ubiquitin-activating enzyme - putative
LINF_150017900 (old tag= LinJ.15.1040) LmjF.15.0980 DNA repair protein Rad9 - putative
LINF_150018000 (old tag= LinJ.15.1050) LmjF.15.0990 succinate dehydrogenase - putative
LINF_150018100 (old tag= LinJ.15.1055) - Ribosomal protein L6e - putative
LINF_150018200 (old tag= LinJ.15.1060) LmjF.15.1000 Ribosomal protein L6e - putative
LINF_150018300 (old tag= LinJ.15.1070) LmjF.15.1010 glutamate dehydrogenase
LINF_150018400 (old tag= LinJ.15.1080) LmjF.15.1020 solanesyl-diphosphate synthase - putative
LINF_150018500 (old tag= LinJ.15.1090) LmjF.15.1030 SKIP/SNW domain containing protein - putative
LINF_150018600 (old tag= LinJ.15.1100) LmjF.15.1040 tryparedoxin peroxidase
LINF_150018700 (old tag= LinJ.15.1110) LmjF.15.1050 developmentally regulated protein - putative
LINF_150018800 (old tag= LinJ.15.1120) LmjF.15.1060 tryparedoxin peroxidase
LINF_150018900 (old tag= LinJ.15.1130) LmjF.15.1070 developmentally regulated protein - putative
LINF_150019000 (old tag= LinJ.15.1140) LmjF.15.1080 tryparedoxin peroxidase
LINF_150019100 (old tag= LinJ.15.1150) LmjF.15.1170 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150019200 (old tag= LinJ.15.1160) LmjF.15.1180 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150019300 (old tag= LinJ.15.1170) LmjF.15.1190 Cyclic nucleotide-binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_150019400 (old tag= LinJ.15.1180) LmjF.15.1200 protein kinase - putative
LINF_150019500 (old tag= LinJ.15.1200) LmjF.15.1203 60S acidic ribosomal protein P2GeneDB:LmjF.15.1203
LINF_150019600 (old tag= LinJ.15.1200) LmjF.15.1207 60S acidic ribosomal protein P2
LINF_150019700 (old tag= LinJ.15.1210) LmjF.15.1210 inositol/phosphatidylinositol phosphatase - putative
LINF_150019800 (old tag= LinJ.15.1220) LmjF.15.1220 DnaJ domain/DnaJ central domain containing protein - putative
LINF_150019900 (old tag= LinJ.15.1230) LmjF.15.1230 nucleoside transporter 1 - putative
LINF_150020000 (old tag= LinJ.15.1250) LmjF.15.1240 nucleoside transporter 1 - putative
LINF_150020100 (old tag= LinJ.15.1240) LmjF.15.1230 nucleoside transporter 1 - putative
LINF_150020200 (old tag= LinJ.15.1260) LmjF.15.1240 nucleoside transporter 1 - putative
LINF_150020300 (old tag= LinJ.15.1270) LmjF.15.1250 E2-like ubiquitin-conjugation enzyme - putative
LINF_150020400 (old tag= LinJ.15.1280) LmjF.15.1260 SET domain containing protein - putative
LINF_150020500 (old tag= LinJ.15.1290) LmjF.15.1270 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150020600 (old tag= LinJ.15.1300b) LmjF.15.1280 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150020700 (old tag= LinJ.15.1310) LmjF.15.1290 mitochondrial DNA topoisomerase II
LINF_150020800 (old tag= LinJ.15.1320) LmjF.15.1300 ubiquitin hydrolase - putative
LINF_150020900 (old tag= LinJ.15.1330) LmjF.15.1310 MGT1 magnesium transporter
LINF_150021000 (old tag= LinJ.15.1340) LmjF.15.1320 Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4 gamma type 2 - putative
LINF_150021100 (old tag= LinJ.15.1350) LmjF.15.1330 actin-like protein - putative
LINF_150021200 (old tag= LinJ.15.1360) LmjF.15.1340 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150021300 (old tag= LinJ.15.1370) - hypothetical protein
LINF_150021400 (old tag= LinJ.15.1380) LmjF.15.1345 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150021500 (old tag= LinJ.15.1390) LmjF.15.1350 Rab-GTPase-TBC domain containing protein - putative
LINF_150021600 (old tag= LinJ.15.1400) LmjF.15.1355 2OG-Fe(II) oxygenase superfamily - putative
LINF_150021700 (old tag= LinJ.15.1410) LmjF.15.1360 actin-related protein 3 - putative arp3
LINF_150021800 (old tag= LinJ.15.1420) LmjF.15.1370 Putative papain-like cysteine peptidase (DUF1796) - putative
LINF_150021900 (old tag= LinJ.15.1430) LmjF.15.1380 nucleolar RNA binding protein - putative
LINF_150022000 (old tag= LinJ.15.1440) LmjF.15.1390 TMEM164 family - putative
LINF_150022100 (old tag= LinJ.15.1450) LmjF.15.1400 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150022200 (old tag= LinJ.15.1460) LmjF.15.1410 ERAD-associated E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase HRD1 - putative
LINF_150022300 (old tag= LinJ.15.1470) LmjF.15.1420 mismatch repair protein MSH3 - putative
LINF_150022400 (old tag= LinJ.15.1480) LmjF.15.1430 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150022500 (old tag= LinJ.15.1490) LmjF.15.1440 glutaminyl-tRNA synthetase - putative
LINF_150022600 (old tag= LinJ.15.1500) LmjF.15.1450 proliferative cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) - putative
LINF_150022700 (old tag= LinJ.15.1510) LmjF.15.1460 phosphomevalonate kinase protein - putative
LINF_150022750 (old tag= LinJ.15.1520) LmjF.15.1465 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150022800 (old tag= LinJ.15.1530) LmjF.15.1470 ribosomal protein S6 - putative
LINF_150022900 (old tag= LinJ.15.1540) LmjF.15.1480 cAMP specific phosphodiesterase - putative
LINF_150023000 (old tag= LinJ.15.1550) LmjF.15.1480 cAMP specific phosphodiesterase - putative
LINF_150023100 (old tag= LinJ.15.1560) LmjF.15.1490 hypothetical protein - conserved 
LINF_150023200 (old tag= LinJ.15.1570) LmjF.15.1500 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150023300 (old tag= LinJ.15.1580) LmjF.15.1510 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150023400 (old tag= LinJ.15.1610) LmjF.15.1540 Radical SAM superfamily/Wyosine base formation - putative
LINF_150023500 (old tag= LinJ.15.1620) LmjF.15.1545 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_150023600 (old tag= LinJ.15.1630) LmjF.15.1550 protein kinase - putative
LINF_150023700 (old tag= LinJ.15.1640) LmjF.15.1560 condensin subunit 1 - putative
LINF_150023800 (old tag= LinJ.15.1650) LmjF.15.1570 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160005000 (old tag= LinJ.16.0010) LmjF.16.0005 anti-silencing protein a-like protein
LINF_160005100 (old tag= LinJ.16.0020) LmjF.16.0010 hypotetical protein - conserved
LINF_160005200 (old tag= LinJ.16.0030) LmjF.16.0020 Holliday junction DNA helicase ruvB N-terminus/Part of AAA domain/AAA domain containing protein - putative
LINF_160005300 (old tag= LinJ.16.0040) LmjF.16.0030 arginine N-methyltransferase - type I
LINF_160005400 (old tag= LinJ.16.0050) LmjF.16.0040 Phytanoyl-CoA dioxygenase (PhyH)/2OG-Fe(II) oxygenase superfamily - putative
LINF_160005500 (old tag= LinJ.16.0060) LmjF.16.0050 DEAD/DEAH box helicase/Helicase conserved C-terminal domain containing protein - putative
LINF_160005600 (old tag= LinJ.16.0070) LmjF.16.0060 peroxisome assembly protein - putative
LINF_160005700 (old tag= LinJ.16.0080) LmjF.16.0070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160005800 (old tag= LinJ.16.0090) LmjF.16.0080 Galactose oxidase - central domain/Kelch motif/Domain of unknown function (DUF4110) - putative
LINF_160005900 (old tag= LinJ.16.0095) - hypothetical protein
LINF_160006000 (old tag= LinJ.16.0100) LmjF.16.0090 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160006100 (old tag= LinJ.16.0110) LmjF.16.0100 MORN repeat - putative
LINF_160006200 (old tag= LinJ.16.0120) LmjF.16.0110 Phosphotransferase enzyme family - putative
LINF_160006300 (old tag= LinJ.16.0130) LmjF.16.0120 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160006400 (old tag= LinJ.16.0140) LmjF.16.0130 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160006500 (old tag= LinJ.16.0150) LmjF.16.0140 eukaryotic translation initiation factor 1A - putative
LINF_160006600 (old tag= LinJ.16.0160) LmjF.16.0150 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160006700 (old tag= LinJ.16.0170) LmjF.16.0160 50S ribosomal protein L17 - putative
LINF_160006800 (old tag= LinJ.16.0180) LmjF.16.0170 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160006900 (old tag= LinJ.16.0190) LmjF.16.0180 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160007000 (old tag= LinJ.16.0200) LmjF.16.0190 Las1-like - putative
LINF_160007100 (old tag= LinJ.16.0210) LmjF.16.0200 mitochondrial ornithine carrier protein-like protein
LINF_160007200 (old tag= LinJ.16.0220) LmjF.16.0210 mitochondrial ornithine transporter 1-like protein
LINF_160007300 (old tag= LinJ.16.0230) LmjF.16.0220 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160007400 (old tag= LinJ.16.0240) LmjF.16.0230 protein tyrosine phosphatase-like protein
LINF_160007500 (old tag= LinJ.16.0250) LmjF.16.0240 Elongator-like Protein 3a - putative
LINF_160007600 (old tag= LinJ.16.0260) LmjF.16.0250 protein tyrosine phosphatase-likie protein
LINF_160007700 (old tag= LinJ.16.0270) LmjF.16.0260 Ankyrin repeats (3 copies)/Ankyrin repeats (many copies)/Ankyrin repeat/Alpha/beta hydrolase family - putative
LINF_160007800 (old tag= LinJ.16.0280) LmjF.16.0270 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160007900 (old tag= LinJ.16.0290) LmjF.16.0280 inositol 1 -4 -5-trisphosphate receptor - putative
LINF_160008000 (old tag= LinJ.16.0300) LmjF.16.0290 proteasome 26S non-ATPase subunit 9 - putative
LINF_160008100 (old tag= LinJ.16.0310) LmjF.16.0300 protein kinase - putative
LINF_160008200 (old tag= LinJ.16.0320) LmjF.16.0310 Met-10+ like-protein - putative
LINF_160008300 (old tag= LinJ.16.0330) LmjF.16.0320 FHA domain containing protein - putative
LINF_160008400 (old tag= LinJ.16.0340) LmjF.16.0330 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160008500 (old tag= LinJ.16.0350) LmjF.16.0340 3-Beta-hydroxysteroid-delta(8) - delta(7)-isomerase - putative
LINF_160008600 (old tag= LinJ.16.0360) LmjF.16.0350 2OG-Fe(II) oxygenase superfamily - putative
LINF_160008700 (old tag= LinJ.16.0370) LmjF.16.0360 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160008800 (old tag= LinJ.16.0380) LmjF.16.0370 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160008900 (old tag= LinJ.16.0390) LmjF.16.0380 tubulin tyrosine ligase - putative
LINF_160009000 (old tag= LinJ.16.0400) LmjF.16.0390 XRN 5'-3' exonuclease N-terminus - putative
LINF_160009100 (old tag= LinJ.16.0410) LmjF.16.0400 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160009200 (old tag= LinJ.16.0420) LmjF.16.0410 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160009300 (old tag= LinJ.16.0430) LmjF.16.0420 Pyridoxal-dependent decarboxylase conserved domain containing protein - putative
LINF_160009400 (old tag= LinJ.16.0440) LmjF.16.0430 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160009500 (old tag= LinJ.16.0450) LmjF.16.0440 fucose kinase - putative
LINF_160009600 (old tag= LinJ.16.0460) LmjF.16.0450 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160009700 (old tag= LinJ.16.0470) LmjF.16.0460 60S ribosomal protein L21 - putative
LINF_160009800 (old tag= LinJ.16.0480) LmjF.16.0470 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160009900 (old tag= LinJ.16.0490) LmjF.16.0480 fucose kinase - putative
LINF_160010000 (old tag= LinJ.16.0500) LmjF.16.0490 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160010100 (old tag= LinJ.16.0510) LmjF.16.0500 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160010200 (old tag= LinJ.16.0520) LmjF.16.0510 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160010300 (old tag= LinJ.16.0530) LmjF.16.0520 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160010400 (old tag= LinJ.16.0540) LmjF.16.0530 dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (fumarate)
LINF_160010500 (old tag= LinJ.16.0550) LmjF.16.0540 aspartate carbamoyltransferase - putative
LINF_160010600 (old tag= LinJ.16.0555) - hypothetical protein
LINF_160010700 (old tag= LinJ.16.0560) LmjF.16.0550 orotidine-5-phosphate decarboxylase/orotate phosphoribosyltransferase - putative
LINF_160010800 (old tag= LinJ.16.0570) LmjF.16.0560 AAA domain containing protein - putative
LINF_160010900 (old tag= LinJ.16.0600) - histone H3 - putative
LINF_160011000 (old tag= LinJ.16.0610) - histone H3 - putative
LINF_160011100 (old tag= LinJ.16.0580) LmjF.16.0580 dihydroorotase - putative
LINF_160011200 (old tag= LinJ.16.0590) LmjF.16.0590 carbamoyl-phosphate synthase - putative
LINF_160011300 (old tag= LinJ.16.0610.4) - Core histone H2A/H2B/H3/H4/Histone-like transcription factor (CBF/NF-Y) and archaeal histone - putative
LINF_160011400 (old tag= LinJ.16.0610.6) - Core histone H2A/H2B/H3/H4/Histone-like transcription factor (CBF/NF-Y) and archaeal histone - putative
LINF_160011500 (old tag= LinJ.16.0620) LmjF.16.0620 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160011600 (old tag= LinJ.16.0630) LmjF.16.0630 meiotic recombination protein SPO11 - putative
LINF_160011700 (old tag= LinJ.16.0640) LmjF.16.0640 RNA recognition motif (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain)/RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain) - putative
LINF_160011800 (old tag= LinJ.16.0650) LmjF.16.0650 RING-H2 zinc finger/Ring finger domain/Anaphase-promoting complex subunit 11 RING-H2 finger containing protein - putative
LINF_160011900 (old tag= LinJ.16.0655) - hypothetical protein
LINF_160012000 (old tag= LinJ.16.0660) LmjF.16.0660 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160012100 (old tag= LinJ.16.0670) LmjF.16.0670 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160012200 (old tag= LinJ.16.0680) LmjF.16.0680 apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease-redox protein
LINF_160012300 (old tag= LinJ.16.0690) LmjF.16.0690 Eukaryotic translation initiation factor eIF2A - putative
LINF_160012400 (old tag= LinJ.16.0700) LmjF.16.0700 LysM domain containing protein - putative
LINF_160012500 (old tag= LinJ.16.0710) LmjF.16.0710 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160012600 (old tag= LinJ.16.0720) LmjF.16.0720 Leucine Rich repeat - putative
LINF_160012700 (old tag= LinJ.16.0730) LmjF.16.0730 ubiquitin hydrolase - putative
LINF_160012800 (old tag= LinJ.16.0740) LmjF.16.0740 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160012900 (old tag= LinJ.16.0750) LmjF.16.0750 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160013000 (old tag= LinJ.16.0760) LmjF.16.0760 transaldolase - putative
LINF_160013100 (old tag= LinJ.16.0765) - hypothetical protein
LINF_160013200 (old tag= LinJ.16.0770) LmjF.16.0770 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160013300 (old tag= LinJ.16.0780) LmjF.16.0780 N-terminal region of Chorein - a TM vesicle-mediated sorter - putative
LINF_160013400 (old tag= LinJ.16.0790) LmjF.16.0790 chitinase
LINF_160013500 (old tag= LinJ.16.0800) LmjF.16.0800 Membrane transport protein - putative
LINF_160013600 (old tag= LinJ.16.0810) LmjF.16.0810 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160013700 (old tag= LinJ.16.0820) LmjF.16.0820 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160013800 (old tag= LinJ.16.0830) LmjF.16.0830 Iron-sulfur assembly protein 1 - putative
LINF_160013900 (old tag= LinJ.16.0840) LmjF.16.0840 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160014000 (old tag= LinJ.16.0850) LmjF.16.0850 COP9 signalosome complex subunit 5 - putative
LINF_160014100 (old tag= LinJ.16.0860) LmjF.16.0860 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160014200 (old tag= LinJ.16.0870) LmjF.16.0870 protein kinase - putative
LINF_160014300 (old tag= LinJ.16.0880) LmjF.16.0880 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160014400 (old tag= LinJ.16.0890) LmjF.16.0890 Nucleolar protein -Nop52 - putative
LINF_160014500 (old tag= LinJ.16.0900) LmjF.16.0895 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160014600 (old tag= LinJ.16.0910) LmjF.16.0900 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160014700 (old tag= LinJ.16.0920) LmjF.16.0910:pseudogenic_transcript EF-hand domain pair/EF-hand domain containing protein - putative
LINF_160014800 (old tag= LinJ.16.0930) LmjF.16.0920:pseudogenic_transcript:pep EF-hand domain containing protein - putative
LINF_160014900 (old tag= LinJ.16.0940) LmjF.16.0930 Snf7 - putative
LINF_160015000 (old tag= LinJ.16.0950) LmjF.16.0940 dynein light chain - putative
LINF_160015100 (old tag= LinJ.16.0960) LmjF.16.0950 sucrose-phosphate synthase-like protein
LINF_160015200 (old tag= LinJ.16.0970) LmjF.16.0960 Methyltransferase domain/ubiE/COQ5 methyltransferase family - putative
LINF_160015300 (old tag= LinJ.16.0980) LmjF.16.0970 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160015400 (old tag= LinJ.16.0990) LmjF.16.0980 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160015500 (old tag= LinJ.16.1000) LmjF.16.0990 protein kinase - putative
LINF_160015600 (old tag= LinJ.16.1060) LmjF.16.1000 Protein of unknown function (DUF3184) - putative
LINF_160015700 (old tag= LinJ.16.1030) LmjF.16.1005 Protein of unknown function (DUF3184) - putative
LINF_160015800 (old tag= LinJ.16.1050) LmjF.16.1010 Protein of unknown function (DUF3184) - putative
LINF_160015850 (old tag= LinJ.16.1040) LmjF.16.1015 Protein of unknown function (DUF3184) - putative
LINF_160015900 (old tag= LinJ.16.1080) LmjF.16.1015 Protein of unknown function (DUF3184) - putative
LINF_160016000 (old tag= LinJ.16.1090) LmjF.16.1020 Protein of unknown function (DUF3184) - putative
LINF_160016100 (old tag= LinJ.16.1100) LmjF.16.1065 ubiquitin fold modifier protein - putative
LINF_160016200 (old tag= LinJ.16.1110) LmjF.16.1070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160016300 (old tag= LinJ.16.1120) LmjF.16.1080 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160016400 (old tag= LinJ.16.1125) - hypothetical protein
LINF_160016500 (old tag= LinJ.16.1130) LmjF.16.1090 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160016600 (old tag= LinJ.16.1140) LmjF.16.1100 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160016700 (old tag= LinJ.16.1150) LmjF.16.1110 Polyketide cyclase / dehydrase and lipid transport - putative
LINF_160016800 (old tag= LinJ.16.1160) LmjF.16.1120 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160016900 (old tag= LinJ.16.1170) LmjF.16.1130 tyrosyl or methionyl-tRNA synthetase-like protein
LINF_160017000 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon ctg
LINF_160017100 (old tag= LinJ.16.1180) LmjF.16.1140 WW domain containing protein - putative
LINF_160017200 (old tag= LinJ.16.1190) LmjF.16.1145 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160017300 (old tag= LinJ.16.1200) LmjF.16.1150 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160017400 (old tag= LinJ.16.1210) LmjF.16.1160 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160017500 (old tag= LinJ.16.1220) LmjF.16.1170 60S ribosomal protein L39 - putative
LINF_160017600 (old tag= LinJ.16.1230) LmjF.16.1180 coatomer delta subunit-like protein
LINF_160017700 (old tag= LinJ.16.1240) LmjF.16.1190 Domain of unknown function DUF221 - putative
LINF_160017800 (old tag= LinJ.16.1250) LmjF.16.1200 cyclophilin 13 - putative
LINF_160017900 (old tag= LinJ.16.1260) LmjF.16.1210 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160018000 (old tag= LinJ.16.1270) LmjF.16.1220 Cullin family/Cullin protein neddylation domain containing protein - putative
LINF_160018100 (old tag= LinJ.16.1280) LmjF.16.1230 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160018200 (old tag= LinJ.16.1290) LmjF.16.1240 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160018300 (old tag= LinJ.16.1300) LmjF.16.1250 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160018400 (old tag= LinJ.16.1310) LmjF.16.1260 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160018500 (old tag= LinJ.16.1320) LmjF.16.1270 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160018600 (old tag= LinJ.16.1330) LmjF.16.1280 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160018700 (old tag= LinJ.16.1340) LmjF.16.1290 diacylglycerol kinase - putative
LINF_160018800 (old tag= LinJ.16.1360) LmjF.16.1300 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160018900 (old tag= LinJ.16.1380) LmjF.16.1310 cytochrome c - putative
LINF_160019000 (old tag= LinJ.16.1390) LmjF.16.1320 cytochrome c - putative
LINF_160019100 (old tag= LinJ.16.1400) LmjF.16.1330 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160019200 (old tag= LinJ.16.1410) LmjF.16.1340 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160019300 (old tag= LinJ.16.1420) LmjF.16.1350 DNA-directed rna polymerase I largest subunit - putative
LINF_160019400 (old tag= LinJ.16.1430) LmjF.16.1360 Amidase - putative
LINF_160019500 (old tag= LinJ.16.1440) LmjF.16.1370 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160019600 (old tag= LinJ.16.1450) LmjF.16.1380 ADP-ribosylation factor-like - putative
LINF_160019700 (old tag= LinJ.16.1460) - OTU-like cysteine protease - putative
LINF_160019800 (old tag= LinJ.16.1470) LmjF.16.1390 EMG1/NEP1 methyltransferase - putative
LINF_160019900 (old tag= LinJ.16.1480) LmjF.16.1400 trafficking protein particle complex subunit- like protein
LINF_160020000 (old tag= LinJ.16.1490) LmjF.16.1410 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160020100 (old tag= LinJ.16.1500) LmjF.16.1420 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160020200 (old tag= LinJ.16.1505) LmjF.16.1425 paraflagellar rod protein 1D - putative
LINF_160020300 (old tag= LinJ.16.1510) LmjF.16.1427 paraflagellar rod protein 1D - putative
LINF_160020400 (old tag= LinJ.16.1520) LmjF.16.1430 paraflagellar rod protein 1D - putative
LINF_160020500 (old tag= LinJ.16.1530) LmjF.16.1440 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160020600 (old tag= LinJ.16.1540) LmjF.16.1450 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160020700 (old tag= LinJ.16.1550) LmjF.16.1460 kinesin - putative
LINF_160020800 (old tag= LinJ.16.1570) LmjF.16.1470 kinesin - putative
LINF_160020900 (old tag= LinJ.16.1580) LmjF.16.1480 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160021000 (old tag= LinJ.16.1590) LmjF.16.1490 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160021100 (old tag= LinJ.16.1600) LmjF.16.1500 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160021200 (old tag= LinJ.16.1610) LmjF.16.1510 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160021300 (old tag= LinJ.16.1620) LmjF.16.1520 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160021400 (old tag= LinJ.16.1630) LmjF.16.1530 endoplasmic reticulum oxidoreductin - putative
LINF_160021500 (old tag= LinJ.16.1640) LmjF.16.1540 DNA polymerase I alpha catalytic subunit - putative
LINF_160021600 (old tag= LinJ.16.1650) LmjF.16.1550 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_160021700 (old tag= LinJ.16.1660) LmjF.16.1560 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160021800 (old tag= LinJ.16.1670) LmjF.16.1570 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160021900 (old tag= LinJ.16.1680) LmjF.16.1580 kinesin - putative
LINF_160022000 (old tag= LinJ.16.1690) LmjF.16.1590 U1 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein - putative
LINF_160022100 (old tag= LinJ.16.1700) LmjF.16.1600 eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4 gamma - putative
LINF_160022200 (old tag= LinJ.16.1710) LmjF.16.1610 prohibitin
LINF_160022300 (old tag= LinJ.16.1720) LmjF.16.1620 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_160022400 (old tag= LinJ.16.1730) LmjF.16.1630 Putative snoRNA binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_160022500 (old tag= LinJ.16.1740) LmjF.16.1640 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_160022600 (old tag= LinJ.16.1750) LmjF.16.1650 Clustered mitochondria/Translation initiation factor eIF3 subunit 135 - putative
LINF_160022700 (old tag= LinJ.16.1760) LmjF.16.1660 Flagellar Member 3
LINF_160022800 (old tag= LinJ.16.1765) LmjF.16.1660 Flagellar Member 3
LINF_160022900 (old tag= LinJ.16.1769) - Sedlin - N-terminal conserved region containing protein - putative
LINF_170005000 (old tag= LinJ.17.0010) LmjF.17.0010 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170005100 (old tag= LinJ.17.0015) - hypothetical protein
LINF_170005200 (old tag= LinJ.17.0020) LmjF.17.0020 Protein of unknown function (DUF3522) - putative
LINF_170005300 (old tag= LinJ.17.0030) LmjF.17.0025 Protein of unknown function (DUF3522) - putative
LINF_170005400 (old tag= LinJ.17.0040) LmjF.17.0030 Anaphase-promoting complex subunit 11 RING-H2 finger/Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger)/Ring finger domain/RING-H2 zinc finger containing protein - putative
LINF_170005500 (old tag= LinJ.17.0050) LmjF.17.0040 DnaJ domain containing protein - putative
LINF_170005600 (old tag= LinJ.17.0060) LmjF.17.0050 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170005700 (old tag= LinJ.17.0070) LmjF.17.0060 mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 3 - putative
LINF_170005800 (old tag= LinJ.17.0080) LmjF.17.0070 ADP-ribosylation factor-like protein 1
LINF_170005900 (old tag= LinJ.17.0090) LmjF.17.0080 elongation factor 1-alpha
LINF_170006000 (old tag= LinJ.17.0100) LmjF.17.0081 elongation factor 1-alpha
LINF_170006100 (old tag= LinJ.17.0110) LmjF.17.0082 elongation factor 1-alpha
LINF_170006200 (old tag= LinJ.17.0170) LmjF.17.0083 elongation factor 1-alpha
LINF_170006300 (old tag= LinJ.17.0180) LmjF.17.0084 elongation factor 1-alpha
LINF_170006400 (old tag= LinJ.17.0190) LmjF.17.0085 elongation factor 1-alpha
LINF_170006500 (old tag= LinJ.17.0200) LmjF.17.0086 elongation factor 1-alpha
LINF_170006600 (old tag= LinJ.17.0201) LmjF.17.0086 elongation factor 1-alpha
LINF_170006700 (old tag= LinJ.17.0202) LmjF.17.0086 elongation factor 1-alpha
LINF_170006800 (old tag= LinJ.17.0203) LmjF.17.0086 elongation factor 1-alpha
LINF_170006900 (old tag= LinJ.17.0204) LmjF.17.0086 elongation factor 1-alpha
LINF_170007000 (old tag= LinJ.17.0206) LmjF.17.0086 elongation factor 1-alpha
LINF_170007100 (old tag= LinJ.17.0208) LmjF.17.0086 elongation factor 1-alpha
LINF_170007200 (old tag= LinJ.17.0209) LmjF.17.0086 elongation factor 1-alpha
LINF_170007300 (old tag= LinJ.17.0120) LmjF.17.0190 receptor-type adenylate cyclase - putative
LINF_170007400 (old tag= LinJ.17.0130) LmjF.17.0200 receptor-type adenylate cyclase - putative
LINF_170007500 (old tag= LinJ.17.0140) LmjF.17.0230 receptor-type adenylate cyclase - putative
LINF_170007600 (old tag= LinJ.17.0150) LmjF.17.0235 receptor-type adenylate cyclase - putative
LINF_170007700 (old tag= LinJ.17.0160) LmjF.17.0237 receptor-type adenylate cyclase - putative
LINF_170007800 (old tag= LinJ.17.0165) LmjF.17.0237 receptor-type adenylate cyclase - putative
LINF_170007900 (old tag= LinJ.17.0210) LmjF.17.0100 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170008000 (old tag= LinJ.17.0220) LmjF.17.0110 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170008100 (old tag= LinJ.17.0230) LmjF.17.0120 Tetratricopeptide repeat - putative
LINF_170008200 (old tag= LinJ.17.0240) LmjF.17.0130 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170008300 (old tag= LinJ.17.0250) LmjF.17.0140 peptidase T - putative - metallo-peptidase - ClanMH - family M20B
LINF_170008400 (old tag= LinJ.17.0260) LmjF.17.0150 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170008500 (old tag= LinJ.17.0270) LmjF.17.0160 Kinesin motor domain containing protein - putative
LINF_170008600 (old tag= LinJ.17.0280) LmjF.17.0170 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_170008700 (old tag= LinJ.17.0290) LmjF.17.0240 Regulator of chromosome condensation (RCC1) repeat - putative
LINF_170008800 (old tag= LinJ.17.0300) LmjF.17.0250 cystathionine beta-synthase
LINF_170008900 (old tag= LinJ.17.0310) LmjF.17.0260 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170009000 (old tag= LinJ.17.0320) LmjF.17.0270 NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase - mitochondrial - putative
LINF_170009100 (old tag= LinJ.17.0330) LmjF.17.0280 histone H2A - putative
LINF_170009200 (old tag= LinJ.17.0340) LmjF.17.0290 Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger) containing protein - putative
LINF_170009300 (old tag= LinJ.17.0350) LmjF.17.0300 LSM domain containing protein - putative
LINF_170009400 (old tag= LinJ.17.0360) LmjF.17.0310 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170009500 (old tag= LinJ.17.0370) LmjF.17.0320 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170009600 (old tag= LinJ.17.0380) LmjF.17.0330 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170009700 (old tag= LinJ.17.0390) LmjF.17.0340 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170009800 (old tag= LinJ.17.0400) LmjF.17.0350 Dihydrouridine synthase (Dus) - putative
LINF_170009900 (old tag= LinJ.17.0410) LmjF.17.0360 cytidine deaminase-like protein
LINF_170010000 (old tag= LinJ.17.0420) LmjF.17.0370 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170010100 (old tag= LinJ.17.0430) LmjF.17.0380 Qa-SNARE protein - putative
LINF_170010200 (old tag= LinJ.17.0440) LmjF.17.0390 protein kinase - putative
LINF_170010300 (old tag= LinJ.17.0450) LmjF.17.0400 Ring finger domain containing protein - putative
LINF_170010400 (old tag= LinJ.17.0460) LmjF.17.0410 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170010500 (old tag= LinJ.17.0470) LmjF.17.0420 Probable N6-adenine methyltransferase - putative
LINF_170010600 (old tag= LinJ.17.0480) LmjF.17.0430 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170010700 (old tag= LinJ.17.0490) LmjF.17.0440 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170010800 (old tag= LinJ.17.0500) LmjF.17.0450 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170010900 (old tag= LinJ.17.0510) LmjF.17.0460 DnaJ domain containing protein - putative
LINF_170011000 (old tag= LinJ.17.0520) LmjF.17.0470 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170011100 (old tag= LinJ.17.0540) LmjF.17.0480 Phenazine biosynthesis-like protein - putative
LINF_170011200 (old tag= LinJ.17.0550) LmjF.17.0490 protein kinase - putative
LINF_170011300 (old tag= LinJ.17.0560) LmjF.17.0500 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170011400 (old tag= LinJ.17.0570) LmjF.17.0510 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170011500 (old tag= LinJ.17.0580) LmjF.17.0520 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170011600 (old tag= LinJ.17.0590) LmjF.17.0530 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170011700 (old tag= LinJ.17.0600) LmjF.17.0540 ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA) - putative
LINF_170011800 (old tag= LinJ.17.0610) LmjF.17.0550 RNA-binding protein - putative
LINF_170011900 (old tag= LinJ.17.0620) LmjF.17.0560 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170012000 (old tag= LinJ.17.0630) LmjF.17.0570 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170012100 (old tag= LinJ.17.0640) LmjF.17.0580 bis(5'-nucleosyl)-tetraphosphatase - symmetrical-like protein
LINF_170012200 (old tag= LinJ.17.0650) LmjF.17.0590 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170012300 (old tag= LinJ.17.0660) LmjF.17.0600 vacuolar-type Ca2+-ATPase - putative
LINF_170012400 (old tag= LinJ.17.0670) LmjF.17.0610 Acyl CoA binding protein - putative
LINF_170012500 (old tag= LinJ.17.0680) LmjF.17.0620 Acyl CoA binding protein - putative
LINF_170012600 (old tag= LinJ.17.0690) LmjF.17.0630 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170012700 (old tag= LinJ.17.0700) LmjF.17.0780 Acyl CoA binding protein - putative
LINF_170012800 (old tag= LinJ.17.0710) LmjF.17.0770 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170012900 (old tag= LinJ.17.0720) LmjF.17.0760 Alpha/beta hydrolase family - putative
LINF_170013000 (old tag= LinJ.17.0730) LmjF.17.0750 EF-hand domain pair/EF-hand domain containing protein - putative
LINF_170013100 (old tag= LinJ.17.0740) LmjF.17.0740 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170013200 (old tag= LinJ.17.0750) LmjF.17.0730 GRAM domain containing protein - putative
LINF_170013300 (old tag= LinJ.17.0760) LmjF.17.0733 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170013400 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon gtc
LINF_170013500 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon gct
LINF_170013600 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon agc
LINF_170013700 (old tag= LinJ.17.0770) LmjF.17.0790 polo-like protein kinase - putative
LINF_170013800 (old tag= LinJ.17.0780) LmjF.17.0640 VID27 cytoplasmic protein - putative
LINF_170013900 (old tag= LinJ.17.0790) LmjF.17.0650 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170014000 (old tag= LinJ.17.0800) LmjF.17.0660 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170014100 (old tag= LinJ.17.0810) LmjF.17.0670 protein kinase - putative
LINF_170014200 (old tag= LinJ.17.0820) LmjF.17.0680 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170014300 (old tag= LinJ.17.0830) LmjF.17.0690 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170014400 (old tag= LinJ.17.0840) LmjF.17.0700 Putative methyltransferase - putative
LINF_170014500 (old tag= LinJ.17.0850) LmjF.17.0710 Myb-like DNA-binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_170014600 (old tag= LinJ.17.0860) LmjF.17.0720 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170014700 (old tag= LinJ.17.0865) - hypothetical protein
LINF_170014800 (old tag= LinJ.17.0870) LmjF.17.0725 guanosine monophosphate reductase
LINF_170014900 (old tag= LinJ.17.0880) LmjF.17.0735 ysine decarboxylase-like protein
LINF_170015000 (old tag= LinJ.17.0890) LmjF.17.0800 OSM3-like kinesin - putative
LINF_170015100 (old tag= LinJ.17.0900) LmjF.17.0810 RNA-binding protein - putative
LINF_170015200 (old tag= LinJ.17.0910) LmjF.17.0815 G-patch domain containing protein - putative
LINF_170015300 (old tag= LinJ.17.0920) LmjF.17.0820 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170015400 (old tag= LinJ.17.0930) LmjF.17.0830 Lariat debranching enzyme - C-terminal domain containing protein - putative
LINF_170015500 (old tag= LinJ.17.0940) LmjF.17.0840 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170015600 (old tag= LinJ.17.0950) LmjF.17.0850 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170015700 (old tag= LinJ.17.0960) LmjF.17.0860 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170015800 (old tag= LinJ.17.0970) LmjF.17.0870 META domain containing protein
LINF_170015900 (old tag= LinJ.17.0980) LmjF.17.0880 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170016000 (old tag= LinJ.17.0990) LmjF.17.0890 META domain containing protein - putative
LINF_170016100 (old tag= LinJ.17.1000) LmjF.17.0900 Leucine Rich repeat - putative
LINF_170016200 (old tag= LinJ.17.1010) LmjF.17.0910 Acyltransferase - putative
LINF_170016300 (old tag= LinJ.17.1020) LmjF.17.0920 ATP-dependent RNA helicase - putative
LINF_170016400 (old tag= LinJ.17.1040) LmjF.17.0930 formin - putative
LINF_170016500 (old tag= LinJ.17.1050) LmjF.17.0940 Phosphorylated CTD interacting factor 1 WW domain containing protein - putative
LINF_170016600 (old tag= LinJ.17.1060) LmjF.17.0950 3'5'-cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase - putative
LINF_170016700 (old tag= LinJ.17.1070) LmjF.17.0960 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170016800 (old tag= LinJ.17.1080) LmjF.17.0980 Mak10 subunit - NatC N(alpha)-terminal acetyltransferase - putative
LINF_170016900 (old tag= LinJ.17.1085) - hypothetical protein
LINF_170017000 (old tag= LinJ.17.1090) LmjF.17.0990 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170017100 (old tag= LinJ.17.1100) LmjF.17.1000 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170017200 (old tag= LinJ.17.1110) LmjF.17.1010 hydrolase - alpha/beta fold family-like protein
LINF_170017300 (old tag= LinJ.17.1120) LmjF.17.1020 Glycosyltransferase (GlcNAc) - putative
LINF_170017400 (old tag= LinJ.17.1125) - hypothetical protein
LINF_170017500 (old tag= LinJ.17.1130) LmjF.17.1030 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170017600 (old tag= LinJ.17.1140) LmjF.17.1040 hydrolase-like protein
LINF_170017700 (old tag= LinJ.17.1150) LmjF.17.1050 hydrolase-like protein
LINF_170017800 (old tag= LinJ.17.1160) LmjF.17.1060 esterase-like protein
LINF_170017900 (old tag= LinJ.17.1170) LmjF.17.1070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170018000 (old tag= LinJ.17.1180) LmjF.17.1080 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170018100 (old tag= LinJ.17.1190) LmjF.17.1090 cysteine peptidase - Clan CA - family C19 - putative
LINF_170018200 (old tag= LinJ.17.1200) LmjF.17.1100 3-oxo-5-alpha-steroid 4-dehydrogenase-like protein
LINF_170018300 (old tag= LinJ.17.1210) LmjF.17.1110 kinesin - putative
LINF_170018400 (old tag= LinJ.17.1220) LmjF.17.1120 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170018500 (old tag= LinJ.17.1230) LmjF.17.1130 NOL1/NOP2/sun family - putative
LINF_170018600 (old tag= LinJ.17.1235) - hypothetical protein
LINF_170018700 (old tag= LinJ.17.1240) LmjF.17.1140 WW domain containing protein - putative
LINF_170018800 (old tag= LinJ.17.1250) LmjF.17.1150 5'-3' exoribonuclease B - putative
LINF_170018900 (old tag= LinJ.17.1260) LmjF.17.1160 UDP-sugar pyrophosphorylase
LINF_170019000 (old tag= LinJ.17.1270) LmjF.17.1170 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170019100 (old tag= LinJ.17.1280) LmjF.17.1180 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170019200 (old tag= LinJ.17.1290) LmjF.17.1190 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170019300 (old tag= LinJ.17.1300) LmjF.17.1200 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170019400 (old tag= LinJ.17.1310) LmjF.17.1210 MSP (Major sperm protein) domain containing protein - putative
LINF_170019500 (old tag= LinJ.17.1320) LmjF.17.1220 histone H2B
LINF_170019600 (old tag= LinJ.17.1330) LmjF.17.1230 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170019700 (old tag= LinJ.17.1340) LmjF.17.1240 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170019800 (old tag= LinJ.17.1350) LmjF.17.1250 Domain of unknown function (DUF1726)/Helicase/GNAT acetyltransferase 2/Possible tRNA binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_170019900 (old tag= LinJ.17.1360) LmjF.17.1260 Organic solute transport protein 1 - putative
LINF_170020000 (old tag= LinJ.17.1370) LmjF.17.1270 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170020100 (old tag= LinJ.17.1380) LmjF.17.1280 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170020200 (old tag= LinJ.17.1390) LmjF.17.1290 translation initiation factor - putative
LINF_170020300 (old tag= LinJ.17.1400) LmjF.17.1300 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170020400 (old tag= LinJ.17.1410) LmjF.17.1310 Methyltransferase domain containing protein - putative
LINF_170020500 (old tag= LinJ.17.1430) LmjF.17.1320 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170020600 (old tag= LinJ.17.1440) LmjF.17.1330 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170020700 (old tag= LinJ.17.1450) LmjF.17.1340 Cytidylyltransferase - putative
LINF_170020800 (old tag= LinJ.17.1460) LmjF.17.1350 Cytochrome b5-like Heme/Steroid binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_170020900 (old tag= LinJ.17.1470) LmjF.17.1360 L-galactonolactone oxidase - putative
LINF_170021000 (old tag= LinJ.17.1480) LmjF.17.1370 NUC130/3NT domain/SDA1 - putative
LINF_170021100 (old tag= LinJ.17.1490) LmjF.17.1375 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170021200 (old tag= LinJ.17.1500) LmjF.17.1380 IQ calmodulin-binding motif containing protein - putative
LINF_170021300 (old tag= LinJ.17.1510) LmjF.17.1390 myo-inositol-1(or 4)-monophosphatase 1 - putative
LINF_170021400 (old tag= LinJ.17.1520) LmjF.17.1400 otubain cysteine peptidase - Clan CA - family C65 - putative
LINF_170021500 (old tag= LinJ.17.1530) LmjF.17.1410 zinc-finger protein ZPR1 - putative
LINF_170021600 (old tag= LinJ.17.1540) LmjF.17.1420 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_170021700 (old tag= LinJ.17.1545) - hypothetical protein
LINF_170021800 (old tag= LinJ.17.1550) LmjF.17.1430 Major Facilitator Superfamily - putative
LINF_170021900 (old tag= LinJ.17.1560) LmjF.17.1440 Ion transport protein - putative
LINF_170022000 (old tag= LinJ.17.1570) LmjF.17.1450 Rab-GTPase-TBC domain containing protein - putative
LINF_170022100 (old tag= LinJ.17.1580) LmjF.17.1460 ferrochelatase-like protein
LINF_170022200 (old tag= LinJ.17.1590) LmjF.17.1470 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180005000 (old tag= LinJ.18.0010) LmjF.18.0010 kinetoplast polyadenylation/uridylation factor 1
LINF_180005100 (old tag= LinJ.18.0020) LmjF.18.0020 mevalonate-diphosphate decarboxylase - putative
LINF_180005200 (old tag= LinJ.18.0025) - hypothetical protein
LINF_180005300 (old tag= LinJ.18.0030) LmjF.18.0030 RNA-binding protein 27 - putative
LINF_180005400 (old tag= LinJ.18.0040) LmjF.18.0040 major facilitator superfamily protein (MFS) - putative
LINF_180005500 (old tag= LinJ.18.0050) LmjF.18.0050 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180005600 (old tag= LinJ.18.0060) LmjF.18.0060 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180005700 (old tag= LinJ.18.0070) LmjF.18.0070 zinc-finger of a C2HC-type/Double zinc ribbon - putative
LINF_180005800 (old tag= LinJ.18.0080) LmjF.18.0080 Semialdehyde dehydrogenase - NAD binding domain/NADH(P)-binding/3-beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase/isomerase family - putative
LINF_180005900 (old tag= LinJ.18.0090) LmjF.18.0090 alpha glucosidase II subunit - putative
LINF_180006000 (old tag= LinJ.18.0100) LmjF.18.0100 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180006100 (old tag= LinJ.18.0110) LmjF.18.0110 Protein of unknown function (DUF726) - putative
LINF_180006200 (old tag= LinJ.18.0120) LmjF.18.0120 ARF-like 2-binding protein - putative
LINF_180006300 (old tag= LinJ.18.0130) LmjF.18.0130 Domain of unknown function DUF21/CBS domain containing protein - putative
LINF_180006400 (old tag= LinJ.18.0140) LmjF.18.0140 Domain of unknown function DUF21 - putative
LINF_180006500 (old tag= LinJ.18.0150) LmjF.18.0150 serine/threonine protein phosphatase type 5 - putative
LINF_180006600 (old tag= LinJ.18.0160) LmjF.18.0160 Lipase (class 3) - putative
LINF_180006700 (old tag= LinJ.18.0170) LmjF.18.0170 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain)/RNA recognition motif (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain) - putative
LINF_180006800 (old tag= LinJ.18.0180) LmjF.18.0180 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain)/RNA recognition motif (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain) - putative
LINF_180006900 (old tag= LinJ.18.0190) LmjF.18.0190 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain)/RNA recognition motif (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain) - putative
LINF_180007000 (old tag= LinJ.18.0200) LmjF.18.0200 UDP-galactopyranose mutase
LINF_180007100 (old tag= LinJ.18.0210) LmjF.18.0210 Activator of Hsp90 ATPase - N-terminal/Activator of Hsp90 ATPase homolog 1-like protein - putative
LINF_180007200 (old tag= LinJ.18.0220) LmjF.18.0220 RNA-binding protein 29 - putative
LINF_180007300 (old tag= LinJ.18.0230) LmjF.18.0230 60S ribosomal protein L7 - putative
LINF_180007400 (old tag= LinJ.18.0240) LmjF.18.0240 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180007500 (old tag= LinJ.18.0250) LmjF.18.0250 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180007600 (old tag= LinJ.18.0260) LmjF.18.0260 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180007700 (old tag= LinJ.18.0270) LmjF.18.0270 glycogen synthase kinase 3 - putative
LINF_180007800 (old tag= LinJ.18.0280) LmjF.18.0280 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180007900 (old tag= LinJ.18.0290) LmjF.18.0290 Dephospho-CoA kinase - putative
LINF_180008000 (old tag= LinJ.18.0300) LmjF.18.0300 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180008100 (old tag= LinJ.18.0310) LmjF.18.0310 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180008200 (old tag= LinJ.18.0320) LmjF.18.0320 Domain of unknown function (DUF4379) - putative
LINF_180008300 (old tag= LinJ.18.0330) LmjF.18.0330 DnaJ domain containing protein - putative
LINF_180008400 (old tag= LinJ.18.0340) LmjF.18.0340 Domain of unknown function (DUF4475) - putative
LINF_180008500 (old tag= LinJ.18.0350) LmjF.18.0350 ATP12 chaperone protein - putative
LINF_180008600 (old tag= LinJ.18.0360) LmjF.18.0360 GPI-anchor transamidase subunit 8 (GPI8) - putative
LINF_180008700 (old tag= LinJ.18.0370) LmjF.18.0370 tubulin tyrosine ligase protein - putative
LINF_180008800 (old tag= LinJ.18.0380) LmjF.18.0380 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180008900 (old tag= LinJ.18.0390) LmjF.18.0390 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180009000 (old tag= LinJ.18.0400) LmjF.18.0400 UDP-galactose transporter
LINF_180009100 (old tag= LinJ.18.0410) LmjF.18.0410 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180009200 (old tag= LinJ.18.0420) LmjF.18.0420 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180009300 (old tag= LinJ.18.0430) LmjF.18.0430 PAP2 superfamily - putative
LINF_180009400 (old tag= LinJ.18.0440) LmjF.18.0440 phosphatidic acid phosphatase - putative
LINF_180009500 (old tag= LinJ.18.0450) LmjF.18.0450 serine carboxypeptidase (CBP1) - putative
LINF_180009600 (old tag= LinJ.18.0460) LmjF.18.0460 tubulin-specific chaperone - putative
LINF_180009700 (old tag= LinJ.18.0470) LmjF.18.0470 paralyzed flagella protein 20
LINF_180009800 (old tag= LinJ.18.0480) LmjF.18.0480 uracil-DNA-glycosylase - putative
LINF_180009900 (old tag= LinJ.18.0490) LmjF.18.0490 BTB/POZ domain containing protein - putative
LINF_180010000 (old tag= LinJ.18.0500) LmjF.18.0500 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180010100 (old tag= LinJ.18.0510) LmjF.18.0510 aconitase - putative
LINF_180010200 (old tag= LinJ.18.0520) LmjF.18.0520 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180010300 (old tag= LinJ.18.0530) LmjF.18.0530 tubulin cofactor C domain-containing protein RP2 - putative
LINF_180010400 (old tag= LinJ.18.0540) LmjF.18.0540 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180010500 (old tag= LinJ.18.0550) LmjF.18.0550 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180010600 (old tag= LinJ.18.0560) LmjF.18.0560 vacuolar ATP synthase subunit c - putative
LINF_180010700 (old tag= LinJ.18.0570) LmjF.18.0570 Flagellar-associated PapD-like - putative
LINF_180010800 (old tag= LinJ.18.0580) LmjF.18.0580 peroxisomal enoyl-coa hydratase - putative
LINF_180010900 (old tag= LinJ.18.0590) LmjF.18.0590 RNA binding protein - putative
LINF_180011000 (old tag= LinJ.18.0600) LmjF.18.0595 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180011100 (old tag= LinJ.18.0610) LmjF.18.0600 Zn-finger in Ran binding protein and others/FYVE zinc finger containing protein - putative
LINF_180011200 (old tag= LinJ.18.0613) - 40S ribosomal protein S27-1 - putative
LINF_180011300 (old tag= LinJ.18.0616) - Dpy-30 motif containing protein - putative
LINF_180011400 (old tag= LinJ.18.0620) LmjF.18.0610 ATP-dependent zinc metallopeptidase - putative
LINF_180011500 (old tag= LinJ.18.0630) LmjF.18.0620 60S ribosomal protein L10a - putative
LINF_180011600 (old tag= LinJ.18.0640) LmjF.18.0630 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180011700 (old tag= LinJ.18.0650) LmjF.18.0640 serine/threonine kinase-like protein - putative
LINF_180011800 (old tag= LinJ.18.0660) LmjF.18.0650 PA26 p53-induced protein (sestrin) - putative
LINF_180011900 (old tag= LinJ.18.0670) LmjF.18.0700 HEAT repeats/HEAT repeat - putative
LINF_180012000 (old tag= LinJ.18.0680) LmjF.18.0690 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180012100 (old tag= LinJ.18.0690) LmjF.18.0670 citrate synthase - putative
LINF_180012200 (old tag= LinJ.18.0700) LmjF.18.0680 citrate synthase - putative
LINF_180012300 (old tag= LinJ.18.0710) LmjF.18.0710 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180012400 (old tag= LinJ.18.0720) LmjF.18.0720 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180012500 (old tag= LinJ.18.0730) LmjF.18.0730 Dynein light chain Tctex-type - putative
LINF_180012600 (old tag= LinJ.18.0740) LmjF.18.0740 Elongation factor Tu - mitochondrial - putative
LINF_180012700 (old tag= LinJ.18.0750) LmjF.18.0750 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180012800 (old tag= LinJ.18.0760) LmjF.18.0760 Zinc-finger of C2H2 type/Zinc-finger double-stranded RNA-binding - putative
LINF_180012900 (old tag= LinJ.18.0770) LmjF.18.0770 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180013000 (old tag= LinJ.18.0780) LmjF.18.0780 DNA-directed RNA polymerase II/III subunit - putative
LINF_180013100 (old tag= LinJ.18.0790) LmjF.18.0790 DNA-directed RNA polymerase I subunit RPB5z - putative
LINF_180013200 (old tag= LinJ.18.0800) LmjF.18.0800 Ribosomal protein S8 - putative
LINF_180013300 (old tag= LinJ.18.0810) LmjF.18.0810 ethanolamine phosphotransferase - putative
LINF_180013400 (old tag= LinJ.18.0820) LmjF.18.0820 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180013500 (old tag= LinJ.18.0830) LmjF.18.0830 Periodic tryptophan protein 2 homolog - putative
LINF_180013600 (old tag= LinJ.18.0840) LmjF.18.0840 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180013700 (old tag= LinJ.18.0850) LmjF.18.0850 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180013800 (old tag= LinJ.18.0860) LmjF.18.0860 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180013900 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon tct
LINF_180014000 (old tag= LinJ.18.0870) LmjF.18.0870 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180014100 (old tag= LinJ.18.0880) LmjF.18.0880 cyclosporin 16 - putative
LINF_180014200 (old tag= LinJ.18.0890) LmjF.18.0890 rab7 GTP binding protein - putative
LINF_180014300 (old tag= LinJ.18.0900) LmjF.18.0900 dolichyl-P-Man:GDP-ManGlcNAc2-PP-dolichyl beta-1 -4-mannosyltransferase - putative
LINF_180014400 (old tag= LinJ.18.0910) LmjF.18.0910 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180014500 (old tag= LinJ.18.0920) LmjF.18.0920 actin-related protein 2/3 complex subunit 1 - putative
LINF_180014600 (old tag= LinJ.18.0930) LmjF.18.0930 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180014700 (old tag= LinJ.18.0940) LmjF.18.0940 Nrap protein - putative
LINF_180014800 (old tag= LinJ.18.0950) LmjF.18.0950 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180014900 (old tag= LinJ.18.0960) LmjF.18.0960 mannosyltransferase-II - putative
LINF_180015000 (old tag= LinJ.18.0970) LmjF.18.0970 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180015100 (old tag= LinJ.18.0980) LmjF.18.0980 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180015200 (old tag= LinJ.18.0990) LmjF.18.0990 UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase
LINF_180015300 (old tag= LinJ.18.1000) LmjF.18.1000 Mitochondrial carrier protein - putative
LINF_180015400 (old tag= LinJ.18.1010) LmjF.18.1010 Dynein light chain roadblock-type protein - putative
LINF_180015500 (old tag= LinJ.18.1020) LmjF.18.1020 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180015600 (old tag= LinJ.18.1025) - hypothetical protein
LINF_180015700 (old tag= LinJ.18.1040) LmjF.18.1030 PhoD-like phosphatase - putative
LINF_180015800 (old tag= LinJ.18.1050) LmjF.18.1040 5-oxoprolinase - putative
LINF_180015900 (old tag= LinJ.18.1060) LmjF.18.1050 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180016000 (old tag= LinJ.18.1070) LmjF.18.1060 cysteine peptidase - Clan CA - family C2 - putative
LINF_180016100 (old tag= LinJ.18.1080) LmjF.18.1070 Vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 16 homolog - putative
LINF_180016200 (old tag= LinJ.18.1090) LmjF.18.1080 protein kinase A catalytic subunit
LINF_180016300 (old tag= LinJ.18.1100) LmjF.18.1090 cAMP phosphodiesterase A - putative
LINF_180016400 (old tag= LinJ.18.1110) LmjF.18.1100 Ankyrin repeats (many copies)/Ankyrin repeats (3 copies)/Ankyrin repeat - putative
LINF_180016500 (old tag= LinJ.18.1120) LmjF.18.1110 Multisite-specific tRNA:(cytosine-C(5))-methyltransferase - putative
LINF_180016600 (old tag= LinJ.18.1130) LmjF.18.1120 AN1-like Zinc finger containing protein - putative
LINF_180016700 (old tag= LinJ.18.1140) LmjF.18.1130 Ras-related protein Rab5A - putative
LINF_180016800 (old tag= LinJ.18.1145) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180016900 (old tag= LinJ.18.1150) LmjF.18.1140 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180017000 (old tag= LinJ.18.1160) LmjF.18.1150 Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger) containing protein - putative
LINF_180017100 (old tag= LinJ.18.1170) LmjF.18.1160 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180017200 (old tag= LinJ.18.1180) LmjF.18.1170 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180017300 (old tag= LinJ.18.1190) LmjF.18.1180 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180017400 (old tag= LinJ.18.1200) LmjF.18.1190 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180017500 (old tag= LinJ.18.1210) LmjF.18.1200 Complex 1 protein (LYR family)/Complex1_LYR-like - putative
LINF_180017600 (old tag= LinJ.18.1220) LmjF.18.1210 prolyl-tRNA synthetase - putative
LINF_180017700 (old tag= LinJ.18.1230) LmjF.18.1220 prolyl-tRNA synthetase - putative
LINF_180017800 (old tag= LinJ.18.1240) LmjF.18.1230 SET domain containing protein - putative
LINF_180017900 (old tag= LinJ.18.1250) LmjF.18.1240 pre-RNA processing PIH1/Nop17 - putative
LINF_180018000 (old tag= LinJ.18.1260) LmjF.18.1250 ttaggg binding factor - putative
LINF_180018100 (old tag= LinJ.18.1270) LmjF.18.1260 Mitochondrial carrier protein - putative
LINF_180018200 (old tag= LinJ.18.1680) LmjF.18.1270 Mitochondrial carrier protein - putative
LINF_180018300 (old tag= LinJ.18.1280) LmjF.18.1280 Mitochondrial carrier protein - putative
LINF_180018400 (old tag= LinJ.18.1290) LmjF.18.1310 Acetyltransferase (GNAT) family - putative
LINF_180018500 (old tag= LinJ.18.1300) LmjF.18.1320 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180018600 (old tag= LinJ.18.1310) LmjF.18.1330 cholinephosphate cytidylyltransferase A - putative
LINF_180018700 (old tag= LinJ.18.1315) - hypothetical protein
LINF_180018800 (old tag= LinJ.18.1320) LmjF.18.1340 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180018900 (old tag= LinJ.18.1330) LmjF.18.1350 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180019000 (old tag= LinJ.18.1340) LmjF.18.1360 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180019100 (old tag= LinJ.18.1350) LmjF.18.1370 heat shock protein 110 - putative
LINF_180019200 (old tag= LinJ.18.1360) LmjF.18.1380 pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 component alpha subunit - putative
LINF_180019300 (old tag= LinJ.18.1370) LmjF.18.1390 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180019400 (old tag= LinJ.18.1380) LmjF.18.1400 60S ribosomal protein L34 - putative
LINF_180019500 (old tag= LinJ.18.1390) LmjF.18.1410 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180019600 (old tag= LinJ.18.1400) LmjF.18.1420 pumilio protein 2 - putative
LINF_180019700 (old tag= LinJ.18.1405) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180019800 (old tag= LinJ.18.1410) LmjF.18.1430 chaperone DNAJ protein - putative
LINF_180019900 (old tag= LinJ.18.1420) LmjF.18.1440 EF-hand domain/EF-hand domain pair - putative
LINF_180020000 (old tag= LinJ.18.1430) LmjF.18.1450 Protein of unknown function (DUF3648) - putative
LINF_180020100 (old tag= LinJ.18.1440) LmjF.18.1460 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_180020200 (old tag= LinJ.18.1450) LmjF.18.1470 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180020300 (old tag= LinJ.18.1460) LmjF.18.1480 NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase complex I subunit - putative
LINF_180020400 (old tag= LinJ.18.1470) LmjF.18.1490 chaperone protein DNAj - putative
LINF_180020500 (old tag= LinJ.18.1480) LmjF.18.1500 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180020600 (old tag= LinJ.18.1490) LmjF.18.1510 P-type H+-ATPase - putative
LINF_180020700 (old tag= LinJ.18.1500) LmjF.18.1520 P-type H+-ATPase - putative
LINF_180020800 (old tag= LinJ.18.1510) LmjF.18.1520 P-type H+-ATPase - putative
LINF_180020900 (old tag= LinJ.18.1520) LmjF.18.1530 kinesin - putative
LINF_180021000 (old tag= LinJ.18.1530) LmjF.18.1540 UAA transporter family/Triose-phosphate Transporter family - putative
LINF_180021100 (old tag= LinJ.18.1540) LmjF.18.1550 BTB/POZ domain containing protein - putative
LINF_180021200 (old tag= LinJ.18.1550) LmjF.18.1560 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180021300 (old tag= LinJ.18.1560) LmjF.18.1570 Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger) containing protein - putative
LINF_180021400 (old tag= LinJ.18.1570) LmjF.18.1580 nonspecific nucleoside hydrolase
LINF_180021500 (old tag= LinJ.18.1580) LmjF.18.1590 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180021600 (old tag= LinJ.18.1590) LmjF.18.1600 kinesin - putative
LINF_180021700 (old tag= LinJ.18.1600) LmjF.18.1610 Noc2p family - putative
LINF_180021800 (old tag= LinJ.18.1610) LmjF.18.1620 Got1/Sft2-like family - putative
LINF_180021900 (old tag= LinJ.18.1620) LmjF.18.1625 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180022000 (old tag= LinJ.18.1630) LmjF.18.1630 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180022100 (old tag= LinJ.18.1640) LmjF.18.1640 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_180022200 (old tag= LinJ.18.1650) LmjF.18.1650 chaperone protein DNAj - putative
LINF_180022300 (old tag= LinJ.18.1660) LmjF.18.1660 gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase - putative
LINF_180022400 (old tag= LinJ.18.1665) - hypothetical protein
LINF_180022500 (old tag= LinJ.18.1670) LmjF.18.1670 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190005000 (old tag= LinJ.19.0010) LmjF.19.0010 Qb-SNARE protein - putative
LINF_190005100 (old tag= LinJ.19.0020) LmjF.19.0020 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190005200 (old tag= LinJ.19.0030) LmjF.19.0030 histone H2B
LINF_190005300 (old tag= LinJ.19.0040) LmjF.19.0040 histone H2B
LINF_190005400 (old tag= LinJ.19.0050) LmjF.19.0060 40S ribosomal protein S2
LINF_190005500 (old tag= LinJ.19.0060) LmjF.19.0070 peroxin 13 - putative
LINF_190005600 (old tag= LinJ.19.0070) LmjF.19.0080 DnaJ domain containing protein - putative
LINF_190005700 (old tag= LinJ.19.0080) LmjF.19.0090 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190005800 (old tag= LinJ.19.0090) LmjF.19.0100 fibrillarin - putative
LINF_190005900 (old tag= LinJ.19.0100) LmjF.19.0110 Clathrin light chain - putative
LINF_190006000 (old tag= LinJ.19.0110) LmjF.19.0120 QA-SNARE protein putative
LINF_190006100 (old tag= LinJ.19.0120) LmjF.19.0130 Der1-like family - putative
LINF_190006200 (old tag= LinJ.19.0130) LmjF.19.0140 Associated kinase of Tb14-3-3 - putative
LINF_190006300 (old tag= LinJ.19.0140) LmjF.19.0150 mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase - putative
LINF_190006400 (old tag= LinJ.19.0150) LmjF.19.0160 metallo-peptidase - Clan MG - Family M24
LINF_190006500 (old tag= LinJ.19.0160) LmjF.19.0170 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190006600 (old tag= LinJ.19.0170) LmjF.19.0180 mitogen-activated protein kinase 9 - putative
LINF_190006700 (old tag= LinJ.19.0180) LmjF.19.0190 Multiprotein-bridging factor 1 - putative
LINF_190006800 (old tag= LinJ.19.0190) LmjF.19.0200 ADP- ATP carrier protein 1 - mitochondrial precursor - putative
LINF_190006900 (old tag= LinJ.19.0200) LmjF.19.0210 ADP- ATP carrier protein 1 - mitochondrial precursor - putative
LINF_190007000 (old tag= LinJ.19.0210) LmjF.19.0220 polyprenyl synthase - putative
LINF_190007100 (old tag= LinJ.19.0220) LmjF.19.0230 Complex 1 protein (LYR family)/Complex1_LYR-like - putative
LINF_190007200 (old tag= LinJ.19.0230) LmjF.19.0240 GNL3L/Grn1 putative GTPase - putative
LINF_190007300 (old tag= LinJ.19.0240) LmjF.19.0250 UvrB/uvrC motif containing protein - putative
LINF_190007400 (old tag= LinJ.19.0250) LmjF.19.0260 C-terminal motor kinesin - putative
LINF_190007500 (old tag= LinJ.19.0260) LmjF.19.0270 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190007600 (old tag= LinJ.19.0270) LmjF.19.0280 Sarcalumenin - putative
LINF_190007700 (old tag= LinJ.19.0280) LmjF.19.0290 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190007800 (old tag= LinJ.19.0290) LmjF.19.0300 RNA binding protein - putative
LINF_190007900 (old tag= LinJ.19.0300) - hypothetical protein
LINF_190008000 (old tag= LinJ.19.0310) LmjF.19.0310 membrane protein - putative
LINF_190008100 (old tag= LinJ.19.0320) LmjF.19.0320 intraflagellar transport protein 52 - putative
LINF_190008200 (old tag= LinJ.19.0330) LmjF.19.0330 intraflagellar transport protein 80 - putative
LINF_190008300 (old tag= LinJ.19.0340) LmjF.19.0340 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190008400 (old tag= LinJ.19.0350) LmjF.19.0350 lipoic acid synthetase - mitochondrial precursor - putative
LINF_190008500 (old tag= LinJ.19.0360) LmjF.19.0360 protein kinase - putative
LINF_190008600 (old tag= LinJ.19.0370) LmjF.19.0370 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190008700 (old tag= LinJ.19.0380) LmjF.19.0380 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_190008800 (old tag= LinJ.19.0390) LmjF.19.0390 40S ribosomal protein S13 - putative
LINF_190008900 (old tag= LinJ.19.0400) LmjF.19.0400 Vesicle-trafficking protein SEC22 - putative
LINF_190009000 (old tag= LinJ.19.0410) LmjF.19.0410 Proteasome maturation factor UMP1 - putative
LINF_190009100 (old tag= LinJ.19.0420) LmjF.19.0420 DNA-directed RNA polymerase III subunit C11 - putative
LINF_190009200 (old tag= LinJ.19.0430) LmjF.19.0430 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190009300 (old tag= LinJ.19.0440) LmjF.19.0440 nucleosome assembly protein - putative
LINF_190009400 (old tag= LinJ.19.0450) LmjF.19.0450 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190009500 (old tag= LinJ.19.0460) LmjF.19.0460 Predicted coiled-coil domain-containing protein (DUF2360) - putative
LINF_190009600 (old tag= LinJ.19.0470) LmjF.19.0470 nuclear cap binding complex subunit CBP30 - putative
LINF_190009700 (old tag= LinJ.19.0480) LmjF.19.0480 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190009800 (old tag= LinJ.19.0490) LmjF.19.0490 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190009900 (old tag= LinJ.19.0500) LmjF.19.0500 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190010000 (old tag= LinJ.19.0510) LmjF.19.0510 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190010100 (old tag= LinJ.19.0520) LmjF.19.0520 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190010200 (old tag= LinJ.19.0530) LmjF.19.0530 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190010300 (old tag= LinJ.19.0540) LmjF.19.0550 metallo- peptidase - Clan MG - Family M24
LINF_190010400 (old tag= LinJ.19.0550) LmjF.19.0560 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190010500 (old tag= LinJ.19.0560) LmjF.19.0540 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190010600 (old tag= LinJ.19.0570) LmjF.19.0570 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190010700 (old tag= LinJ.19.0580) LmjF.19.0580 Tubulin binding cofactor C - putative
LINF_190010800 (old tag= LinJ.19.0590) LmjF.19.0590 protein kinase - putative
LINF_190010900 (old tag= LinJ.19.0600) LmjF.19.0600 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190011000 (old tag= LinJ.19.0610) LmjF.19.0610 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190011100 (old tag= LinJ.19.0620) LmjF.19.0620 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190011200 (old tag= LinJ.19.0630) LmjF.19.0630 histone H3 variant - putative
LINF_190011300 (old tag= LinJ.19.0640) LmjF.19.0640 extracellular receptor - putative
LINF_190011400 (old tag= LinJ.19.0650) LmjF.19.0650 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190011500 (old tag= LinJ.19.0660) LmjF.19.0660 DNA-directed RNA polymerases I and III subunit RPAC1 - putative
LINF_190011600 (old tag= LinJ.19.0670) LmjF.19.0670 U3 snoRNA-associated protein UTP11 - putative
LINF_190011700 (old tag= LinJ.19.0680) LmjF.19.0680 kinesin - putative
LINF_190011800 (old tag= LinJ.19.0690) LmjF.19.0690 kinesin - putative
LINF_190011900 (old tag= LinJ.19.0700) LmjF.19.0700 kinesin - putative
LINF_190012000 (old tag= LinJ.19.0710) LmjF.19.0710 glycosomal malate dehydrogenase
LINF_190012100 (old tag= LinJ.19.0720) LmjF.19.0720 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190012200 (old tag= LinJ.19.0730) LmjF.19.0730 Methyltransferase domain containing protein - putative
LINF_190012300 (old tag= LinJ.19.0740) LmjF.19.0740 Vacuolar protein sorting protein 36 Vps36/EAP30/Vps36 family - putative
LINF_190012400 (old tag= LinJ.19.0750) LmjF.19.0750 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190012500 (old tag= LinJ.19.0760) LmjF.19.0760 transporter - putative
LINF_190012600 (old tag= LinJ.19.0770) LmjF.19.0770 SNARE protein - putative
LINF_190012700 (old tag= LinJ.19.0780) LmjF.19.0780 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190012800 (old tag= LinJ.19.0790) LmjF.19.0790 signal recognition particle protein - putative
LINF_190012900 (old tag= LinJ.19.0800) LmjF.19.0800 ABC transport system ATP-binding protein - putative
LINF_190013000 (old tag= LinJ.19.0810) LmjF.19.0810 vps53-like domain protein
LINF_190013100 (old tag= LinJ.19.0820) LmjF.19.0860 ATG8/AUT7/APG8/PAZ2 - putative
LINF_190013200 (old tag= LinJ.19.0822) LmjF.19.0870 ATG8/AUT7/APG8/PAZ2 - putative
LINF_190013300 (old tag= LinJ.19.0824) LmjF.19.0870 ATG8/AUT7/APG8/PAZ2 - putative
LINF_190013400 (old tag= LinJ.19.0825) LmjF.19.0870 ATG8/AUT7/APG8/PAZ2 - putative
LINF_190013500 (old tag= LinJ.19.0826) LmjF.19.0900 ATG8/AUT7/APG8/PAZ2 - putative
LINF_190013600 (old tag= LinJ.19.0827) LmjF.19.0870 ATG8/AUT7/APG8/PAZ2 - putative
LINF_190013700 (old tag= LinJ.19.0828) LmjF.19.0870 ATG8/AUT7/APG8/PAZ2 - putative
LINF_190013730 (old tag= LinJ.19.0830) LmjF.19.0830 hypothetical protein
LINF_190013760 (old tag= LinJ.19.0840) LmjF.19.0848 ATG8/AUT7/APG8/PAZ2 - putative
LINF_190013800 (old tag= LinJ.19.0850) LmjF.19.0870 ATG8/AUT7/APG8/PAZ2 - putative
LINF_190013900 (old tag= LinJ.19.0852) LmjF.19.0820 ATG8/AUT7/APG8/PAZ2 - putative
LINF_190014000 (old tag= LinJ.19.0854) LmjF.19.0870 ATG8/AUT7/APG8/PAZ2 - putative
LINF_190014100 (old tag= LinJ.19.0856) LmjF.19.0842 ATG8/AUT7/APG8/PAZ2 - putative
LINF_190014200 (old tag= LinJ.19.0858) LmjF.19.0870 ATG8/AUT7/APG8/PAZ2 - putative
LINF_190014300 (old tag= LinJ.19.0860) LmjF.19.0846 ATG8/AUT7/APG8/PAZ2 - putative
LINF_190014400 (old tag= LinJ.19.0870) LmjF.19.0920 pteridine transporter (truncated) - putative
LINF_190014500 (old tag= LinJ.19.0880) LmjF.19.0930 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190014600 (old tag= LinJ.19.0890) LmjF.19.0940 CAP-Gly domain containing protein - putative
LINF_190014700 (old tag= LinJ.19.0900) LmjF.19.0950 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190014800 (old tag= LinJ.19.0910) LmjF.19.0960 dynein light chain - putative
LINF_190014900 (old tag= LinJ.19.0920) LmjF.19.0970 peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase - macrophage infectivity potentiator precursor - putative
LINF_190015000 (old tag= LinJ.19.0930) LmjF.19.0980 FYVE zinc finger containing protein - putative
LINF_190015100 (old tag= LinJ.19.0940) LmjF.19.0985 4-coumarate:coa ligase-like protein
LINF_190015200 (old tag= LinJ.19.0960) LmjF.19.0995 4-coumarate:coa ligase-like protein
LINF_190015300 (old tag= LinJ.19.0970) LmjF.19.1005 4-coumarate:coa ligase-like protein
LINF_190015400 (old tag= LinJ.19.0980) LmjF.19.1010 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_190015500 (old tag= LinJ.19.0990) LmjF.19.1020 tRNA pseudouridine synthase A-like protein
LINF_190015600 (old tag= LinJ.19.1000) LmjF.19.1030 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190015700 (old tag= LinJ.19.1010) LmjF.19.1040 phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase - putative
LINF_190015800 (old tag= LinJ.19.1020) LmjF.19.1050 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190015900 (old tag= LinJ.19.1030) LmjF.19.1060 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190016000 (old tag= LinJ.19.1040) LmjF.19.1070 Diacylglycerol kinase catalytic domain containing protein - putative
LINF_190016100 (old tag= LinJ.19.1050) LmjF.19.1080 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190016300 (old tag= LinJ.19.1075) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190016400 (old tag= LinJ.19.1080) LmjF.19.1100 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190016500 (old tag= LinJ.19.1090) LmjF.19.1110 mitochondrial carrier protein - putative
LINF_190016600 (old tag= LinJ.19.1100) LmjF.19.1120 proteasome regulatory non-ATP-ase subunit 9 - putative
LINF_190016700 (old tag= LinJ.19.1110) LmjF.19.1130 Ankyrin repeats (3 copies)/Ankyrin repeat - putative
LINF_190016800 (old tag= LinJ.19.1130) LmjF.19.1140 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190016900 (old tag= LinJ.19.1140) LmjF.19.1150 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190017000 (old tag= LinJ.19.1150) LmjF.19.1160 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190017100 (old tag= LinJ.19.1160) LmjF.19.1170 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190017200 (old tag= LinJ.19.1170) LmjF.19.1180 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190017300 (old tag= LinJ.19.1180) LmjF.19.1190 CHCH domain containing protein - putative
LINF_190017400 (old tag= LinJ.19.1190) LmjF.19.1200 actin-related protein 2 - putative
LINF_190017500 (old tag= LinJ.19.1200) LmjF.19.1210 Fcf1 - putative
LINF_190017600 (old tag= LinJ.19.1210) LmjF.19.1220 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190017700 (old tag= LinJ.19.1220) LmjF.19.1230 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190017800 (old tag= LinJ.19.1230) LmjF.19.1240 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190017900 (old tag= LinJ.19.1240) LmjF.19.1250 peroxin 12 - putative
LINF_190018000 (old tag= LinJ.19.1250) LmjF.19.1260 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190018100 (old tag= LinJ.19.1260) LmjF.19.1270 RNA binding protein - putative
LINF_190018200 (old tag= LinJ.19.1270) LmjF.19.1280 SPFH domain / Band 7 family - putative
LINF_190018300 (old tag= LinJ.19.1280) LmjF.19.1290 SPFH domain / Band 7 family - putative
LINF_190018400 (old tag= LinJ.19.1290) LmjF.19.1300 Protein kinase domain containing protein - putative
LINF_190018500 (old tag= LinJ.19.1300) LmjF.19.1310 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190018600 (old tag= LinJ.35.2111) LmjF.19.1315 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190018700 (old tag= LinJ.19.1310) LmjF.19.1320 glycerol uptake protein - putative
LINF_190018800 (old tag= LinJ.19.1320) LmjF.19.1330 glycerol uptake protein - putative
LINF_190018900 (old tag= LinJ.19.1325) LmjF.19.1340 glycerol uptake protein - putative
LINF_190019000 (old tag= LinJ.19.1330) LmjF.19.1340 glycerol uptake protein - putative
LINF_190019100 (old tag= LinJ.19.1335) LmjF.19.1340 glycerol uptake protein - putative
LINF_190019200 (old tag= LinJ.19.1340) LmjF.19.1340 glycerol uptake protein - putative
LINF_190019300 (old tag= LinJ.19.1345) LmjF.19.1340 glycerol uptake protein - putative
LINF_190019400 (old tag= LinJ.19.1350) LmjF.19.1340 glycerol uptake protein - putative
LINF_190019500 (old tag= LinJ.19.1355) LmjF.19.1340 glycerol uptake protein - putative
LINF_190019600 (old tag= LinJ.19.1360) LmjF.19.1345 glycerol uptake protein - putative
LINF_190019700 (old tag= LinJ.19.1370) LmjF.19.1347 membrane-bound O-acyltransferase - putative
LINF_190019800 (old tag= LinJ.19.1380) LmjF.19.1350 phosphatidic acid phosphatase protein-like protein
LINF_190019900 (old tag= LinJ.19.1390) LmjF.19.1360 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190020000 (old tag= LinJ.19.1400) LmjF.19.1365 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190020100 (old tag= LinJ.19.1410) LmjF.19.1370 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190020200 (old tag= LinJ.19.1420) LmjF.19.1380 cation transporter - putative
LINF_190020300 (old tag= LinJ.19.1430) LmjF.19.1390 transcription initiation factor-like protein (TFIID-like protein)
LINF_190020400 (old tag= LinJ.19.1440) LmjF.19.1400 Tetratricopeptide repeat - putative
LINF_190020500 (old tag= LinJ.19.1450) LmjF.19.1410 Cid1 family poly A polymerase - putative
LINF_190020600 (old tag= LinJ.19.1460) LmjF.19.1420 cysteine peptidase A (CPA)
LINF_190020700 (old tag= LinJ.19.1465) - hypothetical protein
LINF_190020800 (old tag= LinJ.19.1470) LmjF.19.1430 pre-RNA processing PIH1/Nop17 - putative
LINF_190020900 (old tag= LinJ.19.1480) LmjF.19.1440 mitogen activated protein kinase 4 - putative
LINF_190021000 (old tag= LinJ.19.1490) LmjF.19.1450 oxidoreductase-like protein
LINF_190021100 (old tag= LinJ.19.1500) LmjF.19.1460 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190021200 (old tag= LinJ.19.1510) LmjF.19.1470 protein kinase - putative
LINF_190021300 (old tag= LinJ.19.1520) LmjF.19.1480,LmjF.19.1500 eukaryotic translation initiation factor-like protein
LINF_190021350 (old tag= LinJ.19.1530) LmjF.19.1505 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190021400 (old tag= LinJ.19.1540) LmjF.19.1490,LmjF.19.1510 Triose-phosphate Transporter family - putative
LINF_190021500 (old tag= LinJ.19.1545) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190021600 (old tag= LinJ.19.1550) LmjF.19.1520 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190021700 (old tag= LinJ.19.1560) LmjF.19.1530 FK506-binding protein (FKBP)-type peptidyl-prolyl isomerase - putative
LINF_190021800 (old tag= LinJ.19.1570) LmjF.19.1540 choline/Carnitine o-acyltransferase-like protein
LINF_190021900 (old tag= LinJ.19.1580) LmjF.19.1550 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_190022000 (old tag= LinJ.19.1590) LmjF.19.1560 inosine-5'-monophosphate dehydrogenase
LINF_190022100 (old tag= LinJ.19.1600) LmjF.19.1570 ELMO/CED-12 family - putative
LINF_190022200 (old tag= LinJ.19.1610) LmjF.19.1580 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_190022300 (old tag= LinJ.19.1620) LmjF.19.1590 ATP-dependent zinc metallopeptidase - putative
LINF_190022400 (old tag= LinJ.19.1630) LmjF.19.1600 SRP19 protein - putative
LINF_190022500 (old tag= LinJ.19.1640) LmjF.19.1610 protein kinase - putative
LINF_190022600 (old tag= LinJ.19.1650) LmjF.19.1620 potassium voltage-gated channel - putative
LINF_190022700 (old tag= LinJ.19.1660) LmjF.19.1630 ATG8/AUT7/APG8/PAZ2 - putative
LINF_190022800 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_190022900 (old tag= snoRNA) snoRNA snoRNA
LINF_190023000 (old tag= LinJ.19.1670) LmjF.19.1640 adenylate cyclase regulatory protein-like protein
LINF_200005000 (old tag= LinJ.20.0010) LmjF.20.0010 DNA-directed RNA polymerase II subunit 2 - putative
LINF_200005100 (old tag= LinJ.20.0020) LmjF.20.0020 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_200005200 (old tag= LinJ.20.0030) LmjF.20.0030 histone-lysine N-methyltransferase - putative
LINF_200005300 (old tag= LinJ.20.0040) LmjF.10.0030 phosphate-Repressible Phosphate Permease-like protein
LINF_200005400 (old tag= LinJ.20.0050) LmjF.20.0040 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200005500 (old tag= LinJ.20.0060) LmjF.20.0050 anti-silencing protein asf 1-like protein
LINF_200005600 (old tag= LinJ.20.0070) LmjF.20.0060 DNA repair protein BRCA2 - putative
LINF_200005700 (old tag= LinJ.20.0080) LmjF.20.0070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200005800 (old tag= LinJ.20.0090) LmjF.20.0080 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200005900 (old tag= LinJ.20.0100) LmjF.20.0090 Ion channel/Calcium-activated BK potassium channel alpha subunit - putative
LINF_200006000 (old tag= LinJ.20.0110) LmjF.20.0100 phosphoglycerate kinase C - glycosomal
LINF_200006100 (old tag= LinJ.20.0120) LmjF.20.0110 phosphoglycerate kinase C - glycosomal
LINF_200006200 (old tag= LinJ.20.0130) LmjF.20.0120 NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase complex I subunit - putative
LINF_200006300 (old tag= LinJ.20.0140) LmjF.20.0130 phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate 5-kinase related
LINF_200006400 (old tag= LinJ.20.0160) LmjF.20.0140 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200006500 (old tag= LinJ.20.0170) LmjF.20.0150 Domain of unknown function (DUF1736) - putative
LINF_200006600 (old tag= LinJ.20.0180) LmjF.20.0160 wd40 repeat domain-containing protein
LINF_200006700 (old tag= LinJ.20.0190) LmjF.20.0170 leucine-rich repeat-containing protein
LINF_200006800 (old tag= LinJ.20.0200) LmjF.20.0180 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200006900 (old tag= LinJ.20.0210) LmjF.20.0190 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200007000 (old tag= LinJ.20.0220) LmjF.20.0200 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200007100 (old tag= LinJ.20.0230) LmjF.20.0210 kelch domain-containing protein
LINF_200007200 (old tag= LinJ.20.0240) LmjF.20.0220 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200007300 (old tag= LinJ.20.0250) LmjF.20.0230 transmembrane protein - putative
LINF_200007400 (old tag= LinJ.20.0260) LmjF.20.0240 transmembrane protein - putative
LINF_200007500 (old tag= LinJ.20.0270) LmjF.20.0250 deoxyhypusine synthase - putative
LINF_200007600 (old tag= LinJ.20.0280) LmjF.20.0260 Midasin - putative
LINF_200007700 (old tag= LinJ.20.0290) LmjF.20.0265 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200007800 (old tag= LinJ.20.0300) LmjF.20.0270 Enkuring domain-containig protein
LINF_200007900 (old tag= LinJ.20.0310) LmjF.20.0280 developmentally regulated phosphoprotein-like protein
LINF_200008000 (old tag= LinJ.20.0320) LmjF.20.0290 E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase KCMF1 - putative
LINF_200008100 (old tag= LinJ.20.0330) LmjF.20.0300 leucine-rich repeat-containing protein
LINF_200008200 (old tag= LinJ.20.0340) LmjF.20.0310 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200008300 (old tag= LinJ.20.0350) LmjF.20.0320 Leucine Rich repeat/Leucine rich repeat/Leucine Rich Repeat/Leucine Rich repeats (2 copies) - putative
LINF_200008400 (old tag= LinJ.20.0360) LmjF.20.0330 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200008500 (old tag= LinJ.20.0370) LmjF.20.0340 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200008550 (old tag= LinJ.20.0380) LmjF.20.0343 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200008600 (old tag= LinJ.20.0390) LmjF.20.0346 ESCO acetyltransferase domain-containing protein
LINF_200008700 (old tag= LinJ.20.0400) LmjF.20.0350 Sugar (and other) transporter/Major Facilitator Superfamily - putative
LINF_200008800 (old tag= LinJ.20.0410) - hypothetical protein
LINF_200008900 (old tag= LinJ.20.0420) LmjF.20.0360 Protein of unknown function (DUF2946) - putative
LINF_200009000 (old tag= LinJ.20.0430) LmjF.20.0370 Metallo-dependent phosphatase-like domain-containing protein
LINF_200009100 (old tag= LinJ.20.0440) LmjF.20.0375 Metallo-dependent phosphatase-like domain-containing protein
LINF_200009200 (old tag= LinJ.20.0450) LmjF.20.0380 NUDIX domain containing protein - putative
LINF_200009300 (old tag= LinJ.20.0460) LmjF.20.0390 Cell cycle checkpoint protein RAD1-like - putative
LINF_200009400 (old tag= LinJ.20.0470) LmjF.20.0400 TFIIH basal transcription factor subunit - putative
LINF_200009500 (old tag= LinJ.20.0480) LmjF.20.0410 conserved protein - unknown function
LINF_200009600 (old tag= LinJ.20.0490) LmjF.20.0420 ribosomal RNA-processing protein 8 - putative
LINF_200009700 (old tag= LinJ.20.0500) LmjF.20.0430 glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase-like protein
LINF_200009800 (old tag= LinJ.20.0510) LmjF.20.0440 AIG2-like family - putative
LINF_200009900 (old tag= LinJ.20.0520) LmjF.20.0450 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200010000 (old tag= LinJ.20.0530) LmjF.20.0460 Transmembrane protein 231 - putative
LINF_200010100 (old tag= LinJ.20.0540) LmjF.20.0470 zeta tubulin - putative
LINF_200010200 (old tag= LinJ.20.0550) LmjF.20.0480 kinetoplast ribosomal PPR-repeat containing protein 3 - putative
LINF_200010300 (old tag= LinJ.20.0560) LmjF.20.0490 DNA-directed RNA polymerase 2 - RPB12 subunit - putative
LINF_200010400 (old tag= LinJ.20.0570) LmjF.20.0500 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200010500 (old tag= LinJ.20.0580) LmjF.20.0510 SSU ribosomal protein - mitochondrial - putative
LINF_200010600 (old tag= LinJ.20.0590) LmjF.20.0520 MORN repeat - putative
LINF_200010700 (old tag= LinJ.20.0600) LmjF.20.0530 conserved protein - unknown function
LINF_200010800 (old tag= LinJ.20.0610) LmjF.20.0540 RWD domain-containing protein
LINF_200010900 (old tag= LinJ.20.0620) LmjF.20.0550 chaperone protein DNAJ-like protein
LINF_200011000 (old tag= LinJ.20.0630) LmjF.20.0560 cytidine triphosphate synthase - putative
LINF_200011100 (old tag= LinJ.20.0640) LmjF.20.0570 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200011200 (old tag= LinJ.20.0650) LmjF.20.0580 MORN repeat - putative
LINF_200011300 (old tag= LinJ.20.0660) LmjF.20.0590 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200011400 (old tag= LinJ.20.0670) LmjF.20.0600 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200011500 (old tag= LinJ.20.0680) LmjF.20.0620 Quinonprotein alcohol dehydrogenase-like protein - putative
LINF_200011600 (old tag= LinJ.20.0690) LmjF.20.0630 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200011700 (old tag= LinJ.20.0700) LmjF.20.0640 kinesin heavy chain - putative
LINF_200011800 (old tag= LinJ.20.0710) LmjF.20.0650 rRNA biogenesis protein-like protein
LINF_200011900 (old tag= LinJ.20.0720) LmjF.20.0660 serine/threonine protein phosphatase 2A regulatory subunit - putative
LINF_200012000 (old tag= LinJ.20.0730) LmjF.20.0670 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200012100 (old tag= LinJ.20.0740) LmjF.20.0680 Protein of unknown function (DUF775) - putative
LINF_200012200 (old tag= LinJ.20.0750) LmjF.20.0690 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200012300 (old tag= LinJ.20.0760) LmjF.20.0700 conserved protein - unknown function
LINF_200012400 (old tag= LinJ.20.0770) LmjF.20.0705 conserved protein - unknown function
LINF_200012500 (old tag= LinJ.20.0775) LmjF.20.0705 conserved protein - unknown function
LINF_200012600 (old tag= LinJ.20.0780) LmjF.20.0770 protein kinase - putative
LINF_200012700 (old tag= LinJ.20.0790) LmjF.20.0780 Tubulin/FtsZ family - putative
LINF_200012800 (old tag= LinJ.20.0800) LmjF.20.0790 tubulin-tyrosine ligase - putative
LINF_200012900 (old tag= LinJ.20.0810) LmjF.20.0800 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200013000 (old tag= LinJ.20.0820) LmjF.20.0810 vesicular-fusion protein nsf - putative
LINF_200013100 (old tag= LinJ.20.0830) LmjF.20.0820 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200013200 (old tag= LinJ.20.0840) LmjF.20.0830 phosphopantetheinyl transferase-like protein
LINF_200013300 (old tag= LinJ.20.0850) LmjF.20.0840 cytochrome c oxidase assembly factor - putative
LINF_200013400 (old tag= LinJ.20.0860) LmjF.20.0850 pseudouridine synthase TruD - putative
LINF_200013500 (old tag= LinJ.20.0870) LmjF.20.0860 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200013600 (old tag= LinJ.20.0880) LmjF.20.0870 ATP-dependent RNA helicase - putative
LINF_200013700 (old tag= LinJ.20.0890) LmjF.20.0880 transcription elongation factor 1 homolog
LINF_200013800 (old tag= LinJ.20.0900) LmjF.20.0890 Transcription elongation factor 1 domain-containing protein
LINF_200013900 (old tag= LinJ.20.0910) LmjF.20.0900 RNA editing endoribonuclease
LINF_200014000 (old tag= LinJ.20.0920) LmjF.20.0910 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200014100 (old tag= LinJ.20.0930) LmjF.20.0920 AATF protein - putative
LINF_200014200 (old tag= LinJ.20.0940) LmjF.20.0930 transmembrane protein - conserved
LINF_200014300 (old tag= LinJ.20.0950) LmjF.20.0940 cyclophilin 15 - putative
LINF_200014400 (old tag= LinJ.20.0960) LmjF.20.0950 conserved protein - unknown function
LINF_200014500 (old tag= LinJ.20.0965) - hypothetical protein
LINF_200014600 (old tag= LinJ.20.0970) LmjF.20.0960 protein kinase - putative
LINF_200014700 (old tag= LinJ.20.0980) LmjF.20.0970 1 -2-Dihydroxy-3-keto-5-methylthiopentene dioxygenase - putative
LINF_200014800 (old tag= LinJ.20.0990) LmjF.20.0980 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200014900 (old tag= LinJ.20.1000) LmjF.20.0990 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200015000 (old tag= LinJ.20.1010) LmjF.20.1000 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200015100 (old tag= LinJ.20.1020) LmjF.20.1010 glutaredoxin - putative
LINF_200015200 (old tag= LinJ.20.1030) LmjF.20.1020 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200015300 (old tag= LinJ.20.1040) LmjF.20.1030 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200015400 (old tag= LinJ.20.1050) LmjF.20.1040 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200015500 (old tag= LinJ.20.1060) LmjF.20.1050 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200015600 (old tag= LinJ.20.1070) LmjF.24.0360 UDP-galactose transporter - putative
LINF_200015700 (old tag= LinJ.20.1080) LmjF.20.1060 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200015800 (old tag= LinJ.20.1090) LmjF.20.1070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200015900 (old tag= LinJ.20.1100) LmjF.20.1080 WD40 repeat-containing protein
LINF_200016000 (old tag= LinJ.20.1110) LmjF.20.1090 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200016100 (old tag= LinJ.20.1120) LmjF.20.1100 MORN repeat-containing protein
LINF_200016200 (old tag= LinJ.20.1130) LmjF.20.1110 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200016300 (old tag= LinJ.20.1140) LmjF.20.1120 phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase - putative
LINF_200016400 (old tag= LinJ.20.1150) LmjF.20.1130 DNAj-like protein
LINF_200016500 (old tag= LinJ.20.1160) LmjF.20.1140 Protein transport protein yif1 - putative
LINF_200016600 (old tag= LinJ.20.1170) LmjF.20.1150 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor 38 - putative
LINF_200016700 (old tag= LinJ.20.1180) LmjF.20.1160 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200016730 (old tag= LinJ.20.1190) LmjF.20.1170 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200016760 (old tag= LinJ.20.1200)  LmjF.20.1175:pseudogenic_transcript hypothetical protein
LINF_200016800 (old tag= LinJ.20.1210) LmjF.04.0450,LmjF.20.1180,LmjF.20.1185 cysteine peptidase - Clan CA - family C2 - putative
LINF_200016900 (old tag= LinJ.20.1220) LmjF.04.0450,LmjF.20.1180,LmjF.20.1185 cysteine peptidase - Clan CA - family C2 - putative
LINF_200017000 (old tag= LinJ.20.1230) LmjF.20.1190 cysteine peptidase - Clan CA - family C2 - putative
LINF_200017100 (old tag= LinJ.20.1240) LmjF.20.1200 calpain-like cysteine peptidase - putative
LINF_200017200 (old tag= LinJ.20.1250) LmjF.20.1210 calpain-like cysteine peptidase - putative
LINF_200017300 (old tag= LinJ.20.1260) LmjF.20.1220 calpain-like cysteine peptidase - Clan CA - family C2
LINF_200017400 (old tag= LinJ.20.1270) LmjF.20.1230 Domain of unknown function (DUF1935) - putative
LINF_200017500 (old tag= LinJ.20.1280) LmjF.20.1240 Raptor N-terminal CASPase like domain containing protein - putative
LINF_200017600 (old tag= LinJ.20.1290) LmjF.20.1250 Domain of unknown function (DUF1935) - putative
LINF_200017700 (old tag= LinJ.20.1295) - hypothetical protein
LINF_200017800 (old tag= LinJ.20.1300) LmjF.20.1260 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200017900 (old tag= LinJ.20.1310) LmjF.20.1270 Domain of unknown function (DUF1935) - putative
LINF_200018000 (old tag= LinJ.20.1320) LmjF.20.1280 small myristoylated protein 4 - putative
LINF_200018100 (old tag= LinJ.20.1330) LmjF.20.1290 Nucleosome assembly protein (NAP) - putative
LINF_200018200 (old tag= LinJ.20.1340) LmjF.20.1300 small myristoylated protein-2
LINF_200018300 (old tag= LinJ.20.1350) LmjF.20.1310 small myristoylated protein-1
LINF_200018400 (old tag= LinJ.20.1360) LmjF.20.1320 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200018500 (old tag= LinJ.20.1370) LmjF.20.1330 kinase-like protein
LINF_200018600 (old tag= LinJ.20.1380) LmjF.20.1340 kinase-like protein
LINF_200018700 (old tag= LinJ.20.1390) LmjF.20.1350 coatomer beta subunit - putative
LINF_200018800 (old tag= LinJ.20.1400) LmjF.20.1360 RNasePH-like protein
LINF_200018900 (old tag= LinJ.20.1410) LmjF.20.1365,LmjF.20.1370 pumilio protein 9 - putative
LINF_200019000 (old tag= LinJ.20.1420) LmjF.20.1365,LmjF.20.1370 pumilio protein 9 - putative
LINF_200019100 (old tag= LinJ.20.1430) LmjF.20.1380 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200019200 (old tag= LinJ.20.1440) LmjF.20.1390 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200019300 (old tag= LinJ.20.1450) LmjF.20.1400 paralyzed flagella protein 16
LINF_200019400 (old tag= LinJ.20.1460) LmjF.20.1410 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200019500 (old tag= LinJ.20.1470) LmjF.20.1420 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200019600 (old tag= LinJ.20.1480) LmjF.20.1430 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200019700 (old tag= LinJ.20.1490) LmjF.20.1440 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200019800 (old tag= LinJ.20.1500) LmjF.20.1450 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200019900 (old tag= LinJ.20.1510) LmjF.20.1460 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200020000 (old tag= LinJ.20.1520) LmjF.20.1470 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200020100 (old tag= LinJ.20.1525) - hypothetical protein
LINF_200020200 (old tag= LinJ.20.1530) LmjF.20.1480 zinc-binding phosphatase - putative
LINF_200020300 (old tag= LinJ.20.1540) LmjF.20.1490 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200020400 (old tag= LinJ.20.1550) LmjF.20.1500 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200020500 (old tag= LinJ.20.1560) LmjF.20.1510 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200020600 (old tag= LinJ.20.1570) LmjF.20.1520 Domain of unknown function (DUF4455)/Domain of unknown function (DUF4456) - putative
LINF_200020700 (old tag= LinJ.20.1580) LmjF.20.1530 cell division cycle protein-like protein
LINF_200020750 (old tag= LinJ.20.1590) LmjF.20.1540 hypothetical protein - unknown function
LINF_200020800 (old tag= LinJ.20.1600) LmjF.20.1630 TBC1 domain family member 20/GTPase - putative
LINF_200020900 (old tag= LinJ.20.1610) LmjF.20.1640 Suppressor of G2 allele of SKP1 - putative
LINF_200021000 (old tag= LinJ.20.1620) LmjF.20.1650 40S ribosomal protein S11 - putative
LINF_200021100 (old tag= LinJ.20.1630) LmjF.20.1660 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200021200 (old tag= LinJ.20.1640) LmjF.20.1670 ribosome biogenesis protein - putative
LINF_200021300 (old tag= LinJ.20.1650) LmjF.20.1680 cysteine peptidase - Clan CD - family C50 - putative
LINF_200021400 (old tag= LinJ.20.1660) LmjF.20.1690 SNAP protein - putative
LINF_200021500 (old tag= LinJ.20.1670) LmjF.20.1700 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200021600 (old tag= LinJ.20.1680) LmjF.20.1710 tRNA (Uracil-5-)-methyltransferase/Protein-L-isoaspartate(D-aspartate) O-methyltransferase (PCMT)/ubiE/COQ5 methyltransferase family/Conserved hypothetical protein 95/Methyltransferase small domain/Methyltransferase domain containing protein Pfam:PF05958
LINF_200021700 (old tag= LinJ.20.1690) LmjF.20.1720 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200021800 (old tag= LinJ.20.1700) LmjF.20.1730 mitochondrial RNA ligase 2
LINF_200021900 (old tag= LinJ.20.1710) LmjF.20.1740 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200021950 (old tag= LinJ.20.1715) LmjF.20.1540 hypothetical protein - unknown function
LINF_200022000 (old tag= LinJ.20.1720) LmjF.20.1550,LmjF.20.1560,LmjF.20.1570 amidohydrolase - putative
LINF_200022100 (old tag= LinJ.20.1730) LmjF.20.1550,LmjF.20.1560,LmjF.20.1570 amidohydrolase - putative
LINF_200022200 (old tag= LinJ.20.1740) LmjF.20.1550,LmjF.20.1560,LmjF.20.1570 amidohydrolase - putative
LINF_200022300 (old tag= LinJ.20.1750) LmjF.20.1580 Pentatricopeptide repeat domain containing protein - putative
LINF_200022400 (old tag= LinJ.20.1760) LmjF.20.1590 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200022500 (old tag= LinJ.20.1770) LmjF.20.1600 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200022600 (old tag= LinJ.20.1780) LmjF.20.1610 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_200022700 (old tag= LinJ.20.1790) LmjF.20.1620 CHORD - putative
LINF_210005000 (old tag= LinJ.21.0010) LmjF.21.0010 phosphoglycan beta 1, 3 galactosyltransferase 4
LINF_210005100 (old tag= LinJ.21.0020) LmjF.21.0015:pseudogenic_transcript histone H4
LINF_210005200 (old tag= LinJ.21.0030) LmjF.21.0020 Methyltransferase domain containing protein - putative
LINF_210005300 (old tag= LinJ.21.0040) LmjF.21.0023 ring-box protein 1 - putative
LINF_210005400 (old tag= LinJ.21.0050) LmjF.21.0027 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210005500 (old tag= LinJ.21.0060) LmjF.21.0030 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210005600 (old tag= LinJ.21.0070) LmjF.21.0040 BAR domain containing protein - putative
LINF_210005700 (old tag= LinJ.21.0080) LmjF.21.0050 Qb-SNARE protein - putative
LINF_210005800 (old tag= LinJ.21.0090) LmjF.21.0055 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210005900 (old tag= LinJ.21.0100) LmjF.21.0060 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_210006000 (old tag= LinJ.21.0110) LmjF.21.0070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210006100 (old tag= LinJ.21.0120) LmjF.21.0080 Major Facilitator Superfamily - putative
LINF_210006200 (old tag= LinJ.21.0130) LmjF.21.0090 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210006300 (old tag= LinJ.21.0140) LmjF.21.0100 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210006400 (old tag= LinJ.21.0150) LmjF.21.0110 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210006500 (old tag= LinJ.21.0160) LmjF.21.0120 cysteine peptidase - Clan CA - family C2 - putative
LINF_210006600 (old tag= LinJ.21.0180) LmjF.21.0125 DNA topoisomerase 1A
LINF_210006700 (old tag= LinJ.21.0190) LmjF.21.0130 serine/threonine protein kinase - putative
LINF_210006800 (old tag= LinJ.21.0200) LmjF.21.0140 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210006900 (old tag= LinJ.21.0210) LmjF.21.0150 serine/threonine-protein kinase-like protein
LINF_210007000 (old tag= LinJ.21.0220) LmjF.21.0160 Leucine Rich repeat - putative
LINF_210007100 (old tag= LinJ.21.0230) LmjF.21.0170 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210007200 (old tag= LinJ.21.0240) LmjF.21.0180 Leucine Rich repeat/CHAT domain containing protein - putative
LINF_210007300 (old tag= LinJ.21.0250) LmjF.21.0190 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210007400 (old tag= LinJ.21.0260) LmjF.21.0200 major vault protein-like protein
LINF_210007500 (old tag= LinJ.21.0270) LmjF.21.0210 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210007600 (old tag= LinJ.21.0280) LmjF.21.0220 calmodulin-like protein
LINF_210007700 (old tag= LinJ.21.0290) LmjF.21.0230 actin-like protein - putative
LINF_210007800 (old tag= LinJ.21.0300) LmjF.21.0240,LmjF.21.0250 hexokinase - putative
LINF_210007900 (old tag= LinJ.21.0310) LmjF.21.0240,LmjF.21.0250 hexokinase - putative
LINF_210008000 (old tag= LinJ.21.0320) LmjF.21.0260 Pentatricopeptide repeat domain containing protein - putative
LINF_210008100 (old tag= LinJ.21.0330) LmjF.21.0270 protein kinase - putative
LINF_210008200 (old tag= LinJ.21.0340) LmjF.21.0280 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210008300 (old tag= LinJ.21.0350) LmjF.21.0290 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210008400 (old tag= LinJ.21.0360) LmjF.21.0300 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210008500 (old tag= LinJ.21.0370) LmjF.21.0310 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210008600 (old tag= LinJ.21.0380) LmjF.21.0320 U1 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein C - putative
LINF_210008700 (old tag= LinJ.21.0390) LmjF.21.0330 Vps51/Vps67/Protein of unknown function N-terminal domain (DUF2450)/Dor1-like family/Exocyst complex component Sec5 - putative
LINF_210008800 (old tag= LinJ.21.0400) LmjF.21.0340 mitochondrial processing peptidase alpha subunit - putative
LINF_210008900 (old tag= LinJ.21.0410) LmjF.21.0350 Protein of unknown function - DUF607 - putative
LINF_210009000 (old tag= LinJ.21.0420) LmjF.21.0360 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210009100 (old tag= LinJ.21.0430) LmjF.21.0370 Rtr1/RPAP2 family - putative
LINF_210009200 (old tag= LinJ.21.0440) LmjF.21.0380 Protein of unknown function (DUF667) - putative
LINF_210009300 (old tag= LinJ.21.0450) LmjF.21.0390 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210009400 (old tag= LinJ.21.0460) LmjF.21.0400 Peptidase C19 - ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase - putative
LINF_210009500 (old tag= LinJ.21.0470) LmjF.21.0410 argonaut-like protein - putative
LINF_210009600 (old tag= LinJ.21.0480) LmjF.21.0420 NADPH:adrenodoxin oxidoreductase - mitochondrial - putative
LINF_210009700 (old tag= LinJ.21.0490) LmjF.21.0430 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210009800 (old tag= LinJ.21.0500) LmjF.21.0440 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme-like protein
LINF_210009900 (old tag= LinJ.21.0510) LmjF.21.0450 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210010000 (old tag= LinJ.21.0520) LmjF.21.0460 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210010100 (old tag= LinJ.21.0530) LmjF.21.0470 vacuolar sorting-associated-like protein
LINF_210010200 (old tag= LinJ.21.0540) LmjF.21.0480 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210010300 (old tag= LinJ.21.0550) LmjF.21.0490 DnaJ protein - putative
LINF_210010400 (old tag= LinJ.21.0560) LmjF.21.0500 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210010500 (old tag= LinJ.21.0570) LmjF.21.0510 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210010600 (old tag= LinJ.21.0580) LmjF.21.0520 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210010700 (old tag= 5S_rRNA) rRNA rRNA
LINF_210010800 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon gct
LINF_210010900 (old tag= LinJ.21.0590) LmjF.21.0530 Tetratricopeptide repeat - putative
LINF_210011000 (old tag= LinJ.21.0600) LmjF.21.0540 la RNA binding protein - putative
LINF_210011100 (old tag= LinJ.21.0610) LmjF.21.0550 dihydrolipoamide acetyltransferase precursorlike protein
LINF_210011200 (old tag= LinJ.21.0620) LmjF.21.0560 Qc-SNARE protein - putative
LINF_210011300 (old tag= LinJ.21.0630) LmjF.21.0570 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210011400 (old tag= LinJ.21.0640) LmjF.21.0580 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210011500 (old tag= LinJ.21.0650) LmjF.21.0590 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210011600 (old tag= LinJ.21.0660) LmjF.21.0600 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210011700 (old tag= LinJ.21.0670) LmjF.21.0610 RNA helicase - putative
LINF_210011800 (old tag= LinJ.21.0680) LmjF.21.0620,LmjF.21.0630 DNA polymerase eta - putative
LINF_210011900 (old tag= LinJ.21.0690) LmjF.21.0620,LmjF.21.0630 DNA polymerase eta - putative
LINF_210012000 (old tag= LinJ.21.0700) LmjF.21.0640 phosphoglucomutase - putative
LINF_210012100 (old tag= LinJ.21.0710) LmjF.21.0650 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210012200 (old tag= LinJ.21.0720) LmjF.21.0660 nucleotide-binding protein - putative
LINF_210012300 (old tag= LinJ.21.0730) LmjF.21.0670 metallo-beta-lactamase family-like protein
LINF_210012400 (old tag= LinJ.21.0740) LmjF.21.0680 histone deacetylase - putative
LINF_210012500 (old tag= LinJ.21.0750) LmjF.21.0690 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210012600 (old tag= LinJ.21.0760) LmjF.21.0700 dual specificity protein phosphatase - putative
LINF_210012700 (old tag= LinJ.21.0770) LmjF.21.0710 ATP-binding cassette protein subfamily E - member 1 - putative
LINF_210012800 (old tag= LinJ.21.0780) LmjF.21.0720 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210012900 (old tag= LinJ.21.0790) LmjF.21.0725 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210013000 (old tag= LinJ.21.0800) LmjF.21.0730 60S ribosomal protein L36 - putative
LINF_210013100 (old tag= LinJ.21.0810) LmjF.21.0735 Domain of unknown function (DUF543) - putative
LINF_210013200 (old tag= LinJ.21.0820) LmjF.21.0740 ATPase subunit 9 - putative
LINF_210013300 (old tag= LinJ.21.0830) LmjF.21.0750 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210013400 (old tag= LinJ.21.0840) LmjF.21.0760 proteasome regulatory non-ATP-ase subunit 5 - putative
LINF_210013500 (old tag= LinJ.21.0850) LmjF.21.0770 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210013600 (old tag= LinJ.21.0860) LmjF.21.0780 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210013700 (old tag= LinJ.21.0870) LmjF.21.0790 ras-related protein Rab21 - putative
LINF_210013750 (old tag= LinJ.21.0871) LmjF.21.0791 putative PfkB family sugar kinase (pseudogen)
LINF_210013800 (old tag= LinJ.21.0880) LmjF.21.0800 Domain of unknown function (DUF3819)/CCR4-Not complex component - Not1 - putative
LINF_210013900 (old tag= LinJ.21.0890) LmjF.21.0810 methionyl-tRNA synthetase
LINF_210014000 (old tag= LinJ.21.0895) - hypothetical protein
LINF_210014100 (old tag= LinJ.21.0900) LmjF.21.0820 Temperature dependent protein affecting M2 dsRNA replication - putative
LINF_210014200 (old tag= LinJ.21.0910) LmjF.21.0823 Protein kinase domain/Protein tyrosine kinase - putative
LINF_210014300 (old tag= LinJ.21.0920) LmjF.21.0825 plectin - putative
LINF_210014400 (old tag= LinJ.21.0930) LmjF.21.0827 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210014500 (old tag= LinJ.21.0940) LmjF.21.0830 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210014600 (old tag= LinJ.21.0950) LmjF.21.0835 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210014700 (old tag= LinJ.21.0960) LmjF.21.0840 metallo-peptidase - Clan MG - Family M24
LINF_210014800 (old tag= LinJ.21.0970) LmjF.21.0843 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210014900 (old tag= LinJ.21.0980) LmjF.21.0845 hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase
LINF_210015000 (old tag= LinJ.21.0990) LmjF.21.0850 xanthine phosphoribosyltransferase
LINF_210015100 (old tag= LinJ.21.1000) LmjF.21.0853 Protein kinase domain/Protein tyrosine kinase/Kinase-like - putative
LINF_210015200 (old tag= LinJ.21.1010) LmjF.21.0855 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210015300 (old tag= LinJ.21.1020) LmjF.21.0861 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210015400 (old tag= LinJ.21.1030) LmjF.21.0865 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210015500 (old tag= LinJ.21.1040) LmjF.21.0870 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210015600 (old tag= LinJ.21.1050) LmjF.21.0873 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210015700 (old tag= LinJ.21.1060) LmjF.21.0875 Domain of unknown function (DUF4042)/HEAT-like repeat - putative
LINF_210015800 (old tag= LinJ.21.1070) LmjF.21.0880 ABC transporter - putative
LINF_210015900 (old tag= LinJ.21.1080) LmjF.21.0882 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210016000 (old tag= LinJ.21.1090) LmjF.21.0883 Domain of unknown function (DUF4499) - putative
LINF_210016100 (old tag= LinJ.21.1100) LmjF.21.0885 mis-match repair protein - putative
LINF_210016200 (old tag= LinJ.21.1110) LmjF.21.0891 Adenylate cyclase associated (CAP) C terminal - putative
LINF_210016300 (old tag= LinJ.21.1120) LmjF.21.0895 aspartyl-tRNA synthetase - putative
LINF_210016400 (old tag= LinJ.21.1130) LmjF.21.0901 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210016500 (old tag= LinJ.21.1140) LmjF.21.0905 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210016600 (old tag= LinJ.21.1150) LmjF.21.0910 Aminoacyl-tRNA editing domain containing protein - putative
LINF_210016700 (old tag= LinJ.21.1160) LmjF.29.1720,LmjF.29.1730,LmjF.29.1740 histone H2A - putative
LINF_210016800 (old tag= LinJ.21.1160) LmjF.29.1720,LmjF.29.1730,LmjF.29.1740 histone H2A - putative
LINF_210016900 (old tag= LinJ.21.1170) LmjF.29.1720,LmjF.29.1730,LmjF.29.1740 histone H2A - putative
LINF_210017000 (old tag= LinJ.21.1180) LmjF.21.0940 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210017100 (old tag= LinJ.21.1190) LmjF.21.0950 Programmed cell death protein 2 - C-terminal putative domain containing protein - putative
LINF_210017200 (old tag= LinJ.21.1200) LmjF.21.0960 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210017300 (old tag= LinJ.21.1210) LmjF.21.0970 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210017400 (old tag= LinJ.21.1220) LmjF.21.0980 intraflagellar transport protein 172 - putative
LINF_210017500 (old tag= LinJ.21.1230) LmjF.21.0990 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210017600 (old tag= LinJ.21.1240) LmjF.21.1000 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210017700 (old tag= LinJ.21.1250) LmjF.21.1010 epsilon tubulin - putative
LINF_210017800 (old tag= LinJ.21.1260) LmjF.21.1020 dynein arm light chain - putative
LINF_210017900 (old tag= LinJ.21.1270) LmjF.21.1030 Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 66 - putative
LINF_210018000 (old tag= LinJ.21.1280) LmjF.21.1040 kinesin - putative
LINF_210018100 (old tag= LinJ.21.1290) LmjF.21.1050 60S ribosomal protein L9 - putative
LINF_210018200 (old tag= LinJ.21.1300) LmjF.21.1060 40S ribosomal protein S23 - putative
LINF_210018300 (old tag= LinJ.21.1310) LmjF.21.1070 40S ribosomal protein S23 - putative
LINF_210018400 (old tag= LinJ.21.1320) LmjF.21.1080 cell division protein kinase 2
LINF_210018500 (old tag= LinJ.21.1330) LmjF.21.1090 T-complex protein 1 - delta subunit - putative
LINF_210018600 (old tag= 5S_rRNA) rRNA rRNA
LINF_210018700 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon agg
LINF_210018800 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon aac
LINF_210018900 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon ctt
LINF_210019000 (old tag= LinJ.21.1340) LmjF.21.1100 RNA polymerase III transcription factor (TF)IIIC subunit - putative
LINF_210019100 (old tag= LinJ.21.1350) LmjF.21.1110 IQ calmodulin-binding motif containing protein - putative
LINF_210019200 (old tag= LinJ.21.1360) LmjF.21.1120 U4/U6 small nuclear ribonuclear protein - putative
LINF_210019300 (old tag= LinJ.21.1370) LmjF.21.1130 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210019400 (old tag= LinJ.21.1380) LmjF.21.1140 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210019500 (old tag= LinJ.21.1390) LmjF.21.1150 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210019600 (old tag= LinJ.21.1400) LmjF.21.1160 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210019700 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon acc
LINF_210019800 (old tag= LinJ.21.1410) LmjF.21.1170 surface antigen-like protein
LINF_210019900 (old tag= LinJ.21.1420) LmjF.21.1180 Ribosomal protein L1p/L10e family - putative
LINF_210020000 (old tag= LinJ.21.1430) LmjF.21.1190 DNA repair and recombination helicase protein PIF6 - putative
LINF_210020100 (old tag= LinJ.21.1440) LmjF.21.1200 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210020200 (old tag= LinJ.21.1450) LmjF.21.1210 thymidine kinase - putative
LINF_210020300 (old tag= LinJ.21.1460) LmjF.21.1220 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210020400 (old tag= LinJ.21.1470) LmjF.21.1230 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_210020500 (old tag= LinJ.21.1480) LmjF.21.1240 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_210020600 (old tag= LinJ.21.1490) LmjF.21.1250 adenylate kinase - putative
LINF_210020700 (old tag= LinJ.21.1500) LmjF.21.1260 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210020800 (old tag= LinJ.21.1510) LmjF.21.1270 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210020900 (old tag= LinJ.21.1520) LmjF.21.1280 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210021000 (old tag= LinJ.21.1530) LmjF.21.1290 vesicle-associated membrane protein - putative
LINF_210021100 (old tag= LinJ.21.1540) LmjF.21.1295 Ring finger domain/RING-H2 zinc finger/Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger) containing protein - putative
LINF_210021200 (old tag= LinJ.21.1550) LmjF.21.1300 RF-1 domain containing protein - putative
LINF_210021300 (old tag= LinJ.21.1560) LmjF.21.1310 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210021400 (old tag= LinJ.21.1570) LmjF.21.1320 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210021500 (old tag= LinJ.21.1580) LmjF.21.1330 RecF/RecN/SMC N terminal domain/SMC proteins Flexible Hinge Domain - putative
LINF_210021600 (old tag= LinJ.21.1590) LmjF.21.1340 ATP synthase - putative
LINF_210021700 (old tag= LinJ.21.1600) LmjF.21.1350 PB1 domain containing protein - putative
LINF_210021800 (old tag= LinJ.21.1610) LmjF.21.1360 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210021900 (old tag= LinJ.21.1615) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210022000 (old tag= LinJ.21.1620) LmjF.21.1370 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210022100 (old tag= LinJ.21.1625) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210022200 (old tag= LinJ.21.1630) LmjF.21.1380 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210022300 (old tag= LinJ.21.1635) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210022400 (old tag= LinJ.21.1640) LmjF.21.1390,LmjF.21.1400 palmitoyl acyltransferase 3 - putative
LINF_210022500 (old tag= LinJ.21.1645) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210022600 (old tag= LinJ.21.1650) LmjF.21.1410 Protein of unknown function (DUF971) - putative
LINF_210022700 (old tag= LinJ.21.1660) LmjF.21.1420 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210022800 (old tag= LinJ.21.1665) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210022900 (old tag= LinJ.21.1670) LmjF.21.1430 2-oxoisovalerate dehydrogenase alpha subunit - putative
LINF_210023000 (old tag= LinJ.21.1680) LmjF.21.1440 Cytochrome b5-like Heme/Steroid binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_210023100 (old tag= LinJ.21.1690) LmjF.21.1450 arginine N-methyltransferase - type II - putative
LINF_210023200 (old tag= LinJ.21.1700) LmjF.21.1460 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210023300 (old tag= LinJ.21.1710) LmjF.21.1470 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210023400 (old tag= LinJ.21.1720) LmjF.21.1480 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210023500 (old tag= LinJ.21.1730) LmjF.21.1490 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210023600 (old tag= LinJ.21.1740) LmjF.21.1500 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210023700 (old tag= LinJ.21.1750) LmjF.21.1510 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210023800 (old tag= LinJ.21.1760) LmjF.21.1520 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210023900 (old tag= LinJ.21.1770) LmjF.21.1530 Vitamin B6 photo-protection and homoeostasis - putative
LINF_210024000 (old tag= LinJ.21.1780) LmjF.21.1540 Protein of unknown function N-terminal domain (DUF2450)/Sec8 exocyst complex component specific domain containing protein - putative
LINF_210024100 (old tag= LinJ.21.1790) LmjF.21.1550 40S ribosomal protein S11 - putative
LINF_210024200 (old tag= LinJ.21.1800) LmjF.21.1560 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210024250 (old tag= LinJ.21.1810) LmjF.21.1561 hypothetical protein
LINF_210024300 (old tag= LinJ.21.1820) LmjF.21.1552 ATP-dependent RNA helicase SUB2 - putative
LINF_210024400 (old tag= LinJ.21.1830) LmjF.21.1555 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210024500 (old tag= LinJ.21.1840) LmjF.21.1558 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210024600 (old tag= LinJ.21.1850) LmjF.21.1561 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210024700 (old tag= LinJ.21.1860) LmjF.21.1563 choline dehydrogenase - like protein
LINF_210024800 (old tag= LinJ.21.1870) LmjF.21.1565 NIMA-related kinase - putative
LINF_210024900 (old tag= LinJ.21.1880) LmjF.21.1566 Microtubule-binding protein MIP-T3 - putative
LINF_210025000 (old tag= LinJ.21.1890) LmjF.21.1568 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210025100 (old tag= LinJ.21.1900) LmjF.21.1567 Peroxidase - putative
LINF_210025200 (old tag= LinJ.21.1910) LmjF.21.1569 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210025300 (old tag= LinJ.21.1920) LmjF.21.1570 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210025400 (old tag= LinJ.21.1930) LmjF.21.1580 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210025500 (old tag= LinJ.21.1940) LmjF.21.1590 F-box domain/F-box-like - putative
LINF_210025600 (old tag= LinJ.21.1950) LmjF.21.1600 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210025700 (old tag= LinJ.21.1960) LmjF.21.1605 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210025800 (old tag= LinJ.21.1970) LmjF.21.1610 Ubiquitin-2 like Rad60 SUMO-like - putative
LINF_210025900 (old tag= LinJ.21.1980) LmjF.21.1620 mitochondrial RNA binding complex 1 subunit - putative
LINF_210026000 (old tag= LinJ.21.1990) LmjF.21.1630 calcineurin b subunit
LINF_210026100 (old tag= LinJ.21.2000) LmjF.21.1640 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210026200 (old tag= LinJ.21.2010) LmjF.21.1650 protein kinase - putative
LINF_210026300 (old tag= LinJ.21.2020) LmjF.21.1660 mitochondrial structure specific endonuclease I (SSE-1) - putative
LINF_210026400 (old tag= LinJ.21.2030) LmjF.21.1670 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210026500 (old tag= LinJ.21.2040) LmjF.21.1675 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210026600 (old tag= LinJ.21.2050) LmjF.21.1680 pumillio protein 3 - putative
LINF_210026700 (old tag= LinJ.21.2060) LmjF.21.1690 Protein of unknown function - DUF607 - putative
LINF_210026800 (old tag= LinJ.21.2070) LmjF.21.1700 proteasome alpha 2 subunit - putative
LINF_210026900 (old tag= LinJ.21.2080) LmjF.21.1710 cytochrome c oxidase subunit VI - putative
LINF_210027000 (old tag= LinJ.21.2090) LmjF.21.1720 60S ribosomal protein L32
LINF_210027100 (old tag= LinJ.21.2100) LmjF.21.1730 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210027200 (old tag= LinJ.21.2110) LmjF.21.1740 RNA polymerase II - putative
LINF_210027300 (old tag= LinJ.21.2120) LmjF.21.1750 SET domain containing protein - putative
LINF_210027400 (old tag= LinJ.21.2130) LmjF.21.1760 centromere/microtubule binding protein cbf5 - putative
LINF_210027500 (old tag= LinJ.21.2140) LmjF.21.1770 ATP synthase F1 subunit gamma protein - putative
LINF_210027600 (old tag= LinJ.21.2150) LmjF.21.1780 40S ribosomal protein S6 - putative
LINF_210027700 (old tag= LinJ.21.2160) LmjF.21.1790 vacuolar ATP synthase - putative
LINF_210027800 (old tag= LinJ.21.2170) LmjF.21.1800 vacuolar ATP synthase - putative
LINF_210027900 (old tag= LinJ.21.2180) LmjF.21.1810 GPI transamidase component GAA1 - putative
LINF_210028000 (old tag= LinJ.21.2190) LmjF.21.1820 60S ribosomal protein L37a
LINF_210028100 (old tag= LinJ.21.2200) LmjF.21.1830 proteasome subunit alpha type-5 - putative
LINF_210028200 (old tag= LinJ.21.2210) LmjF.21.1840 peroxin 14 - putative
LINF_210028300 (old tag= LinJ.21.2220) LmjF.21.1850 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_210028400 (old tag= LinJ.21.2230) LmjF.21.1855 BolA-like protein - putative
LINF_210028500 (old tag= LinJ.21.2240) LmjF.21.1860 beta tubulin
LINF_210028600 (old tag= LinJ.08.1300) LmjF.21.1870 histone deacetylase - putative
LINF_210028700 (old tag= LinJ.08.1310) LmjF.21.1880 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220005000 (old tag= LinJ.06.1360) LmjF.22.0010 CLN3 protein - putative
LINF_220005100 (old tag= LinJ.22.0002) LmjF.06.1290 Cytochrome b5-like Heme/Steroid binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_220005200 (old tag= LinJ.22.0003) LmjF.22.0020 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220005300 (old tag= LinJ.22.0004) LmjF.22.0030 60S ribosomal protein L11 (L5 - L16)
LINF_220005400 (old tag= LinJ.22.0005) LmjF.22.0040 SET domain containing protein - putative
LINF_220005500 (old tag= LinJ.22.0006) LmjF.22.0050 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220005600 (old tag= LinJ.22.0007) LmjF.22.0060 transcription factor-like protein
LINF_220005700 (old tag= LinJ.22.0008) LmjF.22.0070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220005800 (old tag= LinJ.22.0009) LmjF.22.0080 heat shock protein DNAJ - putative
LINF_220005900 (old tag= LinJ.22.0011) LmjF.22.0090 RNA capping enzyme - nuclear
LINF_220006000 (old tag= LinJ.22.0012) LmjF.22.0100 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220006100 (old tag= LinJ.22.0013) LmjF.22.0110 GMP synthase [glutamine-hydrolysing]
LINF_220006200 (old tag= LinJ.22.0017) - hypothetical protein
LINF_220006300 (old tag= LinJ.22.0010) LmjF.22.0120 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220006400 (old tag= LinJ.22.0020) LmjF.22.0140 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220006500 (old tag= LinJ.22.0030) LmjF.22.0150 Uncharacterized conserved protein (DUF2036) - putative
LINF_220006600 (old tag= LinJ.22.0040) LmjF.22.0160 Zinc finger C-x8-C-x5-C-x3-H type (and similar) - putative
LINF_220006700 (old tag= LinJ.22.0050) LmjF.22.0170 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220006800 (old tag= LinJ.22.0060) LmjF.22.0180 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220006900 (old tag= LinJ.22.0070) LmjF.22.0190 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220007000 (old tag= LinJ.22.0080) LmjF.22.0210 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220007100 (old tag= LinJ.22.0090) LmjF.22.0220 Domain of unknown function (DUF1736) - putative
LINF_220007200 (old tag= LinJ.22.0100) LmjF.22.0230 amino acid permease - putative
LINF_220007300 (old tag= LinJ.22.0110) LmjF.22.0240 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220007400 (old tag= LinJ.22.0120) LmjF.22.0250 phosphoinositide phosphatase
LINF_220007500 (old tag= LinJ.22.0130) LmjF.22.0260 Translocon-associated protein (TRAP) - alpha subunit - putative
LINF_220007600 (old tag= LinJ.22.0140) LmjF.22.0270 Tim10/DDP family zinc finger containing protein - putative
LINF_220007700 (old tag= LinJ.22.0150) LmjF.22.0275 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220007800 (old tag= LinJ.22.0160) LmjF.22.0280 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220007900 (old tag= LinJ.22.0170) LmjF.22.0290 Mitochondrial carrier protein - putative
LINF_220008000 (old tag= LinJ.22.0180) LmjF.22.0300 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220008100 (old tag= LinJ.22.0190) LmjF.22.0310 carnitine palmitoyltransferase-like protein
LINF_220008200 (old tag= LinJ.22.0200) LmjF.22.0320 SEP domain containing protein - putative
LINF_220008300 (old tag= LinJ.22.0210) LmjF.22.0330 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220008400 (old tag= LinJ.22.0220) LmjF.22.0340:pseudogenic_transcript Tetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase/cyclohydrolase - catalytic domain/Tetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase/cyclohydrolase - NAD(P)-binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_220008500 (old tag= LinJ.22.0230) LmjF.22.0350 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220008600 (old tag= LinJ.22.0240) LmjF.22.0360 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220008700 (old tag= LinJ.22.0250) LmjF.22.0370 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220008800 (old tag= LinJ.22.0260) LmjF.22.0380 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220008900 (old tag= LinJ.22.0270) LmjF.22.0390 DNA primase small subunit - putative
LINF_220009000 (old tag= LinJ.22.0280) LmjF.22.0400 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220009100 (old tag= LinJ.22.0290) LmjF.22.0410 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220009200 (old tag= LinJ.22.0300) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220009300 (old tag= LinJ.22.0302) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220009400 (old tag= LinJ.22.0304) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220009500 (old tag= LinJ.22.0305) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220009600 (old tag= LinJ.22.0306) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220009700 (old tag= LinJ.22.0308) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220009800 (old tag= LinJ.22.0310) LmjF.22.0420 40S ribosomal protein S15 - putative
LINF_220009900 (old tag= LinJ.22.0320) LmjF.22.0440 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220010000 (old tag= LinJ.22.0330) LmjF.22.0450 Acetyltransferase (GNAT) family - putative
LINF_220010100 (old tag= LinJ.22.0340) LmjF.22.0460 40S ribosomal protein S15 - putative
LINF_220010200 (old tag= LinJ.22.0350) LmjF.22.0470 Putative tRNA binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_220010300 (old tag= LinJ.22.0360) LmjF.22.0480 50S ribosome-binding GTPase/Dynamin family - putative
LINF_220010400 (old tag= LinJ.22.0370) LmjF.22.0490 protein kinase - putative
LINF_220010500 (old tag= LinJ.22.0380) LmjF.22.0500 TFIIS helical bundle-like domain containing protein - putative
LINF_220010600 (old tag= LinJ.22.0390) LmjF.22.0510 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220010700 (old tag= LinJ.22.0400) LmjF.22.0520 Rab-GTPase-TBC domain containing protein - putative
LINF_220010800 (old tag= LinJ.22.0410) LmjF.22.0530 peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase - putative
LINF_220010900 (old tag= LinJ.22.0420) LmjF.22.0540 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220011000 (old tag= LinJ.22.0430) LmjF.22.0560 kinesin - putative
LINF_220011100 (old tag= LinJ.22.0440) LmjF.22.0570 proteasome regulatory ATPase subunit 1 - putative
LINF_220011200 (old tag= LinJ.22.0450) LmjF.22.0580 rer1 family-like protein
LINF_220011300 (old tag= LinJ.22.0460) LmjF.22.0590 Uncharacterised protein family UPF0066 - putative
LINF_220011400 (old tag= LinJ.22.0470) LmjF.22.0600 Acetyltransferase (GNAT) domain/Acetyltransferase (GNAT) family - putative
LINF_220011500 (old tag= LinJ.22.0480) LmjF.22.0610 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme-like protein
LINF_220011600 (old tag= LinJ.22.0490) LmjF.22.0620 proteasome regulatory ATPase subunit 5 - putative
LINF_220011700 (old tag= LinJ.22.0500) LmjF.22.0630 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220011800 (old tag= LinJ.22.0510) LmjF.22.0640 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220011900 (old tag= LinJ.22.0520) LmjF.22.0650 guide RNA associated protein - GAP2 - putative
LINF_220012000 (old tag= LinJ.22.0530) LmjF.22.0660 glucoamylase-like protein
LINF_220012100 (old tag= LinJ.22.0540) LmjF.22.0670 prefoldin 5-like protein
LINF_220012200 (old tag= LinJ.22.0550) LmjF.22.0680 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220012300 (old tag= LinJ.22.0560) LmjF.22.0690,LmjF.22.0850 3'a2rel-related protein
LINF_220012400 (old tag= LinJ.22.0565) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220012500 (old tag= LinJ.22.0568) LmjF.22.0690 3'a2rel-related protein
LINF_220012600 (old tag= LinJ.22.0569) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220012700 (old tag= LinJ.22.0680) LmjF.22.0690,LmjF.22.0850 3'a2rel-related protein
LINF_220012800 (old tag= LinJ.22.0675) - A2 protein
LINF_220012900 (old tag= LinJ.22.0660) LmjF.22.0700,LmjF.22.0840 5'a2rel-related protein
LINF_220013000 (old tag= LinJ.22.0650) LmjF.22.0710,LmjF.22.0830 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220013100 (old tag= LinJ.22.0640) LmjF.22.0720,LmjF.22.0820 50S ribosome-binding GTPase/Dynamin family/Elongation factor Tu GTP binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_220013200 (old tag= LinJ.22.0636) LmjF.22.0730 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220013300 (old tag= LinJ.22.0633) LmjF.22.0740 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220013400 (old tag= LinJ.22.0570) LmjF.22.0750 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220013500 (old tag= LinJ.22.0580) LmjF.22.0760 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220013600 (old tag= LinJ.22.0590) LmjF.22.0770 NADH-cytochrome b5 reductase - putative
LINF_220013700 (old tag= LinJ.22.0600) LmjF.22.0780 NADH-cytochrome b5 reductase - putative
LINF_220013800 (old tag= LinJ.22.0610) LmjF.22.0790 Translation initiation factor SUI1 - putative
LINF_220013900 (old tag= LinJ.22.0620) LmjF.22.0800 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220014000 (old tag= LinJ.22.0630) LmjF.22.0810 serine/threonine protein kinase sos2 - putative
LINF_220014100 (old tag= LinJ.22.0640) LmjF.22.0820 50S ribosome-binding GTPase/Dynamin family/Elongation factor Tu GTP binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_220014200 (old tag= LinJ.22.0650) LmjF.22.0830 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220014300 (old tag= LinJ.22.0660) LmjF.22.0840 5'a2rel-related protein
LINF_220014400 (old tag= LinJ.22.0665) - hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220014500 (old tag= LinJ.22.0680) LmjF.22.0850 3'a2rel-related protein
LINF_220014600 (old tag= LinJ.22.0690) LmjF.22.0860 Protein of unknown function (DUF3184) - putative
LINF_220014700 (old tag= LinJ.22.0700) LmjF.22.0870 Ribosomal protein L22p/L17e - putative
LINF_220014800 (old tag= LinJ.22.0710) LmjF.22.0880 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220014900 (old tag= LinJ.22.0720) LmjF.22.0890 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220015000 (old tag= LinJ.22.0730) LmjF.22.0900 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220015100 (old tag= LinJ.22.0740) LmjF.22.0910 Prp18 domain containing protein - putative
LINF_220015200 (old tag= LinJ.22.0750) LmjF.22.0920 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220015300 (old tag= LinJ.22.0760) LmjF.22.0930 mitochondrial chaperone - putative
LINF_220015400 (old tag= LinJ.22.0765) LmjF.22.0940 mitochondrial chaperone - putative
LINF_220015500 (old tag= LinJ.22.0770) LmjF.22.0950 protein kinase - putative
LINF_220015600 (old tag= LinJ.22.0780) LmjF.22.0960 kinesin - putative
LINF_220015700 (old tag= LinJ.22.0790) LmjF.22.0970 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220015800 (old tag= LinJ.22.0800) LmjF.22.0980 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220015900 (old tag= LinJ.22.0810) LmjF.22.0990 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220016000 (old tag= LinJ.22.0820) LmjF.22.1000 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220016100 (old tag= LinJ.22.0830) LmjF.22.1010 UDP-galactose transporter - putative
LINF_220016200 (old tag= LinJ.22.0840) LmjF.22.1020 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220016300 (old tag= LinJ.22.0850) LmjF.22.1030 Galactose oxidase - central domain/Kelch motif containing protein - putative
LINF_220016400 (old tag= LinJ.22.0860) LmjF.22.1040 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220016500 (old tag= LinJ.22.0870) LmjF.22.1050 Major Facilitator Superfamily/Sugar (and other) transporter/Organic Anion Transporter Polypeptide (OATP) family - putative
LINF_220016600 (old tag= LinJ.22.0880) LmjF.22.1060 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein - putative
LINF_220016700 (old tag= LinJ.22.0890) LmjF.22.1070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220016800 (old tag= LinJ.22.0900) LmjF.22.1080 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220016900 (old tag= LinJ.22.0910) LmjF.22.1090 CRAL/TRIO domain containing protein - putative
LINF_220017000 (old tag= LinJ.22.0920) LmjF.22.1100 Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger) containing protein - putative
LINF_220017100 (old tag= LinJ.22.0930) LmjF.22.1110 Cytoplasmic dynein 1 heavy chain (DYNC1H1) - putative
LINF_220017200 (old tag= LinJ.22.0940) LmjF.22.1120 Metallo-beta-lactamase superfamily/Beta-lactamase superfamily domain containing protein - putative
LINF_220017300 (old tag= LinJ.22.0950) LmjF.22.1130 Metallo-beta-lactamase superfamily/Beta-lactamase superfamily domain containing protein - putative
LINF_220017400 (old tag= LinJ.22.0960) LmjF.22.1140 adaptor complex AP-1 medium subunit - putative
LINF_220017500 (old tag= LinJ.22.0970) LmjF.22.1150 Protein kinase domain containing protein - putative
LINF_220017600 (old tag= LinJ.22.0980) LmjF.22.1160 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220017700 (old tag= LinJ.22.0990) LmjF.22.1170 Protein tyrosine kinase/Protein kinase domain containing protein - putative
LINF_220017800 (old tag= LinJ.22.1000) LmjF.22.1180 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220017900 (old tag= LinJ.22.1010) LmjF.22.1190 ChaC-like protein - putative
LINF_220018000 (old tag= LinJ.22.1020) LmjF.22.1200 ChaC-like protein - putative
LINF_220018100 (old tag= LinJ.22.1025) - hypothetical protein
LINF_220018200 (old tag= LinJ.22.1030) LmjF.22.1210 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_220018300 (old tag= LinJ.22.1040) LmjF.22.1220 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220018400 (old tag= LinJ.22.1050) LmjF.22.1230 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220018500 (old tag= LinJ.22.1060) LmjF.22.1240 translation initiation factor IF-2 - putative
LINF_220018600 (old tag= LinJ.22.1070) LmjF.22.1250 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_220018700 (old tag= LinJ.22.1080) LmjF.22.1260 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220018800 (old tag= LinJ.22.1090) LmjF.22.1270 MORN repeat - putative
LINF_220018900 (old tag= LinJ.22.1100) LmjF.22.1280 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220019000 (old tag= LinJ.22.1110) LmjF.22.1290 ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase small chain - putative
LINF_220019100 (old tag= LinJ.22.1120) LmjF.22.1300 ATG12/APG12 - putative
LINF_220019200 (old tag= LinJ.22.1140) LmjF.22.1310 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220019300 (old tag= LinJ.22.1160) LmjF.22.1320 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220019400 (old tag= LinJ.22.1180) LmjF.22.1330 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220019500 (old tag= LinJ.22.1190) LmjF.22.1340 Putative S-adenosyl-L-methionine-dependent methyltransferase - putative
LINF_220019600 (old tag= LinJ.22.1200) LmjF.22.1350 palmitoyl acyltransferase 11 - putative
LINF_220019700 (old tag= LinJ.22.1210) LmjF.22.1360 farnesyl pyrophosphate synthase
LINF_220019800 (old tag= LinJ.22.1220) LmjF.22.1370 intraflagellar transport protein-like protein
LINF_220019900 (old tag= LinJ.22.1230) LmjF.22.1380 mak-16-like RNA binding protein - putative
LINF_220020000 (old tag= LinJ.22.1240) LmjF.22.1390 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220020100 (old tag= LinJ.22.1250) LmjF.22.1400 MORN repeat - putative
LINF_220020200 (old tag= LinJ.22.1260) LmjF.22.1410 centrin-4 - putative
LINF_220020300 (old tag= LinJ.22.1270) LmjF.22.1420 aquaporin - putative
LINF_220020400 (old tag= LinJ.22.1280) LmjF.22.1430 fk506-binding protein 1-like protein
LINF_220020500 (old tag= LinJ.22.1290) LmjF.22.1440 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220020600 (old tag= LinJ.22.1300) LmjF.22.1450 cyclophilin 6 - putative
LINF_220020700 (old tag= LinJ.22.1310) LmjF.22.1460 i/6 autoantigen-like protein
LINF_220020800 (old tag= LinJ.22.1320) LmjF.22.1470 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220020900 (old tag= LinJ.22.1330) LmjF.22.1480 Mitochondrial glycoprotein - putative
LINF_220021000 (old tag= LinJ.22.1335) - hypothetical protein
LINF_220021100 (old tag= LinJ.22.1340) LmjF.22.1490 Serine-threonin protein phosphatase - putative
LINF_220021200 (old tag= LinJ.22.1350) LmjF.22.1500 ATP-dependent DEAD/H RNA helicase - putative
LINF_220021300 (old tag= LinJ.22.1360) LmjF.22.1510 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220021400 (old tag= LinJ.22.1370) LmjF.22.1520 60S ribosomal protein L14 - putative
LINF_220021500 (old tag= LinJ.22.1380) LmjF.22.1530 dephospho-CoA kinase - putative
LINF_220021600 (old tag= LinJ.22.1390) LmjF.22.1540 alanyl-tRNA synthetase - putative
LINF_220021700 (old tag= LinJ.22.1400) LmjF.22.1550 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220021800 (old tag= LinJ.22.1410) LmjF.22.1560 60S ribosomal protein L14 - putative
LINF_220021900 (old tag= LinJ.22.1415) - hypothetical protein
LINF_220022000 (old tag= LinJ.22.1420) LmjF.22.1570 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220022100 (old tag= LinJ.22.1430) LmjF.22.1580 exosome complex exonuclease RRP45 homolog - putative
LINF_220022200 (old tag= LinJ.22.1440) LmjF.22.1590 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220022300 (old tag= LinJ.22.1450) LmjF.22.1600 ser/thr protein phosphatase - putative
LINF_220022400 (old tag= LinJ.22.1460) LmjF.22.1610 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220022500 (old tag= LinJ.22.1470) LmjF.22.1620 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220022600 (old tag= LinJ.22.1480) LmjF.22.1630 CCR4 associated factor - putative
LINF_220022700 (old tag= LinJ.22.1490) LmjF.22.1640 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220022800 (old tag= LinJ.22.1500) LmjF.22.1650 CobW/HypB/UreG - nucleotide-binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_220022900 (old tag= LinJ.22.1510) LmjF.22.1660 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220023000 (old tag= LinJ.22.1520) LmjF.22.1670 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_220023100 (old tag= LinJ.22.1530) LmjF.22.1680:pseudogenic_transcript phosphoinositide-specific phospholipase C - putative
LINF_220023200 (old tag= LinJ.22.1535) - hypothetical protein
LINF_230005000 (old tag= LinJ.23.0010) LmjF.23.0010 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230005100 (old tag= LinJ.23.0020) LmjF.23.0020 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230005200 (old tag= LinJ.23.0030) LmjF.23.0025 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230005300 (old tag= LinJ.23.0040) LmjF.23.0030 beta propeller protein - putative
LINF_230005400 (old tag= LinJ.23.0050) LmjF.23.0040 peroxidoxin
LINF_230005500 (old tag= LinJ.23.0060) LmjF.23.0050 cyclophilin 11 - putative
LINF_230005600 (old tag= LinJ.23.0070) LmjF.23.0060 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230005700 (old tag= LinJ.23.0080) LmjF.23.0070 agmatinase-like protein
LINF_230005800 (old tag= LinJ.23.0090) LmjF.23.0080 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230005900 (old tag= LinJ.23.0100) LmjF.23.0090 Domain of unknown function (DUF1767) - putative
LINF_230006000 (old tag= LinJ.23.0110) LmjF.23.0100 Putative methyltransferase/Methyltransferase small domain/Methyltransferase domain containing protein - putative
LINF_230006100 (old tag= LinJ.23.0120) LmjF.23.0110 GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase
LINF_230006200 (old tag= LinJ.23.0130) LmjF.23.0120 Concanavalin A-like lectin/glucanases superfamily/Beige/BEACH domain containing protein - putative
LINF_230006300 (old tag= LinJ.23.0140) LmjF.23.0125 cyclophilin 3 - putative
LINF_230006400 (old tag= LinJ.23.0150) LmjF.23.0130 vacuolar type h+ ATPase subunit - putative
LINF_230006500 (old tag= LinJ.23.0160) LmjF.23.0140 Alpha/beta hydrolase family/alpha/beta hydrolase fold/Serine hydrolase - putative
LINF_230006600 (old tag= LinJ.23.0170) LmjF.23.0150 Leucine Rich repeat - putative
LINF_230006700 (old tag= LinJ.23.0180) LmjF.23.0160 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230006800 (old tag= LinJ.23.0190) LmjF.23.0170 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230006900 (old tag= LinJ.23.0200) LmjF.23.0180 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230007000 (old tag= LinJ.23.0210) LmjF.23.0190 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230007100 (old tag= LinJ.23.0220) LmjF.23.0200 endoribonuclease L-PSP (pb5) - putative
LINF_230007200 (old tag= LinJ.23.0230) LmjF.23.0210 pentamidine resistance protein 1
LINF_230007300 (old tag= LinJ.23.0240) LmjF.23.0220 pentamidine resistance protein 1
LINF_230007400 (old tag= LinJ.23.0250) LmjF.23.0223 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230007500 (old tag= LinJ.23.0260) LmjF.23.0225 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230007600 (old tag= LinJ.23.0270) LmjF.23.0230 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230007700 (old tag= LinJ.23.0280) LmjF.23.0240 terbinafine resistance locus protein (yip1)
LINF_230007800 (old tag= LinJ.23.0290) LmjF.23.0250 pentamidine resistance protein 1
LINF_230007900 (old tag= LinJ.23.0300) LmjF.23.0260 argininosuccinate synthase - putative
LINF_230008000 (old tag= LinJ.23.0310) LmjF.23.0270 pteridine reductase 1
LINF_230008100 (old tag= LinJ.23.0320) LmjF.23.0280 Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger) containing protein - putative
LINF_230008200 (old tag= LinJ.23.0330) LmjF.23.0290 Checkpoint protein HUS1
LINF_230008300 (old tag= LinJ.23.0340) LmjF.23.0300 tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase - putative
LINF_230008400 (old tag= LinJ.23.0350) LmjF.23.0310 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230008500 (old tag= LinJ.23.0360) LmjF.23.0320 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230008600 (old tag= LinJ.23.0370) LmjF.23.0330 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230008700 (old tag= LinJ.23.0380) LmjF.23.0340H+)-ATPase G subunit - putative
LINF_230008800 (old tag= LinJ.23.0390) LmjF.23.0350 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230008900 (old tag= LinJ.23.0400) LmjF.23.0355 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230009000 (old tag= LinJ.23.0410) LmjF.23.0360 NADP-dependent alcohol dehydrogenase - putative
LINF_230009100 (old tag= LinJ.23.0420) LmjF.23.0370 cytochrome c oxidase subunit 10 - putative
LINF_230009200 (old tag= LinJ.23.0430) LmjF.23.0380 ATP-binding cassette protein subfamily G - member 5
LINF_230009300 (old tag= LinJ.23.0440) LmjF.23.0390 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230009350 (old tag= LinJ.23.0450) LmjF.23.0410 hypothetical protein - unknown function
LINF_230009400 (old tag= LinJ.23.0460) LmjF.23.0420 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230009500 (old tag= LinJ.23.0470) LmjF.23.0430 aldose 1-epimerase-like protein
LINF_230009600 (old tag= LinJ.23.0480) LmjF.23.0440 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230009700 (old tag= LinJ.23.0490) LmjF.23.0450 permease-like protein
LINF_230009800 (old tag= LinJ.23.0500) LmjF.23.0460 trypanothione synthetase - putative
LINF_230009900 (old tag= LinJ.23.0510) LmjF.23.0470 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230010000 (old tag= LinJ.23.0520) LmjF.23.0480 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230010100 (old tag= LinJ.23.0525) - hypothetical protein
LINF_230010200 (old tag= LinJ.23.0530) LmjF.23.0490 SNF1-related protein kinase regulatory subunit beta - putative
LINF_230010300 (old tag= LinJ.23.0540) LmjF.23.0500 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230010400 (old tag= LinJ.23.0550) LmjF.23.0510 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230010500 (old tag= LinJ.23.0560) LmjF.23.0520 SET domain containing protein - putative
LINF_230010600 (old tag= LinJ.23.0570) LmjF.23.0530 ribosomal RNA methyltransferase-like protein
LINF_230010700 (old tag= LinJ.23.0580) LmjF.23.0540 acetyl-CoA synthetase - putative
LINF_230010800 (old tag= LinJ.23.0590) LmjF.23.0542 EF-hand domain containing protein - putative
LINF_230010900 (old tag= LinJ.23.0600) LmjF.23.0543 5'-3' exoribonuclease C - putative
LINF_230011000 (old tag= LinJ.23.0610) LmjF.23.0547 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230011100 (old tag= LinJ.23.0620) LmjF.23.1590 oxidoreductase-like protein
LINF_230011200 (old tag= LinJ.23.0630) LmjF.23.1600 oxidoreductase-like protein
LINF_230011300 (old tag= LinJ.23.0640) LmjF.23.1610 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230011400 (old tag= LinJ.23.0650) LmjF.23.1620 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230011500 (old tag= LinJ.23.0660) LmjF.23.1630 poly(A)-specific ribonuclease PARN - putative
LINF_230011600 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon tat
LINF_230011700 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon tac
LINF_230011800 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon ttg
LINF_230011900 (old tag= 5S_rRNA) rRNA rRNA
LINF_230012000 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon acg
LINF_230012100 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon cag
LINF_230012200 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon tgt
LINF_230012300 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon tcg
LINF_230012400 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon ttt
LINF_230012500 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon tcc
LINF_230012600 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon cca
LINF_230012700 (old tag= LinJ.23.0670) LmjF.23.1640 Galactose oxidase - central domain containing protein - putative
LINF_230012800 (old tag= LinJ.23.0680) LmjF.23.1650 Putative tRNA binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_230012900 (old tag= LinJ.23.0690) LmjF.23.1660 metallo-beta-lactamase family protein-like protein
LINF_230013000 (old tag= LinJ.23.0700) LmjF.23.1665 PAP2 superfamily - putative
LINF_230013100 (old tag= LinJ.23.0710) LmjF.23.0550 ubiquitin-activating enzyme E1 - putative
LINF_230013200 (old tag= LinJ.23.0720) LmjF.23.0560 kinesin - putative
LINF_230013300 (old tag= LinJ.23.0730) LmjF.23.0570 MYCBP-associated protein family - putative
LINF_230013400 (old tag= LinJ.23.0750) LmjF.23.0580 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230013500 (old tag= LinJ.23.0760) LmjF.23.0590 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230013600 (old tag= LinJ.23.0770) LmjF.23.0600 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230013700 (old tag= LinJ.23.0780) LmjF.23.0610 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230013800 (old tag= LinJ.23.0790) LmjF.23.0620 WD domain - G-beta repeat/BING4CT (NUC141) domain containing protein - putative
LINF_230013900 (old tag= LinJ.23.0795) - hypothetical protein
LINF_230014000 (old tag= LinJ.23.0800) LmjF.23.0630 Exocyst complex component Sec10 - putative
LINF_230014100 (old tag= LinJ.23.0810) LmjF.23.0640 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230014200 (old tag= LinJ.23.0820) LmjF.23.0650 spliceosomal U5 snRNP-specific protein - putative
LINF_230014300 (old tag= LinJ.23.0830) LmjF.23.0660 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230014400 (old tag= LinJ.23.0840) LmjF.23.0670 oxidoreductase-like protein
LINF_230014500 (old tag= LinJ.23.0850) LmjF.23.0680 mitochondrial DNA primase - putative
LINF_230014600 (old tag= LinJ.23.0860) LmjF.23.0690 3-ketoacyl-CoA thiolase - putative
LINF_230014700 (old tag= LinJ.23.0870) LmjF.23.0700 Cytochrome C oxidase copper chaperone (COX17) - putative
LINF_230014800 (old tag= LinJ.23.0880) LmjF.23.0710 acetyl-CoA synthetase - putative
LINF_230014900 (old tag= LinJ.23.0890) LmjF.23.0720 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain)/RNA recognition motif (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain) - putative
LINF_230015000 (old tag= LinJ.23.0900) LmjF.23.0730 RNA-binding protein - putative
LINF_230015100 (old tag= LinJ.23.0910) LmjF.23.0740 50S ribosome-binding GTPase/Dynamin family - putative
LINF_230015200 (old tag= LinJ.23.0920) LmjF.23.0750 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230015300 (old tag= LinJ.23.0925) - hypothetical protein
LINF_230015400 (old tag= LinJ.23.0930) LmjF.23.0760 mitochondrial RNA binding protein - putative
LINF_230015500 (old tag= LinJ.23.0940) LmjF.23.0770 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230015600 (old tag= LinJ.23.0950) LmjF.23.0780 Putative serine esterase (DUF676) - putative
LINF_230015700 (old tag= LinJ.23.0960) LmjF.23.0790 SET domain containing protein - putative
LINF_230015800 (old tag= LinJ.23.0970) LmjF.23.0800 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230015900 (old tag= LinJ.23.0980) LmjF.23.0810 actin interacting protein-like protein
LINF_230016000 (old tag= LinJ.23.0990) LmjF.23.0820 SET domain containing protein - putative
LINF_230016100 (old tag= LinJ.23.1000) LmjF.23.0830 Na/H antiporter-like protein
LINF_230016200 (old tag= LinJ.23.1010) - hypothetical protein
LINF_230016300 (old tag= LinJ.23.1015) - hypothetical protein
LINF_230016400 (old tag= LinJ.23.1020) LmjF.23.0840 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230016500 (old tag= LinJ.23.1023) - hypothetical protein
LINF_230016600 (old tag= LinJ.23.1026) - hypothetical protein
LINF_230016700 (old tag= LinJ.23.1030) LmjF.23.0845 hypothetical protein
LINF_230016750 (old tag= LinJ.23.1040) LmjF.23.0850 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230016800 (old tag= LinJ.23.1050) LmjF.23.0860 alcohol dehydrogenase - zinc-containing-like protein
LINF_230016900 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon att
LINF_230017000 (old tag= LinJ.23.1060) LmjF.23.0870 sucrose hydrolase-like protein
LINF_230017100 (old tag= LinJ.23.1065) LmjF.23.0870,LmjF.23.0880 sucrose hydrolase-like protein
LINF_230017200 (old tag= LinJ.23.1070) LmjF.23.0880 sucrose hydrolase-like protein
LINF_230017300 (old tag= LinJ.23.1080) LmjF.23.0890 Putative S-adenosyl-L-methionine-dependent methyltransferase - putative
LINF_230017400 (old tag= LinJ.23.1090) LmjF.23.0900 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230017500 (old tag= LinJ.23.1100) LmjF.23.0910:pseudogenic_transcript Helicase conserved C-terminal domain containing protein - putative
LINF_230017600 (old tag= LinJ.23.1105) - hypothetical protein
LINF_230017700 (old tag= LinJ.23.1110) LmjF.23.0940 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230017800 (old tag= LinJ.23.1120) LmjF.23.0950 cytosolic leucyl aminopeptidase
LINF_230017900 (old tag= LinJ.23.1130) LmjF.23.0960 Chitobiase/beta-hexosaminidase C-terminal domain containing protein - putative
LINF_230018000 (old tag= LinJ.23.1140) LmjF.23.0970 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230018100 (old tag= LinJ.23.1150) LmjF.23.0980 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230018200 (old tag= LinJ.23.1160) LmjF.23.0990 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230018300 (old tag= LinJ.23.1170) LmjF.23.1000 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230018400 (old tag= LinJ.23.1180) LmjF.23.1010 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230018500 (old tag= LinJ.23.1190) LmjF.23.1020 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230018600 (old tag= LinJ.23.1200) LmjF.23.1040 hydrophilic acylated surface protein a
LINF_230018650 (old tag= LinJ.23.1210) LmjF.23.1050 small hydrophilic endoplasmic reticulum-associated protein (sherp)
LINF_230018700 (old tag= LinJ.23.1220) LmjF.23.1060,LmjF.23.1070 hydrophilic acylated surface protein b
LINF_230018800 (old tag= LinJ.23.1230) LmjF.23.1050,LmjF.23.1080,LmjF.23.1086 small hydrophilic endoplasmic reticulum-associated protein (sherp)
LINF_230018900 (old tag= LinJ.23.1240) LmjF.23.1040,LmjF.23.1082,LmjF.23.1088 hydrophilic acylated surface protein a
LINF_230019000 (old tag= LinJ.23.1250) LmjF.23.1025 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230019100 (old tag= LinJ.23.1260) LmjF.23.1035 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230019200 (old tag= LinJ.23.1270) LmjF.23.1045 5-formyltetrahydrofolate cyclo-ligase family - putative
LINF_230019300 (old tag= LinJ.23.1280) LmjF.23.1055 Scavenger mRNA decapping enzyme C-term binding/HIT domain containing protein - putative
LINF_230019400 (old tag= LinJ.23.1290) LmjF.23.1065 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230019500 (old tag= LinJ.23.1300) LmjF.23.1090 Probable methyltransferase BTM2 homolog
LINF_230019600 (old tag= LinJ.23.1310) LmjF.23.1100 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230019700 (old tag= LinJ.23.1320) LmjF.23.1110 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230019800 (old tag= LinJ.23.1330) LmjF.23.1110,LmjF.23.1120 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230019900 (old tag= LinJ.23.1340) LmjF.23.1120 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230020000 (old tag= LinJ.23.1350) LmjF.23.1130 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230020100 (old tag= LinJ.23.1360) LmjF.23.1140 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230020200 (old tag= LinJ.23.1370) LmjF.23.1150 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230020300 (old tag= LinJ.23.1380) LmjF.23.1155 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230020400 (old tag= LinJ.23.1390) LmjF.23.1160 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230020500 (old tag= LinJ.23.1400) LmjF.23.1165 coronin - putative
LINF_230020600 (old tag= LinJ.23.1410) LmjF.23.1190 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230020700 (old tag= LinJ.23.1420) LmjF.23.1180 Uncharacterised protein family UPF0546/EamA-like transporter family - putative
LINF_230020800 (old tag= LinJ.23.1430) LmjF.23.1170 membrane-bound acid phosphatase 2
LINF_230020900 (old tag= LinJ.23.1440) LmjF.23.1200 S-adenosyl-methyltransferase mraW-like protein
LINF_230021000 (old tag= LinJ.23.1450) LmjF.23.1210 sir2-family protein-like protein
LINF_230021100 (old tag= LinJ.23.1460) LmjF.23.1220 T-complex protein 1 - gamma subunit - putative
LINF_230021200 (old tag= LinJ.23.1470) LmjF.23.1230 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230021300 (old tag= LinJ.23.1480) LmjF.23.1240 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230021400 (old tag= LinJ.23.1490) LmjF.23.1250 Protein of unknown function (DUF3250) - putative
LINF_230021500 (old tag= LinJ.23.1495) - hypothetical protein
LINF_230021600 (old tag= LinJ.23.1500) LmjF.23.1260 Rapamycin-insensitive companion of mTOR - N-term/Rapamycin-insensitive companion of mTOR - middle domain/Rapamycin-insensitive companion of mTOR RasGEF_N domain containing protein - putative
LINF_230021700 (old tag= LinJ.23.1510) LmjF.23.1263 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230021800 (old tag= LinJ.23.1520) LmjF.23.1267 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230021900 (old tag= LinJ.23.1525) - hypothetical protein
LINF_230022000 (old tag= LinJ.23.1530) LmjF.23.1270 XPG N-terminal domain/XPG I-region - putative
LINF_230022100 (old tag= LinJ.23.1540) LmjF.23.1280 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230022200 (old tag= LinJ.23.1550) LmjF.23.1290 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230022300 (old tag= LinJ.23.1560) LmjF.23.1300 lathosterol oxidase-like protein
LINF_230022400 (old tag= LinJ.23.1570) LmjF.23.1310 dynein heavy chain - putative
LINF_230022500 (old tag= LinJ.23.1580) LmjF.23.1320 YceI-like domain containing protein - putative
LINF_230022600 (old tag= LinJ.23.1590) LmjF.23.1330 DNA polymerase zeta catalytic subunit - putative
LINF_230022700 (old tag= LinJ.23.1600) LmjF.23.1340 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230022800 (old tag= LinJ.23.1610) LmjF.23.1350 Elongator-like Protein 3b - putative
LINF_230022900 (old tag= LinJ.23.1620) LmjF.23.1360 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230023000 (old tag= LinJ.23.1630) LmjF.23.1370 mitochondrial carrier protein-like protein
LINF_230023100 (old tag= LinJ.23.1640) LmjF.23.1380 DNA polymerase theta (helicase domain only) - putative
LINF_230023200 (old tag= LinJ.23.1650) LmjF.23.1390 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230023300 (old tag= LinJ.23.1660) LmjF.23.1400 Ran-binding protein - putative
LINF_230023350 (old tag= LinJ.23.1670) LmjF.23.1405:pseudogenic_transcript aminoacyclase - putative
LINF_230023400 (old tag= LinJ.23.1680) LmjF.23.1410 2Fe-2S iron-sulfur cluster binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_230023500 (old tag= LinJ.23.1690) LmjF.23.1420 palmitoyl acyltransferase 12 - putative
LINF_230023600 (old tag= LinJ.23.1700) LmjF.23.1430 DHHC zinc finger domain-like protein
LINF_230023700 (old tag= LinJ.23.1710) LmjF.23.1670 DHHC palmitoyltransferase - putative
LINF_230023800 (old tag= LinJ.23.1720) LmjF.23.1680 Inositol hexakisphosphate - putative
LINF_230023900 (old tag= LinJ.23.1730) LmjF.23.1690 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230024000 (old tag= LinJ.23.1740) LmjF.23.1700 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230024100 (old tag= LinJ.23.1750) LmjF.23.1710 Meckel syndrome type 1 protein - putative
LINF_230024200 (old tag= LinJ.23.1760) LmjF.23.1715 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230024300 (old tag= LinJ.23.1770) LmjF.23.1720 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230024400 (old tag= LinJ.23.1780) LmjF.23.1730 RING-H2 zinc finger/Ring finger domain/Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger) containing protein - putative
LINF_230024500 (old tag= LinJ.23.1790) LmjF.23.1740 Qb-SNARE protein - putative
LINF_230024600 (old tag= LinJ.23.1800) LmjF.23.1750 Qb-SNARE protein - putative
LINF_230024700 (old tag= LinJ.23.1810) LmjF.23.1760 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230024800 (old tag= LinJ.23.1820) LmjF.23.1770 exosome component CSL4 - putative
LINF_230024900 (old tag= LinJ.23.1830) LmjF.23.1440 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230025000 (old tag= LinJ.23.1840) LmjF.23.1445 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230025100 (old tag= LinJ.23.1850) LmjF.23.1450 Tumour suppressor - Mitostatin - putative
LINF_230025200 (old tag= LinJ.23.1855) - hypothetical protein
LINF_230025300 (old tag= LinJ.23.1860) LmjF.23.1460 GAF domain/TIP41-like family - putative
LINF_230025400 (old tag= LinJ.23.1870) LmjF.23.1470 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230025500 (old tag= LinJ.23.1880) LmjF.23.1480 alanine racemase - putative
LINF_230025600 (old tag= LinJ.23.1890) LmjF.23.1490 Leucine Rich repeat/Leucine Rich Repeat - putative
LINF_230025700 (old tag= LinJ.23.1900) LmjF.23.1500 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230025800 (old tag= LinJ.23.1910) LmjF.23.1510 vacuolar proton translocating ATPase subunit A - putative
LINF_230025900 (old tag= LinJ.23.1920) LmjF.23.1520 protoheme IX farnesyltransferase - putative
LINF_230026000 (old tag= LinJ.23.1930) LmjF.23.1530 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230026100 (old tag= LinJ.23.1940) LmjF.23.1540 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230026200 (old tag= LinJ.23.1950) LmjF.23.1550 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230026300 (old tag= LinJ.23.1960) LmjF.23.1560 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_230026400 (old tag= LinJ.23.1970) LmjF.23.1570 neutral sphingomyelinase activation associated factor-like protein
LINF_230026500 (old tag= LinJ.23.1980) LmjF.23.1580 Nucleoside 2-deoxyribosyltransferase - putative
LINF_240004000 (old tag= LinJ.24.0010) LmjF.24.0010 pyruvate dehydrogenase (lipoamide) kinase - putative
LINF_240005000 (old tag= LinJ.24.0020) LmjF.24.0020 clathrin coat assembly protein - putative
LINF_240005100 (old tag= LinJ.24.0030) LmjF.24.0030 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240005200 (old tag= LinJ.24.0040) LmjF.24.0040 Ribosomal protein L22p/L17e - putative
LINF_240005300 (old tag= LinJ.24.0050) LmjF.24.0050 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240005400 (old tag= LinJ.24.0060) LmjF.24.0060 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240005500 (old tag= LinJ.24.0070) LmjF.24.0070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240005600 (old tag= LinJ.24.0080) LmjF.24.0080 Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger)/Ring finger domain containing protein - putative
LINF_240005700 (old tag= LinJ.24.0090) LmjF.24.0090 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240005800 (old tag= LinJ.24.0100) LmjF.24.0100 Calmodulin-binding - putative
LINF_240005900 (old tag= LinJ.24.0110) LmjF.24.0110 Poly A polymerase regulatory subunit - putative
LINF_240006000 (old tag= LinJ.24.0120) LmjF.24.0130 guanine nucleotide-binding beta subunit-like protein
LINF_240006100 (old tag= LinJ.24.0130) LmjF.24.0140 ankyrin/TPR repeat protein
LINF_240006200 (old tag= LinJ.24.0140) LmjF.24.0150 glycosomal membrane like protein
LINF_240006300 (old tag= LinJ.24.0150) LmjF.24.0160 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240006400 (old tag= LinJ.24.0160) LmjF.24.0170 Phosducin - putative
LINF_240006500 (old tag= LinJ.24.0170) LmjF.24.0180 ATPase domain protein - putative
LINF_240006600 (old tag= LinJ.24.0180) LmjF.24.0190 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240006700 (old tag= LinJ.24.0190) LmjF.24.0200 transcription elongation factor-like protein
LINF_240006800 (old tag= LinJ.24.0200) LmjF.24.0210 transcription elongation factor - putative
LINF_240006900 (old tag= LinJ.24.0210) LmjF.24.0220 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240007000 (old tag= LinJ.24.0220) LmjF.24.0230 protein kinase - putative
LINF_240007100 (old tag= LinJ.24.0230) LmjF.24.0240 WD repeat protein
LINF_240007200 (old tag= LinJ.24.0240) LmjF.24.0250 ATP-dependent DEAD/H RNA helicase - putative
LINF_240007300 (old tag= LinJ.24.0250) LmjF.24.0260 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240007400 (old tag= LinJ.24.0260) LmjF.24.0270 protein phosphotase - putative
LINF_240007500 (old tag= LinJ.24.0270) LmjF.24.0280 Dynein intermediate chain 1 - axonemal
LINF_240007600 (old tag= LinJ.24.0280) LmjF.24.0290 NLI interacting factor-like phosphatase - putative
LINF_240007700 (old tag= LinJ.24.0290) LmjF.24.0300 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240007800 (old tag= LinJ.24.0300) LmjF.24.0310 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240007900 (old tag= LinJ.24.0310) LmjF.24.0320 fumarate hydratase - putative
LINF_240008000 (old tag= LinJ.24.0320) LmjF.24.0330 Mitochondrial small ribosomal subunit Rsm22 - putative
LINF_240008100 (old tag= LinJ.24.0330) LmjF.24.0340 ethanolamine phosphotransferase - putative
LINF_240008200 (old tag= LinJ.24.0340) LmjF.24.0350 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240008300 (old tag= LinJ.24.0350) LmjF.24.0360 UDP-galactose transporter - putative
LINF_240008400 (old tag= LinJ.24.0360) LmjF.24.0360 UDP-galactose transporter - putative
LINF_240008500 (old tag= LinJ.24.0370) LmjF.24.0370 aspartate aminotransferase - putative
LINF_240008600 (old tag= LinJ.24.0380) LmjF.24.0380 ppg3-related protein-like protein
LINF_240008700 (old tag= LinJ.24.0390) LmjF.24.0390 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240008800 (old tag= LinJ.24.0400) LmjF.24.0400 TPR repeat - putative
LINF_240008900 (old tag= LinJ.24.0410) LmjF.24.0410 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240009000 (old tag= LinJ.24.0420) LmjF.24.0420 ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase - putative
LINF_240009100 (old tag= LinJ.24.0430) LmjF.24.0430 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240009200 (old tag= LinJ.24.0440) LmjF.24.0440 Protein of unknown function (DUF3184) - putative
LINF_240009250 (old tag= LinJ.24.0450) LmjF.24.0400 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240009300 (old tag= LinJ.24.0460) LmjF.24.0450 Protein of unknown function (DUF3184) - putative
LINF_240009400 (old tag= LinJ.24.0470) LmjF.24.0460 ubiquitin-activating enzyme - putative
LINF_240009500 (old tag= LinJ.24.0480) LmjF.24.0470 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240009600 (old tag= LinJ.24.0490) LmjF.24.0480 Kelch motif/Galactose oxidase - central domain containing protein - putative
LINF_240009700 (old tag= LinJ.24.0500) LmjF.24.0490 Leucine rich repeat/Leucine Rich repeats (2 copies)/Leucine Rich Repeat - putative
LINF_240009800 (old tag= LinJ.24.0510) LmjF.24.0500 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240009900 (old tag= LinJ.24.0520) LmjF.24.0510 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240010000 (old tag= LinJ.24.0530) LmjF.24.0520 DNAJ domain protein - putative
LINF_240010100 (old tag= LinJ.24.0540) LmjF.24.0530 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240010200 (old tag= LinJ.24.0550) LmjF.24.0540 Methyltransferase domain/Methyltransferase TRM13 - putative
LINF_240010300 (old tag= LinJ.24.0560) LmjF.24.0550 Methyltransferase domain/Methyltransferase TRM13 - putative
LINF_240010400 (old tag= LinJ.24.0570) LmjF.24.0552 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240010500 (old tag= LinJ.24.0580) LmjF.24.0555 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240010600 (old tag= LinJ.24.0590) LmjF.24.0580 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240010700 (old tag= LinJ.24.0600) LmjF.24.0590 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240010800 (old tag= LinJ.24.0605) - hypothetical protein
LINF_240010900 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon cgg
LINF_240011000 (old tag= LinJ.24.0610) LmjF.24.0600 Ribosome 60S biogenesis N-terminal - putative
LINF_240011100 (old tag= LinJ.24.0620) LmjF.24.0610 hypothetical protein
LINF_240011200 (old tag= LinJ.24.0630) LmjF.24.0620 ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase - putative
LINF_240011300 (old tag= LinJ.24.0640) LmjF.24.0630 ATPase subunit 9 - putative
LINF_240011400 (old tag= LinJ.24.0650) LmjF.24.0640 Kinesin-13 3 - putative
LINF_240011500 (old tag= LinJ.24.0660) LmjF.24.0650 PPPDE putative peptidase domain containing protein - putative
LINF_240011600 (old tag= LinJ.24.0670) LmjF.24.0660 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240011700 (old tag= LinJ.24.0680) LmjF.24.0670 protein kinase - putative
LINF_240011800 (old tag= LinJ.24.0690) LmjF.24.0680 myo-inositol/proton symporter (MIT)
LINF_240011900 (old tag= LinJ.24.0700) LmjF.24.0690 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240012000 (old tag= LinJ.24.0710) LmjF.24.0700 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240012100 (old tag= LinJ.24.0720) LmjF.24.0710 Protein of unknown function (DUF523) - putative
LINF_240012200 (old tag= LinJ.24.0730) LmjF.24.0720 mitochondrial translocase subunit - putative
LINF_240012300 (old tag= LinJ.24.0740) LmjF.24.0730 signal recognition particle - putative
LINF_240012400 (old tag= LinJ.24.0750) LmjF.24.0740 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240012500 (old tag= LinJ.24.0760) LmjF.24.0750 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240012600 (old tag= LinJ.24.0770) LmjF.24.0760 DNA repair and recombination protein RAD54 - putative
LINF_240012700 (old tag= LinJ.24.0780) LmjF.24.0770 malic enzyme - putative
LINF_240012800 (old tag= LinJ.24.0790) LmjF.24.0770 malic enzyme - putative
LINF_240012900 (old tag= LinJ.24.0800) LmjF.24.0780 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240013000 (old tag= LinJ.24.0810) LmjF.24.0790 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240013100 (old tag= LinJ.24.0820) LmjF.24.0800 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240013200 (old tag= LinJ.24.0830) LmjF.24.0810 phosphotransferase - putative
LINF_240013300 (old tag= LinJ.24.0840) LmjF.24.0820 inositol polyphosphate phosphatase - putative
LINF_240013400 (old tag= LinJ.24.0850) LmjF.24.0830 Mitochondrial SSU ribosomal protein - putative
LINF_240013500 (old tag= LinJ.24.0855) - hypothetical protein
LINF_240013600 (old tag= LinJ.24.0860) LmjF.24.0840 dynein arm light chain - putative
LINF_240013700 (old tag= LinJ.24.0870) LmjF.24.0850 triosephosphate isomerase
LINF_240013800 (old tag= LinJ.24.0880) LmjF.24.0860 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240013900 (old tag= LinJ.24.0890) LmjF.24.0870 emp24/gp25L/p24 family/GOLD - putative
LINF_240014000 (old tag= LinJ.24.0900) LmjF.24.0880 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240014100 (old tag= LinJ.24.0910) LmjF.24.0890 DNA polymerase theta (polymerase domain only) - putative
LINF_240014200 (old tag= LinJ.24.0920) LmjF.24.0900 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240014300 (old tag= LinJ.24.0930) LmjF.24.0910 DNA replication licensing factor MCM5 - putative
LINF_240014400 (old tag= LinJ.24.0940) LmjF.24.0920 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240014500 (old tag= LinJ.24.0950) LmjF.24.0930 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240014600 (old tag= LinJ.24.0960) LmjF.24.0940 Archaic Translocase of outer membrane 14 kDa subunit - putative
LINF_240014700 (old tag= LinJ.24.0970) LmjF.24.0950 Rab-GTPase-TBC domain containing protein - putative
LINF_240014800 (old tag= LinJ.24.0980) LmjF.24.0960 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240014900 (old tag= LinJ.24.0990) LmjF.24.0970 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240015000 (old tag= LinJ.24.1000) LmjF.24.0980 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240015100 (old tag= LinJ.24.1010) LmjF.24.0990 replication factor C - subunit 1 - putative
LINF_240015200 (old tag= LinJ.24.1020) LmjF.24.1000 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240015300 (old tag= LinJ.24.1030) LmjF.24.1010 Mnd1 family - putative
LINF_240015400 (old tag= LinJ.24.1040) LmjF.24.1020 F-box domain/F-box-like/Kelch motif/Galactose oxidase - central domain containing protein - putative
LINF_240015500 (old tag= LinJ.24.1050) LmjF.24.1030 dynein light chain - putative
LINF_240015600 (old tag= LinJ.24.1060) LmjF.24.1040 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240015700 (old tag= LinJ.24.1070) LmjF.24.1050 SNF2 family protein
LINF_240015800 (old tag= LinJ.24.1080) LmjF.24.1060 AKAP7 2'5' RNA ligase-like domain containing protein - putative
LINF_240015900 (old tag= LinJ.24.1090) LmjF.24.1070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240016000 (old tag= LinJ.24.1100) LmjF.24.1080 DNAJ domain protein - putative
LINF_240016100 (old tag= LinJ.24.1110) LmjF.24.1090 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240016200 (old tag= LinJ.24.1120) LmjF.24.1100 pre-mRNA-splicing factor ATP-dependent RNA helicase - putative
LINF_240016300 (old tag= LinJ.24.1130) LmjF.24.1110 formin-like protein
LINF_240016400 (old tag= LinJ.24.1140) LmjF.24.1120 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240016500 (old tag= LinJ.24.1150) LmjF.24.1125 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240016600 (old tag= LinJ.24.1160) LmjF.24.1130 actin-interacting protein-like protein
LINF_240016700 (old tag= LinJ.24.1170) LmjF.24.1140 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240016800 (old tag= LinJ.24.1180) LmjF.24.1150 DNA-directed RNA polymerase - mitochondrial
LINF_240016900 (old tag= LinJ.24.1190) LmjF.24.1160 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240017000 (old tag= LinJ.24.1200) LmjF.24.1170 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240017050 (old tag= LinJ.24.1210) LmjF.24.1180 Surfeit locus protein 6 - putative
LINF_240017100 (old tag= LinJ.24.1220) LmjF.24.1190 Inhibitor of apoptosis-promoting Bax1 - putative
LINF_240017200 (old tag= LinJ.24.1230) LmjF.24.1200 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240017300 (old tag= LinJ.24.1240) LmjF.24.1210 translation factor sui1 - putative
LINF_240017400 (old tag= LinJ.24.1250) LmjF.24.1220 RNA-binding protein 38 - putative
LINF_240017500 (old tag= LinJ.24.1260) LmjF.24.1230 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240017600 (old tag= LinJ.24.1270) LmjF.24.1240 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240017700 (old tag= LinJ.24.1280) LmjF.24.1250 amastin-like surface protein-like protein
LINF_240017800 (old tag= LinJ.24.1290) LmjF.24.1260 amastin-like surface protein-like protein
LINF_240017900 (old tag= LinJ.24.1300) LmjF.24.1270 amastin-like surface protein-like protein
LINF_240018000 (old tag= LinJ.24.1310) LmjF.24.1280 amastin-like surface protein-like protein
LINF_240018100 (old tag= LinJ.24.1320) LmjF.24.1290 WASH complex subunit 7 - N-terminal/WASH complex subunit 7/WASH complex subunit 7 - C-terminal - putative
LINF_240018200 (old tag= LinJ.24.1330) LmjF.24.1300 DNAJ-domain protein - putative
LINF_240018300 (old tag= LinJ.24.1340) LmjF.24.1310 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240018400 (old tag= LinJ.24.1350) LmjF.24.1315 cyclophilin 8 - putative
LINF_240018500 (old tag= LinJ.24.1360) LmjF.24.1320 Transport protein particle (TRAPP) component - putative
LINF_240018600 (old tag= LinJ.24.1370) LmjF.24.1330 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240018700 (old tag= LinJ.24.1380) LmjF.24.1340 translation initiation factor IF-2 - putative
LINF_240018800 (old tag= LinJ.24.1390) LmjF.24.1350 IQ calmodulin-binding motif containing protein - putative
LINF_240018900 (old tag= LinJ.24.1400) LmjF.24.1360 High-temperature-induced dauer-formation protein/Dyggve-Melchior-Clausen syndrome protein - putative
LINF_240019000 (old tag= LinJ.24.1405) - Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger) containing protein - putative
LINF_240019100 (old tag= LinJ.24.1410) LmjF.24.1370 histone deacetylase - putative
LINF_240019200 (old tag= LinJ.24.1420) LmjF.24.1380 Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger)/Ring finger domain/zinc-RING finger domain/EF-hand domain pair/EF-hand domain/EF hand/Secreted protein acidic and rich in cysteine Ca binding region containing protein - putative
LINF_240019300 (old tag= LinJ.24.1430) LmjF.24.1390 Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger)/zinc-RING finger domain/EF-hand domain pair/EF-hand domain/EF hand/Secreted protein acidic and rich in cysteine Ca binding region containing protein - putative
LINF_240019400 (old tag= LinJ.24.1440) LmjF.24.1400 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240019500 (old tag= LinJ.24.1450) LmjF.24.1410 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240019600 (old tag= LinJ.24.1460) LmjF.24.1420 mismatch repair protein - putative
LINF_240019700 (old tag= LinJ.24.1470) LmjF.24.1430 kinesin - putative
LINF_240019800 (old tag= LinJ.24.1480) LmjF.24.1435 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240019900 (old tag= LinJ.24.1490) LmjF.24.1440 HpcH/HpaI aldolase/citrate lyase family - putative
LINF_240020000 (old tag= LinJ.24.1500) LmjF.24.1450 NPK1-related protein kinase-like
LINF_240020050 (old tag= LinJ.24.1510) - multi drug resistance protein-like 
LINF_240020100 (old tag= LinJ.24.1520) LmjF.24.1460 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240020200 (old tag= LinJ.24.1530) LmjF.24.1470 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240020300 (old tag= LinJ.24.1540) LmjF.24.1480 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240020400 (old tag= LinJ.24.1550) LmjF.24.1490 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_240020500 (old tag= LinJ.24.1560) LmjF.24.1500 translationally controlled tumor protein (TCTP) - putative
LINF_240020600 (old tag= LinJ.24.1570) LmjF.24.1510 translationally controlled tumor protein (TCTP) - putative
LINF_240020700 (old tag= LinJ.24.1580) LmjF.24.1520 SAP domain/ERCC4 domain containing protein - putative
LINF_240020800 (old tag= LinJ.24.1590) LmjF.24.1530 ATP-dependent DEAD/H DNA helicase recQ - putative
LINF_240020900 (old tag= LinJ.24.1610) LmjF.24.1540 adaptor complex AP-3 small subunit - putative
LINF_240021000 (old tag= LinJ.24.1620) LmjF.24.1550 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240021100 (old tag= LinJ.24.1630) LmjF.24.1560 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240021200 (old tag= LinJ.24.1640) LmjF.24.1570 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain)/RNA recognition motif (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain) - putative
LINF_240021300 (old tag= LinJ.24.1650) LmjF.24.1580 UBA/TS-N domain containing protein - putative
LINF_240021400 (old tag= LinJ.24.1660) LmjF.24.1590 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240021500 (old tag= LinJ.24.1670) LmjF.24.1600 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240021600 (old tag= LinJ.24.1680) LmjF.24.1610 ring-box protein - putative
LINF_240021700 (old tag= LinJ.24.1690) LmjF.24.1620 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240021800 (old tag= LinJ.24.1700) LmjF.24.1630 Succinate dehydrogenase [ubiquinone] flavoprotein subunit - mitochondrial
LINF_240021900 (old tag= LinJ.24.1710) LmjF.24.1640 NAD dependent epimerase/dehydratase family/Male sterility protein - putative
LINF_240022000 (old tag= snRNA_U6) snRNA snRNA
LINF_240022100 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon ctg
LINF_240022200 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon taa
LINF_240022300 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon aat
LINF_240022400 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon aat
LINF_240022500 (old tag= LinJ.24.1720) LmjF.24.1650 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240022600 (old tag= LinJ.24.1730) LmjF.24.1660 SpoU rRNA Methylase family - putative
LINF_240022700 (old tag= LinJ.24.1740) LmjF.24.1670 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240022800 (old tag= LinJ.24.1750) LmjF.24.1680 Ssl1-like - putative
LINF_240022900 (old tag= LinJ.24.1760) LmjF.24.1690 SET domain containing protein - putative
LINF_240023000 (old tag= LinJ.24.1770) LmjF.24.1700 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240023100 (old tag= LinJ.24.1780) LmjF.24.1710 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 - putative
LINF_240023200 (old tag= LinJ.24.1790) LmjF.24.1720 cell division cycle protein 20 - putative
LINF_240023300 (old tag= LinJ.24.1800) LmjF.24.1730 calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase - putative
LINF_240023400 (old tag= LinJ.24.1810) LmjF.24.1740 Aminomethyltransferase folate-binding domain/Glycine cleavage T-protein C-terminal barrel domain containing protein - putative
LINF_240023500 (old tag= LinJ.24.1820) LmjF.24.1750 SET domain containing protein - putative
LINF_240023600 (old tag= LinJ.24.1830) LmjF.24.1760 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240023700 (old tag= LinJ.24.1840) LmjF.24.1770 inhibitor of cysteine peptidase
LINF_240023800 (old tag= LinJ.24.1850) LmjF.24.1780 fatty acid transporter protein-like protein
LINF_240023900 (old tag= LinJ.24.1860) LmjF.24.1790 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain)/RNA recognition motif (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain) - putative
LINF_240024000 (old tag= LinJ.24.1870) LmjF.24.1800 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240024100 (old tag= LinJ.24.1880) LmjF.24.1810 beta-ketoacyl-ACP reductase 2 - putative
LINF_240024200 (old tag= LinJ.24.1890) LmjF.24.1820 short chain dehydrogenase/reductase - putative
LINF_240024300 (old tag= LinJ.24.1900) LmjF.24.1830 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240024400 (old tag= LinJ.24.1910) LmjF.24.1840 lysophospholipase - putative
LINF_240024500 (old tag= LinJ.24.1920) LmjF.24.1850 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240024600 (old tag= tRNA) tRNA anticodon gtc
LINF_240024700 (old tag= LinJ.24.1930) LmjF.24.1860 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240024800 (old tag= LinJ.24.1940) LmjF.24.1870 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240024900 (old tag= LinJ.24.1950) LmjF.24.1880 cyclin 11 - putative
LINF_240025000 (old tag= LinJ.24.1960) LmjF.24.1890 cyclin 10
LINF_240025100 (old tag= LinJ.24.1970) LmjF.24.1900 WD domain - G-beta repeat/PFU (PLAA family ubiquitin binding) - putative
LINF_240025200 (old tag= LinJ.24.1980) LmjF.24.1905 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240025300 (old tag= LinJ.24.1990) LmjF.24.1910 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240025400 (old tag= LinJ.24.2000) LmjF.24.1920 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240025500 (old tag= LinJ.24.2010) LmjF.24.1930 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240025600 (old tag= LinJ.24.2020) LmjF.24.1940 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240025700 (old tag= LinJ.24.2030) LmjF.24.1950 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240025800 (old tag= LinJ.24.2040) LmjF.24.1960 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240025900 (old tag= LinJ.24.2050) LmjF.24.1970 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240026000 (old tag= LinJ.24.2060) LmjF.24.1980 STOP axonemal protein - putative
LINF_240026100 (old tag= LinJ.24.2070) LmjF.24.1990 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240026200 (old tag= LinJ.24.2080) LmjF.24.2000 Phosphorylated CTD interacting factor 1 WW domain containing protein - putative
LINF_240026300 (old tag= LinJ.24.2090) LmjF.24.2010 phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase - putative
LINF_240026400 (old tag= LinJ.24.2100) LmjF.24.2020 tubulin folding cofactor D - putative
LINF_240026500 (old tag= LinJ.24.2110) LmjF.24.2030 3-oxoacyl-(acyl-carrier protein) reductase - putative
LINF_240026600 (old tag= LinJ.24.2120) LmjF.24.2040 BolA-like protein - putative
LINF_240026650 (old tag= LinJ.24.2130) LmjF.24.2045:pseudogenic_transcript Opioid growth factor receptor (OGFr) conserved region - putative
LINF_240026700 (old tag= LinJ.24.2140) LmjF.24.2050 60S ribosomal protein L26 - putative
LINF_240026800 (old tag= LinJ.24.2150) LmjF.24.2060 transketolase
LINF_240026900 (old tag= LinJ.24.2160) LmjF.24.2070 40S ribosomal protein S8 - putative
LINF_240027000 (old tag= LinJ.24.2170) LmjF.24.2080 40S ribosomal protein S8 - putative
LINF_240027100 (old tag= LinJ.24.2180) LmjF.24.2090 Kelch motif/Galactose oxidase - central domain containing protein - putative
LINF_240027200 (old tag= LinJ.24.2190) LmjF.24.2100 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240027300 (old tag= LinJ.24.2200) LmjF.24.2110 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA synthase - putative
LINF_240027400 (old tag= LinJ.24.2210) LmjF.24.2120 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240027500 (old tag= LinJ.24.2220) LmjF.24.2130 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 - putative
LINF_240027600 (old tag= LinJ.24.2230) LmjF.24.2140 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme - putative
LINF_240027700 (old tag= LinJ.24.2240) LmjF.24.2150 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240027800 (old tag= LinJ.24.2250) LmjF.24.2160 Glycerophosphoryl diester phosphodiesterase family - putative
LINF_240027900 (old tag= LinJ.24.2260) LmjF.24.2170 Protein of unknown function N-terminal domain (DUF2450)/Protein of unknown function C-terminus (DUF2451) - putative
LINF_240028000 (old tag= LinJ.24.2270) LmjF.24.2180 Trypanosome basal body component protein
LINF_240028100 (old tag= LinJ.24.2280) LmjF.24.2190 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240028200 (old tag= LinJ.24.2290) LmjF.24.2200 Pentatricopeptide repeat domain containing protein - putative
LINF_240028300 (old tag= LinJ.24.2300) LmjF.24.2210 60S ribosomal protein L12 - putative
LINF_240028400 (old tag= LinJ.24.2310) LmjF.24.2220 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240028500 (old tag= LinJ.24.2320) LmjF.24.2230 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240028600 (old tag= LinJ.24.2330) LmjF.24.2240 Cobalamin adenosyltransferase - putative
LINF_240028700 (old tag= LinJ.24.2340) LmjF.24.2250 fatty-acid desaturase - putative
LINF_240028800 (old tag= LinJ.24.2350) LmjF.24.2260 notchless homolog - putative
LINF_240028900 (old tag= LinJ.24.2360) LmjF.24.2270 zinc-finger multi-pass transmembrane protein
LINF_240029000 (old tag= LinJ.24.2370) LmjF.24.2280 TFIIH basal transcription factor complex helicase subunit - putative
LINF_240029100 (old tag= LinJ.24.2380) LmjF.24.2290 cullin-like protein-like protein
LINF_240029200 (old tag= LinJ.24.2390) LmjF.24.2300 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240029300 (old tag= LinJ.24.2400) LmjF.24.2310 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240029400 (old tag= LinJ.24.2410) LmjF.24.2320 mitogen-activated protein kinase
LINF_240029500 (old tag= LinJ.24.2420) LmjF.24.2330 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_240029600 (old tag= LinJ.24.2430) LmjF.24.2340 SpoU rRNA Methylase family - putative
LINF_250005000 (old tag= LinJ.25.0010) LmjF.25.0010 beta galactofuranosyl transferase
LINF_250005100 (old tag= LinJ.25.0020) LmjF.25.0020 n-terminal acetyltransferase complex ard1 subunit homolog - putative
LINF_250005200 (old tag= LinJ.25.0030) LmjF.25.0030 Domain of unknown function (DUF2431) - putative
LINF_250005300 (old tag= LinJ.25.0040) LmjF.25.0040 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250005400 (old tag= LinJ.25.0050) LmjF.25.0050 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250005500 (old tag= LinJ.25.0060) LmjF.25.0060 Got1/Sft2-like family - putative
LINF_250005600 (old tag= LinJ.25.0065) - hypothetical protein
LINF_250005700 (old tag= LinJ.25.0070) LmjF.25.0070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250005800 (old tag= LinJ.25.0080) LmjF.25.0080 poly(A)-binding protein 3
LINF_250005900 (old tag= LinJ.25.0085) - hypothetical protein
LINF_250006000 (old tag= LinJ.25.0090) LmjF.25.0090 Qc-SNARE protein - putative
LINF_250006100 (old tag= LinJ.25.0100) LmjF.25.0100 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250006200 (old tag= LinJ.25.0110) LmjF.25.0110 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250006300 (old tag= LinJ.25.0120) LmjF.25.0120 electron transfer flavoprotein - putative
LINF_250006400 (old tag= LinJ.25.0130) LmjF.25.0130 elongation factor - putative
LINF_250006500 (old tag= LinJ.25.0140) LmjF.25.0140 DNA-directed RNA polymerase I subunit - putative
LINF_250006600 (old tag= LinJ.25.0150) LmjF.25.0150 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250006700 (old tag= LinJ.25.0160) LmjF.25.0160 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250006800 (old tag= LinJ.25.0170) LmjF.25.0170 cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor - putative
LINF_250006900 (old tag= LinJ.25.0180) LmjF.25.0180 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250007000 (old tag= LinJ.25.0190) LmjF.25.0190 ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase - putative
LINF_250007100 (old tag= LinJ.25.0200) LmjF.25.0200 wd repeat-containing protein 19
LINF_250007200 (old tag= LinJ.25.0210) LmjF.25.0210 mitochondrial carrier protein - putative
LINF_250007300 (old tag= LinJ.25.0220) LmjF.25.0220 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250007400 (old tag= LinJ.25.0230) LmjF.25.0230 Dual specificity phosphatase - catalytic domain containing protein - putative
LINF_250007500 (old tag= LinJ.25.0240) LmjF.25.0240 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor of RES complex - putative
LINF_250007600 (old tag= LinJ.25.0250) LmjF.25.0250 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250007700 (old tag= LinJ.25.0260) LmjF.25.0260 Dynein light chain 1 - cytoplasmic - putative
LINF_250007800 (old tag= LinJ.25.0270) LmjF.25.0270 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250007900 (old tag= LinJ.25.0280) LmjF.25.0280 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250008000 (old tag= LinJ.25.0290) LmjF.25.0290 RNA-binding protein - putative
LINF_250008100 (old tag= LinJ.25.0300) LmjF.25.0300 ATP-binding region containing protein - putative
LINF_250008200 (old tag= LinJ.25.0310) LmjF.25.0305 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250008300 (old tag= LinJ.25.0320) LmjF.25.0310 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250008400 (old tag= LinJ.25.0330) LmjF.25.0320 B9 domain-containing protein 2
LINF_250008500 (old tag= LinJ.25.0340) LmjF.25.0330 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250008600 (old tag= LinJ.25.0350) LmjF.25.0340 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250008700 (old tag= LinJ.25.0360) LmjF.25.0350 Protein of unknown function (DUF1308) - putative
LINF_250008800 (old tag= LinJ.25.0370) LmjF.25.0360 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250008900 (old tag= LinJ.25.0380) LmjF.25.0370 Fcf2 pre-rRNA processing - putative
LINF_250009000 (old tag= LinJ.25.0390) LmjF.25.0380 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250009100 (old tag= LinJ.25.0400) LmjF.25.0390 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250009200 (old tag= LinJ.25.0410) LmjF.25.0400 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250009300 (old tag= LinJ.25.0420) LmjF.25.0410 Translation initiation factor SUI1 - putative
LINF_250009400 (old tag= LinJ.25.0430) LmjF.25.0420 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250009500 (old tag= LinJ.25.0440) LmjF.25.0430 WD domain - G-beta repeat/Utp13 specific WD40 associated domain containing protein - putative
LINF_250009600 (old tag= LinJ.25.0450) LmjF.25.0440 transcription factor IIIb - putative
LINF_250009700 (old tag= LinJ.25.0460) LmjF.25.0450 Ferrous iron transport protein B/50S ribosome-binding GTPase/Protein of unknown function - DUF258 - putative
LINF_250009800 (old tag= LinJ.25.0470) LmjF.25.0460 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250009900 (old tag= LinJ.25.0480) LmjF.25.0470 Kringle domain containing protein - putative
LINF_250010000 (old tag= LinJ.25.0490) LmjF.25.0480 Myosin head (motor domain) - putative
LINF_250010100 (old tag= LinJ.25.0500) LmjF.25.0490 RNA-binding protein - putative - UPB1
LINF_250010200 (old tag= LinJ.25.0510) LmjF.25.0500 RNA-binding protein - putative - UPB1
LINF_250010300 (old tag= LinJ.25.0520) LmjF.25.0510 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250010400 (old tag= LinJ.25.0530) LmjF.25.0520 RNA-binding protein - putative
LINF_250010500 (old tag= LinJ.25.0540) LmjF.25.0530 ABC transporter - mitochondrial - putative
LINF_250010600 (old tag= LinJ.25.0550) LmjF.25.0540 Scd6-like Sm domain containing protein - putative
LINF_250010700 (old tag= LinJ.25.0560) LmjF.25.0550 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250010800 (old tag= LinJ.25.0570) LmjF.25.0560 DnaJ domain containing protein - putative
LINF_250010900 (old tag= LinJ.25.0580) LmjF.25.0570 Tyrosine phosphatase family - putative
LINF_250011000 (old tag= LinJ.25.0590) LmjF.25.0580 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250011100 (old tag= LinJ.25.0600) LmjF.25.0590 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250011200 (old tag= LinJ.25.0605) - hypothetical protein
LINF_250011300 (old tag= LinJ.25.0610) LmjF.25.0600 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250011400 (old tag= LinJ.25.0620) LmjF.25.0610 Raptor N-terminal CASPase like domain containing protein - putative
LINF_250011500 (old tag= LinJ.25.0630) LmjF.25.0620 RNA polymerase I second largest subunit - putative
LINF_250011600 (old tag= LinJ.25.0640) LmjF.25.0630 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250011700 (old tag= LinJ.25.0650) LmjF.25.0640 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250011800 (old tag= LinJ.25.0660) LmjF.25.0650 predicted zinc finger protein
LINF_250011900 (old tag= LinJ.25.0670) LmjF.25.0660 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250012000 (old tag= LinJ.25.0680) LmjF.25.0670 epsin - putative
LINF_250012100 (old tag= LinJ.25.0690) LmjF.25.0680 myosin heavy chain kinase c-like protein
LINF_250012200 (old tag= LinJ.25.0695) LmjF.25.0680 myosin heavy chain kinase c-like protein
LINF_250012300 (old tag= LinJ.25.0700) LmjF.25.0690 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250012400 (old tag= LinJ.25.0710) LmjF.25.0700 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250012500 (old tag= LinJ.25.0720) LmjF.25.0710 SCAMP family - putative
LINF_250012600 (old tag= LinJ.25.0725) - Thioredoxin/Thioredoxin-like - putative
LINF_250012700 (old tag= LinJ.25.0730) LmjF.25.0715 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250012800 (old tag= LinJ.25.0735) - hypothetical protein
LINF_250012900 (old tag= LinJ.25.0740) LmjF.25.0720 eukaryotic initiation factor 5a - putative
LINF_250013000 (old tag= LinJ.25.0750) LmjF.25.0720 eukaryotic initiation factor 5a - putative
LINF_250013100 (old tag= LinJ.25.0760) LmjF.25.0730 eukaryotic initiation factor 5a - putative
LINF_250013200 (old tag= LinJ.25.0770) LmjF.25.0740 DNA repair protein - putative
LINF_250013300 (old tag= LinJ.25.0780) LmjF.25.0750 protein phosphatase - putative
LINF_250013400 (old tag= LinJ.25.0790) LmjF.25.0760 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250013500 (old tag= LinJ.25.0800) LmjF.25.0770 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250013600 (old tag= LinJ.25.0810) LmjF.25.0780 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250013700 (old tag= LinJ.25.0820) LmjF.25.0790 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250013800 (old tag= LinJ.25.0830) LmjF.25.0800 DNL zinc finger containing protein - putative
LINF_250013900 (old tag= LinJ.25.0840) LmjF.25.0810 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250014000 (old tag= LinJ.25.0850) LmjF.25.0820 Prefoldin subunit - putative
LINF_250014100 (old tag= LinJ.25.0860) LmjF.25.0830 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250014200 (old tag= LinJ.25.0870) LmjF.25.0840 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250014300 (old tag= LinJ.25.0880) LmjF.25.0850 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250014400 (old tag= LinJ.25.0890) LmjF.25.0860 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250014500 (old tag= LinJ.25.0900) LmjF.25.0870 protein kinase - putative
LINF_250014600 (old tag= LinJ.25.0910) LmjF.25.0880 Leucine Rich Repeat/Leucine rich repeat - putative
LINF_250014700 (old tag= LinJ.25.0920) LmjF.25.0890 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250014800 (old tag= LinJ.25.0930) LmjF.25.0900 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250014900 (old tag= LinJ.25.0940) LmjF.25.0910 cyclophilin type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase
LINF_250015000 (old tag= LinJ.25.0950) LmjF.25.0920 Histone RNA hairpin-binding protein RNA-binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_250015100 (old tag= LinJ.25.0960) LmjF.25.0930 Ankyrin repeats (3 copies)/Ankyrin repeats (many copies)/Ankyrin repeat - putative
LINF_250015200 (old tag= LinJ.25.0970) LmjF.25.0940 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250015300 (old tag= LinJ.25.0980) LmjF.25.0950 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250015400 (old tag= LinJ.25.0985) - hypothetical protein
LINF_250015500 (old tag= LinJ.25.0990) LmjF.25.0960 tubulin gamma chain
LINF_250015600 (old tag= LinJ.25.1000) LmjF.25.0970 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250015700 (old tag= LinJ.25.1010) LmjF.25.0980 dynein heavy chain - putative
LINF_250015800 (old tag= LinJ.25.1020) LmjF.25.0990 Complex 1 protein (LYR family) - putative
LINF_250015900 (old tag= LinJ.25.1030) LmjF.25.1000 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250016000 (old tag= LinJ.25.1040) LmjF.25.1010 2OG-Fe(II) oxygenase superfamily - putative
LINF_250016100 (old tag= LinJ.25.1050) LmjF.25.1015 protein transport protein Sec61 gamma subunit - putative
LINF_250016200 (old tag= LinJ.25.1060) LmjF.25.1020 dehydrogenase-like protein
LINF_250016300 (old tag= LinJ.25.1065) - hypothetical protein
LINF_250016400 (old tag= LinJ.25.1070) LmjF.25.1030 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250016500 (old tag= LinJ.25.1080) LmjF.25.1040 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250016600 (old tag= LinJ.25.1090) LmjF.25.1050 frataxin-like protein
LINF_250016700 (old tag= LinJ.25.1100) LmjF.25.1060 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250016800 (old tag= LinJ.25.1110) LmjF.25.1070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250016900 (old tag= LinJ.25.1120) LmjF.25.1080 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250017000 (old tag= LinJ.25.1130) LmjF.25.1090 MGT2 magnesium transporter
LINF_250017100 (old tag= LinJ.25.1140) LmjF.25.1100 DNAj-like protein
LINF_250017200 (old tag= LinJ.25.1150) LmjF.25.1110 Galactose oxidase - central domain containing protein - putative
LINF_250017300 (old tag= LinJ.25.1160) LmjF.25.1120 aldehyde dehydrogenase - mitochondrial precursor
LINF_250017400 (old tag= LinJ.25.1170) LmjF.25.1130 cytochrome c oxidase VII - putativeGeneDB:LmjF.25.1130
LINF_250017500 (old tag= LinJ.25.1180) LmjF.25.1140 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250017600 (old tag= LinJ.25.1185) - hypothetical protein
LINF_250017700 (old tag= LinJ.25.1190) LmjF.25.1150 alpha-tubulin N-acetyltransferase - putative
LINF_250017800 (old tag= LinJ.25.1200) LmjF.25.1160 LMBR1-like membrane protein - putative
LINF_250017900 (old tag= LinJ.25.1205) LmjF.25.1170 ATP synthase subunit beta - mitochondrial - putative
LINF_250018000 (old tag= LinJ.25.1210) LmjF.25.1180 ATP synthase subunit beta - mitochondrial - putative
LINF_250018100 (old tag= LinJ.25.1220) LmjF.25.1190 ribosomal protein S25
LINF_250018200 (old tag= LinJ.25.1230) LmjF.25.1200 modification methylase-like protein
LINF_250018300 (old tag= LinJ.25.1240) LmjF.25.1210 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250018400 (old tag= LinJ.25.1250) LmjF.25.1220 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250018450 (old tag= LinJ.25.1260) LmjF.25.1230:pseudogenic_transcript hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250018500 (old tag= LinJ.25.1270) LmjF.25.1250 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250018600 (old tag= LinJ.25.1280) LmjF.25.1260 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250018700 (old tag= LinJ.25.1290) LmjF.25.1260 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250018800 (old tag= LinJ.25.1300) LmjF.25.1270 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250018900 (old tag= LinJ.25.1310) LmjF.25.1280 Cullin family/Cullin protein neddylation domain containing protein - putative
LINF_250019000 (old tag= LinJ.25.1320) LmjF.25.1290 NPL4 family - putative
LINF_250019100 (old tag= LinJ.25.1330) LmjF.25.1300 PRP38 family - putative
LINF_250019200 (old tag= LinJ.25.1340) LmjF.25.1310 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250019300 (old tag= LinJ.25.1350) LmjF.25.1315 RNA polymerase subunit RPB10 - putative
LINF_250019400 (old tag= LinJ.25.1360) LmjF.25.1320 serine/threonine protein phosphatase - putative
LINF_250019500 (old tag= LinJ.25.1370) LmjF.25.1330 GIY-YIG catalytic domain containing protein - putative
LINF_250019600 (old tag= LinJ.25.1380) LmjF.25.1340 protein transport protein Sec24C - putative
LINF_250019700 (old tag= LinJ.25.1390) LmjF.25.1350 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250019800 (old tag= LinJ.25.1400) LmjF.25.1360 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250019900 (old tag= LinJ.25.1410) LmjF.25.1370 TAP42-like family - putative
LINF_250020000 (old tag= LinJ.25.1420) LmjF.25.1380 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250020100 (old tag= LinJ.25.1430) LmjF.25.1390 Conserved hypothetical ATP binding protein - putative
LINF_250020200 (old tag= LinJ.25.1440) LmjF.25.1400 Surp module - putative
LINF_250020300 (old tag= LinJ.25.1450) LmjF.25.1410 DNA polymerase delta subunit 2 - putative
LINF_250020400 (old tag= LinJ.25.1460) LmjF.25.1420 GTP-binding protein - putative
LINF_250020500 (old tag= LinJ.25.1470) LmjF.25.1430 Putative intraflagellar transport protein A1
LINF_250020600 (old tag= LinJ.25.1480) LmjF.25.1440 Exonuclease - putative
LINF_250020700 (old tag= LinJ.25.1490) LmjF.25.1443 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250020800 (old tag= LinJ.25.1495) - hypothetical protein
LINF_250020900 (old tag= LinJ.25.1500) LmjF.25.1445 Protein of unknown function (DUF1295)/Phospholipid methyltransferase - putative
LINF_250021000 (old tag= LinJ.25.1510) LmjF.25.1450 Peptide chain release factor 1 - mitochondrial - putative
LINF_250021100 (old tag= LinJ.25.1520) LmjF.25.1460 cAMP response protein - putative
LINF_250021200 (old tag= LinJ.25.1530) LmjF.25.1470 cyclin
LINF_250021300 (old tag= LinJ.25.1540) LmjF.25.1480 calpain family cysteine protease-like protein
LINF_250021400 (old tag= LinJ.25.1550) LmjF.25.1490 Rab3 GTPase-activating protein catalytic subunit - putative
LINF_250021500 (old tag= LinJ.25.1560) LmjF.25.1500 PUA domain/NOL1/NOP2/sun family - putative
LINF_250021600 (old tag= LinJ.25.1570) LmjF.25.1510 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250021700 (old tag= LinJ.25.1580) LmjF.25.1520 protein kinase - putative
LINF_250021800 (old tag= LinJ.25.1590) LmjF.25.1530 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250021900 (old tag= LinJ.25.1600) LmjF.25.1540 mitochondrial RNA binding complex 1 subunit - putative
LINF_250022000 (old tag= LinJ.25.1610) LmjF.25.1550 Tim10/DDP family zinc finger containing protein - putative
LINF_250022100 (old tag= LinJ.25.1620) LmjF.25.1560 protein kinase - putative
LINF_250022200 (old tag= LinJ.25.1630) LmjF.25.1570 ER-Golgi trafficking TRAPP I complex 85 kDa subunit - putative
LINF_250022300 (old tag= LinJ.25.1640) LmjF.25.1580 casein kinase I - putative
LINF_250022400 (old tag= LinJ.25.1650) LmjF.25.1590 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250022500 (old tag= LinJ.25.1660) LmjF.25.1600 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_250022600 (old tag= LinJ.25.1670) LmjF.25.1610 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250022700 (old tag= LinJ.25.1680) LmjF.25.1620 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250022800 (old tag= LinJ.25.1690) LmjF.25.1630 diacylglycerol acyltransferase - putative
LINF_250022900 (old tag= LinJ.25.1700) LmjF.25.1640 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250023000 (old tag= LinJ.25.1715) - hypothetical protein
LINF_250023100 (old tag= LinJ.25.1720) LmjF.25.1650 Elongation factor P (EF-P) KOW-like domain containing protein - putative
LINF_250023200 (old tag= LinJ.25.1730) LmjF.25.1660 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250023300 (old tag= LinJ.25.1740) LmjF.25.1670 Mad2-like HORMA domain containing protein
LINF_250023400 (old tag= LinJ.25.1750) LmjF.25.1680 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250023500 (old tag= LinJ.25.1760) LmjF.25.1690 DnaJ domain containing protein - putative
LINF_250023600 (old tag= LinJ.25.1770) LmjF.25.1700 Leucine-rich repeat/Leucine Rich repeats (2 copies) - putative
LINF_250023700 (old tag= LinJ.25.1780) LmjF.25.1705 LSM domain containing protein - putative
LINF_250023800 (old tag= LinJ.25.1790) LmjF.25.1710 pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 beta subunit - putative
LINF_250023900 (old tag= LinJ.25.1800) LmjF.25.1720 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250024000 (old tag= LinJ.25.1810) LmjF.25.1730 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250024100 (old tag= LinJ.25.1820) LmjF.25.1740 mitochondrial RNA binding complex 1 subunit - putative
LINF_250024200 (old tag= LinJ.25.1830) LmjF.25.1750 Domain of unknown function (DUF1935) - putative
LINF_250024300 (old tag= LinJ.25.1840) LmjF.25.1760 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250024400 (old tag= LinJ.25.1850) LmjF.25.1770 enoyl-CoA reductase - putative
LINF_250024500 (old tag= LinJ.25.1860) LmjF.25.1780 ATP-grasp domain/RimK-like ATP-grasp domain/D-ala D-ala ligase C-terminus/SET domain containing protein - putative
LINF_250024600 (old tag= LinJ.25.1865) - hypothetical protein
LINF_250024700 (old tag= LinJ.25.1870) LmjF.25.1790 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250024800 (old tag= LinJ.25.1880) LmjF.25.1800 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250024900 (old tag= LinJ.25.1890) LmjF.25.1810 cytochrome c oxidase assembly protein - putative
LINF_250025000 (old tag= LinJ.25.1900) LmjF.25.1820 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250025100 (old tag= LinJ.25.1910) LmjF.25.1830 Histone RNA hairpin-binding protein RNA-binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_250025200 (old tag= LinJ.25.1920) LmjF.25.1840 Not1 N-terminal domain - CCR4-Not complex component/NOT2 / NOT3 / NOT5 family - putative
LINF_250025300 (old tag= LinJ.25.1930) LmjF.25.1850 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_250025400 (old tag= LinJ.25.1940) LmjF.25.1860 TLP18.3 - Psb32 and MOLO-1 founding proteins of phosphatase - putative
LINF_250025500 (old tag= LinJ.25.1950) LmjF.25.1870 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250025600 (old tag= LinJ.25.1955) - hypothetical protein
LINF_250025700 (old tag= LinJ.25.1960) LmjF.25.1880 Vacuolar protein sorting 55 - putative
LINF_250025800 (old tag= LinJ.25.1970) LmjF.25.1890 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250025900 (old tag= LinJ.25.1980) LmjF.25.1900 phosphopantothenate--cysteine ligase - putative
LINF_250026000 (old tag= LinJ.25.1990) LmjF.25.1910 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250026100 (old tag= LinJ.25.2000) LmjF.25.1920 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250026200 (old tag= LinJ.25.2010) LmjF.25.1930 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250026300 (old tag= LinJ.25.2020) LmjF.25.1940 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250026400 (old tag= LinJ.25.2030) LmjF.25.1950 kinesin - putative
LINF_250026500 (old tag= LinJ.25.2040) LmjF.25.1960 acylphosphatase - putative
LINF_250026600 (old tag= LinJ.25.2050) LmjF.25.1970 kinesin - putative
LINF_250026700 (old tag= LinJ.25.2060) LmjF.25.1980 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250026800 (old tag= LinJ.25.2070) LmjF.25.1990 protein kinase - putative
LINF_250026900 (old tag= LinJ.25.2080) LmjF.25.2000 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250027000 (old tag= LinJ.25.2090) LmjF.25.2010 2 -4-dihydroxyhept-2-ene-1 -7-dioic acid aldolase - putative
LINF_250027100 (old tag= LinJ.25.2100) LmjF.25.2020 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250027200 (old tag= LinJ.25.2110) LmjF.25.2030 NLI interacting factor-like phosphatase - putative
LINF_250027300 (old tag= LinJ.25.2120) LmjF.25.2040 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250027400 (old tag= LinJ.25.2130) LmjF.25.2050 helicase-like protein - putative
LINF_250027500 (old tag= LinJ.25.2140) LmjF.25.2060 Protein phosphatase 2C/Stage II sporulation protein E (SpoIIE) - putative
LINF_250027600 (old tag= LinJ.25.2150) LmjF.25.2070 Rieske [2Fe-2S] domain/Rieske-like [2Fe-2S] domain containing protein - putative
LINF_250027700 (old tag= LinJ.25.2160) LmjF.25.2080 elongation factor 2-like protein
LINF_250027800 (old tag= LinJ.25.2170) LmjF.25.2090 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250027900 (old tag= LinJ.25.2180) LmjF.25.2095 RNA triphosphatase - putative
LINF_250028000 (old tag= LinJ.25.2190) LmjF.25.2100 TPR repeat/Tetratricopeptide repeat - putative
LINF_250028100 (old tag= LinJ.25.2200) LmjF.25.2110 KIF-1 binding protein C terminal - putative
LINF_250028200 (old tag= LinJ.25.2210) LmjF.25.2120 Translation initiation factor eIF3 subunit - putative
LINF_250028300 (old tag= LinJ.25.2220) LmjF.25.2130 succinyl-CoA synthetase alpha subunit - putative
LINF_250028400 (old tag= LinJ.25.2230) LmjF.25.2140 succinyl-CoA synthetase alpha subunit - putative
LINF_250028500 (old tag= LinJ.25.2240) LmjF.25.2150 BRO1-like domain containing protein - putative
LINF_250028600 (old tag= LinJ.25.2250) LmjF.25.2155 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250028700 (old tag= LinJ.25.2260) LmjF.25.2160 Ubiquitin-2 like Rad60 SUMO-like - putative
LINF_250028800 (old tag= LinJ.25.2270) LmjF.25.2170 Molybdopterin guanine dinucleotide synthesis protein B - putative
LINF_250028900 (old tag= LinJ.25.2280) LmjF.25.2180 vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 33 - putative
LINF_250029000 (old tag= LinJ.25.2290) LmjF.25.2190 DnaJ domain/C2H2 type zinc-finger (2 copies)/Zinc-finger of C2H2 type/Zinc-finger double-stranded RNA-binding - putative
LINF_250029100 (old tag= LinJ.25.2300) LmjF.25.2200 Parkin co-regulated protein - putative
LINF_250029200 (old tag= LinJ.25.2310) LmjF.25.2210 PCI domain containing protein - putative
LINF_250029300 (old tag= LinJ.25.2320) LmjF.25.2220 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250029400 (old tag= LinJ.25.2330) LmjF.25.2230 glycosome import protein - putative
LINF_250029500 (old tag= LinJ.25.2340) LmjF.25.2235 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250029600 (old tag= LinJ.25.2350) LmjF.25.2240 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250029700 (old tag= LinJ.25.2360) LmjF.25.2250 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250029800 (old tag= LinJ.25.2370) LmjF.25.2260 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250029900 (old tag= LinJ.25.2380) LmjF.25.2270 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250030000 (old tag= LinJ.25.2390) LmjF.25.2280 palmitoyl acyltransferase 10 - putative
LINF_250030100 (old tag= LinJ.25.2400) LmjF.25.2290 Pex2 / Pex12 amino terminal region/Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger)/Ring finger domain/zinc-RING finger domain/Anaphase-promoting complex subunit 11 RING-H2 finger containing protein - putative
LINF_250030200 (old tag= LinJ.25.2410) LmjF.25.2300 Leucine rich repeat/Leucine Rich repeats (2 copies) - putative
LINF_250030300 (old tag= LinJ.25.2420) LmjF.25.2310 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250030400 (old tag= LinJ.25.2430) LmjF.25.2320 Microsomal signal peptidase 12 kDa subunit (SPC12) - putative
LINF_250030500 (old tag= LinJ.25.2440) LmjF.25.2330 MORN repeat/Vacuolar sorting protein 9 (VPS9) domain containing protein - putative
LINF_250030600 (old tag= LinJ.25.2450) LmjF.25.2340 AGC family serine/threonine kinase - putative
LINF_250030700 (old tag= LinJ.25.2460) LmjF.25.2350 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250030800 (old tag= LinJ.25.2470) LmjF.25.2360 pumillio protein 8 - putative
LINF_250030900 (old tag= LinJ.25.2480) LmjF.25.2370 adenylate kinase - putative
LINF_250031000 (old tag= LinJ.25.2485) - hypothetical protein
LINF_250031100 (old tag= LinJ.25.2490) LmjF.25.2375 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250031200 (old tag= LinJ.25.2500) LmjF.25.2380:pseudogenic_transcript CHAP domain/Glutathionylspermidine synthase preATP-grasp - putative
LINF_250031300 (old tag= LinJ.25.2510) LmjF.25.2400 Arv1-like family - putative
LINF_250031400 (old tag= LinJ.25.2520) LmjF.25.2410 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250031500 (old tag= LinJ.25.2530) LmjF.25.2420 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_250031600 (old tag= LinJ.25.2540) LmjF.25.2430 aminopeptidase P1 - putative
LINF_250031700 (old tag= LinJ.25.2550) LmjF.25.2440 tagatose-6-phosphate kinase-like protein
LINF_250031800 (old tag= LinJ.25.2560) LmjF.25.2450 histone H4
LINF_250031900 (old tag= LinJ.25.2570) LmjF.25.2460 phosphoglycan beta 1 -3 galactosyltransferase 4
LINF_250032000 (old tag= LinJ.25.2575) LmjF.25.2460 phosphoglycan beta 1 -3 galactosyltransferase 4
LINF_260005000 (old tag= LinJ.26.0010) LmjF.26.0005 Lsm7p protein - putative
LINF_260005100 (old tag= LinJ.26.0020) LmjF.26.0010 brix domain containing-like protein
LINF_260005200 (old tag= LinJ.26.0030) LmjF.26.0020 methylmalonyl-coa epimerase-like protein
LINF_260005300 (old tag= LinJ.26.0040) LmjF.26.0030 pyridoxal phosphate containing glycine decarboxylase - putative
LINF_260005400 (old tag= LinJ.26.0050) LmjF.26.0040 protein kinase - putative
LINF_260005500 (old tag= LinJ.26.0060) LmjF.26.0050 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260005600 (old tag= LinJ.26.0070) LmjF.26.0055 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260005700 (old tag= LinJ.26.0080) LmjF.26.0058 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260005800 (old tag= LinJ.26.0091) LmjF.26.0060,LmjF.26.0100 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260005900 (old tag= LinJ.26.0090) LmjF.26.0070,LmjF.26.0110 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260006000 (old tag= LinJ.26.0090.5) - hypothetical protein
LINF_260006100 (old tag= LinJ.26.0091.5) LmjF.26.0060,LmjF.26.0100 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260006150 (old tag= LinJ.26.0100) LmjF.26.0070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260006200 (old tag= LinJ.26.0110) LmjF.26.0115 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260006300 (old tag= LinJ.26.0120) LmjF.26.0140 adenine phosphoribosyltransferase
LINF_260006400 (old tag= LinJ.26.0130) LmjF.26.0150 Mini-chromosome maintenance complex-binding protein
LINF_260006500 (old tag= LinJ.26.0140) LmjF.26.0160 nuclear lim interactor-interacting factor-like protein
LINF_260006600 (old tag= LinJ.26.0150) LmjF.26.0170 60S ribosomal protein L7 - putative
LINF_260006700 (old tag= LinJ.26.0160) LmjF.26.0180 60S ribosomal protein L7 - putative
LINF_260006800 (old tag= LinJ.26.0170) LmjF.26.0185 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260006900 (old tag= LinJ.26.0180) LmjF.26.0190 Scaffold protein Nfu/NifU N terminal/NifU-like domain containing protein - putative
LINF_260007000 (old tag= LinJ.26.0190) LmjF.26.0200 eukaryotic peptide chain release factor subunit 1 - putative
LINF_260007100 (old tag= LinJ.26.0200) LmjF.26.0210 Silent information regulator 2 related protein 1 - putative
LINF_260007200 (old tag= LinJ.26.0210) LmjF.26.0220 Uncharacterised conserved protein (DUF2305)/Alpha/beta hydrolase family - putative
LINF_260007300 (old tag= LinJ.26.0220) LmjF.26.0230 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260007400 (old tag= LinJ.26.0230) LmjF.26.0240 Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E type 6 - putative
LINF_260007500 (old tag= LinJ.26.0240) LmjF.26.0250 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260007600 (old tag= LinJ.26.0250) LmjF.26.0260 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260007700 (old tag= LinJ.26.0260) LmjF.26.0270 ras-like small GTPases - putative
LINF_260007800 (old tag= LinJ.26.0270) LmjF.26.0280 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260007900 (old tag= LinJ.26.0280) LmjF.26.0290 Nucleotide hydrolase - putative
LINF_260008000 (old tag= LinJ.26.0290) LmjF.26.0300 aminopeptidase-like protein
LINF_260008100 (old tag= LinJ.26.0300) LmjF.26.0310 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase/fructose-2 -6-biphosphatase-1-like protein
LINF_260008200 (old tag= LinJ.26.0310) LmjF.26.0320 C-1-tetrahydrofolate synthase - cytoplasmic - putative
LINF_260008300 (old tag= LinJ.26.0320) LmjF.26.0330 mitotic cyclin - putative
LINF_260008400 (old tag= LinJ.26.0330) LmjF.26.0340 Inosine-uridine preferring nucleoside hydrolase - putative
LINF_260008500 (old tag= LinJ.26.0340) LmjF.26.0350 Vps52 / Sac2 family - putative
LINF_260008600 (old tag= LinJ.26.0350) LmjF.26.0360 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260008700 (old tag= LinJ.26.0360) LmjF.26.0370 TPR repeat/Tetratricopeptide repeat - putative
LINF_260008800 (old tag= LinJ.26.0370) LmjF.26.0380 Regulator of Vps4 activity in the MVB pathway - putative
LINF_260008900 (old tag= LinJ.26.0380) LmjF.26.0390 RET2 - RNA editing complex MP57
LINF_260009000 (old tag= LinJ.26.0390) LmjF.26.0400 2OG-Fe(II) oxygenase superfamily - putative
LINF_260009100 (old tag= LinJ.26.0400) LmjF.26.0410 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260009200 (old tag= LinJ.26.0410) LmjF.26.0420 pseudouridylate synthase-like protein
LINF_260009300 (old tag= LinJ.26.0420) LmjF.26.0430 nucleotide binding protein-like protein
LINF_260009400 (old tag= LinJ.26.0430) LmjF.26.0440 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260009500 (old tag= LinJ.26.0440) LmjF.26.0450:pseudogenic_transcript hypothetical protein
LINF_260009600 (old tag= LinJ.26.0450) LmjF.26.0460 ATPase subunit 9 - putative
LINF_260009700 (old tag= LinJ.26.0460) LmjF.26.0470 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260009800 (old tag= LinJ.26.0470) LmjF.26.0480 Conserved hypothetical ATP binding protein - putative
LINF_260009900 (old tag= LinJ.26.0480) LmjF.26.0490 DNA polymerase sigma-like protein
LINF_260010000 (old tag= LinJ.26.0490) LmjF.26.0500 Leucine rich repeat/Leucine Rich Repeat/Leucine Rich repeat - putative
LINF_260010100 (old tag= LinJ.26.0500) LmjF.26.0520:pseudogenic_transcript hypothetical protein
LINF_260010200 (old tag= LinJ.26.0500) LmjF.26.0520:pseudogenic_transcript hypothetical protein
LINF_260010300 (old tag= LinJ.26.0500) LmjF.26.0520:pseudogenic_transcript hypothetical protein
LINF_260010400 (old tag= LinJ.26.0510) LmjF.26.0540 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260010500 (old tag= LinJ.26.0520) LmjF.26.0550 galactofuranosyltransferase lpg1-like protein
LINF_260010600 (old tag= LinJ.26.0530) LmjF.26.0560 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260010700 (old tag= LinJ.26.0540) LmjF.26.0570 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260010800 (old tag= LinJ.26.0550) LmjF.26.0580 Protein of unknown function (DUF525) - putative
LINF_260010900 (old tag= LinJ.26.0560) LmjF.26.0590 spliced leader RNA PSE-promoter transcription factor - putative
LINF_260011000 (old tag= LinJ.26.0570) LmjF.26.0600 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260011100 (old tag= LinJ.26.0580) LmjF.26.0610 PPR repeat/Pentatricopeptide repeat domain containing protein - putative
LINF_260011200 (old tag= LinJ.26.0590) LmjF.26.0620 10 kDa heat shock protein - putative
LINF_260011300 (old tag= LinJ.26.0600) LmjF.26.0630 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260011400 (old tag= LinJ.26.0610) LmjF.26.0640 10 kDa heat shock protein - putative
LINF_260011500 (old tag= LinJ.26.0620) LmjF.26.0650 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260011600 (old tag= LinJ.26.0630) LmjF.26.0660 protein disulfide isomerase - putative
LINF_260011700 (old tag= LinJ.26.0640) LmjF.26.0670 Thioredoxin - putative
LINF_260011800 (old tag= LinJ.26.0650) LmjF.26.0680 Protein of unknown function (DUF2012) - putative
LINF_260011900 (old tag= LinJ.26.0660) LmjF.26.0690 Qc-SNARE protein - putative
LINF_260012000 (old tag= LinJ.26.0670) LmjF.26.0700 Pentapeptide repeats (9 copies) - putative
LINF_260012100 (old tag= LinJ.26.0680) LmjF.26.0710 sphingosine kinase A - B - putative
LINF_260012200 (old tag= LinJ.26.0690) LmjF.26.0720 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260012300 (old tag= LinJ.26.0700) LmjF.26.0730 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260012400 (old tag= LinJ.26.0710) LmjF.26.0740 Regulator of chromosome condensation (RCC1) repeat - putative
LINF_260012500 (old tag= LinJ.26.0720) LmjF.26.0750 Regulator of chromosome condensation (RCC1) repeat - putative
LINF_260012600 (old tag= LinJ.26.0730) LmjF.26.0760 RNA recognition motif (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain)/RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain) - putative
LINF_260012700 (old tag= LinJ.26.0740) LmjF.26.0770 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260012800 (old tag= LinJ.26.0750) LmjF.26.0780 RNA recognition motif (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain)/RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain) - putative
LINF_260012900 (old tag= LinJ.26.0760) LmjF.26.0790 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260013000 (old tag= LinJ.26.0770) LmjF.26.0800,LmjF.26.0810,LmjF.26.0820 type II (glutathione peroxidase-like) tryparedoxin peroxidase
LINF_260013100 (old tag= LinJ.26.0780) LmjF.26.0800,LmjF.26.0810,LmjF.26.0820 type II (glutathione peroxidase-like) tryparedoxin peroxidase
LINF_260013200 (old tag= LinJ.26.0790) LmjF.26.0830 aspartate--ammonia ligase - putative
LINF_260013300 (old tag= LinJ.26.0800) LmjF.26.0840 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260013400 (old tag= LinJ.26.0810) LmjF.26.0850 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260013500 (old tag= LinJ.26.0820) LmjF.26.0860 RNA-editing complex protein MP100 - putative
LINF_260013600 (old tag= LinJ.26.0830) LmjF.26.0870 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260013700 (old tag= LinJ.26.0840) LmjF.26.0880 40S ribosomal protein S16 - putative
LINF_260013800 (old tag= LinJ.26.0850) LmjF.26.0890 40S ribosomal protein S16 - putative
LINF_260013900 (old tag= LinJ.26.0870) LmjF.26.0900 heat shock 70 protein-like protein
LINF_260014000 (old tag= LinJ.26.0880) LmjF.26.0910 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260014100 (old tag= LinJ.26.0890) LmjF.26.0920 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260014200 (old tag= LinJ.26.0900) LmjF.26.0930 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260014300 (old tag= LinJ.26.0910) LmjF.26.0940 DnaJ domain/Domain of unknown function (DUF3395) - putative
LINF_260014400 (old tag= LinJ.26.0920) LmjF.26.0950 Meiotic cell cortex C-terminal pleckstrin homology - putative
LINF_260014500 (old tag= LinJ.26.0930) LmjF.26.0960 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260014600 (old tag= LinJ.26.0940) LmjF.26.0970 NMD3 family - putative
LINF_260014700 (old tag= LinJ.26.0950) LmjF.26.0980 protein kinase - putative
LINF_260014800 (old tag= LinJ.26.0960) LmjF.26.0990 Ion transport protein/Polycystin cation channel - putative
LINF_260014900 (old tag= LinJ.26.0970) LmjF.26.1000 Glucosidase II beta subunit-like protein - putative
LINF_260015000 (old tag= LinJ.26.0980) LmjF.26.1010 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260015100 (old tag= LinJ.26.0990) LmjF.26.1015 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260015200 (old tag= LinJ.26.1000) LmjF.26.1020 dynein heavy chain - putative
LINF_260015300 (old tag= LinJ.26.1010) LmjF.26.1030 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260015400 (old tag= LinJ.26.1020) LmjF.26.1040 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260015500 (old tag= LinJ.26.1030) LmjF.26.1050 2Fe-2S iron-sulfur cluster binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_260015600 (old tag= LinJ.26.1040) LmjF.26.1060 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain) - putative
LINF_260015700 (old tag= LinJ.26.1050) LmjF.26.1070 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260015800 (old tag= LinJ.26.1060) LmjF.26.1080 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260015900 (old tag= LinJ.26.1070) LmjF.26.1090 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260016000 (old tag= LinJ.26.1080) LmjF.26.1100 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260016100 (old tag= LinJ.26.1090) LmjF.26.1110 TROVE domain/WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_260016200 (old tag= LinJ.26.1100) LmjF.26.1120 Axonemal dynein light chain - putative
LINF_260016300 (old tag= LinJ.26.1110) LmjF.26.1130 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260016400 (old tag= LinJ.26.1120) LmjF.26.1140 mitochondrial RNA binding complex 1 subunit - putative
LINF_260016500 (old tag= LinJ.26.1130) LmjF.26.1150 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260016600 (old tag= LinJ.26.1140) LmjF.26.1160 RNA pseudouridylate synthase - putative
LINF_260016700 (old tag= LinJ.26.1150) LmjF.26.1170 Ring finger domain/Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger) containing protein - putative
LINF_260016800 (old tag= LinJ.26.1160) LmjF.26.1180 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260016900 (old tag= LinJ.26.1170) LmjF.26.1190 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260017000 (old tag= LinJ.26.1180) LmjF.26.1200 DnaJ domain containing protein - putative
LINF_260017100 (old tag= LinJ.26.1190) LmjF.26.1210 aldo/keto reductase - putative
LINF_260017200 (old tag= LinJ.26.1200) LmjF.26.1220 Leucine rich repeat - putative
LINF_260017300 (old tag= LinJ.26.1210) LmjF.26.1230 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260017400 (old tag= LinJ.26.1220) LmjF.26.1240 heat shock 70-related protein 1 - mitochondrial precursor - putative
LINF_260017500 (old tag= LinJ.26.1230) LmjF.26.1250 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260017600 (old tag= LinJ.26.1240) LmjF.26.1260 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260017700 (old tag= LinJ.26.1250) LmjF.26.1270 DnaJ domain containing protein - putative
LINF_260017800 (old tag= LinJ.26.1260) LmjF.26.1280 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260017900 (old tag= LinJ.26.1270) LmjF.26.1290 Cupin-like domain containing protein - putative
LINF_260018000 (old tag= LinJ.26.1280) LmjF.26.1300 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260018100 (old tag= LinJ.26.1290) LmjF.26.1310 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260018200 (old tag= LinJ.26.1300) LmjF.26.1320 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260018300 (old tag= LinJ.26.1310) LmjF.26.1330 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260018400 (old tag= LinJ.26.1320) LmjF.26.1340 DNA ligase k alpha - putative
LINF_260018500 (old tag= LinJ.26.1330) LmjF.26.1350 mitochondrial DNA ligase homolog - putative
LINF_260018600 (old tag= LinJ.26.1340) LmjF.26.1360 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260018700 (old tag= LinJ.26.1350) LmjF.26.1370 guanine nucleotide-binding protein-like protein
LINF_260018800 (old tag= LinJ.26.1360) LmjF.26.1380 prefoldin-like protein
LINF_260018900 (old tag= LinJ.26.1370) LmjF.26.1390 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260019000 (old tag= LinJ.26.1380) LmjF.26.1400 WWE domain/WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_260019100 (old tag= LinJ.26.1390) LmjF.26.1410 DnaJ domain containing protein - putative
LINF_260019200 (old tag= LinJ.26.1400) LmjF.26.1420 MORN repeat/FYVE zinc finger containing protein - putative
LINF_260019300 (old tag= LinJ.26.1410) LmjF.26.1430 Cytochrome b5-like Heme/Steroid binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_260019400 (old tag= LinJ.26.1420) LmjF.26.1440 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260019500 (old tag= LinJ.26.1430) LmjF.26.1450 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260019600 (old tag= LinJ.26.1440) LmjF.26.1460 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260019700 (old tag= LinJ.26.1450) LmjF.26.1470 farnesyltransferase beta subunit
LINF_260019800 (old tag= LinJ.26.1460) LmjF.26.1480 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260019900 (old tag= LinJ.26.1470) LmjF.26.1490 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260020000 (old tag= LinJ.26.1480) LmjF.26.1500 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260020100 (old tag= LinJ.26.1490) LmjF.26.1510 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260020200 (old tag= LinJ.26.1500) LmjF.26.1520 Alpha/beta hydrolase family - putative
LINF_260020300 (old tag= LinJ.26.1510) LmjF.26.1530 RNA recognition motif (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain)/RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM - RBD - or RNP domain) - putative
LINF_260020400 (old tag= LinJ.26.1520) LmjF.26.1540 Glutaredoxin/Glutathione S-transferase - N-terminal domain containing protein - putative
LINF_260020500 (old tag= LinJ.26.1530) LmjF.26.1550 trifunctional enzyme alpha subunit - mitochondrial precursor-like protein
LINF_260020600 (old tag= LinJ.26.1540) LmjF.26.1560 SNF2 family N-terminal domain/DEAD/DEAH box helicase/Ring finger domain/Zinc finger - C3HC4 type (RING finger)/Helicase conserved C-terminal domain containing protein - putative
LINF_260020700 (old tag= LinJ.26.1550) LmjF.26.1570 thimet oligopeptidase - putative
LINF_260020800 (old tag= LinJ.26.1560) LmjF.26.1580 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260020900 (old tag= LinJ.26.1570) LmjF.26.1590 WD domain - G-beta repeat - putative
LINF_260021000 (old tag= LinJ.26.1580) LmjF.26.1600 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260021100 (old tag= LinJ.26.1590) LmjF.26.1610 proline oxidase - mitochondrial precursor-like protein
LINF_260021200 (old tag= LinJ.26.1600) LmjF.26.1620 CDP-DAG synthase - putative
LINF_260021300 (old tag= LinJ.26.1610) LmjF.26.1630 40S ribosomal protein S33 - putative
LINF_260021400 (old tag= LinJ.26.1620) LmjF.26.1630,LmjF.26.1640 40S ribosomal protein S33 - putative
LINF_260021500 (old tag= LinJ.26.1630) LmjF.26.1640 40S ribosomal protein S33 - putative
LINF_260021600 (old tag= LinJ.26.1640) LmjF.26.1650 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260021700 (old tag= LinJ.26.1650) LmjF.26.1660 Leucine Rich repeat/Leucine Rich Repeat - putative
LINF_260021800 (old tag= LinJ.26.1660) LmjF.26.1665 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260021900 (old tag= LinJ.26.1670) LmjF.26.1670,LmjF.26.1680,LmjF.26.1690,LmjF.26.1700 sphingolipid delta 4 desaturase - putative
LINF_260022000 (old tag= LinJ.26.1675) LmjF.26.1670,LmjF.26.1680,LmjF.26.1690,LmjF.26.1700 sphingolipid delta 4 desaturase - putative
LINF_260022100 (old tag= LinJ.26.1680) LmjF.26.1670,LmjF.26.1680,LmjF.26.1690,LmjF.26.1700 sphingolipid delta 4 desaturase - putative
LINF_260022200 (old tag= LinJ.26.1690) LmjF.26.1710 cytochrome c oxidase subunit V - putative
LINF_260022300 (old tag= LinJ.26.1700) LmjF.26.1720 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260022400 (old tag= LinJ.26.1710) LmjF.26.1730 protein kinase - putative
LINF_260022500 (old tag= LinJ.26.1720) LmjF.26.1740 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260022600 (old tag= LinJ.26.1730) LmjF.26.1750 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260022700 (old tag= LinJ.26.1740) LmjF.26.1760 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260022800 (old tag= LinJ.26.1750) LmjF.26.1770 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260022900 (old tag= LinJ.26.1760) LmjF.26.1755 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260023000 (old tag= LinJ.26.1770) LmjF.26.1780 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260023100 (old tag= LinJ.26.1780) LmjF.26.1785 Histone acetyltransferase subunit NuA4 - putative
LINF_260023200 (old tag= LinJ.26.1790) LmjF.26.1790 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260023300 (old tag= LinJ.26.1800) LmjF.26.1800 6-O-methylguanine DNA methyltransferase - DNA binding domain containing protein - putative
LINF_260023400 (old tag= LinJ.26.1810) LmjF.26.1810 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260023500 (old tag= LinJ.26.1820) LmjF.26.1820 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260023600 (old tag= LinJ.26.1830) LmjF.26.1830 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260023700 (old tag= LinJ.26.1840) LmjF.26.1840 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260023800 (old tag= LinJ.26.1850) LmjF.26.1850 engulfment and cell motility domain 2 - putative
LINF_260023900 (old tag= LinJ.26.1860) LmjF.26.1860 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260024000 (old tag= LinJ.26.1880) LmjF.26.1870 Leucine Rich repeat - putative
LINF_260024100 (old tag= LinJ.26.1890) LmjF.26.1880 Domain of unknown function (DUF4460) - putative
LINF_260024200 (old tag= LinJ.26.1900) LmjF.26.1890 Sedlin - N-terminal conserved region containing protein - putative
LINF_260024300 (old tag= LinJ.26.1910) LmjF.26.1900 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260024400 (old tag= LinJ.26.1920) LmjF.26.1910 deoxyhypusine hydroxylase - putative
LINF_260024500 (old tag= LinJ.26.1925) LmjF.26.1920 TLC domain containing protein - putative
LINF_260024600 (old tag= LinJ.26.1930) LmjF.26.1930 Domain of unknown function (DUF4457) - putative
LINF_260024700 (old tag= LinJ.26.1940) LmjF.26.1940 Thioesterase-like superfamily/Thioesterase superfamily - putative
LINF_260024800 (old tag= LinJ.26.1950) LmjF.26.1950 microtubule-associated protein - putative
LINF_260024900 (old tag= LinJ.26.1960) LmjF.26.1960 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260025000 (old tag= LinJ.26.1970) LmjF.26.1970 electon transport protein SCO1/SCO2 - putative
LINF_260025100 (old tag= LinJ.26.1980) LmjF.26.1980 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260025200 (old tag= LinJ.26.1990) LmjF.26.1990 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260025300 (old tag= LinJ.26.2000) LmjF.26.2000 Methyltransferase domain containing protein - putative
LINF_260025400 (old tag= LinJ.26.2010) LmjF.26.2010 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260025500 (old tag= LinJ.26.2020) LmjF.26.2020 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260025600 (old tag= LinJ.26.2030) LmjF.26.2030 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260025700 (old tag= LinJ.26.2040) LmjF.26.2040 PQ loop repeat - putative
LINF_260025800 (old tag= LinJ.26.2050) LmjF.26.2050 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260025900 (old tag= LinJ.26.2060) LmjF.26.2060 Protein tyrosine kinase/Protein kinase domain containing protein - putative
LINF_260026000 (old tag= LinJ.26.2070) LmjF.26.2070 SUMO1/Ulp2 - putative
LINF_260026100 (old tag= LinJ.26.2080) LmjF.26.2080 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260026200 (old tag= LinJ.26.2090) LmjF.26.2090 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260026300 (old tag= LinJ.26.2100) LmjF.26.2100 serine/threonine protein phosphatase-like protein
LINF_260026400 (old tag= LinJ.26.2110) LmjF.26.2110 protein kinase - putative
LINF_260026500 (old tag= LinJ.26.2120) LmjF.26.2120 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260026600 (old tag= LinJ.26.2140) LmjF.26.2130 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260026700 (old tag= LinJ.26.2150) LmjF.26.2140 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260026800 (old tag= LinJ.26.2160) LmjF.26.2150 FtsJ-like methyltransferase - putative
LINF_260026900 (old tag= LinJ.26.2170) LmjF.26.2160 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260027000 (old tag= LinJ.26.2180) LmjF.26.2170 Cornifin (SPRR) family - putative
LINF_260027100 (old tag= LinJ.26.2190) LmjF.26.2180 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260027200 (old tag= LinJ.26.2200) LmjF.26.2190 ADP-ribosylation factor family - putative
LINF_260027300 (old tag= LinJ.26.2205) - hypothetical protein
LINF_260027400 (old tag= LinJ.26.2210) LmjF.26.2200 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260027500 (old tag= LinJ.26.2220) LmjF.26.2210 AAA ATPase domain containing protein - putative
LINF_260027600 (old tag= LinJ.26.2230) LmjF.26.2220 ribosomal protein L38 - putative
LINF_260027700 (old tag= LinJ.26.2240) LmjF.26.2230 GDP-mannose 4 -6 dehydratase - putative
LINF_260027800 (old tag= LinJ.26.2250) LmjF.26.2240 kynureninase - putative
LINF_260027900 (old tag= LinJ.26.2260) LmjF.26.2250 hypothetical protein - conserved
LINF_260028000 (old tag= LinJ.26.2270) LmjF.26.2260 Sec1/Munc18 related protein - putative
LINF_260028100 (old tag= LinJ.26.2280) LmjF.26.2270